This Is Republican America: Man Causes Panic With Gun At Kids’ Baseball Game


A man in Georgia caused a panic by menacing people at a children’s baseball game with a gun that he was carrying. The sick thing is that it was all legal.


According to WSBTV2:

Parents at a Forysth County park abruptly stopped a children’s baseball game after growing suspicions of the behavior of a man carrying a gun in a waist holster Tuesday night.

“He’s just walking around [saying] ‘See my gun? Look, I got a gun and there’s nothing you can do about it.’ He knew he was frightening people. He knew exactly what he was doing,” said parent Karen Rabb.


He scared people to the point where we stopped the game, took the kids out of the dugout and behind the dugout, and kind of hunkered down,” Rabb said.

Park users flooded 911 with 22 calls about the man. Forysth County deputies questioned the man, and found that he had a permit for the handgun. Authorities said since the man made no verbal threats or gestures, they could neither arrest him nor ask him to leave the park.

“Why would anyone be walking around a public park, with a lot of children and parents and people here playing baseball, and he’s walking around with a gun? I don’t think the parents would have been nervous had he just had the gun in his holster and was just watching the game,” said parent Paris Horton.


The Forsyth County sheriff said he didn’t believe the parents and children were in any danger and that parks are constantly patrolled. He said while the man was within his rights to carry the gun, his conduct was inappropriate.

“We support the constitutional right to bear arms. We will not tolerate bad behavior,” said Forsyth Sheriff Duane Piper.

They won’t tolerate bad behavior, but there isn’t a damn thing that they can do about it because there is no law against menacing behavior with a gun in Georgia.

This story illustrates the downside to the Republican utopia of no government, and guns for all. People can’t be trusted to behave responsibly. That’s why we have laws. The man in Georgia deserved to be arrested, but he wasn’t. He wasn’t behaving like a responsible gun owner.

The adults and children at that baseball game got lucky. If a guy with the gun wanted to shoot people, there was nothing to stop him from doing so. The point isn’t that guns are bad, or that the gun should be blamed. The point is that there is a downside to the Republican obsession with their version of freedom.

The guy with the gun was free to carry it, but the people at a baseball game had their freedom infringed upon by his menacing behavior. By only considering the freedom of the individual, Republicans are destroying our collective security and liberty.

Freedom is a code word in conservative speak for selfishness, and what happened in Georgia is just one example of deranged nation that Republicans dream of creating.

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  1. Reality sets in. Women get pissed.

    Culturally, the biggest danger to civilized societies are unattached young males. With no appropriate older models. Can’t blame Mama no more, boys.

  2. Sadly this is a reality we will now have to deal with, for every ten or so gun users who are responsible there is going to be the one asshole who is going to ruin it for them all. This is the concern I have, it is people like this man that make me uncomfortable with other gun users.

  3. why is this in the news? He had a permit to open carry whats the deal? menacing behavior? “police said the man made no verbal threats or gestures.” So a bunch of baseball moms saw a gun and panicked creating a real situation, that only existed in their minds. Their is open carry in many states i can walk down the street with an assult rifle taped to my back if i wanted to where i live. People carry guns all the time that aren’t seen. it doesn’t mean the same threat isn’t there. it would make as much sense to panic and call the police every time u met someone because they could have a gun u aren’t aware of. Also it’s not the governments job to protect you, if you want to protect yourself and not freak out every time u see a gun like a lil b*tch go get your own gun and learn how to use it. I bet he was black they never said his race. sounds like a profiling story to me.

  4. When the Georgia legislators are threatened by a man toting a gun and “acting suspiciously” around THEIR children, then they might want to re-visit their stupid gun laws. I doubt that they even considered that GOPer’s were going to be just as vulnerable as them “libruls”. The sad part is that nothing will be done until there are several killings of high profile politicians, justices, or law enforcement people.

  5. “We support the constitutional right to bear arms. We will not tolerate bad behavior,” said Forsyth Sheriff Duane Piper.

    Constitutional right? BS.

