Some Despicable Republicans Knew That Cliven Bundy Is a Racist


It is difficult to conceal a belief borne of a lifetime of conditioning, and it is not unusual for people to be shocked to learn a person that they believed, say, loved the nation of Israel was really an anti-Semite when the person used an bigoted epithet toward Jews. In that situation, the people who were not stunned were the person’s German immigrant family who worked for the Nazis prior and during World War II. The news that Cliven Bundy revealed, in an interview, he had racist opinions about “the Negro” appeared to be a stunning revelation to Republicans defending the deadbeat criminal as a patriot hero. However outraged they tried to appear, their shock and disgust appeared to be feigned to conceal that they knew all along about Bundy’s racial animus toward African Americans.
The list of Bundy’s supporters who knew he was a racist is likely lengthier than one imagines, if for no other reason than his oft-repeated lie and absurd justification for illegally grazing his cattle on federal land. He asserted he had supremacy over the federal government because his Mormon ancestors settled the land in the 1870s and that he inherited grazing, pre-emptive, and special land use rights. There are no records to back up his ancestral claims to land the United States purchased from Mexico, but his ancestors were Mormons. What is in the historical record and fairly common knowledge is that prior to 1978, Mormons regarded African Americans as cursed by god. They abruptly reversed their beliefs according to a heavenly revelation when President Jimmy Carter threatened to revoke the LDS church’s tax-exempt status; the church never repudiated or apologized for actively discriminating against African Americans.

One Republican who supported Bundy wholeheartedly, Republican Senator Dean Heller of Nevada, certainly knew the Mormon rancher was a racist in spite of saying he “completely disagrees with Mr. Bundy’s appalling and racist statements, and condemns them in the most strenuous way.” Heller, like Bundy, is a Mormon who grew up learning that African Americans were cursed by god and was one of Bundy’s earliest supporters labelling him and armed militias confronting government agents “patriots.” Heller was such an avid Bundy supporter he called for Senate investigations into the Interior Department “to find out who is accountable for this. This being the Interior Department for executing a federal court order; not the racist Bundy.

Conservative Fox News pundit, Sean Hannity, claimed he is the real victim of Cliven Bundy’s racist comments that he asserted yesterday were “Beyond repugnant. They are beyond despicable to me. They’re beyond ignorant to me.” Now, according to Hannity, “People that for right reasons saw this case as government overreach, now are like branded because of the ignorant, racist, repugnant, despicable comments of Cliven Bundy.” Hannity protests too much. It is a sign he knew Bundy was a racist like the man Hannity fawned over and championed during an interview last week with former sheriff, Oath Keeper militia leader, John Birch Society acolyte, Posse Comitatus devotee, and Mormon Richard Mack. Last week this column summarized what is relatively common knowledge about armed militia hero Mack and it is impossible that Hannity was ignorant of Mack’s ideological bent mirroring the John Birch Society and “explicitly racist and anti-Semitic militia group Posse Comitatus.”

Richard Mack embraced the extremely racist philosophy of John Birch Society champion, and fellow Mormon, Willard Cleon Skousen. Skousen, a Mormon theocrat, preached from the John Birch Society that the 14th Amendment and equality for former slaves started America’s decline. Skousen toured the nation calling for elimination of all civil rights laws as well as the separation of church and state. There is nothing Bundy and Richard Mack disagree with Skousen on including ending civil rights laws and the 14th Amendment among others. As Jason Easley pointed out yesterday, conservatives and Republicans who supported Bundy and Mack’s Oath Keeper militia as patriot heroes are just as much racists as the two bigots if for no other reason than they know the racist history of the LDS movement.

It is important to note that one Mormon who knew Bundy was a racist, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, condemned Bundy, Mack, and armed militias as “domestic terrorists” and not patriot heroes. Despite being criticized by conservative pundits and scolded by Republicans like Rand Paul and Dean Heller, Reid never wavered and as noted here, Harry Reid was as right before when the conservative movement championed Bundy, Mack, and his Oath Keepers as patriots in the mold of Patrick Henry and George Washington and he is still right today because he knew of where Bundy and Mack’s racism originated.

It is unfair to portray all Mormons as racists, especially those born after 1978. But those born before 1965 were indoctrinated with Mormon and biblical racism against African Americans throughout the entirety of their formative years. It is likely they cannot help but hold views analogous with Bundy’s, but it is also likely they would not be as openly racist and probably not still defending racist comments amid the uproar and complicity conservatives and Republicans cannot escape; that includes the Koch brothers’ Americans for Prosperity.

