Bogus ‘Moderate’ Susan Collins Plans to Vote Down Min Wage Increase


Striking a blow against low-wage American workers, Maine’s GOP Senator Susan Collins signaled her opposition to a plan to raise the nation’s minimum wage to 10.10 an hour, likely dooming the bills chances of  reaching a vote in the U.S Senate. Although the bill has the expected support of almost every Senate Democrat (52 out of 53 with Mark Pryor of Arkansas being the one possible exception) and both Senate Independents (Maine’s Angus King and Vermont’s Bernie Sanders) it lacks any Republican support. Bob Corker (R) of Tennessee is the only Senate Republican who plans to allow the bill to come up for a vote, although he intends to ultimately vote down the measure.

Collins, who the media is fond of describing as a “moderate” Senator, has aligned herself with right-wing opposition to a pay raise for America’s low wage workers. The Harkin bill that she opposes would raise the minimum wage in steps to a modest 10.10 an hour by 2016. The bill also would boost the minimum wage for tipped employees from a paltry 2.13 an hour to a more substantial 7.07 hourly rate by 2016.

Collins’ choice to side with the right-wing of the Republican Party further illustrates the complete collapse of the centrist wing of the GOP over the past decade. New England moderates once held several seats in the Senate, and could sometimes be counted on to vote for legislation that helped working class Americans. Collins herself has voted for some minimum wage increases in the past, but increasingly she has abandoned any pretense of moderation, choosing instead to vote the party line and stick it to the American worker.

The moderate label should no longer be applied to the right-wing Senator from Maine. In addition, voters of Maine who have consistently given Collins the benefit of the doubt in the past, should seek to replace her with a Senator who will work towards giving the underpaid workers of the nation a pay raise. Maine voters seeking change should look to remove Collins from office in November and to replace her with Democrat Shanna Bellows, a candidate who they can count on to represent the interest of hardworking Americans in the Senate.

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  2. How far do these idiots think the dollar will stretch? Take away their big paychecks and let them live on minimum wage for 6 months and than see how they like trying to juggle all the bills and needing to eat. Pure and simple greed, as everything , and I mean everything keeps going up except for wages.

  3. When the money supply is inflated, prices move up more quickly than wages, screwing the workers. During deflation, prices move down more quickly than wages, benefiting the workers.

    Due to Federal Reserve policy, we are living in inflationary times. Official policy is to depress the REAL wages of workers by stealing the value out of their wages through inflation. New money from the Fed, working its’ way through the economy, causes prices to go up. The rich get the new money first, via bank loans and/or QE. They get to buy before prices go up. But by the time that money has worked its’ way down to the minimum wage worker, prices have gone up and reduced the value of his wages. In effect, the worker gets a pay cut. Because the money filters through the economy unevenly over time, one can’t mandate a single minimum wage structure without making some people farthest from the new money unemployable.

    Fix the money and you’ll fix wages. End the Fed fraud.

  4. As a resident of Maine and a registered Democrat I have been scratching my head since the mid nineties over my states infatuation with this corporate pro war “conservative” senator. What absolutely drives me insane is how she gets forty percent of the registered democratic vote in Maine every six frigging years. Susan Collins receives sixty plus percent of the vote for gods sake. In a blue state this pisses me off. This seat would have been primed to keep the democratic senate were she to retire(which she explained long ago she would). Which democrat in the south gets sixty percent of the vote in a red state?

  5. The Japan model of the past twenty years goes against everything you claimed. Deflation suppresses wages across the board. As for the fed they have done nothing except depress the US Dollar since 1913. Check out the US Dollar index since the federal reserves inception. Not pretty!

  6. This comes as no surprise.

    It’s the typical way that Susan votes — along party lines. I know, I live in Maine and keep on watch! Last year she visited a veterans home, thanked and commended them as greeting cards were signed for our service men and women by those present.

    There was a Senate vote for veteran benefits a few months later and she voted “NO”!

    Susan has voted along Party lines at least 75% while supposedly “representing” the people of Maine.

  7. She has never shown herself to be a “moderate” Republican. She has voted with the minority on everything since President Obama was elected. Remember all of those times when it was thought that the two New England women GOP senators would vote with the Democrats and then they didn’t? I gave up on her years ago.

  8. You and me both Beaglmom, when ever Collins was talked about as being a moderate (rethug), in the pit of my stomach there was always a feeling of something here, is wrong.

  9. There is no such animal as a moderate republican. They have lying to your face while looking you in the eye down to a science because they have lost any semblance of any moral compass.

  10. I am mad at the Dims of Maine for voting in this Progressive Puck and dissing the Republican Flag every six years!

  11. During a deflation, everything gets depressed, but prices go down more quickly than wages. Why? Because it is quick and easy to change the price on a product, but there is much more resistance to reducing wages. Over time both will decline, but prices will lead the way. I cannot quote numbers from Japan in particular, though I will look into it. We know from recessions and depressions in the U.S. that prices lead wages.

    You comment about the Federal Reserve depressing the dollar has me a bit confused. The value of the dollar has declined due to massive money printing and credit expansion. In that sense its’ value is “depressed.” If that is what you are saying, then you and I are in agreement.

  12. Wake up Maine! …and North Carolina, and Pennsylvania, and Ohio, and Florida, and Michigan and ….

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