John Boehner Humiliates Himself In Factory With Claim Repealing Obamacare Creates Jobs


John Boehner humiliated himself again today by standing in a factory and claiming that repealing Obamacare will create jobs.




Boehner said, “What I heard here – and what I hear everywhere I go – is that we need to get the federal government out of the way. Having run a small business myself, I see where these folks are coming from. I know why Americans are still asking the question ‘where are the jobs?’ For the last five years, we’ve had an administration in Washington that acts as if everything can be done from the top down. From the ‘stimulus’ to ObamaCare, it’s a record littered with promises that never panned out. And pain for people trying to get by and meet a payroll. Republicans, we’ve kept our pledge, we’ve offered a new way forward. Our majority in the House has made your priorities our priorities. And every week, we’re focused on passing initiatives that would make it easier to find jobs and create jobs at places just like this. We’re ready to improve job training programs so workers can acquire the right skills; expand production of American-made energy to lower costs; open new markets for small manufacturers; and repeal and replace ObamaCare.”

This is getting embarrassing. Republicans have less than nothing. Boehner and the GOP are now trying to appeal to the middle class by taking their message of tax cuts for the rich and repealing Obamacare and putting it in a factory. Newsflash for Boehner, standing in front of a factory while promoting an anti-worker agenda is not going to convince anyone that Republicans care about everyone who isn’t rich.

The “jobs bills” that House Republicans have passed aren’t jobs bills at all. The bills are tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, and repeals of health and safety regulations. Republicans have not passed any legislation that would create a single job.


As President Obama said last year, “But gutting protections for our air and water isn’t a jobs plan. Gutting investments in things like education and energy isn’t a jobs plan. Putting all your eggs in the basket of an oil pipeline that may only create about 50 permanent jobs, and wasting the country’s time by taking something like 40 meaningless votes to repeal Obamacare isn’t a jobs plan.”

Boehner can put on his red sweatshirt and stand in as many factories as he wants, but the truth is that Republicans have no jobs plan. Republicans also have no economic plan, and no healthcare plan. The GOP’s only plan is to hang on to their seats in Congress.

The humiliation only grows for John Boehner as he continues to sell something that no one is buying.

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  1. He probably was drunk when he told another one of his lies. This man will go down in history of being the worst Speaker of the House of all-time.

  2. Okay, Mr Speaker. You want to see government get out of the way?

    Then stop working for it. Give up your job. You ARE the government.

    No? Then shut up, red nose.

  3. So Hartzell has 75% of the world market, and yet they are “facing an uncertain future? Boehner asked where are the jobs. Guess he forgot to count the 8.8 million created under the Obama administration so far. He mentions the stimulus, and I ask what if we had let the banks and the auto industry fail as they wanted? Boehner says they protected 99% americans from tax increases. I think he read that wrong, it is the 1% they protected. He mentions what they have done for college students, which happens to be nothing. They voted down at least 2 bills on student loan reform. With the 3 free trade agreements that are “already paying big dividends” as he says then where are the jobs from those agreements? Boehners two favorite words are always honesty and initiative.

    Hard to be honest when you’re lying out of both sides of your neck. Apparently initiative is just creating obstruction and blaming it on Obama.

    Your pants are on fire Mr. Tangerine man.

  4. Spot on, only he is too numb to realize that what he is saying is pure poppycock. HE IS getting paid by the gov for doing harm to our country. I wonder what the response from the factory workers was during this spectacle. I am sure there are some that will believe him.

  5. He was standing in front of a picture during that video. No mfg floor would allow him out there without safety glasses on, especially not that plant.

  6. It’s a sure thing that many believed him. That’s why he chose that factory to tell his lies. He has done nothing, but try to repeal the ACA and cut vitally need revenue.

  7. My god that man can lie. And this just a day after saying repealing Obamacare was no longer the path to take.

    This man is either a complete idiot or the koch slipped him a $50 to drink with

  8. While presiding over one of the most non-productive congresses in our history as well as being unprecedentedly unpopular, Speaker Boehner has the gall to blame Obamacare (Both successful AND popular) for his own failure to reign in the tea party caucus.

    He’ll pass the buck whenever possible but I doubt he’ll ever pass up a t-time or happy hour.

  9. Speaker Bonehead has to be one of the most flagrant liars in Congressional history. The House Republicans have done nothing to create jobs. All they’ve done is submit destructively wacky “legislation” that’s bound to go nowhere. He cares nothing about those workers there or any other ones in this country. He and his ilk are parasites who get paid richly for doing nothing but trying to undermine the government they are part of. His legacy will be one in which he’ll be judged the worst Speaker ever, when he could have worked with the president for good jobs and earned a positive one.

  10. all of us on the left have to be ready for this increase in rightwing desperation, distractions, and deceit. they are losing the fight. they have suffered several high profile colossal defeats at the hands of dems and obamacare, polls now clearly show shifting in favor of dems (even in red southern states) and now cliven bundy, rightwing folk-hero…the rightwing has just been exposed as blatant racist bigots thanks to fox news, sean Hannity and this ignorant racist rancher. this desperation and insanity will continue to grow exponentially until the midterms arrive. the rightwing tea party crazy is going get a lot more crazy. get ready for it!!!

  11. What factory has a giant American flag on the wall? It’s a wonder he’s not in a hard hat holding a hammer. What a flake. Come on, Ohio, you can do way better than this! Boehner and Kasich have ruined Ohio, just like Snyder and the GOP House have done to MI. Snyder wants us to forget that we vetoed his Emergency Managers and he promptly had the lame duck GOPers pass the exact same bill, not six weeks after we said NO! We have not forgotten. Ohio must not forget either.

  12. Ya, he was standing out there. The plant is shut down while he’s there, and silent. There are people walking around in the background. No need for safety glasses.

  13. I would love to see him leave the government, that’d be great. But if he did want to see government get out of the way, how would you go about doing that? Hmm… by getting involved with government so you can help shape and write the laws! Logically you argument is flawed. Not saying I agree with Boner AT ALL, just saying that the correct, civil way to change the government you don’t like is to be educated and involved in it.

  14. When it comes down for his reelection, Ohio must run his ass out of office. He’s an embarrassment to the great state of Ohio. The worse Speaker of the House in history. The worst do nothing Congress in history.

  15. saying to make or meet payroll…. implies he’s talking to the owners of the factories. not the workers at all

  16. Never a mention of “enough to support your family” jobs. Nor a mention of “able to put money aside to put the kids through college and keep me out of the poor house when I’m retired” jobs.

    Just jobs. Mostly “have to work at least two” jobs to barely keep the family fed. And “I’m slipping out of the middle class” or “I’ll never make it to the middle class working here” jobs.

    Boehner cried when he remembered his early years–out of fond nostalgia it seems, since he wants all America (minus a percent) to live the same way.

  17. Joyce, he said he listened to people. In light of the Citizens United SCOTUS decision, it is clear he was listening to the Corporations. To him, the workers are human capital, not people.

    Teapublican-to-English translation is rapidly becoming an increasingly difficult and convoluted art.

  18. The Worlds Population of dung beetles wouldn’t be able to swallow all the Crap coming out of his mouth…

  19. It’s a wonder we didn’t see his demise right in front of us, for all those lies he spewed should surely have choked him to death.

  20. That ‘federal government’ propeller he saw over seas was certainly not in this company’s way. It would be great if they were bustin out these things for windfarms instead of the defense department though.

  21. And he says its time to stop thinking that things should work from the top down yet…vehemently defends Trickle Down Economics (the 1%).

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