The Koch certainly knew of Bundy and Mack’s racist views because Mack, and possibly even Bundy, learned them from Charles and David Koch’s father’s fascist and racist startup, the John Birch Society. The Kochs’ fascist-libertarian belief tank, Americans for Prosperity, were active supporters of racists Bundy and Mack and it is impossible to even consider that AFP did not know their ideological origins, or religious foundation, that identified both men as racists; particularly because AFP is purported to be a research oriented and driven “think tank.” Now it can add “advocate for racists re-cast as patriots battling the federal government” to its résumé. The Kochs had an intense profit-driven motive for supporting Bundy to incite the public against federally-owned land the brothers want.

It is bad enough Republicans and conservative media actively supported Bundy for trespassing on federal land and bilking taxpayers out of $1.1 million and counting, but that they heaped enduring praise on him with clear knowledge of his background is despicable. Republicans in Congress that supported, and even praised, Bundy knowing he was violating court orders and guilty of armed confrontation of federal agents have no right criticizing the racist now; particularly because they knew his religious background; they also work for the Kochs.

However, Dean Heller distinguished himself as a racist supporter and rank hypocrite because he grew up in the same Mormon culture that indoctrinated Bundy into believing that Black people are cursed by god. After suffering through months and months of Willard Romney two years ago, few Americans are ignorant of the sad history of Latter Day Saint racial animus toward “the Negro.” The one Cliven Bundy said “Abort their young children, they put their young men in jail, because they never learned how to pick cotton. They got less freedom;” because there are so many Cliven Bundy’s in Congress and America.

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  1. There is no such thing as “inherited grazing, pre-emptive, and special land use rights.” from a religious ancestry standpoint. Bundy’s parents moved to that land when he was 2 years old, his family had never grazed cattle there. The man has lied so much its enough to make your penis extender barrel shrink.

    I am glad he let this out now. And am glad it is exposing the people who supported him

  2. I think this article may paint Mormons unfairly. Sure they preached awful things much longer than it was remotely acceptable but we all have the potential to learn to be better people. Granted I don’t know all the much about the current state of the Mormon church but lots of us had parents and grandparents who grew up in periods when racism was openly acceptable and eventually learned better……well most of them anyway. Bundy is a reprehensible person because of the choices he made not the church he belongs to or the way he was raised

  3. What does Bundy say about the fact that the GOP St Ronald Reagan was the one who Imposed the grazing tax on the cattle? Is that another one of this inconvenient truths that don’t fit their fantasy stories of perpetual victim hood?

    The more that comes out about Craven Bundy the worse he looks. I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop like the other brief GOP hero Phil Robertson.

    This is another cautionary tale of “look before you leap.”

  4. What is it about?? Freedom?? Liberty??



    These Tea Party fanantics want the Federal Government to release the land so they can give it to the Koch Bros. for drilling and strip mining.

    Of course, if a serious accident happens, you can be certain Uncle Sam will clean it up; while the Koch guys keep the profits.

    Bundy is just a cheap Koch whore who put his big foot in his big mouth. His well paid Koch prostitue buddys holding political office just want to try to save face.

  5. Further musings from this ignorant POS
    Cliven Bundy, the embattled rancher who revealed himself this week to be not just a critic of the government, but also a blatant racist, dug himself further into a hole Friday morning by saying that Martin Luther King “hasn’t done his job” if Bundy “can’t say negro or slave or black boy without those people being offended.”

  6. I don’t believe Mormons are racist as a whole but I am sure they have their fair share. I grew up in a racist Baptist environment and I know how they are. Thankfully I escaped, and it certainly gave me an insight as to their views. These types hide their true feelings because they know it isn’t socially acceptable. Common sense should let them know that if they have to be closet racists then there must be something wrong with them. Sadly it doesn’t.

    The only reason Bundy is making such racial remarks is because he has his little militia around him. It emboldens him and he is letting loose what he has wanted to say probably for years. He is enjoying his 15 minutes.

    The politicians, pundits and Hannitys that rallied to his side share those same thoughts. They just didn’t think Bundy would be stupid enough to say it in public. Once he did then they beat a retreat. With friends like that you don’t need enemies.

  7. Maybe he should go down to North Las Vegas and tell those black boys” what he thinks about their lives. With out his little militia buddies.

