The Mainstream Media Finally Abandons Sarah Palin and Declares Her Over

No seriously, they really think that Sarah Palin is like George Washington
No seriously, they really think that Sarah Palin is like George Washington

The mainstream media is finally realizing that it is time to ignore Sarah Palin.

Robert Costa of The Washington Post reported on Palin’s decline:

Four years after using her unique position to propel a number of conservatives — many previously unknown and not favored by party leaders — in the tea party wave of 2010, Palin is today a diminished figure in the Republican Party. Even as she travels to Iowa and elsewhere to bolster her handpicked candidates, her influence in these midterm elections has been eclipsed by a new class of stars and her circle has narrowed, with a handful of aides guiding her and a few allies in Washington beyond a group of backbench troublemakers in Congress.

When Palin took the stage at the Hy-Vee Conference Center under a banner that read “Heels On, Gloves Off” on Sunday at an event for Senate candidate Joni Ernst, the ballroom was half-full, with a couple hundred attendees scattered in clumps. Three people held signs and, while Palin was received warmly, only about 50 people stayed after to shake her hand on the rope line as Shania Twain’s “She’s Not Just a Pretty Face” blared from the speakers.

Craig Robinson, a former political director for the Iowa GOP, said that it was Palin’s smallest in-state crowd ever. Organizers blamed the heavy rainfall.

To put it another way, the media has finally caught on to the myth of Sarah Palin. Sister Sarah has been surviving for years on the idea that she is a conservative star, but the reality is that people were tired of her during the 2008 campaign. Palin has seen her fanbase narrow for years. She isn’t active in politics. She doesn’t donate enough of the money that she raises to candidates, and she has no future political prospects of her own.

For years, the media has happily pretended that Sarah Palin was a star, and a rival to President Obama. Palin was always the novelty that Republicans claim President Obama to be. Palin has taken to making radical statements to get media attention. Her latest is that if she were in charge she would baptize terrorists through waterboarding.

Palin will always have her fans, but even they realize that there is no future in supporting Sarah. There is no Senate campaign, or a presidential run coming. Palin is still living off of those few months in 2008, when she was a national political somebody.

Sarah Palin is the one hit wonder who started out playing arenas, then moved down to the clubs, then moved further down to the county fair circuit. When you stop drawing a crowd on the county fair circuit, it’s over.

The media is finally catching on that it is time to ignore Sarah Palin.

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  1. Yes Mike she is still dangerous in a small way. But Scarah is like Herpes she wont be gone until the Reich Wing dies of a sever mental palsy.

  2. She’s still has a following, I’m afread, but sane people are wising up to her. She’ll still take her freak show to Fox “News” and the church-basement circuit.

  3. “You can accept the truth now or later, but you can’t run from it forever.”

    Maybe the media quit running and finally embraced reality?

  4. Two seconds after she was announced to the world I knew she wasn’t the one (just like the rest of gop clown show.) I thought her nomination was a cheap trick to counterbalance Senator Obama and to sweep up Hillary’s female votes. I was right. Cheap trick.

    btw the crowds you give her credit are events she hijacked because she can’t attract crowds like she did in 2009. Interloper.

    the insufferable witch won’t get a clue that her time is up. Clueless

  5. She brought herself back somewhat though. The crap she was slinging, equating waterboarding to Baptism of terrorists sits well with the right wing nut crowd.

  6. Apparently the NRA must still like her, or maybe they are behind her downfall, as she spoke at their convention this past weekend. At any rate, she is dumber than a box of rocks.

  7. Sarah “Let’s water board people and call it a religious experience” Palin was the perfect running mate for Mr. “Bomb, Bomb, Bomb … Bomb, Bomb Iran” McCain

  8. Oh Yeah. The press is ignoring Palin by publishing yet another story about her. I think they are addicted to her.

  9. I would love to think Palin will soon be gone but America is filled with ignorant, uneducated people who choose to vote Republican despite its obstructionist position, absolute HATE of women, voter rights, and the middle class. Don’t forget their love of the top 1% and its ability to buy elections thanks to the recent Supreme Court ruling.

  10. Exactly! There is some clown here in Lancaster who has had a picture of Scarah in one of the rear windows of his Ford (of course) van. In 2008 I put a Obama sticker over her face and this guy went ballistic even going so far as to put an article in the local paper offering a reward for info on who did it. I waited for a while as his anger built and then told him it was me to his face,well as usual he spewed sewer mouthed at me and pulled his gun. I laughed in his face and walked away and he continued to spew as away I drove. And he threatened me to other people and again I confronted him and he backed down because he had no gun this time.

