Science Proves That Nothing Will Ever Change Conservative and Republican Minds

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There is a saying along the lines of “money talks and bullsh*t walks” that means “cheap talk will get you nowhere, while money will persuade people to do as you like.” Most people understand the meaning of the saying easily enough, and only people suffering cognitive defects actually believe that currency is speech. Talking, or speech, is the vocalized form of human language based upon the syntactic combination of lexical and names that are drawn from a very large (about 10,000) number of words created out of phonetic combinations of a limited set of vowel and consonant speech sound units. For Republicans, conservative belief tanks, and the Supreme Court’s Koch 5, speech is really money as evidenced by 2010’s Citizens United and last month’s McCutcheon ruling eviscerating campaign finance laws.

The next repeal of campaign finance laws enacted by the Koch 5 will erase political action committee donation limits because the McCutcheon case lawyer claims, “The right of groups and individuals to speak are being treated very differently” and donation limits are an attack “on First Amendment activities (speech).” McCutcheon’s lawyer is livid that the Koch brothers’ speech is being silenced and intends to appeal to Koch conservatives on the High Court to end limitations on the richest Americans who circumvent individual contribution limits by setting up brand new PACs.

The purpose of this article is not to argue that speech is not money, but to point out that there is science that proves regardless the original purpose of the First Amendment’s guarantee of free speech, the Koch 5 are convinced that when the Constitution’s Framers devised the First Amendment’s free speech guarantee, they meant it was heresy to limit campaign donations; nothing will ever change their minds. So say scientists at Yale and Dartmouth Universities, among others, who studied an occurrence known as “motivated reasoning” that demonstrates the Koch 5 cannot be trusted to ignore their Republican affiliations, personal politics, or loyalty to the Koch brothers to decide cases according to what the law does or does not allow because “their brains simply are not capable of such disinterested reasoning.”

What results of the several studies demonstrate is that once a partisan is confronted with unwelcome facts about their beliefs, the centers of their brain associated with emotional distress light up and remain active until their defective brains “rationalize away the unwanted information.” According to one of the scientists conducting the studies, when conservatives and Christian zealots rationalize away unwanted information, the centers of their brains associated with positive feelings turn on and overlap substantially with those activated when drug addicts get their ‘fix.’

The studies also prove that despite showing conservatives, Republicans, gun fanatics, and evangelical special interests facts, scriptures, and even video evidence that their strongly held beliefs are pure fantasy or absolutely wrong, conservative (and some liberal) brains automatically reject facts because they refute their personal beliefs. Research teams at Yale and Dartmouth discovered, for example, that highly skilled mathematicians will, more often than not, deliberately reach an incorrect answer if data leads to a conclusion that is contrary to their political worldview. There are myriad examples of conservatives and evangelical fanatics disputing hard data, the Constitution, and the Christian bible because they are programmed by conservatives’ buzzwords, memes, and outright lies into believing their errant conclusions and faith are fact.

For example, conservatives and gun maniacs are convinced the Constitutions’ framers included the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights for the express purpose of arming citizens to rebel and overthrow the United States government when some 221 years later Americans elected an African American man as President. Republicans and former Confederate states are certain the Constitution provides for states’ supremacy over the federal government despite the Supremacy Clause, even if they see it in black and white in their handy dandy pocket version of the U.S. Constitution. Many, many Republicans, teabaggers, and sundry conservatives know in their heart of hearts that under President Obama’s Administration, taxes are higher than at any time in U.S. history regardless they are shown taxes are at their lowest rates in 60 years. Then there is the Christian right and their extreme dependence on “motivated reasoning” andtheory of mind” dysfunction.

Theory of mind explains the human quality fundamentalist Christians lack putting them in the same category as mindless, single-celled life forms and animals that lack the “ability to attribute mental states, beliefs, intents, desires, and knowledge to oneself and others and to understand that others have beliefs, desires and intentions that are different from one’s own.” Theory of mind deficits typically occur in people with autism spectrum disorders, schizophrenia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, as well as neurotoxicity due to alcohol abuse. Coupled with motivated reasoning, Christian zealots suffering theory of mind defects pose a danger to America on par with the John Birch Koch brothers.

The religious right adamantly believe that god wrote the Constitution and created America as a Christian nation and specifically included the “freedom of religion” clause to empower Christians to impose biblical edicts on the entire population. Any attempt to show a Christian zealot the Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution and denied America was created as Christian nation is met with outrage and increasingly, explicit death threats. The Christian right also believe that any American’s unwillingness to submit to Christian domination is persecuting them and waging a war on Christianity, especially after the people elected an African American President in 2008. Christian leaders initiated a propaganda crusade in 2009 to use the “religious liberty” meme to indoctrinate Christians into believing that no law, or constitutional amendment, is binding if they violate Christians’ “deeply held religious beliefs.” Five years later and it is cemented in evangelicals’ consciousness they are immune to the nation’s laws and Constitution and complain bitterly that their bizarre faith is under assault because they are not above the law.

