Bill O’Reilly Embarrasses Himself With Another Petty Attack on Stephen Colbert


Bill O’Reilly has demonstrated how afraid he is of Stephen Colbert with yet another petty attack on the future CBS host on Fox News.


O’Reilly said, “Lately most of the media angst has been about Stephen Colbert, who will replace David Letterman on the CBS Late Show. Because I have labeled Colbert ‘a left wing mouthpiece,’ the liberal press is very upset, and I really don’t understand why. While Jon Stewart mocks both sides, even though he is a communist sympathizer, sure he is, his favorite color is red, come on, Colbert has made a living exclusively satirizing the right, and he has plenty of material, but that won’t be enough to beat Fallon and Kimmel, who are sharp and well produced. Colbert will have to be better than those guys to compete well in the ratings, and remember, he has already alienated forty percent of the country who define themselves as conservative. In the end, Colbert may prevail, but my analysis of him has been to the point and honest. And as you know, that drives zealots on both sides completely crazy.”

Bill-O seems to be struggling to come to grips with the fact that Colbert will be retiring the character based on O’Reilly and his show when he moves to CBS next year. O’Reilly’s analysis of Colbert has been anything but honest and to the point. O’Reilly has no idea about the composition of Colbert’s current audience. The Fox News host seems to harbor the delusion that conservatives don’t watch Colbert. This point is nearly as incorrect as his view that Colbert only makes fun of Republicans. What O’Reilly can’t seem to handle is that Colbert’s character has been making fun of him.

O’Reilly just doesn’t get it. This conservative America that he was talking about doesn’t really exist. It is a creation of Fox News, and the right-wing media mythmakers. There isn’t going to be some huge backlash that doom Colbert’s new show. Colbert will have more of the young viewers that Fox News is hemorrhaging.

These attacks by Bill O’Reilly are a pathetic cry for attention from a dinosaur who is facing extinction. O’Reilly would love to see Colbert fail, but that probably isn’t going to happen. The kind of change that is happening to late night television is exactly what Fox News dreads most. Fox News is the oldest network on television. The changes in late night are a sign that younger people are taking over, and the youth (in FNC terms anyone under 65) hates Fox News.

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  1. Oh Billo gives numerous rantings of a petrified old man worried about his soon, very own cancellation notice. When he receives it that will be a show to watch as he melts down like the wicked witch of Oz.

  2. I wish the entire Faux news channel would implode. Wonder what he will say when Colberts’ show ends up being a it? Probably the Dems are rigging the television ratings. Or a bunch of communists are watching. Whatever it is it will be ‘fair and balanced’.

  3. Apparently, Bill O. doesn’t know the Letterman audience anymore than he knows the Colbert audience. I am a fan of both. I’m predicting Colbert will be a smash hit. He will be able to branch out and do more. Letterman is liberal, so there won’t be a conservative crowd to welcome him like the Fallon experience. I can hardly wait to see the new show, but will be very sad to see Letterman go.

  4. Speaking of Jimmy Fallon, didn’t he have the charmless and wooden Sarah Palin on recently? Lucky for me I already decided I wouldn’t continue watching him.

    I’ll keep watching Colbert no matter where he goes; he’s twice the entertainer of any of the others.

  5. Bill O’Reilly is the biggest con man ever. He attempts to make people believe he knows what he is talking about and has all the answers, when in reality he doesn’t know his butt from a hole in the ground. He’s a legend in his own mind. Of course all of the conservative wacko’s are the same.

  6. I am going to miss Dave.I will watch Colbert and as far as Fallon he is two-faced.He has the Obamas on his show and then makes fun of them.He reminds me of Wendy Williams who will have quest on her show and the next day will talk about them as if they were her enemies.

  7. Billo, the Dustbin Of History for Bilious (Pun unintended, but what the hell…)Old White Guys is just up ahead. See ya in St. Louie, Screwy!

  8. Bill O’Reilly is delusional if he believes that 40% of Americans are consevative. If the Bill O’Reily statistic was plausible, we would have had a President McCain and President Romney.

  9. “though he is a communist sympathizer, sure he is, his favorite color is red, come on”

    In absence of any good and valid argument against Stewart, O’Reilly finds nothing better that name calling and smear…wow…

  10. “though he is a communist sympathizer, sure he is, his favorite color is red, come on”

    Does this mean that republicans are communists? Their party color is RED.

  11. Its funny when Republican douchebags think they can match wits with a comedian who is way more intelligent and has been mocking O’reilly and making him look like the idiot he is and always will attain to be

  12. I recorded The Tonight Show last night and have already fast forwarded to Stephens bit, then deleted it. I watch every Repot showand am looking forward to seeing his new venture. Heis a talented man with good writers and a good delivery.

    On the other hand, the ONLY way I would watch O’Reilly, I would have to be chained to a chair with my head in a vise and my eyes glued open. Then I would hum to drown that liar out. I am 78 BTW.

  13. Haven’t you noticed. Young people don’t watch TV. TV is dead. But I’ll bet you that Bill-O is around to turn off the lights.

  14. Bill O’Righteous, the multi millionaire Fox Hates & Lies TV station personality who preaches to the financially poor and IQ challenged. Would not know what a real fact or real figure is, they are not allowed at the top of bull shit mountain. O’Righteous is upset that his base of old, white, lying haters are dying off, and the rest of America won’t listen to his lies, hate and malfeasance. For a man who is tall in stature, O’Righteous is a very small, tiny, petty person, but then most bullies are.

  15. O’Reilly is nothing but a big mouth jerk. Also I am over 65 (73) and I hate FOX NEWS. They are only a shill for the Republican party. Also, they are incredible LIARS. Most of their “facts” have been proven wrong.

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