Surprise! Racist LA Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Also Hates Women

Los Angeles Clippers owner Sterling puts his hand over his face in the second half of an NBA basketball game in Los Angeles

LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s racism has been the worst kept secret in sports, but his sexism and hatred of women has gone unacknowledged and unpunished for decades.

An extended 15 minute version of the Donald Sterling tape has been published by Deadspin, and it actually makes Sterling look even worse than the TMZ version.

The racism of Donald Sterling is no surprise to anyone who pays attention to sports, but even in the current story, the owner’s discrimination of and hatred for women is going unnoticed.

According to a 2012 ESPN The Magazine story:

In 1996, a former employee named Christine Jaksy sued Sterling for sexual harassment. The two sides reached a confidential settlement, and Jaksy, now an artist in Chicago, says, “The matter has been resolved.” But The Magazine has obtained records of that case, and according to testimony Jaksy gave under oath, Sterling touched her in ways that made her uncomfortable and asked her to visit friends of his for sex. Sterling also repeatedly ordered her to find massage therapists to service him sexually, telling her, “I want someone who will, you know, let me put it in or who [will] suck on it.”

Jaksy first worked for Sterling in 1993, as a hostess at one of his “white parties,” where guests dressed Gatsby style at his Malibu beach house; she eventually went into property management. Jaksy testified that Sterling offered her clothes and an expense account in return for sexual favors. She also testified that he told her, “You don’t need your lupus support groups I’m your psychiatrist.” Jaksy left her job in December 1995, handing Sterling a memo that read in part, “The reason I have to write this to you is because in a conversation with you I feel pressured against a wall and bullied in an attempt to be overpowered. I’m not about to do battle with you.” She carried a gun because, according to her testimony, she feared retribution. In February 1997, though, Sterling denied her charges under oath, and his lawyers portrayed Jaksy as unstable. Testifying in a different case six years later, Sterling said he had no recollection of the name Christine Jaksy, didn’t recall ever being involved in litigation with her and didn’t know of any woman ever having sued him for harassment.

Sterling’s testimony in another case, this one involving former associate Alexandra Castro, underscores his aggressiveness with women. When Castro, whom Sterling met in Las Vegas at Al Davis’ birthday party over Fourth of July weekend in 1999, visited his Beverly Hills office, Sterling later stated under oath that she brought a lab report proving she was HIV-negative, freeing him to continue having unprotected sex with his wife. “The woman wanted sex everywhere,” Sterling said. “In the alley, in her car, in the elevator, in the upstairs seventh floor, in the bathroom.” And he paid her for it. “Every time she provided sex she got $500,” he testified in 2003. “At the end of every week or at the end of two weeks, we would figure [it] out, and I would, perhaps, pay her then.”

“When you pay a woman for sex, you are not together with her,” he further testified. “You’re paying her for a few moments to use her body for sex. Is it clear? Is it clear?”

Sterling’s testimony in the Castro case earned him a suspension by NBA commissioner at the time David Stern, but the NBA turned a blind eye towards the Clippers owner’s treatment of women. In this regard, the NBA reflects society at large. Racism is evil, but a blind eye gets turned towards discrimination against women.

The NBA likes to think of itself as the most progressive professional league in all of sports, but much like many individuals and organizations with progressive intentions, they were not interested in discrimination against women.

The NBA should have done the right thing and booted Donald Sterling out of the league ten years ago. The NBA was well aware of Sterling’s racism and sexism, but they chose to sweep it under the rug.

The sexism is likely being ignored, because the people who are covering the Sterling story are mostly men. Sports, much like the rest of journalism remains a white male dominated field. The NBA deserves this embarrassment. They could have dealt with Donald Sterling years ago. If the NBA, like the country, really cared about discrimination and sexism, Sterling would have been shown the door a decade ago.

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  1. Not surprising at all. This “man” is nothing more than scum. If the NBA decides to let this one go, they richly deserve the firestorm to follow.

  2. I just read a story that the NAACP is rescinding an award it was to give to Mr. Sterling. So my question is this: Who the fu*k thought it was even a good idea to give this guy ANYTHING.

    NAACP get your shit together.

  3. Maybe its one of those deals…if racism makes sense to you, so will sexism. So sad, the guy is Jewish…you would think he would have some empathy for other human beings.

  4. Award was because Sterling gives poor minority kids free tickets to the games. Now I’m seeing it as investment strategy, hoping to get more future basketball players!

  5. Oh, how the world loves these disgusting, 1%, White men….think of the lovely Sheldon Adelson and the luscious Donald Trump….

    Marx was correct in that the great equalizer of ugliness is commodity fetishism.

  6. The more I learn about this Neanderthal, the less I like him. When someone harbors one kind of bigotry, it’s pretty much a guarantee that he or she harbors others. It’s not surprising that the NBA hasn’t taken sexism seriously, because we live in an a sexist society that hasn’t sufficiently evolved to see it as the major problem it is. Until relatively recently, it was seen as normal and natural. His wealth, along with the NBA’s inaction, has shielded him from consequences up to now.