Pro-life groups are certain the second a sperm punctures an ovum it is a living breathing being worthy of 14th Amendment rights that supersede those of the woman carrying the zygote. Any and every attempt to use their god’s own words in their bible refuting their deep-seated, and scripturally errant, assertion the moment of conception is a living human being is met with outrage and more claims of religious persecution. The Christian right is every bit as dysfunctional as Republicans, teabaggers, and particularly the Supreme Court’s Koch 5, and as a concerted movement there is little hope America will ever escape becoming a corporate plutocracy ruled by Christian theocrats.

The message for Americans still capable of objective analysis and reaching conclusions borne of facts is that it is a monumental waste of breath attempting to reason with evangelical fundamentalists and conservatives clinging to beliefs with absolutely no basis in facts. The conservative Supreme Court will continue handing the reins of power to the wealthy elite because it is burned into their brains the First Amendment’s freedom of speech guarantee is reserved for those with the most money, and Christian fanatics will never believe for a nanosecond that god did not write the Constitution with the sole purpose of creating a Christian theocracy in 2014. The only recourse for Americans mortified of living in a Christian theocracy funded by the Koch brothers is to exercise their right to vote, if they still have that right. But let us face facts; the Southern United States will always be a third world nation, Koch conservatives on the Supreme Court will pander to big money, and evangelical fanatics will continue decrying the phony war on religious liberty because they are all mired in “motivated reasoning” and “theory of mind” dysfunction that means as a nation, American democracy is all but finished.


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  1. A Pew research poll found that only 6% of scientists identified themselves as republican. Scientists are now trying to find out why that number is so high.

  2. This is why I don’t bother arguing with these folks. I work in the mental health field and learned very early on that you can’t talk a paranoid delusional out of their delusions … this is pretty much the same thing.

  3. The TeathugliKKKans are STUCK ON STUPID and there is no cure,for they have everlasting stupidity.Just Vote Them Out!!!!!that is the only answer.

  4. This is exactly what I am talking about when I talk about the GOP’s lizard brain. It’s the primal fight or flight response that has been activated from fear pounded into them since 9/11. I can’t emphasize enough the lasting damage that trauma caused that was exacerbated by the cloud of conspiracy theories that descended on the country after this happened. This is how Alex Jones made a name for himself with this “false flag” theories in why the towers fell.

    Ever since then, it’s been off to the races for the GOP/Tea Party. For these guys, CNN is still on Orange Alert. The next disaster is just around the corner. They are incited to violence by cynioloticians who think they can control their impulses.

    The problem with stirring up irrational people is they behave like a brush fire in a drought. They quickly go out of everybody’s control and they frequently destroy everything around them including themselves.

  5. Actually, Astorix, evangelicals have fear pounded in them even before they can talk, the indoctrination begins in the cradle and goes on for a lifetime, they are afraid of everything that is different from their beliefs.

    I say this from experience and observation, not just something I heard, but something I experienced. Luckily I had a situation where I saw both sides growing up.

    When I live with my stepfather we were at church at least three times a week. My father was an atheist so when I lived with him I got that perspective. Unfortunately, my siblings did not live with my father and are all right-wing evangelicals.

  6. This is a prime example of how god awful the state of journalism has become. Even if this is an op/ed piece (I’m truly not sure where this falls) you still have the duty to report based on facts. Here you’ve taken your tenuous grasp of neuroscience vocabulary, thrown in a link to a study about vaccines which is not even remotely related to political leaning, and called it a story. This is garbage, and I’m ashamed that this mindless drivel is in any way associated with liberalism.

  7. Do we all really want to be considered too be one of the Churches “lost-sheep”? And then actually be herded and forced by the churches followers and their “good-shepherd” priests into becoming one the Church members (flock). And then in Church be trained and brain-washed into becoming a good (little-sheep) Church member. Who will then gleefully follow, be screwed and fleeced by the Church and all of its “good-shepherd” priests. In my opinion.

  8. I’ve stopped engaging my conservative acquaintances with political facts. Now, I just do a lame imitation of Jon Stewart and poke fun at conservative memes, people, stories. Told my ultra-fundamentalist neighbor that I thought it was hilarious that Bundy displayed the flag of the United States, the symbol of the government that he despises so much. My neighbor responded that I didn’t know what I was talking about. Hehehe. It’s his standard defense mechanism when he hasn’t a clue as to what to say. Perhaps in time, he will realize that I am laughing at him. Yeah, I know … not very neighborly of me. Oh well.

  9. The author unfortunately leaves a vital fact out regarding the “studies” cited. The studies weren’t on republicans, but rather people with firm beliefs. Therefore, saying that science proves that nothing will ever change republican minds is as bad a conclusion as science proves that nothing will ever change democrat minds or science proves that nothing will ever change clown minds. Therefore the only appropriate conclusion to be drawn from any of this is that once we have make up our minds on a topic, it is very difficult to change that point of view. There is so much name calling in this blog that its not really informational. Its really just a rant. And rants don’t further our cause as democrats. If we are to change the minds of intelligent people, we must make rational, well-thought out, and kindly delivered arguments. The tactic of yelling louder will only work for so long.

