Big Money Republicans Secretly Prefer Hillary Clinton Over Rand Paul or Ted Cruz

Hillary Clinton

The Republican coastal elite are secretly hoping for Hillary over some of the “wacko bird” offerings from their own party.

Some big money Republican backers aren’t suicidal, and this means that they fear Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. They’d rather back Hillary Clinton than some of the fringe 2016 GOP hopefuls, according to interviews and reporting by Ben White and Maggie Haberman of Politico. Wall Street’s Worst Nightmare? “It’s Rand Paul or Ted Cruz versus someone like Elizabeth Warren that would be everybody’s worst nightmare.”

“The darkest secret in the big money world of the Republican coastal elite is that the most palatable alternative to a nominee such as Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas or Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky would be Clinton,” Politico reveals.

“If it turns out to be Jeb versus Hillary we would love that and either outcome would be fine,” one top Republican-leaning Wall Street lawyer said over lunch in midtown Manhattan last week. “We could live with either one. Jeb versus Joe Biden would also be fine. It’s Rand Paul or Ted Cruz versus someone like Elizabeth Warren that would be everybody’s worst nightmare.”

It’s disconcerting that these allegedly brilliant CEOs can’t tell the difference between the three named Senators: Only one of these Senators would actually do anything about Wall Street abuses, the other two would stomp around a lot, preaching and blustering, maybe destroying the economy as collateral damage for their Big Show, but actually get some policy change implemented? Please. They are friendless in D.C. among their own party, let alone across the aisle.

Reportedly, these Republicans won’t say that they prefer Hillary to the wacko birds publicly, because of “blowback” from party officials. (Maybe those party officials ought to blowback on the inmates they let out in Congress instead of on the people who insist on a semblance of sanity as a prerequisite. Rampant denial and enabling are crippling the GOP.)

If Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney don’t run (yes, you might want to sit down for this, he’s making noise about rescuing the party/taking “his turn” again), 2016 will be the year that “fringe” officially becomes the new “mainstream” for the Republican Party. If they don’t go fringe, they are stuck with two damaged brands – a Bush and a Romney, both of whom the establishment loves, but actual voters not so much.

The phenomenon of the money boys running from the wacko birds is a direct fallout of the very public and very loud temper tantrums of the Tea Party right. Sure, that kind of rhetoric is all fine and dandy from someone who will never have power, like Sarah Palin, but when someone like Ted Cruz pulls a Palin and shuts down the government to stomp his feet for the Tea Party base, who like nothing more than a juvenile show of rebellion against Mom and Dad (the grown ups in government), the financial sector gets nervous.

Ted Cruz should not be surprised to find that he’s driven big party donors to Hillary Clinton.

The Politico writers cite Wall Street not digging Rand Paul’s populist comments about them directly, but let’s hope it didn’t take that for them to recognize someone who is not fit to run the country. Perhaps Paul’s hanging out with the “Southern Avenger” and his campaign aide stomping on a woman’s neck at a rally should provide some hesitancy to thinking people. No, not because I expect Wall Streeters to care about humanity over their own profit, but rather because crazy fringe to this degree will not get you steady and calm. Crazy fringe is not good for the market.

Rand Paul said those cool things blaming Wall Street for being greedy pigs because he knows his brand skews young. But he clearly didn’t mean them, because he’s been chasing after the money boys like a scolded puppy ever since.

“The bulk of the big money guys are either Big Boy (Chris Christie) or Jeb,” a top GOP donor told Politico. “Rand Paul still is a grass-roots phenom and a boardroom horror show.”

Guess they haven’t heard that they can also have Mr. 47% of the Cayman Island Money Stash. Big Boy, Bush the latter, or Mr. Contempt are the choices for the elite. If they can’t have these guys, they’re stuck with wacko birds like Rand Paul who won a straw poll in Maine, after also winning the CPAC straw poll.

No wonder Hillary is looking good to some Republicans.

So far, Hillary is threatening Republicans in red states, with white voters, and now with Wall Street. With Hillary Clinton as the Democratic candidate, who’s left in the Republican Party other than the Tea Party?

