Elizabeth Warren Smacks Down ABC’s Attempt To Split The Democratic Party


Instead of talking about how the big banks and Wall St. blew up the economy, the middle class, or income inequality, ABC’s This Week tried to use Elizabeth Warren to divide the Democratic Party, but Sen. Warren wouldn’t play along.




STEPHANOPOULOS: You’ve been pretty clear, and we showed it in Jeff Zeleny’s piece, that you say you’re not running for president in 2016. It seems like you’ve just affirmed it again. You also signed a letter — several senators signed a letter earlier this year encouraging Hillary Clinton to run.

So is she your candidate in 2016?

WARREN: You know, all of the women — Democratic women, I should say, of the Senate urged Hillary Clinton to run. And I hope she does.

STEPHANOPOULOS: You hope she does. And if she does, she is your candidate, you’re going to endorse her?

WARREN: If Hillary — Hillary is terrific.

STEPHANOPOULOS: You know, you’ve said she is terrific very many times. You say that again in this book, “A Fighting Chance.” But this book leaves out something of a pointed criticism from your earlier book, “The Two Income Trap.”

There you praised first lady Hillary Clinton for her opposition to this bankruptcy bill pushed by the big banks, but go on to talk about how she, as New York senator, seemed she could not afford that principled position.

Senator Clinton received 140,000 in campaign contributions from banking industry executives in a single year. Big banks were now part of Senator Clinton’s constituency. She wanted their support, and they wanted hers, including a vote in favor of that awful bill.

So do you think that — are you worried that somehow she will bow to big business, those were your words in that book, if she becomes president?

WARREN: Look, I’ve made it clear all the way through this book and really what I’ve been working on for the last 25 years, that I’m worried a lot about power in the financial services industry.

And I’m worried about the fact that basically starting in the ’80s, you know, the cops were taken off the beat in financial services, these guys were allowed to just paint a bull’s eye on the backsides of American families.

They loaded up on risk. They crashed the economy. They got bailed out. And what bothers me now is they still strut around Washington. They block regulations that they don’t want. They roll over agencies whenever they can. And they break…

STEPHANOPOULOS: Did they rollover Hillary Clinton?

WARREN: Well, that’s — they break the law, and still don’t end up being held accountable for it, and going to jail.

One of the things that I focus on really hard throughout this book is that that is one of the prime examples of how the playing field is tilted and how we’ve got to push back against it.

It’s a central issue for me. It’s something I’m going to keep talking about. And I’m going to keep talking about it with everyone.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Right. But — I understand. Do you think Hillary Clinton will push back on that as well?

WARREN: Well, I’m going to keep talking about this issue. And I’m going to keep pushing on this issue.

Sen. Warren kept trying to steer the discussion towards the middle class and fighting the big banks, but mostly George Stephanopoulos wanted to talk about the 2016 horse race and stir up disagreement between Warren and Hillary Clinton. ABC had a chance to discuss income inequality, the big banks, and the decline of the middle class with one of the nation’s top experts, but all they wanted to do was try to create some controversy ahead of 2016.

The media desperately wants to divide the Democratic Party. They want big ratings, and the ratings come when there is a contest that captures the imagination of the nation. Hillary Clinton running away with the 2016 Democratic nomination is boring TV. The Republican field will likely be as weak and unpopular as ever. The mainstream media is begging for a storyline for 2016. If the storyline helps to destroy Democratic Party unity, all the better.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren made it clear that she isn’t going to give the media what they want.

If Hillary Clinton doesn’t run, Sen. Warren might run, but that wasn’t supposed to be the point of this interview. When a journalist has the opportunity to sit down with Elizabeth Warren, who before doing media for her book tour gave very few national interviews, she shouldn’t be treated like another ambitious political hack with her eyes on the White House.

What this interview demonstrated was that the corporately owned media doesn’t care about income inequality or the middle class. The issues that Sen. Warren discusses have an impact on the lives of a majority of Americans every single day, but the media would rather amuse themselves with speculation about the next presidential race.

Sen. Warren wouldn’t play the media’s game, and the result was that real issues that impact millions of lives got a rare mention on the Republican dominated Sunday morning shows.

34 Replies to “Elizabeth Warren Smacks Down ABC’s Attempt To Split The Democratic Party”

  1. People are starving, losing their homes? Who cares, let’s talk about Hillary Clinton. Do you think she sleeps well, gets up at night and who choses her clothing?


  2. The MSM could give two shits about the middle class and the working poor. All they want is a cat fight between Mrs. Clinton and ANYBODY.

  3. na, i think he’s been tainted by good morning america and their shitty program.. He was good before he started appearing on there..

  4. Wouldn’t it be nice to see our Democrats attend these shows, answer the stupid questions once, then say “I’ll discuss issues”.

    When they continue, tell them again “I answered your questions, now I will discuss climate change, income inequality, the economy, pollution for Americans to hear, but if you insist on propaganda I will leave.”

    Then leave.

    Oh, a nice dream. They won’t because they have government health care, pensions and very cushy jobs to protect.

