Racist Double Down: Like Cliven Bundy LA Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Is a Republican


After getting burned by racist rancher Cliven Bundy, Fox News, the Tea Party, and others thought they had their gotcha moment when they claimed Clippers owner Donald Sterling was a Democrat. The problem is that he’s a Republican.

The right was still licking their wounds when they got busted for elevating Cliven Bundy to hero status when the Donald Sterling tape became national news.

Immediately, Matt Drudge claimed that Sterling was a Democrat:

The Tea Party News Network ran the headline, “Donald Sterling Is A Racist Democrat.” Fox News’ website Fox Nation claimed that Sterling is a Democratic donor, and above their headline featured an image of the Obama and Democratic Party logos. Yep, the right finally had their own Bundy equalizer. Their very own racist Democrat. See, both sides really do do it.

The problem is that Donald Sterling has been a registered Republican since 1998.

LA Times columnist Michael Hilzik tweeted:

Mother Jones followed up with a search of the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder’s website that confirmed that Sterling is a Republican.

The fact that Sterling is a Republican does not mean that all Republicans are racists. In fact, his political affiliation doesn’t change Sterling’s vile comments in the least.

What is on display once again is the mechanism through which millions of Americans are intentionally misinformed every single day. Republicans and their media were looking to get the stench of Bundy’s racism off of themselves, so they latched on to inaccurate story that Donald Sterling is a Democrat.

Fox News and others can’t be bothered with fact checking. All they cared about was finding a racist to pin on Democrats so that they could even the score.

For conservative media, facts are irrelevant. It’s all about finding a way to justify their own racism, and adoption of race based political tactics. Most of the conservatives who claimed that Sterling is a Democrat still have not corrected their articles, and the truth is that many of them probably won’t.

The point is to confuse and muddy the waters. If Republicans convince people that Democrats are racists too, their own racism doesn’t look so bad.

Instead of solving the problem, Fox News and the rest of right wing media made it worse, because Donald Sterling’s political affiliation is now an issue, and the Clippers owner now shares a spot with fellow Republicans Ted Nugent, George Zimmerman, and Cliven Bundy in the Republican Racist Hall of Shame.

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  1. Not all Republicans are racists, but most of them are intolerant bigots and racists of the worst kind.

  2. Hello Jason,

    The fact that Sterling is a registered republican means absolutely nothing. Michael Bloomberg is a registered republican and ran as a republican when he was really a democrat.
    We conservatives call someone such as Sterling a Rino! What have you said about Boehner, McConnell, McCain or Graham and the Chamber of Commerce who are in favor of Amnesty and Legalization of Illegal Aliens, eh?
    Democrats are in favor of Amnesty are not vilified, but republicans who are in favor of Amnesty are somehow not given credit for same.

    Back to Sterling. The NAACP gave him an award and was going to give him another, but changed its collective mind when confronted by its own hypocrisy.

    The man only gives to democrats. Rinos always do. Look at Karl Rove, Grover Norquist and others. They never give to Tea Party candidates, only Rinos!

    Rinos have much more in common with democrats than you give them credit for. In fact, they agree with nearly all of the democrat platform.


  3. Fox Noise intentionally lies. They lie and lie until they get busted. This has been this way since 2003 when the FCC rules on accuracy in reporting was weakened to the point where it’s become irrelevant.

    This is why Canada will not allow Fox News to be in Canadian cable packages as news. It’s not considered news by the government. It’s seen as entertainment.

    Canadians see the fox effect on the US. This is why there is such pushback towards vile racists here. When some Brantford asshole put out anti Sikh flyers it was immediately condemned by EVERYBODY. We don’t want this Fox poison seeping up here.

    This is why Fred Phelps got deported. This is why Randall Terry got deported.

  4. Someone please find Sterling’s donation history! The Tea-bag Snooze updated their post:

    UPDATE: Far-left site Mother Jones reports that Sterling is a “registered Republican.” However, according to campaign contribution records, Sterling has only given money to Democrat candidates and liberal causes. Additionally, Sterling has accepted several awards from liberal causes throughout the years. Therefore, one has to ask, if he is a “Republican,” then why would he only support Democrats?

  5. Like Drudge and FOX just making up whatever suits their political agenda, here you are, just making stuff up:

    “The man only gives to democrats. Rinos always do.”

    That is just another one of the lies that “you conservatives” throw out as a matter of knee jerk reactions to each of the never-ending stream of right wing, racist, misogynist, bigoted, old rich white men who think they are entitled to rule and whine about being victimized at the same time, while they are caught saying and doing the most hypocritical, immoral, and dishonest crap.

    And you trolls can’t wait to carry their water for them.

    Sterling is just one more old white republican bigoted jerk. And an adulterer, of course.

    Men like Sterling and Bundy are the mainstay of the GOP now. Them and their loyal trolls, like you, lying for the poor rich bigot.

  6. Wasn’t really relevant when folks labeled him as a Democrat, and it’s still not very significant now that he has been identified as a registered Republican … except that it will burst the bubble of smug conservative pundits who were all moist in the loins over the prospect of using Sterling as the poster child of left wing racism.

    Sterling’s political activism has been nominal at best, but his racist remarks and swift backlash by prominent minorities and progressive politicians will likely land him a spot on Hannity’s show with an opportunity to defend himself.

  7. Oh how we here your rhetorical yodeling man. Just keep it up. BTW–Suppose next up in your prose and discourse is to claim that Sarah baby is a Democrat too. Whew!!!

    “Waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists.”
    Sarah Palin

  8. Regardless of his political affiliations, he is a vile racist and a disgusting sexist who should have been dealt with long before his issues were publicized. Because he wasn’t,this has blown up in the NBA’s collective faces. Although racism and sexism have been publicly advertised by Republican politicians and others with stupid, off-the-wall remarks and destructive policies, there are some Democrats who are racists and sexists as well. I call them DINO’s (Democrats In Name Only).

  9. They’ve been spouting the “Librul” conspiracy theories since 5 minutes after the tape came out. Also labeling him a racist Democrat, which also has been proven to be a fraud.

  10. I am always amazed at the utter stupidity of Fox. My eight year can Google items from their broadcasts and find glaring lies. Why don’t they do ANY homework on issues?
    They could spend 20 minutes verifying something instead of looking like complete
    jalongs. I’m waiting for them to say Babe Ruth was the greatest shortstop ever.

    Fox makes the far-left wackos look like geniuses- it gives them credulibility.
    Where is Walter Cronkite when you need him?

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