Texas Republican Attorney General Remains Silent on Welfare Cowboy’s Racist Comments

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Texas Republican Greg Abbott’s education policy roll-out would be hilarious if not for the fact that his policies will hurt so many children’s future. As telling of his character is his refusal to distance himself from the law-breaking welfare cowboy, Cliven Bundy and his racist remarks.  Even Hannity put on an act of doing that.

Abbott decided to announce the next phase of his plan to bring more destruction to Texas education at a school he is fighting in court.  Even if he had the where with all to find a school he isn’t fighting in court, it’s very likely that school would have declined the opportunity to be a backdrop for Abbott to roll-out the next phase of his anti-Pubic education policy.

According to Abbott,

“The state should set high standards, provide tools for success, then get out of the way, Our public education system is too centralized, with too many one-size-fits-all solutions being pushed down from the top.”

Bear in mind, that Abbott already promised to push down from the top the one-size-fits-all “solution” of standardized tests to screen four year olds out of a future.

On Wednesday, he announced a few more ideas that completely contradict his own words beginning with a state takeover of 15 failing schools.  Those schools would be converted to charter schools under the failed model used in Louisiana and Tennessee . Parents in those states learned the hard way their charter schools did not  improve their children’s academic performance.

In the end, this policy proposes centralized control and the imposition of one size fits all solutions by corporations with profits as their first and only priority.

Abbott also proposed his version of California’s “parent trigger law” as a mechanism to convert the school to a charter school.  As parents in California learned, this law is really a mechanism for private charter groups to get free school buildings through secret proceedings.

In other news, Attorney General Abbott has yet to distance himself from lawbreaker and racist, Cliven Bundy.  He certainly had the opportunity to do so during his Thursday appearance on Sean Hannity’s radio show.

This is the transcript of that exchange according to Abbott’s campaign website.

HANNITY: Well, I and this gets to the heart of it and I am really so angry about these comments by Cliven Bundy because…and I have been on eminent domain issues for years and we are going to show a lot of the cases I was involved in tonight on tv. And we played some of the audio on this program today and it angers me because now the liberal media is going to focus on his ignorance, which by the way, I totally concur with.  And it obscures the larger picture here which is that it was such a volatile situation in my mind at this ranch that they are surrounded with 200 agents and then that attracted, you know, some of these nut cases out there and I thought somebody was going to die and it was getting so scary out their and I think now people are going to say, “see! All of these republicans were supporting a racist” No, we find his comments repugnant.  But, I found the reaction of the government overreaching, by a long shot.  What do you think?

GENERAL ABBOTT: (gasps) Well there are, there are three fundamental principles here: One is that the United States of America was built upon certain fundamental ideas – one is the rule of law and two is private property rights.  Second, we are seeing both of those fundamental principles eroded, especially under the Obama administration.  Uh, as a quick example and that is look at what has happened under Obamacare where the President came out and said “ok, now the law is passed.  This is the law of the land after the Supreme Court upheld it and then after the Supreme Court upheld it, he, the President, continued to move and adjust and alter and change, supposedly, the law of the land.  Now we are seeing the very same thing happen with regard to private property rights.  Here in the state of Texas, we have had this Red River as the dividing line between Oklahoma and Texas.  The land on either side of the Red River belonged to either Oklahomans or to Texans.  Now we have, uh, the federal bureau of land management come in and sayin’ they have a right to maybe as much as 90,000 acres of this property that has belonged to private property owners in the state of Texas.  So this is a a (sic) complete abdication of the rule of law and private property rights and this is contrary to the fundamental principles upon which this country was based.

Obviously, Hannity was pretending to distance himself from Bundy’s racist comments while still defending the cause that led the Tea Party and Republicans to rally around the welfare farmer.  As obvious is the Attorney General’s willingness to support Bundy’s violation of the law and by his “gasp”, Bundy’s views on race.  Of course, since Abbott pals around with white supremacist and law-breaker Ted Nugent and had racist Charles Murray advise him on education policy, this really isn’t very surprising.