  6. It will take another mass shooting in Georgia for them to changed their cherished guns anywhere laws.

    The US is dissolving right before our very eyes,

  7. So if another ‘responsible’ parent had been armed, and gotten into a gun fight with this creep, and killed him and several innocent bystanders, then what? Then the NRA crows that ‘see, the good guy took out the bad guy?” Why do they want to turn this nation into Somalia or the Old West? Are they trying to disprove Darwin by acting like uneducated, selfish, idiots? I do not want guns in public places, ever. I do wonder what the tipping point is for these people. How many children have to die at the hands of their siblings? How many ‘innocent’ people are ‘accidentally’ shot while some idiot is cleaning his unloaded collection of military arms before even the NRA says enough? Many more, I’m afraid. And the GOP refuses to listen to the majority of even NRA members who don’t like these laws and want more registration and more control. The TeaParty is sadly changing not only the Constitution, but the way people think about America. Would you want to visit here this summer from Euro…

  8. Lemmie guess what The Republican and NRA solution is….. Arm all the parents and the 6 year olds with guns.

  9. I was at the park, THATS NOT WHAT HAPPENED! he wasn’t the one pointing out his gun, some panic idiot mom was, he did nothing, NOTHING was just standing there! GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT YOU FEAR MONGERS!

  10. It’s hard to have much sympathy for these folks, really. You get exactly what you vote for. How many of these parents voted Republican? Now, suddenly they aren’t so crazy about Republican rule in this case.

    Vote ’em out or hush up. Put your money where your mouth is, Georgia. This is what you wanted, right? Everyone knows the latest round of Georgia crazy gun laws is going to result in a tragedy or two. It’s just a matter of when.

  11. If that is the case, why was 911 flooded with calls and the police chief say his actions were inappropriate? Why did they cancel the game and hide all the kids behind the dugout? And why do you protect a man with a penis extender while lying?

  12. Did you not hear what the woman who was interviewed said? She was walking around in a very threatening way–“I have a gun and there isn’t anything you can do about it.” How do we know his mental status? How do we not know that at some point he would pull out that weapon? Give me a break!

  13. Police said his actions were inappropriate. The game was canceled, the kids were hid behind the dugout. Are you in such a hurry to protect your penis challenged brother that you have to lie about it?

    We are happy you have your little penis extender to make you feel like a man

  14. No one said in that interview he was pointing his gun. HOWEVER, they said he was walking around taunting people. The news story said he was “openly flaunting the fact that he had a gun strapped to his waist.” The parents were worried if he would escalate his behavior. I would have done the same thing if I were there. Get your facts straight before you spout off on what you think happened and what the people actually said.

  15. The sad fact is that the truly responsible gun owners don’t do this kind of stuff. It’s the stupid ones who do.

  16. I sincerely doubt that every parent there voted Republican. And if something did happen, should we have no sympathy for any child who could get shot simply because adults vote and they don’t? C’mon.

  17. This is actually a “Democrat” America: create an irrational fear of guns in order to promote a gun control agenda. Feel free to walk around me with guns–I don’t have that irrational fear.

  18. If you have to walk around with your penis extender, then you certainly have fears. And gun control means not letting lunatics, especially those who have to walk around with guns becuase they have those fears, have guns.

  19. Well the police now know who he is and that he has established that his ability to be responsible with a weapon is questionable. Hopefully he will be watched and if he does any thing else questionable maybe he needs to be mentally evaluated as to whether he actually should have a weapon.

  20. Yes, the article is biased. Biased against idiots with guns who havent grow up yet. As any intelligent person should be.

    Being threatened has little do do with the fact he was harrassing people with his penis extender. Had he concealed his weapon, acted like a man, the game would not have been canceled, the kids hidden behind the dugout and 911 would not have been flooded wioth calls

  21. This man clearly intended to cause fear among the parents and children who were players and watchers. The fact that he was not arrested at all attests to the illogical gun laws in Georgia that prioritize gun rights over the rights of everyday Americans to physical safety and emotional security. The only “silver lining” is that he didn’t shoot anyone, but it was a very real possibility. This kind of madness is a predictable result of the insane gun worship among Americans, and I can only wonder at what point the tolerance of these Republican state legislators and their supporters will run its course.

  22. He was being freaky. He had no business being there and scaring people. He is one of the reasons why there should be stricter gun laws. Anyone with that mentality should not have a gun.

  23. They obsess over the word ‘Freedom’ yet care nothing for the ‘Freedom’ of Healthcare’.

    Jason wrote:
    “Freedom is a code word in conservative speak for Selfishness”.

  24. This is just the beginning with all these gun nuts running around. I don’t have anything against guns but it’s not something you parade around with and show off. Some people don’t need a gun, hell some people don’t need a car.

  25. Thanks for using the word “Republican” because it is time America realizes it is Republicans who are trying to take us back to the 17th century.

    What fun, having a white man Republican walk around your kids, showing off his gun.

    Great fun. How many kids have to be slaughtered before women and some men wake the eff up?