  11. I made a point long ago of not clicking on links that mention Sarah Palin in the header – I sincerely could not care less about what she has to say about anything. I even went so far as to change the channel if her mug suddenly appeared on the TV screen. As VP candidate and as Govenor of Alaska we were forced to pay attention to her idiocy. Afterward, what for? I’m reading this today in the hope that this is finally the end of the media’s efforts to repeatedly revive this brain dead poutrage zombie.

  12. Sarah Palin represents the bias and ignorance that exists in our society.

    Her rhetoric is nonsensical. She paints such a negative image of women.

    The media needs to stop giving her any more time.

    Time to bury her.

  13. Sarah Palin represents the bias and ignorance that exists in our society.

    Her rhetoric is nonsensical. She paints such a negative image of women.

    The media needs to stop giving her any more time.

    Time to bury her.

  14. Your odd ‘of course’ comment about the car being a Ford is very peculiar. Why ‘of course’? I am very radical, and I always buy American made cars. Supporting US workers is NOT Palin’s thing at all, nor that of the Right. I go to the UAW web site to look for cars – bet this guy didn’t do that. Glad he DID buy a Ford though. He did ONE good thing.

    One of the problems we have as progressives is our dismissal of those who are ‘beneath’ us – blue collar people, farmers, etc. I hope that did not underpin your comment because if it did, I’d be shocked. Supporting US auto workers is exactly the opposite of the RWNJs’ politics, and I hope you’d be into that act of solidarity.

  15. The problem with the analysis in this article is that it explores Palin’s relevance in the MSM. Palin irks the progressives posing as objective journalists in the MSM because they cannot destroy her personally or her political impact, despite having tried incessantly since 2008. Because the MSM fails to provide adequate or objective coverage of Palin she simply does an end run around them via social media and her electric oratory e.g. CPAC, the NRA Houston conference this past weekend etc., where her speeches rock the audiences. The content of those speeches challenges progressive policy failures, domestically and internationally. Like Reagan, she is despised by progressives, by the MSM and by the RINO establishment R’s, but she resonates with ordinary Americans … that scares them witless.

  16. Guess who they’re ‘secretly’ talking about running for President?
    Nikki Haley! They think she’ll beat Hillary Clinton.

  17. The media should have sacked Palin years ago. She is a player, and although I fully despise the woman I must admit she is a good player. After all, she siphoned off over $14 MILLION from her fans. A charlatan in snake skin, she slithers along like the viper she is.

  18. Blaming the rain is a cheap excuse. I live in Des Moines. The weather was rainy but, very much passable. The weather was no different in West Des Moines as it was here in Des Moines. There were watches out that day for both tornado and severe thunderstorm but, nothing really happened other than a steady stream of rain. Iowans, even conservative Iowans, for the most part are smarter than to go gah gah for that folksy BS. It made me the most sick that she was wearing an ISU zipper hoodie that day that she probably picked out at Walmart to put on a show. As an ISU alum it makes me sick that she would use the logo for even a day to pick up brownie points for the hog castrating queen, Ernst. Money says she never wears it again and then picks out a Hawkeye hoodie for when she campaigns for someone just outside Iowa City. REDICULOUS!!!!!

    Hopefully that fake woman is done soon! Tina Fey… us true Cyclones are calling for your return!!!

  19. Here in Texas we got a one time wonder of Greg Abbott who sued the Federal government and his supporters chased away Tom Paulken because he stood up directly and the Abbott thugs made sure he got no one to donate to him.

  20. What did you Expect? The Media are SLOW learners.

    Just like the folks in Sarah Palin’s Audience.

    Village Idiot + Media Coverage = Well known Village Idiot.

  21. You are impossibly deluded. Every single thing you wrote about Snowbilly Grifter is a lie and incorrect. Every. Single. Thing.

    BTW, President Obama was a Senator from Illinois, not a governor.

    Snowbilly QUIT after 1/2 her term. NEVER VETTED.

  22. Well Churchlady because the Reich Wing always holds up Ford as an example of a corporation that has never had a government (bailout) and therefore American as all get out. Well!..these same IDIOTS do not realize because Fox news has not informed them that indeed Ford DOES get plenty of money from the government in the form of large contracts for Government vehicles. But in their silly minds they can’t grasp that FORD does NOT give them the vehicles out of kindness. Besides Fords are junk, and have you heard the motto “Ranger Danger”?

  23. Just once, just once, just once…..I would like to see a post by a female that is touting something besides Snowbilly Grifter’s feminine wiles……….an imbecile is an imbecile……nothing attractive about that ignorant witch whatsoever.

