Unable to Get New York Times to Retract its Accurate Quotes, Cliven Bundy Non-Apologizes Instead

bundy-cnnPoor, set-upon conservative would-be martyr Cliven Bundy said Friday, “I’m probably one of the most non-racist people in America.” He made this pronouncement with a straight face. “I hope I didn’t offend anybody. If I did, I ask for your forgiveness. But I meant what I said. It comes straight from the heart.”

Oh, we know it does.

This, of course, is after his attempt to get The New York Times to retract its accurate quotes, telling Alex Jones that he “loves the black community.”

That didn’t work, so all he was left with was the obligatory Republican non-apology.

Bundy, to nobody’s surprise, says he resents the power of the federal government. He says the “welfare state” is dehumanizing and a form of slavery, because, you know, it’s slavery when you feed poor children but not when you feed rich white folks.

The rancher even tried his “aw shucks” routine Friday, saying, “Sometimes I say the right thing and sometimes I saw the wrong things, but I’m just happy to be here talking to America. It’s not too often a rancher gets to talk to millions of people.”

Of course, there is no aw shucks because Bundy isn’t just a “rancher” as he pretends. He’s a pampered millionaire who profits from the very same federal “welfare” he doesn’t think poor folks should receive.

Somehow, welfare makes poor folks lazy but it doesn’t hurt big, strong, rich, white men.


No explanation has been forthcoming on how something can both be and not be, but it’s really stretching conservatism’s either/or paradigm.

So now that Cliven Bundy has said he isn’t a racist and that he’s sorry for his racist remarks that he didn’t really make in the first place and that people misinterpreted, we can all forget the whole thing, right? I mean, Sean Hannity has already changed the subject, literally without missing a beat, as Media Matters points out:

Caught between a choice of denouncing or embracing a man he’s spent countless hours building up as a freedom-loving David entrenched in a battle against the Goliath of federal government, Hannity instead chose to reject and deflect — arguing on his prime time news show that though Bundy’s comments were racist, bigoted, and “beyond disturbing,” the real issue is that government is out of control.

And just like that, the specter of racism disappears from Fox News after barely appearing there in the first place. And for Hannity, even when Bundy’s remarks prove once again that conservatives are racists, they simply prove instead that it is “ignorant” to think conservatives are racists.

Good luck figuring that one out.

Conservatives get really confused when one of their own spills the beans. None of them could have been surprised what Bundy said since many of them have said the very same things. This is in a very real sense a replay of Todd Akins’ comments about rape. They all think it; Todd Akin said it.

Look at Rand Paul’s “[h]is remarks on race are offensive and I wholeheartedly disagree with him” and then ask him how that can be true given his employment of a neo-Confederate white supremacist.

Unfortunately, instead of doing any real investigative work, the corporate mainstream media is more than happy to let the matter drop after a few obligatory lines. There is still plenty of time to bury the GOP’s institutionalized racism before the midterms, plenty of time for damage control.

Bundy says, reports CNN, that “”It’s time the United States had a discussion about race.” and, “… I think all races should be talking about this, having their opinions and defending their liberties.” Thus CNN lets Bundy off the hook, going off on a high note rather than a law, and that will be the extent of the race question as far as the Republican Party is concerned, all the discussion we need to have.

Fortunately, we can have a discussion whether they want to or not. And it will be far more eloquent than a pampered white male welfare queen, Rand Paul, the Republican Party, and Fox News combined. And what’s best, it’s far more to the point.

It’s called an election.

48 Replies to “Unable to Get New York Times to Retract its Accurate Quotes, Cliven Bundy Non-Apologizes Instead”

  1. This bonehead digs a deeper hole for himself every time he opens his big, flapping mouth. His ignorance and racism are too obvious to overlook, and his words only reinforce just how deeply rooted that racism is. He needs to go somewhere, sit his ignorant behind down, and not say another word publicly about race, ever. Of course, the upside of the publicity surrounding is that FOX is trying in vain to run away from this unabashed bigot whose enablers they have been. The fact that they’re doing so shows they know he’s toxic, although he’s echoing everything they truly believe.

  2. republicans can disavow Mr Bundy’s statements all they want, but their deflection will not work. They are stuck like glue to this criminal racist. They bought him and they own him.

  3. The GOP keeps jumping back and forth which makes them look weak and confused. They support Bundy, they run from Bundy. They love Nugent, they run from Nugent. Come on GOP be consistent at the very least. Be strong and stand up. Let America know you are drawing the line in the sand. Follow the great Ronald Reagan and say what you mean and do what you say. Enough of this wavering. Be a real man, a Marlboro man, for Gods sake. Own it, be real, fight the good fight. Yu already know the wimpy Democrats are going to run Hillary Clinton in 2016. A woman for crying out loud! Tell America now it’s;


    Brought to you by Koch Industries

  4. I think the US has taken a very ugly turn since Obama was elected. And it may be a turn we cannot return from. The very worst is out there for all to see and those doing the worst cannot turn away from it, less they upset their few followers of like minded idiots.