  26. First I have to disagree with the Sheriff. If a persons actions caused that result he could have been charged with disturbing the peace gun or no gun.

    Second I would like to know where the line is for ANOTHER gun owner to feel threatened by this aggressive display and been justified in shooting him. Not very far away I feel under GA’s SYG law.

    This guy is an ASSHOLE and knows he’s an ASSHOLE and enjoyed exerting his “power” to disrupt the peace and the sheriff was too gun sympathetic to at least arrest him and remove him from the park.

  27. Many false premise here. The “claim,” is that he did something in a menacing manner. The police reported no such thing happened. He did not say anything at all.. that’s a construct of the blond lady. Had he said threatening things he would have broken the laws on menacing in Georgia.

    The claim is there is no such law.. I call BS on the blond lady and also the claims there is no such law.
    You have been mind washed.

    ” … but there isn’t a damn thing that they can do about it because there is no law against menacing behavior with a gun in Georgia.” There IS.. this article is yet another media propaganda ploy.
    “Assault also is any intentional act or threat of action that reasonably causes a person to feel afraid of impending violence. … said in a menacing or angry manner, is assault if it appears that the assailant has the ability to carry out the threat and the victim believes or could reasonably believe that he is about to be struck or injured. (Ga. Code Ann….

  28. I am a gun owner and I have friends that are and carry, but I still think that this law was one of the dumbest I have heard of. This man wanted to cause panic because he could . Reasonable people with a brain would not feel the need to make mostly children and women at this park fear you. He must have a little man complex. As a woman myself, I should not feel like I am being forced to carry my gun to be safe from people like this guy. Every one else in that park should not have their freedom infringed upon because you have the need to be a ass. I feel he knowingly created a panic and if nothing else should have got a big fat ticket, but I would have liked to seen more happen. Responsible gun owners don’t feel the need to do this kind of thing. Back ground checks are needed and loop holes need to be closed. I can tell you I won’t be going to visit this state any time soon.

  29. @Angie:

    I have always known there are responsible gun owners. Those who are don’t instigate confrontations that end up with them shooting someone, nor do they go around trying to cause fear like this man did. It’s too bad that responsible gun owners are being impacted by the dangerously foolish actions of lunatics like him.

    @Don Luis:

    I go by the words of people who were there before the police arrived–namely, those two mothers who were on the scene with their children and who had no reason to lie. They were eyewitnesses, and they had to do what they did to protect their children from real or potential harm, like all other parents did who were there. Nothing you can say changes facts, and the fact is that that man had no business there scaring people with a lethal weapon.

  30. Actually I’d prefer if the people around me did not have penis extenders. Guns are perfectly fine though. I’d feel so safe I would just leave my own penis extender at home.

  31. Forgetting of course that if you were in a room full of guns, if someone wanted to kill you they could easily do it before anyone killed them.

    There is no safety with everyone carrying guns, it is just an opportunity for more people to die

  32. Are you actually saying that you can’t tell the difference between someone who carries a gun in a concealed holster or in a purse or bag, and someone who parades around with a long-range rifle on his back or takes his gun out of its holster, and “plays” with it?, pretending to shoot birds or squirrels in trees, etc?

    “I don’t think the parents would have been nervous had he just had the gun in his holster and was just watching the game,” implies he was “playing” with his gun, not keeping it holstered.

    An actual law-violating gesture with the gun would have been to aim the gun at the children or their parents, but it’s true, what he was doing was infringing on the group’s freedom (life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness).

    Actually, it IS the government’s job to protect me. The local government, in the form of officers of the law, cops. But you NRA fanatics have tied their hands with YOUR threats to lawmakers, who turned belly-up like cowardly dogs.

  33. And oh, by the way, you’re no doubt wrong about “the man” who — if he was black — would have been identified because he’d have been a deceased perpetrator menacing those nice people, shot by the first cop that appeared in response to the 911 calls.

    I’m saying that based on several recent incidents where that scenario actually happened, all in gun-happy southern states.

  34. If someone is so fearful that he has to carry a gun to a baseball game, then that person needs to stay home. It is total BS. The “I will do it just because I can” mentality.

  35. As long as people continue to elect the kind of politicians who pass such asinine laws, such asinine laws will continue to be passed.

  36. “Second I would like to know where the line is for ANOTHER gun owner to feel threatened by this aggressive display and been justified in shooting him. Not very far away I feel under GA’s SYG law.”