  10. I beg to differ. I am a liberal with strong beliefs but when presented with facts that I am wrong I will admit it. It just so happens the Reich never have facts to back up their claims and when pressed all you hear is crickets.

  11. Always and never are not great words to use in an argument. Absolutes never convince another person of their fault. And name calling (i.e. Reich) instantly creates a level of hostility that makes them less likely to listen.

  12. This is why all of the GOP members need to be rounded up and deported. Let them all go to a country that is so desperate that they would willingly take them. One who’s leader they adore. Russia comes to mind and Putin would enjoy all of the neocons worshiping him there.

  13. It is too bad you’re one of the conservative-types this article refers, and good that you prove the thesis. The study on pathetic people convinced vaccines are not unsafe proved that regardless the preponderance of data showing the anti-vaccine crowd is wrong just made them more convicted in their beliefs. Of course the researchers couldn’t study politicians, but they could infer, strongly, that strongly held incorrect views cannot be changed with facts.

  14. Where are these studies specifically corroborating the title of this article? Is this speculation or science?

  15. “the only appropriate conclusion to be drawn from any of this is that once we have make (SIC) up our minds on a topic, it is very difficult to change that point of view.” Very good Real Scientist. You did get the premise of the author’s piece. As far as name-calling and ranting, “Christian fanatics, gun zealots” etc are valid descriptors. Maybe the writer does rant, but it’s clear she/he took the study’s results to heart and comprehends there is nothing that will convince fanatics and zealots their view-points are baseless. I would be ranting as well given the opportunity.

  16. Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t the centers of the brain that control fear & sexual stimulation next door to each other in the same lobe ? That’s how republicans & preachers control the masses. So, in a sense, when the Talibaptists & Con-served-on-us crowd watch Fox News, they are subconsciously being visually & auditorily masturbated. That certainly would explain the ratings and might warrant a slogan change to ” We Report…You Get Brain-Laid “

  17. Maybe the GOP WAR within is between the Religious Right and the RightWing Red-Meat Nuts.

    Something else controlling CONs Paranoid-Alternate-Reality is a larger Fear-Factor part of brain called the Amygdala!

    Referring to outlets like Fox News and National Review and to talk-show stars like Rush Limbaugh, Mark R. Levin and Glenn Beck — have “become worryingly untethered from reality as the impetus to satisfy the demand for red meat overtakes any motivation to report accurately.”

    The way they over-kill everything! Benghazi, Bundy Riot.

  18. You speak the truth. We can all be guilty of what the article claims is Republican thinking. I’ve got progressive friends who are ideologues and are as impervious to reasoning as are tea party morons. As Walt Kelly remarked: “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

  19. I smell both sides do it bullshit. My experience has been when we are proven with FACTS we change. Now point to me where any conservative policies have been helpful to the average American

  20. 5% of the country believes the moon is made of cheese. If Fox news reports the moon is made of cheese that number jumps to 95% of Fox viewers.

  21. So, in a sense, when the Talibaptists & Con-served-on-us crowd watch Fox News, they are subconsciously being visually & auditorily masturbated.

    Now that you mention it…I know a guy who watched nothing but Fox News for years and last month he went totally blind.


  22. Why does everyone fear the Koch’s money? Has your mind been changed by what they say? If Republican’s minds won’t change no matter what, then the Koch’s are wasting their money anyway as the Republican faithful already believe the message.

  23. Cognitive dissonance is better way to put what goes through the minds of the Conservatives, Tea Partiers, Libertarians and Religious Zealots when confronted with the truth.
    I make it a point to refrain from debating Conservatives, Religious Zealots, Tea Partiers and Libertarians of the GOP. I’ll engage the Progressives and Moderates until they start with False Equivalence and projection, at which point I disengage. Along with the cognitive dissonance, the GOP also suffer from fear and ignorance.
    The saddest part about the GOP these days? Those Conservatives, who are basically rich old white men, consider everyone else in the party to be “Useful Idiots”. Tea Partiers, Libertarians, Progressives, Moderates, women and minorities… all Useful Idiots. But, when you tell them that sad truth, that’s when the cognitive dissonance kicks in….

  24. I am not being facetious. To what truth are you referring? Just one or two instances so I’m not overwhelmed.

  25. There’s a reason why only 6% of scientists are Republican: conservative dogma is the antithesis of rational thinking

  26. The content of this article appears to be heavily influenced by the ‘motivated reasoning” phenomenon the author condemns in others. Maybe introspection is something you should first try, then advise others to practice.

  27. Neither a single fact here nor in is even half of it close to being a non-delusional message of bias.
    By your standards liberals will never change either as they will always pretend that nothing is ever right in the goverment, that everything should be free for everyone and everyone should be paid the same regardless of skill merit or years at a company, or the inherit dangers/toughness of a job.
    When oh when will you drop the sheer hate and embrace the bipartisanship that is preached at every election by every liberal candidate.
    (Not to say conservatives are any different. But saying both sides are pretty conceded about their ridiculous notion of supremacy)

  28. I hate to break it to you but the American Taliban doesn’t know the meaning of reason, So your criticism is like bovine excrement

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