Meet The Press, Face The Nation, and This Week Went Pro-Republican and Now They Are Dying

Meet The Press, Face The Nation, and This Week chose to go pro-Republican, and now they are dying because America is moving to the left.

Via Politico:

Meanwhile, fans complain about the recurrence of familiar guests — Sen. John McCain again? — who simply relay party talking points that often go unchallenged.

Political veterans, congressional aides, former administration officials and longtime journalists all attested to the Sunday shows’ decline. The programs are no longer the agenda-setting platforms of days past, they said. Instead, the broadcasts have become a venue for lawmakers to push familiar talking points and for talking heads to exchange conventional wisdom. Occasionally there is an interview or discussion that will make headlines — Vice President Joe Biden’s endorsement of gay marriage, which preceded President Barack Obama’s own announcement, comes to mind. But that has become the exception rather than the rule.

The Obama administration has turned an especially cold shoulder to the programs. Past administrations would dole out key newsmakers almost every week. The George W. Bush administration frequently sent the likes of Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and others on the show in an effort to shape the national conversation.

Politico suggested that the Obama administration prefers to target their message to their people. The Obama White House has used Internet, social media, and regional news outlets more than the Beltway media establishment, but Politico completely ignored the fact that Obama, Democrats, and the left are not welcome on the Sunday shows.

White conservative men dominate the Sunday shows. 77% of the guests with 10 or more Sunday show appearances in 2013 were Republicans. It isn’t that liberals, progressives, and Democrats don’t want to be on the Sunday shows. It’s that the Sunday shows appear to have little interest in them. A Sunday program would rather book John McCain for 60th time than have on Sen. Bernie Sanders.

There are lots of Democratic governors and members of Congress who would love to appear on a Sunday show, but the problem is that all of the Sunday shows have bought into the Republican myth that America is a conservative nation. This belief is demonstrated by the overrepresentation of conservative white men on the shows.

If Meet The Press, Face The Nation, This Week, etc. wanted to be relevant to the majority of the country, the shows would feature more women, African-Americans, and Hispanic guests. The Sunday shows have devolved into white guys interviewing white Republicans and more white inside the Beltway journalists sitting around spouting their often inaccurate groupthink and conventional wisdom.

The Sunday shows represent the small percentage of the country that watches Fox News and votes Republican. They don’t represent the changing demographics of the country. As the country goes more left, the Sunday shows are moving to the right. Meet The Press, Face The Nation, This Week, State Of The Union, and Fox News Sunday are dying a slow death because they don’t understand that Republican America isn’t real America.

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  1. Maybe Gregory should have Rove on, to repeat his “M.C. Rove” dance once again? You have this exactly correct, they are all republican programs, with republican hosts steering the discussions. Bob Schieffer actually woke McCain up the other Sunday at 6:30 to appear on the show when another guest cancelled. He could have called me, I could have told him EXACTLY what McCain would suggest – BOMB the problem, which happened to be Ukraine. That is McCain’s answer to everything. He has no modern thoughts, no common sense suggestions. Sarah Palin should be a regular on one of these shows also, too! Her hatred of the President seeps out of every pore of her being.

  2. After watching the same old drivel on the Sunday talk shows, I switched to either “Sportscenter” or the Marvel Universe cartoons on Disney XD, and now that Lord Comcrap has cut me off, my TV is silent until noon. It is better than hearing GOP talking points regurgitated, my cat barfs up more interesting stuff than these old White farts.

  3. Maybe someone should tell NBC why the dancing boy is nothing more than a a$$ kisser for the republican party. We in the heartland could have told them a long time ago the country isn’t conservative. I wonder how the weekend shows on MSNBC are doing. They cover alot of topics and are interesting.

  4. Apart from the ride and pampering, what do these shows pay their “guests”? I am starting to think McCain is hurting for money, he seems to rotate almost weekly. Too bad he is not too worn out from actually doing his JOB in D.C. to make the trip to blabber on these shows. Unless he actually thinks he is photogenic? His days of being a babe magnet(in his own mind)were over years ago. He is just like a little Bantam rooster these days.

  5. Tim Russert would turn over in his grave if he knew what David Gregory has turned Meet the Press into. I used to watch Tim Russert every Sunday. I gave Gregory a chance but very quickly tuned him out. Along with a lot of other former watchers, it appears.

  6. No one, and I mean not one person, I know watches this crap. It’s for belt way insiders to chat about during their romps to the water cooler or coffee pot, no one else gives a flying rat’s a$$ about them.

  7. This is why I get my news from Comedy Central! It seems like every show, every Sunday, has McCain or Graham. The so called “hosts” NEVER ask the questions that obviously pop into my head. It’s sad, to see the corporate bought media promoting their ideology. FOX NEWS is an embarrassing joke!

  8. Democrats are boring. They use facts and never go off the reservation. The republicans are great entertainment and therefore, good for ads.

