To Nobody’s Surprise, Donald Trump Goes On Fox News And Defends Racist Donald Sterling

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On Monday morning, real estate mogul Donald Trump appeared on Fox & Friends and discussed the recent controversy over LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s racist comments. ‘The Donald,’ a buffoonish cartoon character who floated a Presidential run last election and recently bandied about a potential run for New York Governor, did criticize Sterling’s comments, calling them “horrible” and “disgusting.” However, he placed far more blame at the feet of Sterling’s girlfriend, V. Stiviano, claiming she set Sterling up and that she is a “terrible human being” and the “girlfriend from hell.”

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Politico:



As you can hear in the clip, Trump made the following statements:

“He got set up by a very, very bad girlfriend, let’s face it. She’s called the girlfriend from hell, but what he said was terrible and despicable and very strong action going to be taken. There’s no question about it. She’s a terrible human being and he gave horrible answers and disgusting answers.”

Trump also insinuated that not only did Stiviano setup Sterling, but that perhaps Sterling was not in the right mental state and that he may not be competent, essentially casting Sterling in a sympathetic light.

“I think he could be out of it, frankly, based on his actions. He could be pretty much out of it in terms of his whole mentality.”


It is shocking, SHOCKING, that an old, rich white guy with a history of racist and sexist behavior comes to the defense of another old, rich white guy with a history of racist and sexist behavior. And, if an old, rich, racist white guy needs a forum for which to defend his brethren, he need look no further than Fox & Friends. The morning show’s comfy couch-sitters Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade and Elisabeth Hasselbeck will always provide safe haven for white conservatives to say whatever they want, regardless of how offensive or idiotic the statements might seem to the non-wingnut crowd.

In the end, nobody really expects Trump to provide anything substantial in terms of opinion or insight. He is a caricature of himself at this point. Very few people take him seriously anymore. His potential political campaigns are seen as jokes. He is essentially the male equivalent of Sarah Palin now, somebody who is a total joke but doesn’t actually realize it. Yet, Fox still has him on again and again, treating him like he is somebody of great importance who can be engaged in serious discussions. That is Fox News in a nutshell, folks.

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  1. These wealthy, stupid men are always surprised when they’re taken down by the Bimbos they run with.
    This should be labeled the Tiger Woods Syndrome. Just remember Donald, when you lie down with dogs
    you get up with fleas……in your toupee

  2. This is as much misogyny as racism. For these old, old, rich white troglodytes a “girlfriend” means a stunningly beautiful, very young woman whom one essentially contracts with to behave/perform as one desires. Stiviano is a “bad” girlfriend because she was insufficiently deferential and obedient. She gave evidence of having both a life and a mind of her own, and that’s not part of the arrangement.

    If either Sterling or Trump were bereft of their wealth their appeal would evaporate instantaneously. Their self-conceit might suggest otherwise, but their pathological misogyny is too revealing.

  3. We’ve known for a long time that Donald Sterling is kind of a scumbag, but he’s been able to buy indulgences from senior factions of the Grievance-Industrial Complex, so he’s gotten away with it.

    In fact, if not for this tape, Sterling would have gotten a “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the LA chapter of the NAACP on May 15th.

  4. The NFL has a long memory and they wont forget that he led the charge to sue them when he was in the USFL

  5. The misogyny of old rich white men exposes their racism… people needs to be outraged just as much how Trump/Sterling talked to and about women as they are about how they talk to and about minorities!

  6. Exactly… I posted similar below before I read your comment. How that ass Sterling talked to her (no matter her motives for “dating” him)… he treated her as his property as he was trying to state how he “provided for” his minority pieces of property. Reprehensible!

  7. Oh sorry Donald, did Sterling’s house negro girlfriend offend you whitey’s by hanging out with other blacks? Choke yourself on KKK sheet you mentally diseased waste of life barbarian.

  8. Listen to the entire clip. Donald Sterling sounds like an old man having difficulty thinking clearly, but his extremely young “girlfriend” is putting all kinds of racist words in his mouth that he doesn’t actually say or mean. Time after time she is the one who makes the racist statements and he argues with her that he loves everyone. The man is in his eighties. He resents the fact that she is putting photos of herself with Magic Johnson on Instagram. He considers her to be his girlfriend and it appears to me that it is not about Magic Johnson being black. It is about her (from his over eighty year old perspective) flaunting her relationship with Magic. Also, she is recording this. It appears to me that she is setting him up. If I thought this man was guilty of anything significantly racist or sexist, I wouldn’t hesitate to say so. Perhaps it is time for this man to turn over ownership to someone else, but he shouldn’t do so in shame and humiliation.

  9. Well of course, The Donald is a racist REPUBLICAN!!!!!! Most Republicans seem to be racists. They flock with their own.

  10. I don’t know what tape you heard? She’s making the racist statements? WTH?

    Please detail where he says he “loves” everyone! Smh

  11. Steve Douchebag was blaming the girlfriend yesterday too. She illegally taped the conservation. FOX, so predictable.

  12. The problem is that there are more people watching Fox news in the morning than Charlie Rose or any other balanced program.

  13. Trump was talking about his bad girlfriend. THIS STIRLING IS MARRIED! Trump is such a hypocrite as is Fox for letting that go unrecognized.
    Those creepy posers – really.

  14. Sterling was definitely bated, into saying things I am sure by now that he probably regrets.

    HOWEVER – This was a private conversation with an very Sick Little GOLD DIGGER.

    As far as I can see, he broke NO LAWS, where as She Did. And every news agency that played that private taped message.

    So, If you can tell me what law or laws he broke, then we can discuss what legal actions that should have taken place.

    It is not against the law to say stupid things, or our entire current administration should be up on charges.

    Anna above, who suggest that most Republicans are Racist, while the guy who you are all talking about is a Democrat. She should probably go to jail for life for making such a hateful remark.

    Basically I think he was just jealous of Magic, and he said some hateful things to girl he pays for tricks.

    I am not defending the things he said, but they are his own private thought and should be treated as such. Not as a National Tragedy.

    Sticks and Stones pe…

  15. Although, I don’t condoned how Donald Sterlings’ true colors (his racist behind) came about but it came out. To me, it sounds like Donald Trump has a lot in common as Sterlings even if his hasn’t officially come out, although he did angrily and deliberately went after Obama. People needs to be wary of these uncover prejudice individuals especially well-known high status individuals. Just like Mike Jeffries stop giving these guys your money!

  16. Sterling knew the conversations we’re being recorded, in fact HE REQUESTED IT! He wanted his conversations recorded because he couldn’t always remember what he said.

    As for the Golddigger… If you play with fire…

  17. Jeff, the legality of taping a conversation without the others knowledge is legal in some states and illegal in others.

    Also, the claim that Sterling is a Democrat has been debunked, he has been a registered Republican since 1998.

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