Republican Congressman Who Threatened To Throw a TV Reporter Off a Balcony Indicted


Another Republican member of the House has bitten the dust. Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY), who threatened to throw a TV reporter off of a balcony at the State Of The Union, will be indicted for campaign finance violations.

The New York Times has details on the charges that Grimm is expected to face:

The charges against Mr. Grimm, 44, a Republican who was first elected in 2010 and represents Staten Island and a portion of Brooklyn, will include mail fraud and wire fraud and focus on his conduct in connection with a health food restaurant he owned on the Upper East Side of Manhattan after he left the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 2006, one of the people said.

The investigation of the second-term congressman, by the F.B.I. and prosecutors in the United States attorney’s office in Brooklyn, began more than two years ago with an examination of Mr. Grimm’s fund-raising for his 2010 race. Two of his fund-raisers have already been charged, one with illegally funneling more than $10,000 into his campaign.

Here is video of Rep. Grimm threatening to throw an NY1 reporter over a balcony on the night of the State Of The Union:

The good news for Democrats is that Republicans are stuck with Grimm. Rep. Grimm was already designated by the state party as the Republican nominee, so they can only get him off the ballot if he moves out of the district, runs for a judgeship or gets convicted before November. Since none of those things is going to happen, it looks like Democrats have a good chance of picking up a House seat in a district that Obama won by 4 points in 2012.

Grimm was named one of CREW’s 10 most corrupt members of Congress, and his fundraising has been under scrutiny from the minute that he reached Congress. Grimm is the typical House Republican who champions repealing the ACA and cutting taxes from the wealthy.

It looks like Democrats might pick up at least one Republican held seat in November as current Congressman Michael Grimm could be heading off to federal prison.

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  1. Is there a Republican politician that isn’t corrupt these days? I know people try to equivocate and say they all do it, but there certainly seems to be a lot more on the right.

    I just read an article about AFP mailing flyers to people saying they had until April, 22 to update their voter registrations, they were mailed out so that most people didn’t get them until April, 22 according to the article.

    Turns out only people who had moved or changed their names were required to update their voter registration.

    I guess there isn’t anything Republicans won’t do to win. Moral Majority my a**!

  2. Well I am sure this clown is going to scream that it is a conspiracy of the left wing liberal, bias media, out to persecute him. I am sure Issa will want to have an investigation in to this too.

    Apparently the GOP has no moral, or ethical values. Well, not apparently, they just don’t. He can thank President Obama in advance for changing the sentencing and clemency criteria for federal crimes. It may benefit him in the future.

  3. The Pub Party is looking weaker & weaker every day. They sure know how to pick losers!

    The GOP should ask Michael Grimm to resign just as they did Trey Radel.

  4. Adios, Ahole ! Hope you don’t get a golf-game jail. There are some guys waiting to show you just how bad you are.

  5. All RATpubliKKKans are corrupt ! They´ve ruined the U.S.. A recent study from Princeton Univ. says that we are no longer a Democracy but are now an Oligarchy because of people like the Koch Bros. who the GOP (Grand Old Problem)have embraced . Un-American Racism, cronyism are all because of RATpubliKKKans !

  6. I am so glad that I updated my name (went back to maiden name after divorce) at the license bureau in March when I renewed my plates and license!

  7. I am so glad that this miscreant is going to be facing some music. Sadly, he is all too typical of the Republican prototype of 2014. They all seem to be cut from the same worthless cloth, and when they do fall, they do so from a self-appointed position of righteousness that we know truly does not exist with them.

  8. Michael Grimm and any politician who is caught being unethical (per law standards) should be punished publically, ethically, criminally and monetarily after the facts warrant it. They are shown to be above the law way too often by local, state and federal services. Rules are made for the people yet the ones who govern them are not held accountable. Kind of like Wall Street and Big Corporations (too big to fail) always being exempt from being punished for their crimes to the people. There should be a cap of Big Business Control of anything and when politicians and Corporations get caught with their hands in the cookie jar, they should be held accountable.

  9. I did not find it at all amazing that Grimm’s lawyer is blaming his breaking the law on the government having some “political grudge” against him. Grimm, just like D’Souza, knew he was breaking the law. Like D’Souza, too, he just didn’t think he’d get caught and/or he thought he could talk his way out of his troubles. I’ve been a solid democrat for almost 40 years, and I’ve never wavered in my belief that any politician who knowingly and willingly breaks the law needs to face the music, whether democrat, libertarian, Green, republican, etc. You break the law, you face the music. If the average American breaks the law, we go to trial, and if convicted, to jail. This is what should happen to D’Souza and Grimm, sooner rather than later, imho.


  11. After these crooks have broken the law, convicted, and serve their time (wishful thinking), they should have to search for a job in the private sector that pays minimum wage and live on that for awhile.

  12. I’m surprised and amazed he wasn’t arrested for what he did on tape, in public— the threat to throw someone off a balcony. That isn’t a big politically involved charge as the actual indictment is. The threatening charge probably is not even a felony, but it should have been brought.

    If you or I threatened to
    throw someone off a roof/balcony or whatever you can bet we’d be charged.

  13. Karma? Well the Congressman just went over to the Darkside and joined tbe Anthropogenic Global Warming Hoaxers.
    Now he shall reeeeeep the Rewards!

  14. No patience with people who break the law but some reporters need to be thrown off of the balcony! LOL!!! BUT I’m totally disgusted with corrupt politicians Republican or Democrat!

  15. Couldn’t happen to a nicer fella. I love the sound of breaking glass as their glass house comes crashing down faster and faster.

  16. You’d think that a former FBI agent and Marine who projected a straight-arrow image in order to win a seat in Congress would show much better judgement, wouldn’t you?

    I think he’d look absolutely stunning in prison orange. Don’t you?

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