    At the very least, I think the proper etiquette in this sort of situation is to first get the drop on the guy and disarm him. If there’s any hitches in getting that done, then I think it’s considered acceptable behavior to neutralize any perceived threat at that time. A tight, three shot pattern would demonstrate skill and concern for any collateral damage which may result from your actions.

  37. @ Ann, I agree 100%. It makes me feel like they want it to be like the wild west. I for one never want to live in a world like that. At one time my family were NRA members but not any longer. Not one of my son’s are any more either. They are no longer for gun responsible owners they are for gun company’s and money. While doing so they are taking your member ship money and fooling you. They love fear because it raises prices. It seem to me that they want to arm criminals and crazy’s so they can sale more guns to the every day person to feel safe. They want you to think Obama wants to take your guns so they can raise the price on ammo and sale more guns. In this house we don’t believe guns should be for every one. Only people that can obey laws and have respect for others and no criminal record should have the privilege.

  38. While there is no criminal offense, the parents are free to sue him for the willful infliction of emotional distress on the children present. His own words would be enough to convince a jury that he needed to be made aware that his actions harmed others, causing damages that he is responsible for.

  39. Only children and the uneducated believe that the United States is a Democracy. The U.S. is an Oligarchy, controlled by the wealthy–just like Russia.

    The closed network called the “Iron Triangle” prevents true public participation in government. Select Legislators, bureaucracies under the threat to do what legslators want under the fear of budget cuts or executive firings, and select Private Interests control what really happens in Washington. It’s all driven by a perversion in the government brought on by the same legislators who directly and indirectly benefit from this influence from money.

    Around 85% or so of the American public want sensible gun control laws. If this were a TRUE DEMOCRACY, then guns would be more restricted.

    You should really educate yourself on political theory and actual political history before you spout the belief of a middle schooler again.

  40. If a person is that fearful, they’ve just demonstrated that they probably have at least one DSM-IV disorder and should be pulled in for psychological testing.

  41. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again! “our country has been taken over by the enemy. The Republicans want not what is best for our country or the people. They want to destroy our nation and what best way to do it than to have crazy fools kills us. they don’t have to raise a finger.
    They are destroy our economy,they have no respect for the elderly, our soldiers, the poor nor the minority or our Nation. So let them all die at the hands of the fools with weapons! So keep voting for them and you are as responsible for this mess.

  42. It’s time to legalize the penis extender pumper so these gun-toting idiots can use it instead of showing off with his gun. I have a good reason to say this, this idiot have damned small dick.

  43. Well dude. With all these people killing people no one wants to take a chance with there kid out there playing baseball. So he takes one shot at a kid and hits the kid and the sheriff arrest him. But that parent has lost there child. There is no place for guns at kids baseball park.

  44. Governor & the legislators who signed this law are idiots and this sheriff, could have charged this nut w/menacing or harassment but they didn’t care.
    I guess they’re waiting for a few dead bodies laying around the field next time and then they can claim they didn’t know or deny responsibility…we’ll see an epidemic of needless/unprovoked deaths like that retired idiot cop in FL claiming he felt menaced by popcorn and then shot a man in the back of head because he felt annoyed and tragedies like Jordan Davis/Trayvon Martin.

  45. I have no compassion for these tools. They voted for Deal, most of them wanted this bill to pass. Forsyth Co. is Tea Party Central here in GA, which is why I can’t bring myself to feel sorry for them. Rabb claims she’s so “hurt” because of her son thinking the guy wanted to kill him. I feel sorry for the kid, but not her. These tools thought that supporting this law would have no negative consequences for them. It never entered their minds how much more dangerous their and their families’ lives could become, or that all calls to law enforcement for help would bring them no help. The gun owner’s right to carry outweighs their right to attend a little league game without being terrorized by him. They learned personally how dangerous this “guns everywhere” law is today. I’m glad no one was harmed by the gun-toting nut, especially the kids, and I’m hoping the adults learned that when one gets on a bandwagon just to get on a bandwagon, sh*t can sometimes backfire on you.

  46. This new law should be rebranded as the “guns everywhere except the state legislature” law. This more than anything tells me that RW GA state lawmakers are cowards. If they really feel so strongly about permitting GA citizens to carry guns everywhere, why not in the state legislature, too?

  47. Am I right in thinking that it is still illegal to possess a vibrator in Georgia? Seems you can intimidate kids and their parents in the park with a gun but cant own a sex-toy in the privacy of your own home.

  48. I think it’s an excellent idea for the parents to sue this miscreant. Maybe he’ll think twice about doing the same thing if enough people inflict serious financial costs on him. The resulting economic hardships should be harsh enough to outweigh any feelings of satisfaction for having caused fear and gotten away with no arrest.

