GOP Hypocrites Busted For Trying to Add $310 Billion to the Deficit Via Tax Breaks

sandy levin

The next time a Republican even comes near climbing aboard the deficit cross, you have permission to laugh in their face. The party of paying for things has proposed $310 billion in permanent, unpaid for tax provisions today.

The party of austerity for children, veterans, the elderly, and the sick claimed they were only cutting people off in order to be “Responsible with the Deficit”. This is the same deficit that they told us didn’t matter when they were in charge, but after they fled responsibility in the wake of the 2008 crash as a Democratic President took office to clean up their mess, suddenly the deficit was all Republicans could think about. So sorry about your starving baby, but the DEFICIT.

The DEFICIT is the number one priority, they somberly and relentlessly intoned any time they got near a microphone.

And yet today, Republicans proposed tax provisions without offsets that Ranking Member Sander Levin (D-MI) points out would add “a combined $310 billion to the deficit,” which “represents more than half of the entire federal deficit this year.”

Watch here:

In an opening statement on the Markup of Selected Expired Tax Provisions, Sandy Levin busted Republicans for seeking to irresponsibly add $310 billion to the deficit in order to pass tax provisions that they are providing no offsets for. Now remember, they wouldn’t pass long term unemployment benefits without offsets.

Everything must be paid for, they’ve lectured from on high, whenever Democrats have tried to ease the suffering of the working people. However, even when they got the offsets provided by a bipartisan Senate bill, they still balked. This inaction suggested once again that it wasn’t really about the deficit at all, and today the proof of that suggestion was served.

Levin noted that there are merits to the tax provisions being proposed, “But the manner in which Republicans are proceeding – selecting six of the approximately 60 tax provisions that expired last year to make permanent, without any offsets – is both fiscally irresponsible and fundamentally hypocritical. And its implications are deeply troublesome.”

How troublesome? Oh, gee: “The Joint Committee on Taxation has estimated that the bills, without an offset, would add a combined $310 billion to the deficit. To put that figure into context, that total represents more than half of the entire federal deficit this year – which I should note is the lowest it has been since President Obama took office.”


Republicans are trying to do exactly what got us into this mess, with unpaid for tax credits and give aways, after years of taking from the poor and the vulnerable in order to pay for their last go at Daddy’s credit card.

Levin was not impressed as he noted this is five times more than we spend on veterans, “The total represents nearly two-thirds of all non-defense domestic discretionary spending in 2014. It is more than three times what we spend annually on education, job training and social services. It is five times more than we spend on veterans. And it is five times more than we spend on medical research and public health.”

“To say that Republican action today is hypocritical is a serious understatement,” Levin charged. He backed this up with a reminder of how some Americas are losing everything because Republicans still won’t act on long term unemployment. He read a heartbreaking letter from a Real American, to no avail.

Levin laid out the hypocrisy, “Mr. Chairman, it wasn’t long ago that you declared that “the path to our economic recovery starts with fiscal responsibility in Washington.’ This approach today flies smack in the face of fiscal responsibility. Fiscal responsibility should not simply be a slogan.”

But of course it is nothing but a slogan. Republicans are the people who drove the deficit up sky high with drunken frat boy charges on Daddy’s card — wars, Medicare Part D, tax cuts, oh my! Nothing needed to be paid for because deficits didn’t matter, then V.P. Dick Cheney smugly tittered when asked.

But when the bills came in, the Republicans wasted no time blaming the American people for them, and promptly began removing the very social safety nets that were put into place in order to buffer bad times like the crash of 2008 brought upon the vulnerable.

Now Republicans want to charge a bunch more on the credit card. $310 billion. Just half the deficit for the entire year. No worries! Of course, Levin points out that in their rush to service certain privileged few, “Left to an uncertain fate are provisions like the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, the American Opportunity Tax Credit, the New Markets Tax Credit and the renewable energy tax credits, as well as the long-range status of the EITC and the Child Tax Credit.”

If the Ways and Means Committee passes the proposals, they’ll move on to the GOP led House floor, where they’ll be called anything other than what they are. Think Keystone Pipeline as “Jobs Bill” and you’ll get the picture.

16 Replies to “GOP Hypocrites Busted For Trying to Add $310 Billion to the Deficit Via Tax Breaks”

  1. Pointing out GOP hypocrisy is like pointing out that water is wet. We all know it, yet it still needs to be said to the person about to drown themselves.

  2. They will of course try to blame this on Obama or his administration or the ACA. “We have to give the Corporations who you know are the job creators these tax breaks to offset the damage done by the failed Obama care fiasco”. But we know the truth, it’s only greed for greed’s sake.

  3. The Republicans call this the “Markup of Permanent Tax Policies for America’s Job Creators and Legislation to Prevent and Address Sex Trafficking of Youth in Foster Care”.
    Let’s team “job creators” with “sex trafficking”. A sure winner! (snark).

