The Supreme Court Continues Its Long-Running War On Black Americans

John Roberts, Antonin Scalia


Less than a year after gutting key provisions of the Voting Rights Act, the Supreme Court is again taking aim at black Americans, and further undoing the civil rights gains that were made in the late twentieth century. In a 6-2 ruling, the high court upheld a Michigan ban on race-based affirmative action programs for college admissions. The Court’s ruling overturns a Sixth Circuit Court decision. Consequently, the Supreme Court’s decision effectively upholds similar affirmative action bans in the states of Arizona, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Washington, and California.

The Court’s ruling upholds a ballot measure passed by Michigan voters in 2006 banning race-based affirmative action. That ruling however will have damaging consequences for campus diversity. Michigan universities have experienced nearly a 40 percent drop in the percentage of entering freshman who are African-American since the law passed in 2006. In 2006, 6.4 percent of entering freshman were African-American. That percentage declined to just 4.6 percent in 2012. Hispanic enrollment has also declined sharply since the 2006 law passed.

What makes the Michigan law and the Supreme Court’s decision especially troubling, is that it only eliminates race-based affirmative action, but it does not end affirmative action for privileged affluent white children through legacy scholarships. Children of alumni, who are disproportionately wealthy and white, are still eligible for preferential treatment by Michigan Universities. So while Michigan voters and the Supreme Court cannot stomach an affirmative action based policy that levels the playing field for people of color to overcome a legacy of discrimination, they have no issue with rewarding the already advantaged by stacking the deck even further in their favor through Affirmative Action programs that aid the white and wealthy.

Two of the Supreme Court Justices, Clarence Thomas and Sonya Sotomayor, acknowledge that affirmative action played a role in their admissions to college and law school. However, while Sotomayor wrote a a 58-page dissent to the Supreme Court’s ruling upholding the affirmative action ban, Thomas predictably sided with the Court’s majority and closed the door, denying other African-Americans access to the types of policies that helped him succeed. Clarence Thomas once again held to his longstanding position that as long as he gets what he needs, he has no concern for fairness or in guaranteeing that the programs that helped him are made available to others. Clarence Thomas joined the Court’s majority in once again trampling upon the progress black Americans achieved in the twentieth century. After all, his Supreme Court appointment is for life, so he is all set.


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  1. How about Alec Adelson Koch-Walton, you know the true identity of the GOP’s every man’s uberhero “Citizen United” and his sidekick “Turd-blossom”.

  2. You know legacy scholarships apply r to everyone right…. its predominately white because let’s face it the population reflects it…
    You must also realize of course that all this does is state every student may no longer flaunt his race for money and rather than using his race for personal advantage over other races, which is in itself racist, these kids are now forced to survive of their intelligence, skills, and merit?

  3. Be careful what you ask for. This decision will actually reduce the number of whites in universities. Don’t believe me? Just look at California, both Blacks and Whites have seen a decline in admissions to be replaces by Asians. Whites need affirmative action in place as much as Blacks do.

  4. Next up on SCOTUS’ “Evil Five” (Scalia, Thomas, Alito, Roberts & usually Kennedy) wish-list …

    Dred Scott: Was It Really So Bad?

  5. Except legacy scholarships apply to children of alumni at a time when African-Americans were typically denied access to universities. Sure Michigan schools have been integrated for a long time, but for many law schools in the South and Midwest the first black student wasn’t admitted until the second half of the twentieth century. Hard to qualify for a legacy scholarship in a university system that has a legacy of excluding people of color.

  6. Two Chief Justice Pigs. They consistently rule in favor of racist, white America! Chief Justice Roger B. Taney, who ruled in favor of the infamous Dredd Scott Decision of 1857, where he wrote “any person descended from Africans, whether slave or free, is not a citizen of the United States”, would be proud of them!

  7. Democracy is reversed while the teathugliKKKans aka the Supreme court of this country,lie in waiting to dismantle justice and we must All vote so that we can right all of the damages we now encounter because where there is no justice,there is no peace and we must save our country and especially vote mid-term or–we are DOOMED.

  8. I heard one of the plaintiffs’ attorneys on the radio today making the same lame point. Legacy nonsense. She said that it is unfair since minority graduates from some elite institutions were enrolled in “low numbers in 1965.” Since 1965. That’s over half a century ago. Newsflash: There are plenty of AA and other minority grads of these institutions. And their spawn get the same legacy consideration. The dissent of Sotomayor was both unpersuasive and shameful. Too many more like that and court observers will be concluding she’s a shill who doesn’t belong. Examine the logic of her dissent. Nothing wrong with political lobbying a state school board to eliminate quotas (bottom line that’s what affirmative action is in effect and purpose), but if expressed in a vote by the electorate, it is a Constitutional violation. In other words, if the political methodology of achieving a political success results in an outcome a minority disapproves, it is unconstitutional. Nonsense.

  9. I have never been on this website before, but from just reading the headline about the supreme court continuing its war on blacks, it is obvious that this website is nothing more than another tool used by the democrats to ensure that blacks continue voting for them, and to ensure that they do not allow blacks to advance themselves individually and as a group. Why is “affirmative action” necessary? Why does the color of a person’s skin need to be considered when applying for admission to a college? If you tell me that it is needed because the schools blacks attend are inferior to the schools that others attend I would agree w/ you. Schools in poor neighborhoods are falling apart. Graduation rates are dismal. So then, why don’t black leaders want blacks to have a choice of where they go to school? It is the black leaders and the democrats that hold blacks down by forcing them to attend inferior schools that offer an inferior education. wake up, demand school choice.

  10. the only two who voted to keep race as a factor in place were 2 of the women….not kagan, is she also evil now. There is no reason for affirmative action. The only action that needs to be taken is to give all children a choice of where to go to school. Why are most democrats against school choice? It is because they want minorities to receive an inferior education, so that they have something politically shiny to show you in the election season. Don’t you see this? Open your eyes. Just as the democrats fought against the Civil Rights act till the very end (more republicans voted for it than democrats did)they are doing the same for school choice this forcing minorities and poor people to attend inferior schools. Wake up.

  11. I guess gutting the voting rights act don’t count and as soon as the neo confederates had they chance they jumped at it to disenfranchise minorities. But you have white privilege so you cant see it. Your hood is showing

  12. Hey I know this is hard for you to understand but Kagan recuse herself since she ruled in a earlier case on the same matter. Now if your kochsucking butboys had the same ethics we might not be talking about this

  13. You are a tad confused. The southern dems that voted against the Civil Rights are now the southern republicans. The people are the same, the name just changed.

    The schools. What are the logistics of transportation? If the kids go out of their district do you expect the country to provide transportation? Is school choice necessary? Are you trying to bring in charter schools? How do schools take care of their own district and children from outside the district?

    How do you expect poor people to provide transportation to schools further away? Isnt the correct response to make all schools equal in the amounts of money they receive?

  14. Are you assuming that all people of all colors would be treated equally at admissions? That is the very reason Affirmative action was created. You just want to take us back and do it all over again

  15. BTW, has it ever occurred to you that the reason minoritys vote dem is the little things like the gop suppressing the minority vote? Has it occurred to you that the gop has tried to pass laws supporting businesses barring minoritys from their businesses?

    Has it occurred to you that you may be having your leg pulled by the old “democrats to ensure that blacks continue voting for them” bullshit? Cause you have fell for it

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