Republican Birther Gets Indicted on Fraud Charges and Blames President Obama

dinesh d'souza

Here we have a fine example of modern day conservatives’ idea of “personal responsibility”.

The birther conspiracy artist and “author”, who humiliated Forbes by publishing a bit of Obama paranoia that strayed wildly from facts, known as Dinesh D’Souza has been indicted on fraud charges under federal campaign finance laws, after he allegedly funneled $20,000 to the Republican challenging Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) in 2012. He’s blaming President Obama.

Yep. D’Souza claims it’s all the President’s fault. His defense is that Obama is “targeting” him because he has said some really crazy things, according to the New York Times. It’s “political”:

Mr. Brafman (Benjamin Brafman, D’Souza’s lawyer) has filed court papers contending that the government “targeted” Mr. D’Souza “because of his consistently caustic and highly publicized criticism” of President Obama. The office of Preet Bharara, the United States attorney in Manhattan, declined to comment on the defense filing. But last week, it filed papers saying that a selective prosecution claim was “entirely without merit.”
Mr. Bharara’s office said Mr. D’Souza’s illegal conduct came to light as a result of a review by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s New York office of campaign filings of both parties for the seat held by Senator Gillibrand, “rather than through any investigative focus on the defendant himself.”

Apparently “caustic ” is the new “total fabrication and paranoid rantings”. Mind you, this is the guy who called the President a “grown up Trayvon in the White House” so he’s clearly unable to think clearly due to frothing hatred. But here’s a bit of reality for the rest of you.

The married “family values” conservative allegedly funneled some of that money via “straw donors” like a woman with whom he’s engaged in a “romantic” relationship (Read: The Appalachian Trail with the true Soul Mate — it’s cool if you love her more than you love your wife). By romantic, the press is referring to his then 29-year-old also-married-to-someone-else “fiancé”, whom he got busted taking to a hotel for a tryst after a 2010 conference on Christian Values, whist the then 51-year-old was still married. He’s apparently still “married” now, whatever that means when one is/has recently been engaged to someone else.

If he were a Democrat, someone would have hacked his twitter account by now and the status of his privates would be splashed all over every mainstream outlet in relentless updates: “Zipper up, zipper down” etc. But this guy got away with saying Obama is “attacking the traditional values agenda” by supporting marriage equality and abortion rights, arguing that ‘Obama doesn’t like traditional Christianity because he identifies it with colonialism.'”

Apparently D’Souza really loves Christianity and family values, but Obama, who has just one wife and hasn’t abandoned his children to chase after a new “fiancé” (also does not have one) is the person who doesn’t like “traditional Christianity”. If this is the case, I’ll take the non-traditional version, thanks.

But D’Souza is a family values conservative, so instead of taking personal responsibility for his failings, he’s blaming Obama for the fact that he allegedly broke the law.

Truth: If Obama prosecuted everyone who said crazy things about him, the Fox News team would be behind bars and there wouldn’t be very many Republicans left in the House.

So no. Just no. Dinesh is not entitled to funnel money to his friend through his romantic liaison just because he’s a Republican. There aren’t special rules for those who see themselves as perpetually persecuted. But there is medication for that.

Additionally, notice even if it were “political” that wouldn’t necessarily make it untrue, and it is a federal crime, but OBAMA WHINE!

It’s also rather silly for conservatives who are cheering Darrell Issa’s witch hunts based on nothing to cry foul over federal charges based on actual evidence. The two are not the same. One is a political witch hunt for real and the other is an alleged criminal trying to avoid taking responsibility for their actions by blaming the President.

D’Souza’s previous accusations against President Obama were called out as “preposterous, it’s false and it’s wrong”. It’s safe to say that D’Souza’s new paranoid accusations are also “preposterous, false and wrong.” Obama is not to blame for D’Souza’s hypocritical moral failings, his humiliating intellectual failings, or his alleged criminal endeavors. D’Souza built all that on his very own.

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  1. The Reich Wing is incapable of accepting any responsibility whatsoever for their words and actions. Yet it seems that the left wing must be made to accept all the blame and responsibility for not only what the left does but also whatever the Reich Wing does as well.

  2. We have got this tailspin of culture in the republican party, and it’s pundits in particular, of conservative politicians and their like not being honest or learning the value and the culture of being honest, and so there is a real culture problem that has to be dealt with.

    Forgive me me if I haven’t been articulate enough.

  3. Like this chickensh*t sleazebag is even on the President’s radar. D’Souza wishes he were that important. Or powerful. Or intelligent. {rolls eyes}

    Sorry, honey, you are not worth the bother. However, you do have to abide by campaign finance laws, and it appears that perhaps you did not. That’s why you were indicted.

  4. They blame every problem in the entire world on president Obama and libruls. Republicans are just soooo perfect: NOT.

  5. WOW this person has some serious mental illnes: Narcissism(the President has many more serious issues and people to deal with probably has never heard of this person,transference(not taking responsibility for his own actions,delusions and paranoia.The list is endless feel sympathy for this poor afflicted soul and get him an intervention lol

  6. Once again, a self-proclaimed right wing “patriot” attempts to play the role of poor, maligned victim of the “scary tyrannical usurper” living in the White House.