14 Replies to “Big Money Republicans Secretly Prefer Hillary Clinton Over Rand Paul or Ted Cruz”

    EPI..ORG AND CBPP.ORG do an outstanding work informing the public
    on Inequality but we need fewer Rich persons making decisions in Congress.
    We can get a semblance of Equality when Congress increases the tax on Estates and the Rich.
    The $10.10 Minimum Wage will help yet a $15 Minimum Wage will transfer hundreds of billions into the pockets of spenders instead of investing in Casino Derivative of America. It is time to vote your little pocket book. Clarence swinney

  2. Well, if they meant it in the same way I meant it a couple of years ago when I said I thought a Huntsman presidency would be the only GOP presidency the nation could survive, fine. If they’re *too* damned happy with Hillary Clinton, frankly, that leaves me squamish (nota bene: I spent ten years of my childhood in the same damned town she did).

  3. Wall Street’s Worst Nightmare? “It’s Rand Paul or Ted Cruz versus someone like Elizabeth Warren that would be everybody’s worst nightmare.” — THAT STATEMENT SHOULD TELL YOU VOLUMES. The entire Left vs Right paradigm is a fraud. BIG MONEY funds & controls both sides of the isle.

  4. That is SUCH an oversimplification it does not help. Take a good, hard look at this carefully researched article:

    This knee jerk ‘they’re both the same’ is simply NOT true. However, it well might be for Hillary which is where I see her as a major setback for progressives. She has always been far more comfy with the power elite in Wall Street than Biden (poorest member of Congress) and Obama. The faulty analysis comes from not having a clue that listening to Wall Street and HEEDING Wall Street are two very different things. Pay attention to details – they matter.

  5. If this were a democrat primary and these Wall St special interest types were backing Hillary over say Obama, you can guarantee it would be held AGAINST Hillary by most democrats. In a primary democrats are principled against corporatism and being in bed with Wall St.

    But because it’s Hillary against a Republican, all the lefties are all for Wall Street’s backing. Hypocrites the lot of them. The democrat party is the party of special interest pandering wrapped in a veil of caring.

    Wall St decides their vote not based on what’s best for America or what’s best for the economy as a whole. They vote for what’s best for their corporation.. whichever candidate will dole out the legislation in their favour, the corporate welfare, the contracts, the FED QE. The Hillarys in other words.

    What’s best for the economy is a president willing to turn off the faucet of FED money, TARP, special legislation and contracts to Wall St.. a president for the SMEs and for the people.

  6. Yeah, corporate welfare is important whether it continues to come from a Republican or Democrat. Big prisons and military interventions are where it’s at. No wonder Rand scares the crap out of them.

  7. Great slice-and-dice of who supports whom.

    On the other hand, despite relatively paltry donations from Wall Street, the Obama administration has been very friendly toward them, with bailouts, slack oversight, lack of prosecutions.

    If the rich fat-cats who used to support Romney now say they would prefer to support Hillary instead of Rand Paul, what does that say about Hillary? Is she the new Romney for the rich? What does that say about Rand Paul? That he is the new grass roots?

    Who are we supposed to be cheering in this scenario?

  8. Hillary represents a stable business environment, one where owners can plan to invest in their business, plan for expansion, and expect a profit, because they know what to expect in a stable business environment.

    The other guys are unstable, erratic, indiscriminantely cutting programs and government spending, failing to deal with immigration, failing to reform taxes, and their attempts to not increase the debit ceiling scare the business community. When you don’t know what to expect, you can’t plan. It is undesirable to invest money, time in an unstable economy.

  9. Oversimplification? Really? It doesn’t matter which side is occupying the Oval Office, the fundamentals never change……The Banksters & the Mega-Corporations run this country. The FED-chair still keeps a fat-finger pressed on the Print Button devaluing the dollar, Wall Street gambles on dodgy sub-Prime Mortgages & Credit Default Swaps tanks the whole economy & then gets QE to infinity and bailouts, US imperialism marches on across the globe. US drones bombing and US contractors & crony-corporations pillaging brown & black people. The “War” for Oil & The “War” for Opium. It goes on & on.

  10. The best candidate for business the GOP has is Jon Huntsman. He currently serves on the boards of Ford, Caterpillar, Chevron and the U.S. Naval Academy Foundation.

    As governor, he tripled Utah’s rainy day fund and brought unemployment rates to historic lows. During his tenure, Utah was named the best managed state in America and best state in which to do business. This led to his 77% reelection.

    His overseas experience also gives him an unparalleled international business perspective and could help the US tap into the enormous potential for expanding business opportunities into Asia in particular.

  11. All the big money Republicans (aka Corporatist) that supported CFR member G.W.Bush & Darth Cheney, also support CFR member Hilary Clinton? Well ducking fuh… How is this news?

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