  5. “Ben-Bundy-Ben-Bundy-Ben-Bundy!”

    Pretty mediocre bumper sticker, but, so are the Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi bumper stickers…

    I say, don’t let go of Cliven the Cretin Bundy; instead make him the new poster boy instead of Palin. That should piss her and her followers off and keep them all quarreling amongst themselves through the next election cycle.

  6. I see we have a troll on this forum giving everyone down votes, without offering an argument as to why they think we’re all wrong. In the troll’s case, I should put the word “think” in quotes, since someone who’s obviously so deep in denial of the stark reality of Bundy’s racism or FOX NOISE’S stoking of it among its followers is not a thinking person.

  7. Unless he just looks older than he is, it’s a safe bet that Bundy has Medicare and is very possibly receiving his Social Security benefits. So if he can refuse to recognize the Federal Gov’t, I think it’s only fair that the SSA refuse to recognize him. Cancel his healthcare coverage and stop sending him his SS check.

    Better still, unplug his mic, and don’t give this racist kook another 15 seconds of fame.

  8. DJ. many thanks for posting the link to the Studs Terkel article. I just finished reading it and was amazed to see that it was from 1980. Imagine — all these years later there is still relevance to it. I’ve always believed that underneath all the outer trappings we peoples of the earth have more in common than we have things that separate us. If we can look past the superficial things and get to the core of things we can and could accomplish so much. We need to realize that we are all in this lonely piece of rock, flying through space together and the problems that affect one of us most likely affects many hundreds of others. United we stand, and divided we fall. Thank you again, so much, for the link.

  9. Shiva, sadly I have to agree with you. I was hoping it was because he was a “democrat” that the republicans were so hateful but it has gone far beyond that. They many times are not criticizing policy positions but coding their criticism with specific words that whip up racial images. I also think this is much of what is driving the “criticism” of the new Cosmos and Dr. Tyson. I don’t recall that much criticism of the original with Dr. Sagan, who happened to be caucasian. I truly hoped and though after Obama was first elected but perhaps our country had finally “grown up” but sadly it seems we haven’t.

  10. The majority of TeathugliKKKans think it,so Bundy said it on their behalf and he was probably encouraged & paid by the Koch monsters.

  11. A. The cat is still either alive or dead. Merely thinking of it as both does not make it both;
    B. To be OR not to be (one or the other)
    C. P or ¬p

  12. Why don`t you folks watch the complete video of the “interview” to put all this into a correct perspective of Mr Bundy’s remarks? I know why, of course, the edited version matches your agenda of making everything a racial issue instead of understanding the man`s point is that having 200 armed government agents invade his ranch to collect a debt created by an unjust law that should be repealed is not the government represented in the intent of the U.S. Constitution.

  13. Well, look on the bright side, Anne! This time they’re too embarrassed to actually say anything. They just push the thumbs down button like the sniveling cowards they are.

  14. I’ve seen all his ‘remarks’, and the context is, this guy thinks that “Negroes” were better off as real slaves than, in his opinion, “slaves” to a government that would offer a them safety net. Since he is neither a “negro” or supposedly a “slave to the government”, what value does his opinion even have? As a life-long Mormon, it’s a guarantee that as a child he was taught that the black person is ‘cursed by God’, and therefore not a worthy human. He can try to spin it anyway he wants, but he isn’t on a soapbox for any “negro” freedoms…he’s a RACIST, pure and simple.

  15. @Grayson Banner, I did watch the entire video and it doesn’t make his position any better. While Bundy praises Hispanics for their work ethic and family values I suspect that is because he uses migrant workers to pick the melons on his melon farm. When migrant workers come in yes they bring their wives and children. All of whom work the fields. That is the only way they can survive. The ranchers and farmers who own the melon, onion, chile, pecan, and various other fruits and vegetables ranches and farms provide minimal housing and pittance pay. Yet the migrants come year after year and work from dawn till dusk, as a family.

    If you would read the Courts 57 page decision against Bundy then you would understand why the BLM showed up armed. Bundy as well as his wife have repeatedly threatened to kill or injury Federal agents. They were well within their right to proceed with caution.

  16. Ted “You gotta kill it before you can grill it” Nugent? Yet Bundy believes that the BLM is a danger to his cattle.

  17. There’s no dancing around the fact that Bundy appears to believe — “from the heart” — that African Americans were better off as slaves …. to be bought and sold, separated from loved ones, beaten, raped, and murdered at will … than they are now.