  8. I beg to differ. Most of us who had parents and grandparents who were brought up and thought this way got away from our churches if not our families. The churches don’t actively teach that they were wrong in their teachings – look at the Catholic church and meatless Fridays – they just stop teaching it and wait for generations to die out. Mormons home school at a much higher rate than non-affiliated families. There is not the exposure to people outside their faith and outside their race that others have.

    Of COURSE Cliven Bundy is a representation of the worst of the worst of the old Mormon sect (not EVER going to call it a religion) but we don’t give the Catholics a pass on child molestation, and we shouldn’t give the Mormons a pass on racism.

  9. I couldn’t agree more, Phil. Hannity, et al, continue to think that they are clever enough to race bait the less enlightened among us and that the less enlightened will somehow be intelligent enough to somehow race bait as eloquently as they do. Not so. They gave him an international stage and they shouldn’t be surprised when this uneducated thief spoke his true mind.

    I’d like to reiterate your testimony that you escaped your racist church. The churches don’t leave their prejudices behind. The people leave their churches.

  10. Most Baptists, especially their clergy, are racist, sexist, and homophobic. I have many friends and family who are brainwashed Baptists. They all think they are the “true Christians”, but in reality, almost none of them follow Christ’s teachings or his example on how to live one’s life as a Christian. I am in the process of dumping most of these friends and distancing myself from these relatives because I can’t stand their hypocrisy and pseudo-sanctity. I’m not going to put up with them anymore.

  11. The author may not realize that The Book of Mormon is a critique against racism, and that the Mormons in the early nineteenth century received a lot of persecution because they were anti-slavery. Joseph Smith in a publicity campaign to bring attention to the persecution they were receiving ran on a platform to sell federal land and use the proceeds to pay the slave owners to free the slaves.

    The Book of Mormon states the following:

    33…and he doeth nothing save it be plain unto the children of men; and he inviteth them all to come unto him and partake of his goodness; and he denieth none that come unto him, black and white, bond and free, male and female; and he remembereth the heathen; and all are alike unto God, both Jew and Gentile.-2 Nephi 26

    So let’s put everything in perspective. The LDS were against slavery, they believed everyone is alike to God and that we all are the children of God, no matter what race you could always be baptized, be a member of the church.

  12. People of all races could always attend the same chapel, there was no segregation like most other churches at the time. But Brigham Young started a policy where he stated at this time those of black African descent could not hold the priesthood. He did say when this policy was enacted that in the future that this ban would be lifted. There has never been an official reason given why there was a ban. In the Bible the priesthood was restricted according to lineage. At one time only the tribe of Levi could hold it. The gentiles were not taught the gospel until the NT apostles received a vision stating it was then time.

    In the 19th century it was common belief among Americans that blacks had the curse of Cain, where in Genesis Cain received a black mark. That LDS members may have assumed this is the reason for the temporary ban on the priesthood to blacks doesn’t mean this was the real reason. It has never been officially revealed. It may very well be simply they did not have free age…..

  13. It may very well be simply that those of African descent did not have free agency, and free agency may be a requirement for the priesthood.

    Most LDS will abhor the comments by Bundy. In no way does he represent The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I feel the author of this article was very unfair to the LDS.

  14. Well, I’m sitting on my porch and I’m bored. Guess I will go out and see if I can find some cotton to pick.

  15. I live in a place where there’s a lot of people like Bundy, it would be nice if people never mentioned anything about one’s race or religion and just accepted each one as individual.

  16. The vast majority of LDS Mormons go to regular schools. I grew up LDS and none of the kids in my ward were home schooled. And the largest ethnic group that are LDS worldwide is likely Hispanic now. The highest percentage per capita of LDS in any nation is in the Polynesian nations, something like 37% of the population compared to something like 1% in the U.S.(numbers are approximate). About 3/4 of BYU students are fluent in a second language because of the missionary program.. BYU is also top ten school in the U.S. where graduates go on to advanced degrees. The rest of top 10 are mostly Ivy league schools. Clive lives in the middle of the desert, in Nevada. It is not representative of the LDS demographics.

  17. It is Clive Bundy’s views. It not the LDS faith’s views, it is not all Nevada citizens’s views, not all rancher’s views, not all anglo views, not all old men’s views, not all uneducated people’s views. It is Clive Bundy’s view.

  18. “So let’s put everything in perspective. The LDS were against slavery, they believed everyone is alike to God and that we all are the children of God, no matter what race you could always be baptized, be a member of the church.”