  7. Listen, dont just say “white men” these are jews in particular who abide by a completely different set of rules.

  8. Lol…who do you think created the NAACP? Sterling is pretty much giving an award to himself. Bet you thought the NAACP was actually about blacks and other minorities…they mainly service jews just like the ACLU and AIPAC..c’mon wake up

  9. Big surprise. An ugly very rich white male thinks he can use and abuse women as long as he pays them. And the owner of an NBA team probably feels the same way about his players. It is past time for America to shine a light on this behavior and put an end to it. And let me guess: he is also Republican and the Kochs are huge supporters?

  10. It seems those obsessed with money have no compassion or empathy for others. This is a trait not to be admired at all.

  11. Is it just me, or did he seem the most pissed off that she was telling him she was “mixed” and he “didn’t know why she was saying these things to him”. She’s a stunning mixed race woman, and most assuredly not a “delicate white woman”.

    She apparently will not cooperate with the investigation into the veracity of this audio recording because she is currently in litigation with Sterling’s ex-wife over things he gave her that she’s claimed were gifts and not a form of prostitution. Let’s hope other women come forward about Mr. Sterling’s behavior.

    Any theories on how this call was recorded and by whom?

    In my opinion, Cliven Bundy should lose his ranch and Donald Sterling should lose his team. These men both knowingly risked their own property to gain something they were otherwise not entitled to. If they were any other race, this would not even be debated.

  12. People of his ilk do and say whatever they want. They feel the rules dont apply to them. If his gold digger girlfriend didnt turn him in for her own gain he would have continued with his nonsense.

  13. I think this is a 1% issue. Herman Caine thought he could treat women like poo as well.
    I think there are some of those who have money,
    think it makes them better than those without.
    They think they have a different set of morals and values.

  14. I listened to the 15 minute audio in its’ entirety. Fascinating.

    Sterling is a rich old unattractive white man with a public image. His girlfriend is young, attractive, mixed race. Tongues are wagging over the May-December relationship. The girlfriend associates with a lot of young men who are black and posts private pictures of them with her. Now tongues are wagging viciously, and rumors are getting back to Sterling. The rumors feed his fears of being perceived a fool, a deluded Sugar Daddy, a cuckold. So he wants her to stop.

    She does not understand because she is color blind. Sterling’s obsession with appearances is baffling to her. What difference does color make? She doesn’t understand the subtext in Sterling’s world and the weight of perceived public judgment on his self-image.

    Their private conversation is the pathetic tragedy of an old man deeply entrenched in social conventions, and a young woman free of such concerns.

    Shakespeare would have loved thi…

  15. Yep Anne! He must have forgot about KARMA, and the fact that things done in the dark come into the light eventually. lol!! In the picture it looks like he could be saying “good grief” to himself. lol!! Yeah dude. The cat is out of the proverbial bag!

  16. I expect that MSNBC will be dropping this story soon since National Review has done the homework that MSNBC should have done and found out that this guy is a big liberal political donor.

  17. Sorry Jack, your anti-semetic words are as ignorant as Sterlings. People like you like to blame everything on “The Jews”. They work hard, invest in education and succeed. You might want to try that instead of hating.

  18. Oh c’mon. Please don’t throw all republicans into the racist category. That statement in itself is ignorant. You are no better than Sterling for making comments like that.

  19. It was the L.A. Chapter of the NAACP which gave the award, for providing minority kids with tickets to the games.

  20. He’s been a registered Republican for about 25 years. Before that, he gave about $6K total to three Democratic candidates.

  21. You’ve GOT to be kidding! You expect the NBA to punish someone for being sexist? Probably 90% of NBA players, coaches, employees and owners are sexist!!! Several of the men reportedly interested in buying Sterling’s team have domestic violence arrests in their background. That’s WAY worse than mere sexism. And stating that when you pay for sex you are not “with” the woman, not in a relationship with her, is only telling the truth. You are paying for sex, period. It is a business transaction. If he is paying his prostitute/mistress hundreds of thousands of dollars to pleasure him, and he doesn’t even mind if she also pleasures black men but simply doesn’t want her to be open about it so that he hears about it from his associates, that doesn’t sound like racism to me. It sounds like he knows his associates are racist in that way and he doesn’t want to hear their criticism.

  22. Sure. Worry about some 80 year old who has made dozens of blacks multi millionairs; given millions for charity and medical research but love men like Holder and Obama who asked a federal court, ….to permanently enjoin the State of Louisiana from awarding any school vouchers (‘vouchers’ or ‘scholarships’) to students attending school in districts operating under federal desegregation orders unless and until the state receives authorization from the appropriate federal court overseeing the applicable desegregation case…’ making it impossible for mostly blacks and people of color from putting their kids into schools of theier choices.

    Why do liberals still hate blacks?

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