    He also contended that “Negroes” would not be financially struggling if they had not forgotten how to pick cotton or weren’t too lazy to learn how to do so.

    But hey, some of his friends (and employees) are black, so it’s all good.

  18. You are in effect conflating the two issues. If you want to support his decision to willfully and continually break the law and not pay his debts when the law came to call, then support him all you want. But this was turned into a race issue BY HIM, by his OWN words.

    No one else did that. HE did.

    Defend him if you must, but defend him on the merits – don’t try to turn this around to other people turning this into a racial issue. It is what it is and, as with his decision years ago to break the law that many, many other ranchers follow, it was HIS decision to articulate his racist views for all to see and hear.

  19. The more things change, the more they stay the same. The racists that are wagging the tail of the Republican dog have been with us for decades. Except instead of wearing white hoods, they’re wearing suits, ties, cowboy hats and see the light of day.

    If moderate Republicans don’t kennel these dangerous people soon, their party will die a slow, painful death. I’m not going to hold my breath though. Establishment Republicans know they have to keep the base full of racist rage to distract them from policies that hurt them and their families. The base’s ignorance most certainly isn’t bliss.

  20. Oh Grayson, put the kool-aid down. There is a full video un-edited out there where Bundy concludes ‘negroes’ would be better off chained up and in bondage bent over all day in the hot sun picking cotton rather than sitting on a front porch watching kids play. Have you ever had the pleasure of picking cotton all day for no payment, then put away at night like a prisoner.

    One more thing, if you and Bundy don’t like the grazing fee law, work to change it legally! Until then, Bundy needs to pay up and remove his dangerous friends. The people that live in his community are tired of his thugs running around town with their guns!

  21. “If moderate Republicans don’t kennel these dangerous people soon, their party will die a slow, painful death.”

    The party has been dying a slow, painful death for years… it is not the party of my parents. There’s not an honest statesman among them who can bring them back from the edge.

    Their stock response is that the crazies are not the R party, but just a few nuts. Well, those ‘few’ nuts are strangling the R party and about to turn it full into the t-party version of R’s forever.

  22. Again for you dumbasses
    These are the facts. In 1848 Mexico in a treaty ceded the land to the US. The Nevada constitution said that the land belongs to the US and no one can lay claim to it. The Nevada Constitution (* and the ACT OF CONGRESS (1864) ENABLING THE PEOPLE OF NEVADA TO FORM A CONSTITUTION AND STATE GOVERNMENT) state:

    “ That the people inhabiting said territory do agree and declare, that they forever disclaim all right and title to the unappropriated public lands lying within said territory, and that the same shall be and remain at the sole and entire disposition of the United States; …..”

    And finally the property clause of the US Constitution states: THE PROPERTY CLAUSE POWER
    The Congress shall have Power to dispose of and make all needful Rules and Regulations
    respecting the Territory or other Property belonging to the United States….

    And the cherry on top. Their hero Ronnie Raygun made the rules regarding the use of federal lands.
    Pay your bills. That is all

  23. The top racists hogs and pigs of the GOP will make sure that this idiot will keep his mouth shut and hope that all of this will be in time forgotten. I hope that it will never be forgotten and swept under the rug.

  24. I’ve watched the full interview, and though it makes me uncomfortable to hear people being grouped by ethnicity or skin color, I was interested in the point he was making about government policies and the condition of the family. I’d heard these comments before from a black man:


    Bundy’s edited interview leaves one with only one conclusion: Bundy is a retrograde racist. In the longer version, however, his comments are clearly not promoting the superiority of whites or an endorsement of slavery, but about the policies that keep people down. The current system deserves some criticism, as it has not advanced the cause of racial harmony in this country.

  25. Well, we are the system. Not the government. If he didnt like the government policys concerning his grazing fees, he should have sold the cows

  26. I watched the edited version of Bundy’s interview and I concluded he was little more than a retrograde racist. Then I watched the original, full version, and thought that Mr. Bundy’s critics were missing his larger point. Here is a black man’s take on Mr. Bundy:


    Sometimes we’re too quick to use the ‘racist’ label in order to dismiss arguments. We may disagree with Mr. Bundy’s argument, and we should dispute it, but we ought not deflect with charges of racism over every indelicate or obtuse comment.

  27. What Bundy said was clearly meant to disparage Black Americans. If he meant to belittle the federal welfare system in general, he wouldn’t have targeted one group, but he did. This indicates that Bundy thinks that the only Americans who benefit from the government’s “largess” are blacks. The research shows this is not the case. Over 60% of those receiving some form of welfare from the federal government are, gasp, white! Why didn’t he mention whites? It’s because this is what he thinks, and the reason he thinks this is because the MSM and the GOPTP have led him to believe it. It doesn’t mean it’s true, but once a lie is repeated often enough, millions will believe it. There’s no way to make what Bundy said palatable and free of racism. It’s clear Bundy blames Black Americans for the billions the federal government pays out in welfare benefits. If you believe what he believes, you’re both wrong because the facts don’t support it.

