Rush Limbaugh Claims Donald Sterling Would Be In The Clear If He Gave Money To Obama



Early on in his Monday radio broadcast, conservative blowhard Rush Limbaugh brought up the ongoing controversy surrounding Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. Limbaugh claimed that Sterling is a “big Democrat” and that the only reason this is all a big deal is because “he did not give enough money to Obama.” The radio host also pointed out that he’s always known that Sterling was a racist and that any outrage displayed by major media outlets regarding Sterling’s comments is phony. Limbaugh’s major focus, though, was that Sterling is a lifelong Democrat and that his racist behavior is indicative of liberals and members of the Democratic Party.

Below is audio from Rush’s show courtesy of Media Matters:



First off, as soon as Sterling’s comments were made public, conservative media tried to set the narrative that Sterling is a big-time Democratic supporter who has donated large amounts of money to Democratic candidates. All of the usual candidates came out of the woodwork — National Review, The Daily Caller, Fox Nation, NewsBusters, Matt Drudge – so it only made sense that by the time Rush hit the air Monday, he’d sing the same tune. The only problem is that it really isn’t true.

Yes, Sterling, in the past, has donated money to Democratic candidates. However, besides a contribution to former Democratic California Governor Gray Davis in 2002, Sterling hasn’t made a  significant contribution to a Democrat in over 20 years. On top of that, since 1998, he has been registered as a Republican. Therefore, the conservative dream scenario where they got to flip racism on its head and call Democrats and liberals hypocrites for supporting a well-known and repugnant racist has blown up in their faces

Earlier Monday morning, we had a situation where cartoon character Donald Trump went on Fox News and basically defended Sterling and blamed everything on the “girlfriend from hell.” Now, later in the day, ‘Voice of the Republican Party’ Rush Limbaugh makes sure to somehow tie President Obama to all of this. Basically, his take on the situation is that Sterling is a big time Democratic donor. However, because he didn’t give much money to Barack Obama’s election efforts, the Democrats were willing to toss him in front of the bus and let him be exposed. Or something like that. Heck, this is Limbaugh’s version of reality we’re talking about.


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