14 Replies to “Texas Republican Attorney General Remains Silent on Welfare Cowboy’s Racist Comments”

  1. He’s another Republican who would be disastrous for that state, especially in terms of education. He’s not going to distance himself from Bundy because he’s 100% in agreement with him. For people who don’t want “interference” from the federal government, these folks are extremely intrusive on just the state level. I sure hope that the good people of Texas vote to keep Abbott from winning the gubernatorial race and imposing his cruel, draconian policies on Texans. Haven’t they had enough of rank stupidity with Rick Perry?

  2. Calling this guy “welfare cowboy” is a little off the mark; being on public assistance isn’t stealing. Cliven Bundy, on the other hand, is a thief.

  3. It was obvious that Hannity was throwing Abbott a life preserver. Setting him up with an opportunity to jump on the band wagon of retreat. Hard to tell whether Abbott just refused to jump on, or was to stupid to realize what Hannity was doing. More than likely the latter. I think it’s clear what is racial views are.

    As far as education this should be a no brainer. All of the politicians constantly say how important it is for good education. Then turn around and slash and burn education funding. Why not instead eliminate every pet and pork project and put that into education and infrastructure. Every state has their share of these projects as well as discretionary funds and rainy day funds. Then raise teacher salaries with incentives and bonus pay. Lastly, let teachers do what they have dedicated their life to doing. Education isn’t about testing, it’s about learning. Put money in science, technology, and core curriculum.

    To Abbott I say, GO WENDY GO!

  4. Oh no…you just wrote the latest dog whistle…Common Core! The only common thing these fools want taught is that the Holy Christian Bible is fact, and that science is not, and that women belong in the home, not in college or working, because if they are stupid and sexy enough, and love their husband more than the children, the man will not stray. And if he does, because men get free Viagra, it’s her fault..(both hers) and if she has a baby a year, she is a good woman. And never ever question the head of the household. Girls, get married at 14 and start pleasing that man! Don’t even think about using your brains or learning a skill. And please, you are too ignorant to vote, so just let the white men handle that.
    GO WENDY!!!

  5. You make a little too much sense. We’re dealing with Texas…

    I don’t agree that Hannity was throwing out a life preserver, though. I think he was giving Abbott the opportunity to claim that the BLM wants to take land along the Red River.

    I looked and couldn’t find any credible reporting about the issue. The post I read was intended to stir up more anger toward the Federal Government. But the post also said, “But the BLM issued a statement saying it ‘is categorically not expanding federal holdings along the Red River,’ Fox News reported.”

  6. Elle B,here are the FACTS about the so called Red River land grab:

    The 1986 case that the right-wing media’s narrative relies on — Currington v. Henderson — did not pit a local Texas landowner against the federal government. Currington was a land dispute between two local property owners over a portion of land on the Texas-Oklahoma border. A federal district court ultimately found that, in fact, neither claimant had rights to the land, which was already owned by the United States government.

    You can read the rest here:


  7. Gonna send Wendy some more funds. Even though it is Tejas, the sane people there do not deserve anyone like Abbott.

  8. In most states, charters do not receive capital funds to support facility expenses. Charter schools are entitled to federal categorical funding for which their students are eligible, such as Title I and Special Education monies. Federal legislation provides grants to help charters to manage start-up costs. Texas leaders in Austin are taking money out of public school funding for their special projects like charter schools.

  9. There are huge profits in Charter Schools. You know that by the way republicans will not stop going after them.

  10. Thank you for contributing to Wendy! Battleground Texas is also working on Wendy’s campaign and I will be block walking again today for Wendy via Battleground Texas. So far, Battleground Texas has already been phone banking and block walking for Wendy.

    Once again, thanks!

  11. He can’t back up Bundy…yet he can’t shoot him down, for he’s still got a base to please in Texas ahead of the election…

  12. Don’t you mean, “haven’t they had enough rank stupidity” with first, Bush II, and THEN Perry ? ?

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