  28. Whether something is perceived as being racist has everything to do with those who are the targets of harmful words. Those who aren’t the target oftentimes want to claim that “it’s not as bad as it seems,” but they don’t share the history and experiences of those in the targeted group, so they don’t really know. All they’re doing is telling those who have been harmed by racist comments is that from their perspective, “it’s no biggie.” How would someone who doesn’t have to deal with certain things know what those who do are going through? This is what makes discussing race so difficult in the U.S.–the tendency of some to dismiss the concerns of others. For example, I couldn’t begin to tell a white person what it feels like to be called a “cracker,” because I’m not white. It would be arrogant of me to tell a white person who has been called a “cracker” that it doesn’t harm them in any way. Only the person who was targeted knows how s/he feels.

  29. I believe you have overstated and conflated Bundy’s argument. He did not say that blacks are the only ones getting government assistance, nor did he say it was the fault of blacks for the existence of federal assistance programs.

    He said the federal assistance programs have sucked the life out of the black family. At the very least, it must be acknowledged that blacks have been negatively impacted by programs that, though well intended, have had very bad unintended consequences.

    I would not want to defend today’s broken system. It has trapped families of all ethnicities into plantation-like dependency. The goal of the programs was to lift people up, but the people remain beat down. Why? Lack of money? Negative incentives? Misbegotten theories? When programs don’t work, we need to take a hard look at our assumptions. Something is terribly wrong.

  30. Discussions about politics, religion, and race are very difficult because there is a general lack of charity during the discussion. Words come loaded with different connotations to different people. We do not attempt to understand each other, we instead project our word definitions on other people, assuming universal meanings.

    Finding a language acceptable to all parties is very difficult. The offending speaker is often clueless of the hurtful connotations his words carry with other people. The listener often assumes the speaker intended the insult, or at least carries a repulsive mindset.

    Parsing our words to avoid giving offense can make the speaker seem inauthentic, leading to distrust by the listener. Intentionally using offensive terms to offend is not conversation. Hearing meanings not intended, or intentionally projecting connotations onto the speaker is also dishonest.

    Can we not find a language, and a charity, that allows exchange of ideas?

  31. Shiva – Of course we can turn from it. We are not all controlled or managed by the Koch brothers! Just don’t fall for all the bs and keep your head. “If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you…”

  32. Man, have you got it bad!!! You don’t explain:
    1. why grazing fees (that apply to everyone, not just Bundy) on federal lands is unjust;
    2. how it is that Bundy is entitled to flout the law and at least four court orders;
    3. how grazing for free on any land that does not belong to a person is acceptable.

    I have no interest whatsoever in listening to the entire interview. I think he is a whining squirrel and will not give him even one second more of my time.

  33. I think what was truly racist was not that he referred to “negros,” but that he generalized that all blacks are on government assistance, that they do nothing for themselves but sit around and take assistance, and that they turn this assistance on themselves to their own detriment. That is a crock. Some people on government assistance, regardless of color, race, etc. may sit around doing nothing, but that is due to a lack of character, not the fact of assistance, nor is it due to their ethnicity. And other races were not known to “pick cotton” nor were they victims of slavery. His obvious intent was to malign blacks, not people on government assistance. That is pure racism.

  34. Even Ann Coulter slammed Sean Hannity for following the mob and calling the whole thing a punch back but a stupid punch back.

    Ann Coulter!!

  35. Sharon Mallia: you want to be careful with your statements. “Some people on government assistance, regardless of color, race, etc. may sit around doing nothing, but that is due to a lack of character, not the fact of assistance, nor is it due to their ethnicity.” Since a larger percentage of blacks than whites are on public assistance, you are implying that a larger percentage of blacks than whites lack character. I reject that notion entirely.

    However, in the process of ‘helping’ people, whether it be our children, our neighbors, panhandlers, etc., we introduce dynamics that can hurt them. What the critics of welfare, including Bundy, have been saying is the help isn’t helping some people. It is hurting them, making them weaker, not stronger.

    The programs aimed at helping poor blacks may be hurting poor blacks. By becoming dependent, poor people, regardless of color, are being damaged, and it is being perceived as a lack of character.

  36. I’ve considered that, too, Shiva. Then I realized that all these people yelling and carrying on is not a bad thing. Isn’t it safer and more helpful, in the long run, to know who our true enemies are, as we do now? Pre-Obama, I was unaware that this much hatred still existed in the US. We’re better off, I think, knowing where the moles are so we can whack ’em (not literally, of course!) :)

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