Warmonger John McCain Does More Saber-Rattling On Morning Joe Over Ukraine Crisis

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Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) appeared on Tuesday’s broadcast of Morning Joe to discuss the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Once again, McCain called on the US to get more involved in the situation, calling on the White House to send military weapons to Ukrainian forces and threaten Russian President Vladimir Putin with military intervention. While McCain did try to say he did not want ‘boots on the ground,’ he chided President Obama for constantly pointing out in press conferences that America will not send in troops.

Below is video of McCain’s segment:



Overall, this was more of the same old, same old from ultra-hawk McCain. When it comes to foreign policy, he is only looking to undermine the President. Whatever POTUS decides, McCain has to make the talk show rounds and point out how wrong Obama is. It is a tired old act, yet McCain continues to get superb mileage from it, considering his incessant media appearances.

During Tuesday’s Morning Joe appearance, McCain initially tried to come across as a worldly diplomat, as he discussed the need for further economic sanctions on Russia for their actions and the possibility of providing non-Russian based energy to Ukraine. However, the old war hawk came out as he called for America to send weapons to Ukraine to assist the country’s defense.

This was just the tip of the iceberg. As expected, McCain couldn’t help himself when it came to criticizing the White House. He mocked the President’s insistence on not placing ‘boots on the ground’ as he repeated the phrase multiple times in a high-pitched voice. After video was played of Vice-President Biden’s speech in Ukraine that occurred right before McCain’s interview, the Republican Senator derisively brushed aside Biden’s harsh remarks to Russia by saying, “Or what?” The insinuation there was that McCain feels that the White House is too ‘weak and timid’ and that Putin has no fear of the US whatsoever.

McCain also criticized the President over his handling of Syria. The Senator’s statements against the President obviously show a complete break from reality, as he conveniently forgets the outpouring of resistance from the American people at the time regarding military action in Syria. Republican and Democratic members of Congress were telling the White House at the time that the vast majority of their constituents vehemently opposed the use of military force in Syria, especially if it meant US troops being sent there. In the end, Secretary of State Kerry was able to broker a diplomatic solution to the crisis.

During this segment, while the panel deferred to McCain quite a bit, they did offer some facts that conflicted with much of McCain’s supposed solutions. McCain has called for the US and other nations to provide more energy to Ukriane and help it become energy independent. However, as one panelist pointed out, that is a long-term plan that wouldn’t do anything in the short-term. Also, Joe Scarborough got McCain to admit that he wanted the US to work unilaterally in regards to Ukraine and Russia, as obviously certain countries in Europe are dealing with high-unemployment and don’t want to cause huge economic instability in the region.

In the end, McCain offered up nothing substantial. What he did provide was a whole lot of bitterness, as not only is he still upset over the 2008 election, but he totally hates the fact that the White House couldn’t care one bit about his opinion. That really, really eats at him. Honestly, though, why should they care what he thinks? He still firmly holds on to a 20th century Cold War worldview. He has not evolved and he obviously doesn’t want to.

Just let him pimp himself out to the Sunday shows and any other talk show that will book him. He can do all the talking he wants, but he isn’t setting any policy and nobody of importance cares what he thinks. His sphere of influence has completely diminished. Heck, even his constituents can’t stand him. I think the only people that don’t realize how inconsequential John McCain is are talk show producers and McCain himself.


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  1. As soon as McCain’s face appears on teevee one knows he is going to criticize President Obama no matter what the topic.

    We no longer have policy discussions. Everyone has their solution with no regard for a give and take.

  2. No one has mentioned that when he was in Spain he did not seem to know where it was, he was making gaffes all the time when he was there and really making himself look bad.

  3. Just think elf, what if the US had never sent troops to Vietnam? Today you would be a whole man and not bitter.

  4. All I can say is thank the flying spaghetti monster he was not elected President, If he was all I can say is bend over and kiss your ass goodbye

  5. He was on some show the other day saying he would not rule out a run for POTUS in 2016. Yeah right. He also said that Jeb Bushs’ remark wasn’t bad because Hispanics and Latinos were good folks who want to come here. This coming from an Arizona Senator who’s state is adamantly against Hispanics and Latinos. I am sure he’s pals with Joe Arpaio. He needs to wander off to the nursing home.

  6. Ukraine, like Syria has the complication that the rebels trying to take over the government are not necessarily the good guys.

    And that part about “no nation has the right to grab land from another nation”

    Ask the indigenous people and the Mexicans how they feel about this priceless gem.

    We cannot afford another Cold War. We didn’t “win” the first one. Russia ran out of money first. But now things have changed quite dramatically. We are the ones running out of money as long as jobs continue to be exported and the rich continue to shirk their responsibilities.

    And McCain saying “people were tired of the Vietnam War” yes. And since the Vietnam war we have been on a losing streak. You’re damn right we’re flipping sick of war.

  7. I’m pretty sure the only people who watch Morning Joe are the reporters who write these kind of stories.

  8. Every American should truly fear what this nation would endure if John McCain had become Commander-in-chief. If McCain had died in office and Palin would have become Commander-in-chief, you wouldn’t have time to kiss your ass goodbye.

  9. I flipped the TV to Morning Joe this am and when I saw McCain (didn’t even hear what they were discussing)I just flipped back to my previous program. He needs to retire.

  10. No, I dont think so. He seems to be a dried up bitter man and he wants to go to war with everyone.

    If there had been no Nam, he might be a far different person. I used to have a very high degree of respect for him. The past few years I have had none

  11. This guy can’t understand that he turns people off by just looking at his face. They know he’s going to say something stupid or worthless.

  12. If McCain wants the U.S. to become actively involved militarily in Ukraine, he needs to act like a Senator and get Congress to pass a resolution to that effect. Once a resolution is passed, then he will be justified in complaining if the President doesn’t act on it. But McCain is more interested in sniping than actually following the Constitution, which states that Congress has the war making authority.

  13. John McCain and his BFF Little Lindsey work for the war mongers in Israel. I know he was there in Jan. getting his talking points. He was very busy in March doing his real job for his real bosses. This is just one of his April’s assignments. John McCain is a VERY bad man and he has done a lot of damage to real Americans that has to pay for their wars.

  14. Criminals who seized power in Ukraine under its management, here to whom it is favorable. They are ready to kill the people together with it. Son of a bitch.

  15. Yes McCain is a warmonger. That is obviously genetically built into these neocon guys.
    But Obama is a fucking warmonger, too! Your government is built upon war mongering!
    We, the German people don’t want war with Russia. Russia is not our enemy. Russia is an important economic partner. Russia is an important ally! Russia is our friend! (I know the US doesn’t have friends, only have geopolitical interests!)
    The only reason we are drawn into this ridiculous bullshit, that is completely the opposite of the interests of ANY European nation, is because Merkel and Cameron are fucking idots with no guts and no principles who obviously hate their own people.
    It is not the European people who want these retarded sanktions. This bullshit is based on US-“exceptionalism” and serves only one purpose: escalating the situation and provoking Russia.
    You are not exceptional! You are neither the fucking police nor the judge, you are the criminal!

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