  49. I have an idea. Vote in favor or stronger controls. Or at least not the crazy new rules in Georgia. This is only going to get worse. I fear for the ever large numbers of “accidents” now that more and more guns will be allowed in public spaces.

  50. Why was he at the ball park. If he had no one he knew (son or daughter ) playing in the game. His only reason for being there was to show that he had a gun and that it was perfectly Legal under the new (stupid) southern Georgia law. Guns and Religion forever.

  51. Thank you for demonstrating the mentality and educational level of people that believe everyone should be permitted to carry a weapon anywhere at any time.

    You cannot spell, don’t know the use and value of paragraphs, and cannot comprehend why this guy’s behavior was wrong.

    As the one mom said, if he had been there just watching the game and behaving like a decent human being, there would likely have been to problem.

    Instead, he chose to be an arrogant, overbearing asshole. Apparently, you approve of that. Neither one of you should be permitted to own, much less carry, a firearm.

  52. Too bad this happened but the people of Georgia voted for the politicians who turned Georgia into the wild west. The solution is to vote out Governor Deal and the Republican corporate-servants in the legislature.

  53. The people of Georgia voted for the people who created, passed, and signed this law.

    They created a monster – now they have to deal with it.

  54. I agree that the man with the gun was probably white, because if he was black, he would be a dead man right now. I cannot imagine police officers walking up to a black man, having a discussion and letting him off. The NRA forgets WE ALL HAVE RIGHTS … and one of those rights is to attend a little league baseball game without fearing for their life because of some asshole who wants to wave his pistol.

    Would it be legal if one team won and everyone took out their pistols to shoot into the sky to celebrate?

    We’ve turned into one crazy nation where thousands of white men are more concerned protecting peoples’ rights to have guns anywhere than they are in protecting women and children.

  55. The rest of us normal people have the right to feel safe in this country. I think we need a national law that protects us from these gun freaks. We have the right to be protected from them.

  56. Absolutely, these freaks in all states need to be voted out of office, and the laws need to be repealed by sane people. People need to be paying attention to whom they are voting for. Get rid of the Tbaggers for sure and maybe the congress can become functional again too. Be sure to get rid of them in every state and town and city.

  57. I am in favor of very strong guns control laws. Basically I think no one should be allowed to have a gun.

    In support of this I suggest that, where legal under law, gun control supporters should get guns and carry them around in public places exactly like this guy. Wander into malls with your gun, stand outside movie theaters, wander down Main Street. Let people panic and call 911. This is what the open carry laws allow.

    Maybe if enough business owners (because those are the only people Republicans will listen to. Certainly not the parents of dead children) object to having their customers scared off by guys with guns they will pressure the lawmakers to clamp down.

  58. Disturbing the peace. If he had no gun but had said the same thing — “I’ve got a gun and there is nothing you can do about it” — he would have been arrested in a heartbeat.

  59. This seems to be a contradiction to me: ‘See my gun? Look, I got a gun and there’s nothing you can do about it’ and “since the man made no verbal threats or gestures, they could neither arrest him nor ask him to leave the park.”

    Twenty-two people felt threatened enough to call 911. The statement ‘and there’s nothing you can do about it’ is a verbal threat, admittedly a mild one. Sounds to me like a case of lazy law enforcement.

  60. Did he say “I have a gun” because they put the word “saying” in parentheses as if that was people “reading” his intentions?

  61. look at all the anger and hatred….coupled with stereotyping

    “little dicks”, “violent”, “crazy”, “gun nut”, “fat short white guys”, worse than pedophiles and nazis!!

    If you want to know why people kill people, outside of mental illness anyway, you have greed and you have hate.

    You folk are being taught to hate another group of people that you are already learned to fear and stereotype- hate is the main reason for human suffering and violence throughout human history.

    Pay attention.

  62. honestly he could be stereotyping all of you, the crowd, assuming everyone in the crowd feared him, hated him, saw him as a small penised fat short old crazy person….

    he may have thought that and then said what he said….about see…i have a gun….deal with it…. its legal… its my right…..

    in which case he did this out of anger and frustration, like a black person sitting in the front of the bus after it was legal- SEE, im in the front of the bus and there is nothing you can do about it!

    flaunting his right, even though he knows you hate him

  63. Simple. DOnt have to carry guns in public and act like an ass. The hate ois your assumption, the names are from laughing at the guy and now you

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