    And that Blacks were cursed, and marrying 14 year old girls was a great idea.

    Whether the girls wanted to get married or not.

  19. At yet it took until 1978 for the Mormons to decide that black men could become priests? Or did they just decide that black people were no longer cursed but still couldn’t become priests?

  20. The church never stated blacks were cursed, only that the time had not come for them to hold the priesthood. It was the opinions of some LDS members that they had the curse of Cain. A prophet is only a prophet when speaking by the Holy Ghost and it is a good thing to just go by what is canonized. They are mortal men,a product of their environment, and can hold wrong views. It has never been revealed why the temporary ban. In the theory it is because of free agency, even after the Civil War there was segregation and imperialism around the world. It wasn’t until after WW2 that African nations began to free themselves from European exploitation. The Civil Rights movement happened in the sixties. 1978 may have been the right time. There could be other reasons for the ban. Maybe white people were not ready, and too much prejudice and the Lord’s wisdom delayed it to a future day. Overall, if you look at the LDS religion fairly, it is not the racist organization that many try to portray it

  21. Stop lying. The LDS religion is all about free agency and it would be against the gospel to force any young girl into marriage. You are thinking of the offshoot religion the FLDS. Almost all LDS girls marry 18+ to men similar in age. In the 19th century in America, as well as pretty much all civilization throughout human history, the norms were different and girls got married very young, most of the time to grown men.

    The LDS church has never stated that blacks were cursed. All official, canonized statements state just the opposite, that we all are the children of God and equal in God’s eyes. The LDS only recognize canonized statements as 100% truth, and a prophet is only a prophet when speaking by inspiration of the Holy Ghost.

  22. BYU is not ranked in the top ten for national universities …actually not even in top 20. Maybe top 75-150 or so. Not same tier as ivies or even elite States like UCLA and Michigan. SORRY
    Good school, not a great school

  23. BYU is clearly consistently ranked in the top 50 national universities by US NEWS rankings. It is harder to get into BYU as a freshman than it is to get into any PAC-12 Conference school other than Stanford and Cal-Berkley.

    There is nothing Mormon about Bundy’s attitudes about race.

    There is nothing Mormon about grazing cattle where you have no right to do so. Indeed, doing so is clearly a violation of the precepts of the LDS Church.

  24. It is fairly disingenuous to say that the LDS church did not teach that black people were cursed. This was a very common teaching and was taught by many leaders in the church for many years. If you use the standard that a doctrine or teaching must be “canonized,” well, you would be looking at a very narrow definition of doctrine that would eliminate many commonly accepted teachings today.

    As others have pointed out, though, it is important to recognize that interpretations of the Bible used to justify slavery and racism against black people are by no means unique to Mormonism. In fact, we Mormons got it from all y’all Protestants. Of course, this is no excuse. We should have known better.

    Which brings me to my last point. The author is wrong to say the church never repudiated its racist history. The church recently did issue a statement that does just that. While stopping short of an apology, it does state that the policy was wrong and based on a false interpretation of the Bi…

  25. Phil… your so wrong! Mormons are born and bred to be racists. Over a 160 years of “prophets” and “apostles” preaching racism toward any dark skin race is not going to go away anytime soon. They did not drop racist doctrine in 1978! They still preached Africans had been cursed as a fact till Dec. of 2013. Just because they smile and say they aren’t bigots does not in anyway mean they aren’t. They have always said that, just like Bundy say’s right now. I live in Utah and was raised a Mormon… I know of no Mormon that is over 40 that does not believe blacks are less then the “white and delightsom”.

  26. s186ad… your lack of knowledge concerning the teachings and “Doctrines” of your religions is pathetic. I have a stack of books written by Mormon white supremacists who were also apostles and prophets of your religion. Stephen Richards, apostle and 1st canceler to the prophet McKay spoke in public and wrote in his book with McKays approval and signed glowing comments in the preface, that the Blacks and the “yellow” skinned race were put on the planet with the animals before God put the first man Adam on who was made in Gods image. And said that in essence they, the black and yellows skins were of “another species”!! The book: “Where Is Wisdom”. Look it up. And it goes on and on and on. Along with books like “Mormonism and The Negro” and “The Church and The Negroid People”. Many, many others… In an effort to look scholarly, these racists Mormon leaders were kind enough to put their bigotry and ignorance in books with their names on the cover… Oooops!

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