Bill Maher Rips Republicans For Appealing to Racists

Bill Maher tore Republicans apart for preaching racism during the Obama years and appealing to racists.


Maher said, “Was it that hard to predict for the last two or three weeks when the right wing was lionizing this guy that he was going to be a huge racist? I know this is a very sensitive issue with the Republicans. They absolutely hate to be called racists, and like I said, whenever a guy says something super racist either right before or right after, he always says I’m not a racist, and then says the most racist, All I said was that I want to kill all the n*ggers, and you want to go there. You liberals can find racism anywhere.”

Maher showed how Fox News called the New Black Panthers scary, but portrayed white militia members as heroes.

He closed the segment by saying, “The thing is that they say. I’ve heard conservatives say this over and over again when this issue comes up. They say, well, what am I supposed to do, tell racists not to vote for me? Yes. Exactly, and I’ve never heard one of them do that. Say don’t vote for me.”

Republicans can’t tell the racists not to vote for them, because the racists are part of the Republican Party. The reason why Fox News and the GOP attract people like Cliven Bundy, Ted Nugent, and George Zimmerman is because they have spent the entire Obama years using racial divides as a political weapon.

The use of race has been an intentional strategic choice by the Republican Party. Republicans have always believed that they could defeat President Obama in the Democrats if they reminded voters often enough of the scary black man in the White House. Republicans may not be racists, but choosing a racist strategy, they have associated themselves with racists.

Republicans should not be surprised when their heroes echo back to them the same racist language that they have been filling their supporters’ heads with for years. The Republican Party is openly hostile towards women and minorities. They have alienated everyone, but white men, and it just so happens that the white supremacist movement is heavily made up of white men.

Republicans shouldn’t be shocked that after years of preaching race based politics their most ardent supporters are racists. You reap what you sow. Republicans might be losing elections for years to come, because they decided to embrace the racists.

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  1. One of the video clips that is circulating is how Media Matters took his words out of context. No they didn’t. The words Cliven Bundy used is absurdly racist. He speaks a bit in the beginning about citizenship for Mexicans but in the rant against blacks claims that they are idle because the government gives handouts. He misses the point they the vast majority of SNAP recipients are white people. Another thing he fails to take into account is how the prison industrial complex has made it impossible for minorities to find good jobs as the stigma of a prison sentence follows them all their lives. This is what is meant by the New Jim Crow. It’s a deliberate, systemic disenfranchisement of a people.

    This is something that President Obama wants to remedy. Of course that makes them shriek anymore.

  2. The RNC has been touting their effort to make the GOP more “inclusive” in the past few years. Well, they’ve succeeded.

    They’ve welcomed with open arms Christian conservatives, White Supremacists, the ultra-wealthy fiscal conservatives, tea-chugging secessionists, gun-slinging survivalists, as well as a mixed assortment of racists, homophobes, xenophobes, and misogynists.

    Now if only they could manage to entice the other 80% of the American populace.

  3. I agree, Labman.

    In their attempts to out-move-to-the-right-of-each-other, they are courting the zaniest of extremists only to be found by descending into the rabbit hole.

  4. Like the old saying goes, birds of a feather…

    You’re judged by the company you keep. These are the only types they can appeal to anymore. People with any common sense and moral decency with a normal IQ wouldn’t vote for them.

  5. I find it hard to believe that people who so actively court racists in order to get their votes are not racists themselves. They are fully aware of how destructive their demagoguery is, and they couldn’t care less. Ever since President Obama’s election, they have been very open about their racism. There’s nothing I find more insulting as a black woman than to keep hearing how Lincoln “freed the slaves” as a reason I should vote for them, while at the same time, they do their level best to disenfranchise black voters in GOP-governed states and make snide comments about welfare recipients as an excuse to further impoverish poor people. As a woman, I find their misogyny offensive because of their own insecurities about women.

  6. As an American born Mexican American in the United States, I take issue with anybody targeting the African American and or Mexican community in the U.S. mainly because for decades, we were the underclass the ones who could not drink water in the same water fountains as white people and the Mexicans who sat at a table until it was obvious, No Mexicans were served in that restaurant in racist central Texas, not to mention “slavery.” The dark spot on Amerian history which forever taints the American flag, the slavery of a race for the faults of the color of their skin.

  7. well we can’t blame them too much when you party entirely consists of racists this is going to happen!

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