Conservatives Now Making Claims That Racist Donald Sterling Was Set Up By Magic Johnson



On Tuesday, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver banned Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life from the league. This was in response to racist comments made by Sterling that were caught on tape by his then-girlfriend, V. Stiviano. Sterling is not allowed to have any association with the team or the league, and it is widely expected that the league’s Board of Governors will force Sterling to sell his interest in the franchise he’s owned since 1981.

Around the league and the country, the lifetime suspension was met with relief and a certain sense of gratification, as Sterling’s long history of racism and discrimination was finally punished. However, there are a few conservative voices that have popped up that feel that Sterling got a raw deal or that he was even set up by others. Prior to the NBA announcing Sterling’s punishment, both Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh essentially defended Sterling. After the suspension was handed down, we saw not only Limbaugh jump into conspiracy theory territory, but other prominent right-wing voices.

From The Rush Limbaugh Show on Tuesday:


RUSH:  All right.  Well, this is a fascinating theory.  This is a fascinating theory.  And, Neil, I’m glad that you held on through the break so I could dig deep, explore further.  I really… You know, you got it.  I really appreciate that you’re in the audience, and I’m taking under close advisement your requests that I don’t cross the line so I stay here and entertain you every day, and not give them a chance to take me out.

I appreciate that.  I really do.  But you’re on a tear. This is fascinating.  So here. Let me sum up Neil’s theory.  Sterling’s 81 and has dementia. By the actuarial tables, he’s gonna die sooner than later. The NAALCP and all the charities have gotten as much money out of the guy as you’re gonna get. They bled him dry. He’s had to pay for all of his past transgressions.

He’s paid up. He’s donated here and he’s donated there to cover things up, and now it’s time to get his team.  So they get this groupie to go in there and become his sugar baby.  She’s got this tape recorder, and her story is that he asked her to tape him because his memory’s failing and he thinks he says brilliant things and he wants to be able to remember ’em.

In truth, the whole thing is a setup ’cause this is a groupie. This babe knows all kinds of athletes. She hangs around with Dodgers players.  She’s in a picture with Magic Johnson.  That’s what ticked the guy off, don’t forget.  That’s what ticked-him off: She’s in a picture with Magic.  So now they bled the stone dry. He’s donated as much as they’re gonna get. They want to get the team before he can bequeath it to his family, and he’s being set up.


Jumping on board the ‘Sterling was set up so Magic Johnson could buy the team’ theory was Patrick Howley of The Daily Caller:


Now, in case anybody thought he was a ‘defender’ of Sterling, Howley made sure to say that the NBA did the right thing, but that he was merely ‘asking questions’ about Magic’s involvement:  


Besides some conservatives buying into the Sterling trutherism, we had others who utilized the decision to do some accusations of ‘double standards’ and perform some good ol’ race-baiting.



Translation: The NBA is going to look past NBA players’ transgressions because they are black and everyone has to kowtow to black people now in Obama’s America.

The narrative here from conservatives appears to be that you just can’t trust black people. Basically, blacks are out to screw over the white man anyway they can. In this instance, they are trying to use this story that a black man (Magic Johnson) took advantage of an old, possibly mentally-feeble white man (Donald Sterling) in order for the black man to get his hands on the white man’s property. Per the narrative, the white man has no chance when accused of racism and the black man will be able to sneak in and take what he wants.

23 Replies to “Conservatives Now Making Claims That Racist Donald Sterling Was Set Up By Magic Johnson”

  1. Before I read that Magic denied wanting to buy the team, this conspiracy theme popped up in my cynical mind. The thought of a black man finding a way to exact some poetic justice by using commendably ruthless tactics to swoop a great team away, well, it made me cheer. I felt a little bad smearing someone I don’t know (MJ) with possible deviousness, but only for a minute. What comes around goes around, and Sterling got the smack down that was coming for him. However it came about, I’m glad.

  2. We knew this was coming. If he didn’t want to look like a racist piece of shit, he should have kept his racist mouth shut. No one baited him into saying that shit.

  3. A decades long in the making set-up? REALLY?????????

    Well you did say conservatives, so I’m not gonna bother trying to understand what the hell they’re talking about…

  4. Conservatives Now Making Claims That Racist Donald Sterling Was Setup By Magic Johnson.
    I seriously don’t think someone can make you say things you really mean!

  5. A set-up? Really, guys?

    Sterling himself admitted it was his voice on the recording, so that pretty much put the nail in his coffin. No set-up, no drama… just a clear slam dunk on the part of Commissioner Silver.

  6. When you’ve GOT ABSOLUTELY NOTHING why does the TEA/GOP always go for the conspiratorial I’m the victim here strategy. WHY can’t you man/woman up and just admit you’re wrong?

  7. Again with you people who don’t know what you are talking about. Listening to fat bastard will get you no where in life. So sit down kid and STFU

  8. Even if he was “tricked”, whom but a racist would say those horrible things to this woman he cares about? Who would say such outrageously RACIST things? A racist. That’s who would say them. Blaming someone else because he got caught voicing his bigoted opinion is like blaming the victim because their skirt is toooo short.

  9. I didn’t think the conspiracy stuff was valid until I read about all the past news stories on Sterling’s Racist comments/quotes.!HQbBS

    It seems his behavior was ignored for years by the league and everyone else that has popped out of the woodwork on this latest racist comment. Kinda fishy, huh? Where was the outrage years ago? Why was the NAACP going to give this guy an award given his racist past?

    So there is some credence to this story even if it is coming from conservatives. No?

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