Louis Gohmert Wants Eric Holder Arrested for Failing to Share his Delusions

We have written extensively here about Louie Gohmert, from his desire to treat Congress like a Church Council, to his condemnation of President Obama for failing to use the Old Testament as a guide to his policies, all the way to defunding the Executive Branch as a means of punishing Obama for not doing what Republicans want him to do.

We’ve seen John McCain say Gohmert is basically an idiot and we’ve seen Attorney General Eric Holder publicly humiliate Gohmert during a committee hearing, and Holder get accused of playing the race card simply because he is more intelligent and has more integrity than Gohmert.

McCain was right about Gohmert’s, shall we say, lackluster intelligence. On Friday, Congress’ resident village idiot said that he wanted Eric Holder arrested for failing to tell Gohmert what he wanted to hear – in other words, for failing to go along with Gohmert’s fantasies that Holder knows things that exist only in Gohmert’s head. Generally, paranoid delusions get you excluded from public office, or at least committed, and this is why: the abuse of power.

Whether Gohmert actually believes his own fantasies is immaterial. There is demonstrably no truth to them yet he insists on treating them as facts, even though he has invented this fantasy out of whole cloth or empty mind. Other people cannot reasonably be expected to go along with these fantasies. What if he started seeing Holder as the Easter Bunny and held him in contempt for showing up without his ears and tail? Should Holder hop into the next hearing and munch a carrot?

This is what Gohmert told host Tony Perkins Friday on “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins” (Right Wing Watch has kindly provided an audio so you don’t have to risk a debilitating attack on your sanity listening to the entire thing):

Gohmert: When you have someone like an attorney general who is in contempt of Congress, what can we do? Someone in contempt of Congress comes waltzing into the House chamber and he’s in contempt of Congress as found by the Congress, what can be done? I was told that actually you can pass a resolution directing the sergeant at arms to detain anyone who is in contempt of Congress until such time as they comply with the requirement that put him in contempt. In this case, they didn’t provide information from the Justice Department, they had it, they refused to provide it, we found him in contempt.

Perkins: It’s interesting you bring that up because as you recall I was sitting next to your guest at the State of the Union address, Sean Hannity and I were sitting up in the balcony and that was the thought that crossed my mind when I saw the attorney general, Eric Holder, walk into the chamber along with the president’s cabinet. I said, here’s a guy—this guy’s got a lot of nerve, he’s in contempt of Congress, and this didn’t just happen, this has been going on now for over a year or longer, almost two years or three I guess since ‘Fast & Furious’ and he’s refused to provide this documentation to Congress, he’s in contempt of Congress, and he just strolls right in and sits on the front row there. I’m thinking, my goodness, why doesn’t Congress do something about that?

Gohmert: My thought was the only thing that we can probably do is defund any area of the Justice Department that is in contempt, that won’t produce the documents that were demanded. But apparently another option would be to direct a sergeant at arms, somebody comes into our jurisdiction at Capitol Hill, you restrain them until such time, and there is a cell there on Capitol Hill.

This is not the first time Tony Perkins has suggested that Holder should have been arrested. This is from a couple of weeks ago:

If Tony did not suffer from the same mental health issues as his buddy Louie, he might see that this is what the Inquisition did: arrest people and “put them to question” until they told the Inquisition what the Inquisition wanted to hear, true or not.

None of this really comes as a surprise since these same people want President Obama arrested too, simply for the imagined crime of being elected president as a black man. Essentially, the entire Republican Party is mentally ill and if anyone should be rounded up and thrown in a dungeon beneath Capitol Hill it is Gohmert and all his Republican friends, because they are insisting the country be run according to demonstrably false delusions and are a danger to our country. Far from participating in elections and holding public office, they should, each and every one of them, be seeking mental help.

That might get them out of our hair long enough to fix all the problems they have created since 2001. Remember the analogy President Obama used of the car of state being driven into a ditch by Republicans? He has been trying to get the car out of the ditch since 2001 but Republicans are all gathered around trying to push it back down into the ditch.

If he could at least get the car out of the ditch and back on the road again, we could get back on track as a country, but he can’t even do that much, and moreover, for even trying, Republicans threaten impeachment, prison, and military overthrow, not to mention the Tea Party’s new lame-brained scheme of an “American Spring,” which amounts to no more than an opportunity for a public display of stupidity and bigotry on a truly grotesque scale.

