Republicans Freak Out After Polls Show Democrats Leading 3 Out of 4 Senate Races

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Republicans are freaking out after new polls showed Democrats leading or tied in four key Southern Senate races.

The latest New York Times Upshot/Kaiser Family Foundation Senate polls contained some bad news for Republicans. In three out of four Senate races they polled, Democrats led. In the one race where a Republican led, the lead was within the margin of error. In Arkansas, Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor leads his Republican challenger Rep. Tom Cotton, 46%-36%. In North Carolina, Sen. Kay Hagan leads her likely opponent, Thom Tillis, 42%-40%. In Louisiana Democrat Sen. Mary Landrieu leads 42%-18%, but due to Louisana’s non-primary system, Landrieu has to get 50% or more of the general election vote to win another term. If Landrieu finishes first, but with less than 50% of the vote, she will face a runoff. In Kentucky, Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is statistically tied with his Democratic opponent Alison Lundergan Grimes. McConnell leads 43%-42%.

Republicans have been trying to suppress the potential Democratic turnout in November by spreading throughout the media the idea that they were a lock to win the Senate in November. It turns out that a Republican victory in November is far from a sure thing. In fact, Republicans could end up losing some seats that in red states.

The conservative media is not taking the news well that everyone is starting to catch on that their predictions of victory are starting to look like empty hot air. Bill Kristol of the Rupert Murdoch owned Weekly Standard wrote a frantic blog post that tried to discredit the poll. Kristol wrote, “The Arkansas Senate race has been close in virtually every serious poll. The Republican challenger, Tom Cotton, probably had a small lead a month or so ago; after a massive negative assault on him by Harry Reid’s Super PAC, the Democratic incumbent, Mark Pryor, is probably now ahead by a point or two. That’s the story told by every reputable public and private poll, including, I’m told, polls by both campaigns.”

Just like in 2012, Republicans like Bill Kristol are arguing that the polls are skewed and the pollsters are in the bag for Democrats. It doesn’t matter to Kristol that every poll that hasn’t come from Republican pollsters has Pryor leading. Republicans are trying to deny the reality that Democrats have a reasonable chance of keeping the Senate. Republicans are freaking out for a very good reason. In order to retake the Senate, they have to defeat two of the three Southern Democrats who are up for reelection. If Pryor and Hagan win, Republicans are likely finished. If McConnell loses his seat, Democrats will probably keep the Senate.

It is too soon to tell, but the Republican predictions of a Senate takeover could end up being as wrong as the predictions of a GOP takeover in 2010 and 2012. The Republican media spin is designed to discourage Democrats from voting. Ignore the spin, and trust the numbers.

If Democrats come out to vote, they have a good chance of keeping the Senate.

19 Replies to “Republicans Freak Out After Polls Show Democrats Leading 3 Out of 4 Senate Races”

  1. Let’s take it farther. Let’s elect 4 new Reps. from CA, to start taking back the House, too! All we need are 17 new Democratic seats nationwide and 4 can come from CA! That would leave only 13 to go from elsewhere. It CAN be done if we all vote.

  2. Lie faster! Lie faster! Obama!!!!!!! Benghazi!!!!!!!!! Obamacare!!!!!!! Death panels!!!!!! Lie faster! Lie faster!

  3. Good News! We must vote midterm to rid our gov’t of these scumbags who are turning back the hands of time we must show them a new day The Democratic Way because America is being abused like a motherless child…urge your family & friends to VOTE or we are doomed.

  4. Its time to make all states voting procedures the same. It is insane to have different rules and laws in every state. This is not what the “people” want, they never voted on any of this stuff.

    Running up to November, the lies from the gop are going to be legion. This is pure desperation and the money will be flowing too. We must make sure the money doesnt talk

    Oh, and remove all public bathrooms from voting polls and put them outside

  5. It is most likely that Michigan will give 1 of those needed congressional representative positions, due to the powerful republican Mike Rogers leaving for the radio.

  6. Nate Silver’s prediction of a GOP win for the Senate was hinged on Democrats failure to vote. Yes, we do have a history of blowing off local elections. Look at what happened in Colorado and Wisconsin. If you spend a dime on politics, help your family, friends and neighbors obtain the correct documents to enable them to vote. Make sure when you go to the voting booths, that you have a friend, family member or neighbor with you. Let’s work together to make sure our voices are heard. Together we are powerful, more powerful than any amount of PAC dollars.

  7. Funny how the GOP will throw those poll numbers ut there when it’s in their favor. When the numbers don’t favor them, then the polls are not to be believed. Amusing.

    I think you can count New Mexico for 1 seat. We are trying to get rid of Steve Pearce.

  8. As long as the Dems are not DINOs this is good thing. If they are then it’s really more of the same

  9. @Bear – Even if they are DINOS there are benefits to electing them, creating a Democratic majority and therewith control of the agendas of the Senate or House or both. Regardless of the personal inclinations if any particular Democrat, this control offers some systemic advantages and, perhaps more importantly, denies those advantages to the right-whingers. In the unlikely event that we could elect a Democratic super-majority it would offer the president a chance to nominate someone relatively young to the Supreme Court and have the nominee confirmed. Assuming Obama again nominates someone reasonable (given his other consistently conservative policies this is not assured), confirmation will not improve the balance of the Court, it will merely reinforce the liberal side of the Court offering us the opportunity to elect a genuine civil rights liberal to the presidency.

  10. Koch brothers really doesn’t care about ACA. They simply made it a fodder for their campaign to ensure that the government in D.C. and state governments across the nation are 110% under control by Republicans. They doesn’t want to see single Democrat that breath down their neck and keep them under the check for their actions against environment and their shady businesses.

  11. I read about the one Koch brother who stood for election in the 1980’s, his agenda was pretty much the same as his ALEC agenda being adopted in red states, abolish soc security, medicare, medicaid etc. I think it was too radical in the 80’s, it is certainly too radical today!

  12. The republicans are freaking out and will do anything to win elections. We’re already seeing an unprecedented amount of voter repression. Count on them the cheat at the ballot box level as well. We need to increase watchdog efforts in all races that are expected to be close. We must never forget what Jeb Bush did in 2000.


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