Editorial Cartoon: KKKlippers

You know how bad it is when Rush Limbaugh *weighs in* on behalf of Donald Sterling. Viagra must make some of the old super-rich guys really stupid.


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  1. In the back window of my truck I have a small sign that reads, TEA+NRA+KKK=GOP. Some knuckle dragger in a FORD pickup yelled at me and tried to scare me off the road by turning into me. He followed me to my house and I calmly walked over and pulled out the garden hose, turned it up full as he continued to spew and then I turned the hose on him and soaked him and the interior of his truck as he struggled to roll up the window. He called the cops and they laughed at him, an officer who came to take my statement thought it was hilarious.

  2. Jwj. I’m ready to print them, that one was hand lettered but I recently made positive for a screen. I will be here for the foreseeable future so check in with me.

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