    Blue collar, maybe high school graduate, white males ages 35-50 are her fans.

  24. I noticed a little error in your equation.

    Village Idiot + Media Coverage = Well known NATIONAL Idiot.


  25. Really? Sister Sara except for closeted easily titillated conservative men and low or no information Republican’s for most people with an above 6th grade education is only a pitiful refuge from The Children’s Net Work show,” I’m Desperate to be a Celebrity and Rich”.

  26. But Sarah’s on the tee vee like Duck Dynasty! I saw the opening credits of her show. All stars & stripes, trying to appeal to “middle America”. She’s an anti-American hypocrite. Has contempt for the middle class & minorities like the rest of them. She treated the Native Americans in Alaska like dirt as governor. I read a book a while back on how she either ignored or vetoed all the issues & policies important to their tribes.

  27. Don’t count the wicked witch out, she is still taking in the big bucks…and not really spending on candidates. The IRS really should investigate her SuperPac…but, knowing history, it is only a dream.
    I wish I could believe this story….

  28. Hey Costa every month some fool writes one of these “Palin is washed up” articles and every time they are so wrong. you are all whistling in the dark terrified that Sarah is going to step out of the dark to tell you what you are. You and all but two of the posters here are suffering from severe mental problems. You all seem to prefer the coddling slavery of the progressives and are absolutely terrified of some one talking up liberty and personal responsibility. Those like you will never carry the day due to wanting to be taken care of while those of us who insist on being free will Win. Maybe following Governor Palin’s banner or that of another leader who despises the idea of being enslaved.

    Post it this time.

  29. *picks her jaw up off the ground then points and laughs* Bwahahahahahaha! The delusion is strong in this one. :D

  30. I agree, this Women has been irrelevant for a long time already. She still believes herself to be a VIP. a beauty, and person of importance. Poor thing! Can’t see what is being said of her and that my friends is an example being real stupid.

  31. She has nothing substantive to say, preferring to remain ignorantly uninformed for as long as she can get away with it. Belching out catch phrases to slavering rednecks is about as articulate as she can get and reflects the sum total of her capability.. And her integrity. The mainstream media is as guilty of using her as a prop as she is when using her developmentally disabled child as same, never asking her the hard questions but simply backing off to take pictures of her latest hairstyle or water bra. She’s been given far too much attention for way too long but as soon as that attention begins to wane, the woman who would be queen thrusts her dilapidated self into the limelight again. Her only ‘power’ is that attention, that adoration that equates to a dysfunctional love/hate relationship upon which she so greedily feeds. Take it away from her, let her fend for herself for a change, rather than attach herself parasitically to any thing or any one by whom she can profit.

  32. “Organizers blamed the heavy rainfall.”

    I would tromp through a blizzard and four feet of snow, barefoot with no coat, to see either of the Obamas, either of the Clintons, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and a host of other big Dem names, so this is just more of the same “blame someone/something else for our failure”, typical GOP response.

    I think she’s been *over* for a long time. She gets media attention because frankly, she is exactly like that horrible car wreck you’re passing that you simply can’t turn your head from. Pure entertainment value on this one, waiting for the next absurd drivel to spew forth.

    I remember back in summer/fall 2008, it was as if you could hardly wait to get home from work and turn on the news to see what new astoundingly stupid thing she said that day! We always knew there’d be something! Nothing’s changed there, just that it’s not so much on a daily basis now.

  33. She tried to turn her 15 minutes into 15 years, and has never done anything to warrant even the 15 minutes.
    About time the media got the message that she should be ignored, only 6 years too late.

  34. Are you bucking to be her speechwriter or are you just that thoroughly brainwashed by the tendrils of the right wing propaganda ministry who believe she is the second coming of Reagan?

  35. Mrs. Palin is by no means ugly. Give her what little she is due. Her ugliness is psychological. As with all of us as we age, what she is inside will eventually effect her surface appearance.

  36. You write fairly well, I’ll give you that, and I can see how, viewed from a certain point of view, one might believe what you say you believe, BUT on one point you are absolutely and unarguably incorrect.

    Reagan was never “despised” by any part of the main-stream media. He was fawned over and coddled and praised incessantly even by media that disagreed with his policies. That is how and why Reagan is still seen as a “nice man” despite the unremitting viciousness and cruelty of virtually every one of his policies. I offer as evidence that the main-stream media continues to protect Reagan’s reputation to this very day, the media’s on-going collusion in hiding from the public the unassailable fact that the Reagan administration was surely the most crime and graft ridden of any administration in US history.

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