Rush Limbaugh Says Meet The Press is Dying Because David Gregory Is Too Liberal

In a mindboggling bit of lunacy, Rush Limbaugh claimed that Meet The Press is struggling because host David Gregory is too liberal.


LIMBAUGH: Look. This is not hard. If you view half the country with disdain, if you view the way over half the country thinks with derision, you are going to produce a program that reflects that. Now, who in the world wants to watch a program where what they think and what they believe and what they cherish and what they hold dear is gonna be laughed at, mocked, and made fun of every Sunday? Meet the Press long ago ceased being a news program. When Tim Russert passed away and passed the torch, it ceased being a news program. It became an agenda arm of the Democrat Party. The old audience of Meet the Depressed didn’t view it that way. This really is a mind-boggling thing. Why wouldn’t you fire the guy and go hire somebody the audience likes?

If you don’t want to fire him because that would look bad for the news and look bad for liberalism, just like firing Dan Rather would, reassign him to something. You know, put him somewhere where the audience likes him. Give him the Moscow bureau assignment or whatever. Send him over to North Korea, let him shine some light there. He could relate to people there, I guess. Send him to Beijing. I don’t know. Maybe Havana, try to open a new pathway. But this is just mind-boggling. (laughing) Are they telling us that there’s nobody that’s better psychologically prepared at NBC to host this show?

Hell, I could do it. I could bring the ratings of this show back to where they were inside of a month, with no guests! Inside of a week, with no guests! That’s the problem. They’d make me do guests. I mean, it’s Meet the Press.

Here we have another example of Rush Limbaugh talking about something that he knows nothing about. The problem isn’t that Gregory is too liberal. The main issues are that Gregory is too willing to push Republican talking points as fact and that he is a completely unlikable moderator.

Limbaugh’s boast that he could restore Meet The Press to the top of the ratings was a bit delusion. Limbaugh’s radio audience is about 1.4 million. With Gregory, Meet The Press averages twice as many viewers as Limbaugh has listeners. The 1.5 million viewers that Fox News Sunday draw would probably be in the ballpark for what a right wing MTP would pull in.

NBC News is almost suicidal over Gregory running the Sunday stalwart into the ground. Can you imagine if the show was drawing half as many viewers? The lack of balance is killing Meet The Press. If network television would ever wise up, they would realize that there is a huge audience out there for a left of center Sunday morning host.

Limbaugh’s claims that Gregory is failing because he is too liberal is based on the myth that America is a conservative country, but the nation is clearly moving to the left. Eventually, some smart person on network television will figure this out, and stop boring their shrinking audiences with so many Republican appearances. If the Sunday shows want the audience to come back, the worst they could do would be to hire an extreme conservative. Rush Limbaugh’s audience is even older (66 years old) than that of Fox News (65 years old).

The fact that Limbaugh thinks David Gregory is too liberal illustrates how far out of the mainstream the conservative movement has fallen.

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  1. The problem with David Gregory is he’s a wet noodle. He should have been a publicist, he certainly is no reporter.

  2. maybe NBC could decide to really give Rush and Faux a really good blood pressure rise by giving Olbermann the show…


    if Billo is red in the face because of Colbert then think how red it would get with that announcement…

  3. That’s Rushdies shout out to MTP that he wants a job and that somehow he would do a better job. Guess Colbert getting Lettermans job affected him more than we thought.

  4. Rush Limbaugh needs to stick his head back up his ass where it belongs. It takes a really brainwashed person to fall for jerk.

  5. Yeah Phil, if what I hear is accurate, Rush’s show is in trouble, he probably will be needing a new platform to spew his venom in the near future.

  6. Meet the Press is dying because David Gregory is an idiot and people are tired of him and his lies.

    If he wants to act like Fox and be “fact free,” then let him go work for them and let’s get someone to host Meet the Press that actually knows what they’re doing.

    Gregory ain’t it.

  7. @TerryLF oh yeah Limpballs is in trouble. The Flush Rush movement has basically destroyed his advertising base. They monitor his show around the country and whoever is advertising on his show they start contacting that company and telling them to stop. If you listen to his show now the only commercials are his.

  8. Obviously America is a conservative nation as the nationwide success rate of recent GOP presidential candidates prove.

    The Republican presidential candidate has amassed more than 50% of the nationwide popular vote exactly once (2004) since 1988.

  9. I just read over at Huffington Post that NBC is, yet again, doubling-down on David Gregory, basically saying, “Don’t believe Gregory’s pathetic ratings and your own lying eyes–he’s doing great, and we stand proudly behind his provocative, hard-driving news-man-i-ness.”

  10. These comments by Lush are laughable, here is an ultra-conservative talk show host whose ratings are in the toilet and has been booted off the Cumulus Media Network into oblivion. Guess he is pulling out all the stops to save himself…main stream, that’s what Meet the Press has always been entertaining, once in a while!

  11. I know at least twenty people who would start watching Meet the Press again if Olbermann were to take over from Gregory.

  12. NBC is so out of touch if they replaced David Gregory it would probably be with the even worse Chuck Todd.

  13. Either a new platform or a room full of mirrors where he can spew as much as he wants with no objection from anyone.

    Great post.

  14. Limbaugh knows exactly what he’s doing. He knows Gregory is a republican hack so he (limbaugh) is just doing what repubs do best…..LIE! In their world, no matter what, everything is the fault of Liberals and the government.

  15. I quit watching MTP shortly after Gregory took over. There was never any discussion. He would ask a question, the guest would answer with whatever fact free garbage he wanted to spew and Gregory would move on to the next question. I enjoy hearing both sides of a debate but what I don’t enjoy is when a lie goes unchallenged.


  17. I still watch MTP despite my dislike of the snobby, elitist David Gregory, if nothing else, to validate my feeling that NBC has become nothing more than a Democratic propaganda machine. NBC lost me long ago when they started “campaigning” for Obama and other liberals, maligning and labeling anyone who called into question opposing views. They should report the news and get out the political arena. Let the audience decide for ourselves without trying to shove a truckload of crap down on throats. MTP insults the intelligence of sensible people who want facts.

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