  7. I was reading my first read nbc. newsletter,(I know chuck turd is not really liberal).

    Anyway the article was addressing if the tea party will come through in the state primaries. They say that the GOP runners and holding their own above the tea party candidates. This just tells you only that the GOP has become the tea party, and just as crazy.

    Throw the bums out in November all of them.

  8. How stupid do you have to be to get caught violating the weak ass campaign finance laws in the US? Serves him right.

  9. Liberals / Progressives are too thin skinned to want the truth, KUDOS Dinesh for standing strong against colonialism and lies!

  10. LOL

    The truth is in every gop state the legislatures are trying to pass ALEC written laws to get rid of your benefits, like overtime pay, anything that costs a corporation money where you are concerned

  11. The truth is he cheated on the law. Why is it so hard for you dittoheads and wacko birds to understand the law do apply to you?

  12. I suspect Mr. Bharara knows a self-entitled chee chee projecting his ideas about race and colonialism when he sees one

  13. Yes, I read that, what in the world will they find fault with next, as a matter of fact every time I see the pres walk down the3 steps of the aircraft
    with all of his energy and bounce, I have to chuckle to myself because I imagine Chris Cristie as pres, he would have trouble getting down the steps and if he fell he would roll along to the car waiting for him.

  14. Fat Bastard would have one of the mobile chairs installed on the steps for Air Force one. Luckily for us he is toast and wont come close to the prize

  15. Where do these creeps come from? They come from other countries and try to run things here. This guy wants to be a big player, I hope they throw the book at him, literally

  16. Better to have a silly walk than to have some sort of red flying squirrel on your head and a brain that overheats like a Pinto with flat tires.

    Oh, and Donald trump cheated on his first wife Ivana with his second wife Marla Maples.

    So if he’s going to do any finger pointing let it be up his own nose.

  17. …uhm..President Cristy..uhm..could you please set in the center of Air Force One because this plane doesn’t have enough aileron throw to compensate for the banking…


  19. I know this isn’t fair of me to ask…

    But, could you back this statement up with something called factual evidence?

    Otherwise, you are no better than the guy under discussion.

  20. Indians(not native americans) are very delusional and actually think that they are better than the rest of all.

    This dude is a fraud,not even a christian as he claims.

  21. Yes, I agree. He may be a citizen, but he is a faux patriot, a faux “Christian Values family man”, he is just a big ol’ faux man! And I use the term man lightly, because the men I know, man up and take responsibility for their actions. Otherwise, they are just little boys, screaming on the playground. The man is a liar and a cheater from the word go, or “I do”, as the case may be, and as far as I am concerned belongs at the bottom of the sea with the whale doo doo.

  22. Before long the republicans will blaming the president for them waking up and having to go to work and face their followers before elections. They don’t like it when their followers ask them questions and demand answers and they can’t give them the ones they want to hear. They will soon stop having town hall meeting like they did once before when they found out things was not going their way and things sure isn’t going their way. It is going to be fun and sad at the same time to see all the candidates come out to outdo each to run for president guess we need to keep plenty of popcorn handy for the movie that we won’t have to pay to see.

  23. “The two are not the same. One is a political witch hunt for real and the other is an alleged criminal trying to avoid taking responsibility for their actions by blaming the President.”

    Agree, but both definitions fit Issa.

  24. When D’Souza first sent the money to the pol’s campaign, the campaign’s financial officers notified him that it couldn’t accept the donation because it exceeded the limits. The campaign advised D’Souza to split the money up between himself and his wife, and he did, but without her permission. She now says that she didn’t consent to donate anything to that candidate’s campaign. D’Souza’s girlfriend says that he knew he broke the law, but he decided to plead not guilty in order to give himself time to essentially “figure things out.” It just so happened that he decided to lie on the president. The federal prosecutors have some of this information on tape, so it will be very difficult for D’Souza to deny that he broke the law. He’ll keep blaming Pres. Obama, and as noted by a comment below, some believe his BS. The Obama Administration didn’t launch an investigation into D’Souza’s shady dealings, but the state of NY sure did.

  25. LOL!

    This is typical, “the devil made me do it!” statement that some kids would say when they didn’t want to take responsibility for their actions.

    Grow up, D’Souza, your immaturity is showing all over you, accompanied by your words!!

  26. Doesn’t he realize that some people know the story of “Little Black Sambo,” and he’s a perfect example of same. He fails to understand his position, when in the right light of day or dark of night, he’s colored…Little Black Sambo…and the NYPD is itching for a chance to bring him down to his knees, just like Jailhouse Bubba. Good luck with that–your words have come back to ride your back(side), dude.

  27. “I successfully lied about everything to everyone and had a night of sin. Thanks, God!”

    “I was busted for being a hypocritical, sanctimonious, a-hole! Thanks, Obama!”


  28. Typical Republican: always the victim, always blaming someone else, never “manning or womaning up”.
    Our awesome POTUS, on the other hand, accepts responsibility for everything he’s in charge of.
    He accepted personal responsibility for the botched ACA website rollout and then fixed it. He didn’t personally design the website, or even hire the idiots who did. But he took the blame and then made sure things were done right the next time–and we exceeded the enrollment goals.
    THAT’S a real man for ya…

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