Democrats Are On a Roll as Even Southern Red States Want To Keep Their Obamacare

hands-off-obamacareThe roof has officially fallen in on Republicans as a poll of Southern red states has found that in each state people want to keep their Obamacare.

The bad news for Republicans comes via The New York Times:

Despite strong dislike of President Obama’s handling of health care, a majority of people in three Southern states – Kentucky, Louisiana and North Carolina – would rather that Congress improve his signature health care law than repeal and replace it, according to a New York Times Upshot/Kaiser Family Foundation poll.

The poll also found that a majority of Kentucky residents – and a plurality in a fourth state, Arkansas — said they thought the health care marketplace in their state was working well, even as they expressed strong disapproval of the health care law. More than twice as many Kentuckians say their state exchange is working well than say it is not.

Opposition to the president runs deep in the four states. In Arkansas, for example, 64 percent of respondents said they disapproved of his handling of health care. Still, the poll revealed that 60 percent of people in North Carolina and 52 percent of people in Louisiana and Kentucky would rather the law be made better than taken away. In Arkansas, 48 percent were in favor of improvements and 46 percent for repealing the law and replacing it.

Majorities in the three states polled (Arkansas, Louisana, and North Carolina) that haven’t expanded Medicaid support expanding it. In Arkansas, the majority of Republicans support expanding Medicaid, while only 21% support the state’s use of federal money to buy the poor private insurance.

The support for keeping the ACA goes a long way in explaining whyy Democrats lead or are tied in the Senate races in all four states. Obamacare is becoming a political liability for Republicans. Even voters in red states want access to affordable healthcare.

As the law becomes more successful, Democrats are gaining momentum, and Republican problems are snowballing. Republicans are so dysfunctional that they can’t agree on an alternative plan, so GOP candidates are stuck with running on a position of repeal. Voters, even in red states, don’t want the law repealed.

More and more Democratic candidates are following President Obama’s lead and talking about how the law is working. People across the country already know the law is working because they are getting the benefits. Republicans have been wrong at every turn.

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is only running on repealing the ACA. Republicans have no agenda. They have no positions or strategy. If the GOP can’t run successfully against the ACA, they will literally have nothing to campaign on.

Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) claimed in February that the Republican alternative to Obamacare is almost done, and then he saw the whole thing fall apart as the GOPers couldn’t stop arguing with each other long enough to agree on anything.

Democrats are on a roll, and reeling Republicans have seen their repeal Obamacare legs cut out from under them.

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  1. Now if only they can think on how their support of republicans are destroying their life’s maybe they wont vote against their interest.

    A living wage, clean water just to name a couple of things that they don’t seem to understand. Gays, god and guns don’t pay the bills

  2. What are they thinking? Of course people want health care. I went years with out health care and it was agonizing. You get sick and you just deal with it the best you can. In 2004 I got so sick I couldn’t stand it. I suffered for days not knowing what to do. When I finally went to the ER and they rushed me into surgery to remove my gallbladder. Luckily the hospital arranged a payment plan.

    I always think of that and how many are out there right now that need medical attention and are neglecting themselves. That just isn’t right.

  3. Totally agree. If we can just get them to be so fed up that they finally see that the repubs are liars, scammers and totally not on their side.

  4. Dont get too confident. Sadly the Rubes can even now probably be relied upon to vote against their own self interest. Quite baffling isn’t it?

    Living in Britain as I do, with the National Health Service, every day as my kids have grown up and I get a bit worse for wear and tear, I’m profoundly grateful to the post 2nd WW Labour government that introduced it. Over the years I and my family have had recourse to it many times for minor and major reasons, I cant imagine how we would have coped without the knowledge that excellent treatment by dedicated, caring people wouldn’t bankrupt us; in fact wouldn’t cost us anything beyond our taxes. British politicians tinker with it at their peril. They all, left and right, have to declare that the NHS is safe in their hands. I must say the pledge is looking a bit threadbare coming from some on the right but we still have a system that arouses great protectiveness, pride and satisfaction amongst the British electorate.

  5. the bad part about the Republicans coming up with a replacement for Obama care is that it has to be better than Obama care. How can they ever do that and sleep at night? The tea party doesn’t want anyone including their own senior citizens to have insurance, Republicans are foolishly not expanding Medicaid.

    There just isn’t any way they can win this argument. Mitch McConnell has gotten on the crazy train and told his own people that he doesn’t support them.

    I never in my life thought I would see politics like this. This is a sad travesty

  6. I keep reading that “people don’t like” the ACA but have never understood what these people are taking about. And just who are these people? They don’t like the law but still sign up for it?

  7. Here’s the problem:

    You know how Republicans are against food stamps, different types of aid for the poor and unemployed, are for all kinds of corporate tax breaks but no breaks for the middle to low income people, etc., and yet people who would benefit from food stamps, aid, etc., still vote for them?

    The people who vote Republican but are getting benefits from ObamaCare(s)? They’ll still vote Republican.

    I have a sister and brother-in-law who do not have a pot to pee in, who have all kinds of doctor bills, etc., don’t make much money, can’t get any help, etc., and you know who THEY voted for in 2012? MITT ROMNEY.

    They’re not stupid. They don’t have higher education but only because of the lack of money thing, not the lack of brains. But they voted for Romney.

    The Republicans are counting on that…people voting against their own self-interests and unfortunately, they have reason to count on it.

  8. I well understand your position Phil. I too am a recipient of health care, when I did not have any medical Ins. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage three, with eight treatments of Taxol Cisplatin. lived 200 miles from the nearest treatment at the University hosp. If it was not for medicare and the hospitals generosity I would be dead. The people who live in states where they are not able to get Ins. (Obamacare) will learn quickly what happens when you get very ill. “You die and die quickly.” The real plan of the rethugs.

  9. Reply to Sammy

    I keep reading that “people don’t like” the ACA but have never understood what these people are taking about.
    Follow the link to the NYT piece and you will find this:

    “Majorities in each state said the law had had no effect on them personally. Still, among those who said they had been touched by it, about twice as many said they had been hurt by the law as helped”.

    Does that help?

    And don’t forget…
    always read the last few paragraphs first. The NYT has this nasty habit of burying the lede.
    It’s something that beginning journalists have done for eons and something that typically drives editors absolutely nuts….but for some reason, the Times seems to favor the practice.

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