The ACA Becomes a Democratic Weapon as Sen. Mary Landrieu Uses It to Destroy GOP Opponent


In the key state of Louisiana, Sen. Mary Landrieu isn’t running away from Obamacare. She is using the ACA as weapon to point out how Republicans who have health insurance deny it to others.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Landrieu said:

“It’s a solid law that needs improvement,” Landrieu said. “My opponent offers nothing but repeal, repeal, and repeal. And even with all the law’s setbacks, we’re seeing benefits for thousands of people in Louisiana.”

“I think the benefits that people have received are worth fighting for,” Landrieu continued, citing an end to discrimination against preexisting conditions and extended coverage for young adults on parents’ plans. “I think Bill Cassidy is going to be at a distinct disadvantage. He has insurance, but he’s also denying it to the 242,000 people who fall into the Jindal gap. He also wants to take coverage away from tens of thousands who have gotten it for the first time.”

Sen. Landrieu’s comments represent the changing Democratic tactics on the ACA. Now that there is proof that the law is working and helping millions of people, Democrats can shift the healthcare debate to discussing what will happen if Republicans who want to repeal the law get their way.

Landrieu’s argument also echos the fairness argument that Democrats have bludgeoning Republicans with on various issues for the last three years. It’s not fair that her Republican opponents who have health insurance get to deny hundreds of thousands of people in her state who lack health care. It is a moral argument that moves the discussion past killing the ACA and puts Republicans on the defense about their position of repeal.

Mary Landrieu is in an uphill fight to keep her Senate seat. She has decided that she is not going to play defense, or adopt a pseudo-Republican position to keep her seat. Landrieu is defending the law, because she knows it is helping the people of her state. If Democrats rally around the law, instead of running from it, what Republicans assume was a strength will become a major weakness.

The better the news gets on the ACA, the more it becomes a weapon for Democrats. The great irony is that the same law that Republicans thought would carry them to victory in 2014 could be sowing the seeds of their most stinging defeat.

23 Replies to “The ACA Becomes a Democratic Weapon as Sen. Mary Landrieu Uses It to Destroy GOP Opponent”

  1. That’s right make the Repugs explain, why while they and their families get health insurance he/she will deny you and your family the same. No the law is not perfect, but at least it’s better than what the Repugs offer. Which is nothing.

  2. Please don’t spit on your computer screen.

    The best the GOP can do to replace ACA????

    EXPAND MEDICARE to cover everybody.

    Yeah, yeah we know that will not happen.

  3. Mary Landrieu is a survivor and a chameleon. She finds a way to win elections. It is good to see her embracing the ACA. People in Louisiana do want Medicaid expansion and Jindal really shot himself in the foot for not taking it. I believe the red state governors who refused the expansion are going to pay for it in the elections. They mistakenly think that medicaid is for dead beat people who don’t work. However alot of working people and working families also utilize medicaid.

  4. All Dems need to run on ACA but there are also the deficit has been cut in half andthe surplus is 113 Billion Dollars as of April 2013 after 8 years of digging out from the GOP.The CBO estimates that the program will cost less than projected.Get behind your Dems and help them to remember the good we have done!

  5. The Dems have a weapon that could be brutal to republicans if they would use it. Talking to people’s better senses works. Why are the state representatives withholding healthcare when they have it? Why are they restricting the vote when their vote is free and clear?

    Come on Dems, you have every weapon available. Use them

  6. By refusing to expand Medicaid, republican governors are committing murder. They are literally standing in the doorway of the hospital and saying “NO ENTRANCE FOR POOR PEOPLE”. That is murder. We should call it what it is… You hear me governor jindal? You are a murderer!

  7. This morning poll (April 22) Kaiser/NYT=
    Landrieu 42%
    Cassidy 18%
    So why are you saying “uphill battle”?

  8. In Louisiana there are no primaries. If the top vote getter does not clear 50% then there is a run off and anything can happen

  9. Exactly, until Landrieu clears 50% in support, she is looking at a runoff, where she will face a consolidated Republican opposition. That is why this is an uphill battle for her. Consider the millions of dollars that outside interests will spend in ads against her during a runoff, her best bet for keeping her seat is to get above 50% in the general, and avoid the runoff.

  10. This is how bad things have turned against the American Taliban:GOP’S NEW STRATEGY: MAKE 2014 ABOUT HARRY REID: The Associated Press reports that GOP Senate candidates are “adjusting their plans” to tie Democratic Senate incumbents to Harry Reid, arguing that he has abused his power and is no longer fit to remain Senate Majority Leader. I almost lost my laptop spitting out my liquid bverage

  11. ALL DEMOCRATS need to get behind this. Use this same argument and get out in the areas where these people normally don’t vote and get them behind you.

  12. Jason and djchefron, I’m sorry,I did’nt realize Louisiana politics. But if Landrieu gets a tailwind behind her it should be a breeze.

  13. We should start calling it the Walker gap here in WI. What I could give for Mary Burke to make a similarly strong statement.

  14. Mary should also hammer home the fact that states that didn’t expand medicaid and set up exchanges have higher premium rates, due to their Government’s refusal to set them up. I read it on another site that had charts and graphs. I read so many, I can’t remember the site. But, a friend in Tennessee argued with me that Obamacare was costing him 75 dollars more per month (he draws Medicare). I told him he needed to check his facts, that it was Corker, Haslam and that bunch causing that. He did, but he won’t admit I was right, nor will he vote for any Democrat. So, i wasted my time on him.

  15. I like her! Kay Hagan needs to take a lesson and come out fighting otherwise she has a real chance of losing!

  16. Senator Mary Landrieu from Louisiana should embrace the ACA and other Social Programs which help the middle class and poor. Louisiana is not the richest state and the proportion of blacks should propel her back into office. TEA-types will vote. Republicans will vote. Elections do have consequences locally, at the state level and nationally! 2014 is here and more pressure must be applied. Senator Mary Landrieu is the caliber as Hillary Clinton, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Congressional candidate Elisabeth Jensen of Kentucky, Alison Lundergan Grimes of Kentucky, Wendy Davis and Leticia Van de Putte from Texas and Michele Nunn of Georgia show real strength, character and resolve to do for the middle class and poor. These women do not bow down to the men and stand their ground when pushed. Women must back and support each other for the vote!

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