Another Republican Down as FBI Investigates Lobbyists Close To Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback


The FBI investigating a lobbying firm that is close to Republican Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback for running a pay to play scheme involving access to the governor.

According to the Topeka Capital-Journal:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is exploring whether confidantes of Gov. Sam Brownback operated influence-peddling operations in Kansas pivoting on personal access to the Republican governor and top administration officials.

The Topeka Capital-Journal learned the months-long inquiry involves Parallel Strategies, a rapidly expanding Topeka consulting and lobbying firm created in 2013 by a trio of veteran Brownback employees who left government service to work in an environment where coziness with former colleagues could pay dividends.

Of concern to the FBI were behind-the-scenes financial arrangements related to Brownback’s privatization of the state’s $3 billion Medicaid program. The governor’s branding of KanCare handed to three for-profit insurance companies exclusive contracts to provide Medicaid services to 380,000 of Kansas’ disabled and poor.

Brownback would be the third Republican governor who is caught up in an investigation. Texas Gov. Rick Perry and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie are also being investigated. What is being investigated is a possible pay to play scandal which could mirror much of the ugly relationship between money and politics that makes Capitol Hill go. Brownback has taken the DC environment that he lived in as a senator, and transferred it to the state of Kansas.

As the governor, Brownback passed what liberal and conservative experts agree is the worst piece of tax reform legislation in the country. Brownback led a 2012 movement that purged moderate Republicans from the state senate, and replaced them with tea partiers. All of these actions have cost him the support of moderate Republicans in the state. A recent, and notoriously unreliable, Rasmussen poll has Brownback leading his Democratic challenger by 7 points, despite the fact that his approval rating remains upsidedown.

One of the byproducts of the Supreme Court’s campaign finance decisions is that there is likely to be more corruption. Democrats aren’t immune to the corruption associated with campaign finance, but Republicans are much more susceptible because of their heavy reliance on big money donors. If Brownback gets caught up in this scandal, Kansas could go from red to blue.

Republicans are dropping like flies, but Gov. Brownback’s potential involvement in a pay to play scandal could be most severe breach of public trust of them all.

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  1. Look: The Tea Party’s crumbling!

    “That’s the Sarah Palin modeled PAC – go around supporting a few candidates, but use the BULK
    of the money for staying in 5 star hotels, shopping at Bergdoffs, and limos…..”

    2010 receipts — $5,685,213
    Donations to candidates – $467,000

    WOW – look HOW the 2010 receipts were spent!!…………….…

    2012 receipts — $5,007,861
    Donations to candidates – $298,500

    2014 receipts — $1,608,018
    Donations to candidates – $10,000

  2. Make it seventh Republican governor current under investigations and Democrats? None. Yes, you read it right, there is none on left that are having no trouble to abide to their ethnics while growing numbers of Republican governors just couldn’t help it but enjoying tweak the constitutions because Koch bros and Karl Rove has pioneered them during W. Bush years.

  3. This sounds pretty god damn dirty. For Brownback to deny he knows nothing that ends directly at his door will be hilarious. They really are dropping like flies. Just when I think the tp/gop/fascists are winning karma occasionally steps in.

  4. Jason,

    Please remember we have our very own corruption right here in Tennessee – Billionaire Guv Bill Haslam’s personal business – Pilot-FlyingJ has had several plea deals for the crooks running his oil/truckstop inherited cash machine and

    Sen. Bob Corker and Haslam are both criminals in the UAW/VW union busting scheme.

    There are many other problems in Tennesssee. Haslam wants to privatize TennCare (Medicaid) just like Brownback. He has been told no by HHS but he keeps lying and trying to make it so……ask Bill Frist.

  5. I would enjoy seeing this waste of protoplasm go straight to the hell he believes in. He is a notorious Obama hater and deranged Reich Winger and he along with his ilk must be destroyed utterly.

  6. And lets not forget Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin had a secret email system with a server hidden in a wall behind a file cabinet in his office.

    He claims he knew nothing of it. I guess it was for all the gay porn he loves viewing.

  7. Let’s not forget Governor Bill Haslam who has escaped media attention do to a Republican bias Tennessee media who does a report to minimize the bad story then does an article which then covers up the bad deed with a positive story.

    The FBI raided Haslam’s $37 Billion per/ year business which has netted Bill and his brother close to $2 Billion each.

    Haslam’s lobbyist Tom Ingram helps to run a mafia-style government by working using chiefs of staff to do their dirty work. These chiefs of staff know where all the bodies are buried, can by-pass unsuspecting governors, mayors, senators, congressmen, VPs of the United States, Presidents of the United States and can even be used by those officials who are part of the corrupt government to do their dirty work and keep a layer of protection between the illegal activities and themselves. This is no different than the old Dixie Mafia or
    Southern Mafia. Most would be surprised to know they involvement of the Chamber of congress and De…

  8. Oak Ridge here, and you are absolutely correct. That guy is a crook from way back and you never hear his name

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