Mitch McConnell Tells Unemployed Kentuckians It’s Not His Job To Bring Jobs to Kentucky


Mitch McConnell’s suicide mission of a reelection campaign continues to get worse. At an appearance back home in Kentucky, Sen. McConnell said that it is not his job to bring jobs to the state.

The Beatyville Enterprise reported:

Appearing in Beattyville, McConnell was asked by The Beattyville Enterprise what he was going to do to bring jobs to Lee County.

“Economic development is a Frankfort issue,” McConnell said. “That is not my job. It is the primary responsibility of the state Commerce Cabinet.”

Asked about public works projects McConnell said he is interested in bringing public works to the state. “Most comes from the state, though,” he said.

McConnell is claiming that his comments got lost in translation, “This April, I visited Lee County to talk about a top priority of mine: jobs. Unfortunately, my message got lost in transition, and I was surprised to see a headline about my visit that sent the exact opposite message to the one I was trying to convey.”

Notice that McConnell doesn’t deny that he said that bringing jobs isn’t his job. Instead, he is resorting to a version of claiming that he was misquoted or misinterpreted. However, his jobs comment bears a striking resemblance to what his office told an unemployed veteran in January. McConnell’s spokesperson told an unemployed veteran, “I can only tell you what we can do here in the Senate. I have no control over your life.” In other words, it’s not my job.

If bringing jobs to Kentucky isn’t his job, what is Mitch McConnell’s job? According to McConnell, it isn’t his job to bring jobs to the state, help the unemployed, or assist more people in getting access to healthcare. McConnell’s job seems to involve protecting the Koch brothers by blocking any new campaign finance laws, obstructing the agenda of Barack Obama, and denying the unemployed and veterans the support that they have earned and deserve.

Mitch McConnell is making it clear that he doesn’t care about the people of Kentucky. All Mitch really cares about is getting back to D.C., and becoming Majority Leader. McConnell reign as Minority Leader has been blight on the United States Senate. McConnell’s obstruction is the reason why Harry Reid had to invoke the nuclear option just so that the Senate could return to being a somewhat functioning body.

Sen. McConnell is bad for Kentucky, bad for the United States, and bad for democracy. Kentucky voters can do a great service to their country by voting Mitch McConnell into retirement this November.

25 Replies to “Mitch McConnell Tells Unemployed Kentuckians It’s Not His Job To Bring Jobs to Kentucky”

  1. According to most conservatives, it’s not their job to create nor pass legislation/regulation, now McConnell claims advocating for job creation is off his plate too…he has confirmed he does NOTHING to collect that fat Senator’s pay check from KY taxpayers beyond campaigning and sucking the ____ of rich donors to reduce their tax liability.
    Pretty clear this man should be voted out, handed a pink slip…maybe he can get collect a fat check from the Heritage Foundation or lobby group to do more nothing.

  2. “Asked about public works projects McConnell said he is interested in bringing public works to the state.”
    Really? Isn’t one of their main mantras “government can’t create jobs” and government jobs do not count as real jobs?

  3. No but it is his job to say NO to any and all legislation that WILL bring jobs to Kentucky and the nation because of his hatred of Obama.

  4. I know you meant what you thought I said, but what I said is not what you thought I meant. Does that pretty well sum it up Mitch?

    Either he is supremely arrogant or supremely ignorant. Possibly both. I can’t wait until he has to go head to head with Ms. Grimes. She’s gonna be on him like pit bulls on a meat wagon.

  5. And yet he’s in a perpetual tie with his Dem challenger, SMH

    Like in any other state, if they vote him back in, nobody wants to hear any complaining…

  6. Did he happen to mention what his job duties are? Other than “Make Obama a one term President”, that is? (Hint to Kentucky – Having the initials “KY” doesn’t mean you have to line up to take it in the arse.)

  7. Kissing Rand Paul’s ass
    Showing his bona fides to the gun nuts by holding a rifle
    Making as much money as possible for himself
    Kissing Rand Paul’s ass

  8. He thought THIS was his job:

    On Fox News Sunday, Bret Baier asked him if he stands by his previous statement that “the single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term President.” McConnell confirmed that his goal remains unchanged.

    McConnell elaborated slightly explaining that it is still his goal to prevent Obama’s re-election, but for the rest of this year something else takes priority:

    “Well that is true, [making Obama a one-term President is] my single most important political goal along with every active Republican in the country.

    That didn’t work out so well……

    Now, it seems, he wants to punish Americans
    for not letting him achieve his goal.
    We’re not a priority,
    we’re just Collateral Damage…….

  9. Doesn’t seem like creating jobs or improving the economy is any republican politicians job. I cannot think of a single thing they have done for either since Obama was elected. Good for the turtle to admit it.

  10. Republican’s election promise to bring jobs in 2010 is what gave them a huge victory. 2014 and 2016 will show just what the American people think about their broken promise and their efforts to not only destroy this president but also this Nation.

  11. I wait on baited breath to see what happens in my home state of Texas. Please for love of mercy, don’t vote for Abbott.

    Vote Wendy Davis for Texas Gov.!

  12. “government jobs do not count as real jobs”

    Which is proof that what McConnell and Boehner do isn’t work.

  13. This asinine, ignorant statement of his is indisputable proof of where his priorities lie. They are definitely not with Kentuckians themselves, not even those who elected him over his opponent. He is about his own self-aggrandizement and self-enrichment at the expense of everyday Americans in general and Kentuckians in particular. There are numerous reasons to vote him out of office, but I can’t think of a more compelling one than his statement to the effect that he’s not in Congress to serve the constituents in his own state.

  14. Why? Because there are a lot of middle class and poor morons out there who vote for republicans, that’s why.

  15. This is a perfect example of the GOP mindset. Not my job to do anything that helps anyone but those that paid me to run, the 1%.

  16. I’m a progressive liberal, and I hope McConnell gets his butt kicked in November, but this report is a non issue. What he said is correct, it’s not the job of any U.S. Senator to focus on bringing jobs to a particular community.

  17. Really? Is that why they run pork programs to get money into their states? Fight to keep military bases in their state open to keep employment up?

    Its their job to take care of their state and every state

  18. I don’t see why people are so upset. It is NOT his job to bring in jobs. He is correct in that it is the state’s job. His job is to represent KY on the federal level, not the state. We have state senators, representatives, and other officials for that. No matter what Mitch wants, he can only vote on federal bills and matters. For businesses to come to KY it will take changes at the state level which is NOT his area.

  19. Shiva: Senators and Representatives running pork programs to get money into their states and fighting to keep military bases in their state open is not their job — it is the *abuse* of their job, for their own electoral interests. They are there to set broad policy and legal goals in the national interest and to represent the particular views and interests of people in their state, but decisions on what specific programs should be funded and where should be made by technocrats with no skin in the game. The Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission (BRAC) program was set up exactly to shield such decisions from narrow political interests: it’s an elaborate stovepipe for what should be the smooth, silent running of the bureaucracy. And yes, elected reps still fight it: that, again, is the abuse of office, not its purpose.

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