  9. “The Sunday shows represent the small percentage of the country that watches Fox News and votes Republican.”

    Exactly–mystery solved–case closed. Got that, David Gregory and Phil Griffin? If I really wanted to watch Faux Nooz, I wouldn’t try to catch it on MSNBC. I’d just switch the channel to Faux Nooz.

  10. the sunday talk shows have n o. one but themselves to blame. no tears on my part for them. what can you say about televsion shows that see their ratings declining but keep offering up the same ole same ole, while scratching their heads and wonderi.g why their shows have a drop in ratings?

    if the executives are this daff, their shows need to be cancelled, and the executives fired

  11. The typical Fox viewer is 67, has a below average in education, is largely white and male and absolutely paranoid and delusional. fox is bleeding viewers by completely and thoroughly alienating young, women and minorities.

    The other networks are committing a huge error by trying to be Fox Lite,

    This is why they’re failing.

  12. I watch Ring of Fire on FSTV and the Steve Korncke and Melissa Harris Perry Sunday shows. I used to watch the Abc, nbc and cbs politicalshows and it’s rethug blah blah talking points. A waste of my time. If I want right wing talking points I’ll turn on fox. In the next 5 years those shows will be gone. I always wondered why they don’t have regular people talking issues on those shows. It would be a hell of a lot more entertaining. I want to scream when I see peggy Noonan, George Will, John McCain and Lindsay Geaham stale old non factual talking points.

  13. NBC News Hired Psychological Consultant To Talk To David Gregory’s Family, Friend. If you google Gregory’s name headlines like above pop up a lot. I think maybe this story was leaked by NBC. It might be a passive, aggressive move to embarrass the GOP chimp into quitting. Apparently he has no shame & will hang on, bad ratings & all.

  14. For me it affects other Sunday Morning shows as well. I used to watch CBS Sunday Morning. One day they had a commercial about the Sunday Morning Political show following Sunday Morning about Benghazi. I switched it off and haven’t watched CBS since.

    The Press has a moral obligation in a Democracy to tell the truth and keep voters informed about reality. When they don’t they lose viewers.

  15. “The Press has a moral obligation in a Democracy to tell the truth and keep voters informed about reality. When they don’t they lose viewers.”

    THIS is it in a nutshell!

    It seems that neither the network execs nor the hosts of these shows ever think about truth or facts in these programs. I don’t waste my time watching any of them because it’s all opinion, mostly RW opinion, with very few facts or truth being disseminated. The execs of the networks have transformed these Sunday “news” programs into another entertainment venue, where no lie is every challenged and uninformed viewers are left believing that if they hear/see it on one of these “news” programs, it’s true when it’s not.

  16. It is no mystery, all you have to do to understand this is ask a search engine who owns and controls all of the main stream media. Radio, TV, Newspapers, Publishing Houses, every single venue Americans can get any News. EXCEPT the internet. So far. But there is a never ending struggle to plug that hole. When we see any important news get past censors it has to gain enough steam on the internet that it can’t be totally controlled any longer, then the spins start. I think the reason older people and from certain parts of the country get such a bad rap about not understanding what is really going on is because so many have no access to the internet. They are restricted to getting all their information from the same few men. Doubt it? Look up how access to the internet is controlled. Access to faster, reasonably priced broadband. How every aspect is being controlled more and more. And always for power and greed.

  17. The Sunday morning Obama hate shows are now only watched the true minority in this country, old white people who are dying off and hate that a black man is president of what they think of as ” their county “. Old white men who hate, and who want to hear every lie about the President that can be dreamed up by the haters and liars of the republican right. I can hardly wait until these old white haters and liars die off so that they stop electing other old white haters and liars.

  18. They’re whole epic fail problem would be solved if they just stopped driveling fox points..aka GOP talking points. FOX owns the repubs…they made them the barbaric animals that they are and proud of today. They truly believe women want to get raped and give visitation rights to the rapist? I have been saying for years how for every 1 democratic guest they have 6 GOP guests to yell him down and conbury . Its so blatant I don’t see how anyone who has an elementary school education cannot see it for what it is. No one but no one wants to go back to KKK. Now they’re trying to make them heros of the KKK–“they’re helping”??. If people don’t stop this Supreme Bush Court we are all gonna be living in 1800 slavery days again. Even whites. With EVERYONE but the GOP being slaughtered one way or another. Slaughter you with no food, no job, no home, no rights. They have a real plan for America and its only for the supreme whites and those whites who do not agree will also be slaughtered!

  19. The only Sunday talk show my husband and I watch is Fareed Zaccharia’s GPS. Sorry if I spelled his name wrong. But he really does has some very interesting guests on and talks about not only our nation but the world. Give him a try. He is on CNN (don’t watch that station except for him) at 7:00 AM then it repeats a couple of hours later. Agree with you all up top bout the MSM. Used to be we watched ABC but that has turned into Fox lite but even they are getting heavier. Shame on George Stephanopolous!

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