    From what I can gather, these are the provisions, as obscure as a foggy highway:
    -To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to permanently extend the subpart F exemption for active financing income.
    -To amend (IRS code) to simplify and make permanent the research credit.
    -To amend (IRS code) to make permanent the reduced recognition period for built-in gains of S corporations.
    -To amend (IRS code) to make permanent certain rules regarding basis adjustments to stock of S corporations making charitable contributions of property.
    -To amend (IRS code)to permanently extend increased expensing limitations, and for other purposes.
    -To amend (IRS code)to make permanent look-through treatment of payments between related controlled…

  4. They don’t care that millions of SNAP recipients are losing 2/3 of their benefits right now but hey those rich bitches need their tax cuts…..

  5. I hope there is a special place in Hell for all these Republican politicians who are the worst kind of hypocrites. They are the lap dogs of the 1% and whores for the big corporate interests. They have no compassion and no conscience- yet they cloak themselves in their own warped version of Christianity. They blame Obama and the rest of the Democrats for all the egregious sins of the Tea-GOP. I think most of them are way beyond redemption.

  6. Why does anyone but the 1% vote Republican? This won’t be covered on any of the our MSM but if it was Americans could see what incompetent hypocrites they are.

  7. Please go to and oppose the following bills that support Tax Breaks for Corporations. This is the message you may use.
    We the people of the United States opposes permanently legalizing $360 Billion in Tax Breaks for Corporations under the following legislation HR 4429, HR 4438, HR 4453, HR 4454, HR 4457, & HR 4464. 82% of the voting population want our elected officials to close the tax loopholes and reinvest the money into Americans and America. These tax breaks totaling $310 Billion of our tax dollars is just wrong, deceitful, unconstitutional, and illegal. Should anyone vote for these bills they will be held accountable for blatant misuse of the people’s tax funds.
    4-25-14: Lawmakers Will Move Tuesday to Approve Hundreds of Billions in Business Tax Breaks — and Still No Help for the Unemployed

  8. People, please. You know what we have to do. Even if it’s inconvenient, means taking LWOP, making astronomically complicated arrangements with carpool or sitter or whatever —- V O T E !!!!!!!!!

  9. What is the worst that could happen to the average American if the ‘economy’ collapsed? Could it be any worse?

  10. Gop/teabircher gameplan:
    1. Blowup economy
    2. Block any attempt by Obama to fix it
    3. Blame Obama for poor economy & recovery

  11. I continue to find it quite perplexing that so many conservative politicians who purport to have business/fiscal savvy insist that the national deficit is solely the result of excessive spending, and that huge tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy and gaping corporate tax loopholes are irrelevant to this issue.

    Reality check — The federal tax burden of the average American taxpayer is currently significantly lower than it was during the latter half of the 20th century. In addition, many corporations do not pay their fair share of taxes due to gaping loopholes that their well-paid tax attorneys are only too happy to exploit.

    The net effect has been a dramatic decrease in federal revenue, which has made a significant contribution to the current federal deficit and rising national debt. And yet, Republicans insist that additional tax cuts for corporations and the wealthiest Americans will somehow help to improve the national economy reduce the federal deficit.

  12. Attempting to reduce the deficit (let alone balance the budget) without increasing federal revenues is banal, frequently regurgitated conservative talking point that virtually every established economist has denounced as pure ideological nonsense.

    It’s not about whether or not to generate additional tax revenue. It’s all about which subset of Americans can provide the extra revenue with the least detrimental impact on their essential needs.

  13. you ask how can anyone but the 1% vote GOP.

    well the answer is just to stupid that most people refuse to accept the reality of it.

    the answer is that we ALLOW the Mentally Ill to
    vote !

    Allowing those of diminished mental capacity to have a voice in the Nation is what has caused this problem and it will not go away because these folks are NEVER going to get better.

    To expect the Irrational to suddenly become Rational because its time for them to make a decision is exactly as deluded as it sounds.

    Political Correctness has been the downfall of our Nation, as its being politically incorrect to call a moron a moron, exactly how do you expect to keep morons out of our Political Offices ?

    Stupidity is a DISEASE and needs to be treated as such before the entire Nation is Infected !

  14. Not everybody will be aware of what the Republicans have done today — giving more and more to the top 1% and big business, while making certain the vulnerable have no future. It is up to us to post this wherever we have accounts so that people who are unaware of this occurrence can grasp how important are the mid-term elections. We must educate, educate, educate, so that people know that they can be complicit in the destruction of this country or they can help to save it. Let go your party labels in exchange for promoting sensible, sane and Christian principles. If your party doesn’t work for you, then don’t vote for it!

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