    Cynical? You bet your ass.

  5. This Week used to be must-see TV for me and now I rarely ever watch it. I used to have a lot of respect for George S., but he has joined all the other journalistic sellouts.

    It is very obvious to someone like me who has watched these types of shows for decades that the corporate owners are destroying journalism for the sake of profits and propaganda.

  6. Sunday morning News shows are not worth spending your time. They all suck. ABC for news? Really? Why would anyone bother.

  7. Another classic example of what is horribly wrong with “Network News”. Rather than investigating and reporting in detail the complicated issue of economic inequality, they attempt to dramatize and hyperventilate speculation of “the horse race” as a substitute for meaningful reporting. They do this because they are more interested in driving ratings and self-promotion rather than “boring topics”. Headline one-liners and scoops are where the focus continues. I quit watching these programs because the only function they now serve is to promote continuing pieces for their respective political entertainment media ventures.

  8. Liberals need to be very careful that they don’t hitch their wagon to a deeply flawed candidate. Hillary may have star power, but she has done some things that liberals should be very nervous about. As Senator she received large donations from Wall Street, voted for bailouts to the rich, and as Secretary of State she pimped for the Military Industrial Complex.

    It is good for the Democrat Party to face these issues now instead of in the fall of 2016. It does no good for the Party to have one big echo chamber from now until the election. And don’t kid yourself about the Republicans having a weak candidate….it is that kind of complacency that will lose the White House.

  9. George became “famous” when he worked for the clintons. He wrote a back-stabbing book about them and that carried him to prominence.He is a two faced weasel and an ineffective moderator.

  10. Although Warren will not run in 2016, I do see her as President one fine day down the road. On another issue: Georgie needs to be ashamed of himself, very ashamed for the sell-out he’s become. What a waste.

  11. I have never had any use for George S since he sat there and let Giuliani say that there had not been any attacks while Bush was in office and that he had kept us safe.

    George did not follow up on that at all.

  12. Shame on Stephanopoulos and ABC for proving just how weak the truth is in their view. Stephanopoulos is just a short hair away from being as bad as Gregory on that other right wing propaganda arm called Meet the Press.

  13. I honestly believe that Elizabeth Warren could actually win the presidency with her clarity and ability to explain. I was infuriated on yesterday’s Steve Kornacki show when a panelist kept saying she was the mirror image of Ted Cruz–the one farthest one end or the other of the so-called political spectrum.

    There is an immense difference between someone like Warren who insists that every statement she makes is logical, cogent and clear and Cruz, who is the polar opposite. Cruz is mainly a clown–a dangerous clown — in his twisting of words and ideas to ensure that he will never make a logical argument. (Although he was apparently a successful prosecutor in Texas. But then … Texas….)

  14. I think senator Warren is on target. It’s no longer just about democrats vs republicans because both parties politicians believe their professional life and financial success depend upon wall street. If they don’t vote the way big money wants then big money will spend what it takes to replace them in the next election. Probably won’t be a cushy job waiting on them after their defeat either.

  15. I just came here to read the post and did not mean to comment but I could not just let this pass, but I do not want you to think I was disparaging your comment, but George S is a big capital “B” ignorant Bi+ch. He tried to set Ms Warren up, the dirty dog. I feel that we even insult “B’s” when we compare them to George S and David Gregory, both are pathetic.

  16. Elizabeth Warren speaks for so many of us who seem to have no other voice. Keep her in the Senate for as long as possible to try to get things really done. As for George, he needs to realize the potential good he could do by asking real questions, not go for ratings.

  17. Stepanopoulos became snuffalufficus ; the Elephant in the room ; the entire MSM have become bought off gotcha people; shilling for the big bucks people .

  18. I bet very few are invited as the corporate masters of these shows are big GOP supporters. If Dems got a chance, they’d speak out, I am sure.

  19. CLINTON/WARREN ticket for 2016. love this lady, too soon for her to run for president. these two will be unstoppable. she’ll be an extremely effective VP.

  20. And THAT is how you handle a shill attempting to divide and conquer us. Warren is too smart for them:)

    Now if the rest of the left could get it together and respond likewise to every attempt to weaken the democratic base(Redstate.com):

    …we could easily put a stop to the Tea Party Chainsaw Massacre.

  21. So then focus on the issues, and on the Republican obstruction rather than tearing down Democrats. Did ya lean anything from Warren’s response? Did you learn anything from election 2010?

  22. I like Warren’s focus on the financial industry. Her approach to personal bankruptcy is correct and in line with market theory. You have to be able to wipe away debt if you are going to revive an over leveraged economy. Bailouts and restrictive bankruptcies just delay the inevitable and funnel money into the pockets of the bankers and financiers.

    But why did she go to McCain for his endorsement??? Does she not remember Keating Five and McCain’s participation? And how is it she doesn’t pillary Hillary for voting for “that awful bill”?

    I find it interesting that she was once a Republican, and she left the Republican Party because they were no longer about free markets. This is exactly what the insurgent libertarians have been saying within the Republican Party.

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