America doesn’t need this, America doesn’t deserve this. Trust me, we don’t want this handled outside the family, and if Republicans get control of the car again, they’re not going to leave the rest of the world any choice. We’ll be put down like the rogue nation we’ve become. So let’s get Crazy Uncle Louie the help he needs. We’ll be doing everyone a favor.

Image from San Diego Free Press

19 Replies to “Louis Gohmert Wants Eric Holder Arrested for Failing to Share his Delusions”

  1. Can we make it a crime for stupid people like Gohmert to be in politics except for Texas state government?

  2. Yes, Louie and the Repig Klowns need to be held accountable somewhere other than the voting booth. They are treasonous pigs.

  3. ..Holder get accused of playing the race card simply because he is more intelligent and has more integrity than Gohmert.

    Of course Gomer-t knows Holder played the race card, how dare a man of Holder’s complexion speak to a “Real ‘Merican” like that.

  4. We will see more of AG Holder “acting uppity” the next time around.

    Of course, his critics won’t like it.

  5. Another undercover racist in Congress. I don’t know why he doesn’t wear his white pointy hat when he goes to the chamber. All you have to do is read his FB page, and read the comments. Typical east Teaxas mentality. Remember the Alamo, time for another Alamo blah, blah. Can you imagine the decisions he made as a judge?

    It not only irritates Gohmert that Holder is black, but also that Gohmert knows he is intellectually inferior to Holder. Just a sad excuse for a human being.

  6. It’s possible that both Tony and Gohmert are certifiable crazy? perhaps need hospital care, and in straight jackets? Certainly they both need gags.

  7. Holder has given the congress everything he is legally allowed to give. And that’s why the president gave him immunity, so he would not be required to give information that he couldn’t legally give.

    Gohmert and company just want to hold on to every so called scandal they can. And it will get gohmert re-elected. Someone who has done nothing even in the least for the state of Texas.

  8. Louie Goober strikes again. What is it about the paint huffers in Texas that they want to constantly open up a can of whup ass on common sense and elect legislators that act like they went skiing off a barn roof and landed on the business end of their two working brain cells?

  9. Let me see if I got the concepts down right here. On one hand we have the liberals wanting the lawbreaker Clive Bundy arrested and all those who have come to stand with him, arrested and tried as domestic terrorists (though they have made not threats against the govt. Their only crime was in practicing their second amendment rights to bear arms, in the presence of govt,=. agents) I agree Bundy has broken laws he disagrees with and should be dealt with as the law subscirbes.

    On the other hand, we have Eric Holder who has been found, charged and convicted of being in contempt of Congress for obstruction. While Gohmert is ot the sharpest tool in the shed- He is in correct that the Sgt. at Arms can arrest Holder if he enters congress and detain him until he complies with the indictment that caused the contempt ruling.

    I think I smell politics and double standards in this article.

  10. No you dont.
    Bundy owes a million in fees.
    The deadbeats who came to protect him threatened Federal police, and threatened their own wives and childrens lives.

    Eric Holder has given the clowns on the GOP house all the documents he can legally give them. Ghoulmert can say he is going to arrest holder, but it wont stand. His being in contempt of the congress is so laughable its hard to believe it even happened

  11. The ACA covers pre-existing conditions even the flying spaghetti monster fleeing turds like Ron & Lou Gnomert. Good luck guys, you’ll need it for sure.

  12. Remember when W’s attorney general simply “could not recall” ANYTHING whatsoever? He never answered a single question, seems he must have been out to lunch when anything of any importance happened. Now the gop wants any Democratic offical to bare their souls. Is it true that he is called “Screwy Louie”? He would be a great pal for Issa, another raving lunatic.

  13. Hats off to the writer of this article. I was laughing the whole time. Louie Gohmert is a complete nut bag. He is certifiable. Did you hear him say Eric Holder should be restrained and put in a chamber…….lol….something tells me that will be louie one day but in a straight jacket, on Haldol, with drool running down the side of his mouth.

  14. If anyone is to be held in contempt it;s Darell Issa for wasting tax payers money on bogus scandals. I tell you people we have to vote these asses out of office.

  15. It’s come to my notice that ‘all’ teapublicans are like the idiot Ghoulmert Pile…think Darrel Issa Snake. If they cannot find people to say what the voices in their heads are telling them well, then they’re lying…I’m telling you…lying!

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