Enraged Viewers Flee As MSNBC Plunges to Lowest Ratings Since 2007


MSNBC has screwed things up so badly with their viewers that the network now has its lowest ratings since October 2007.

According to TVNewser:

Compared to the same month last year, MSNBC was down -12% in total viewers and -19% in A25-54 viewers in total day. In primetime, the network was down -10% and -26%, respectively.

“Morning Joe” slipped to third among the cable news morning shows in April, delivering its lowest-rated month in total viewers since December 2009.

All three of MSNBC’s primetime shows were down across the board compared to April 2013: “All In with Chris Hayes” was down -7% in total viewers and -27% in the demo, “The Rachel Maddow Show” was down -4% in total viewers and -32% in the demo, and “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell” was down -19% and -33%, respectively.

MSNBC has several problems. The decline of Morning Joe was predictable, as many regular viewers of the network find Scarborough’s unabashed support of the Republican Party intolerable. Once CNN put together a watchable morning show, it was logical that the “Scarborough hostages” who felt like they had nowhere else to go would change the channel.

The Lean Forward network can’t claim to be wonky and liberal, and also feature an early morning block (Morning Joe and The Daily Rundown) that is sympathetic to Republicans. That’s just bad branding, and even worse programming.

MSNBC decided that they were going to be “liberal and nerdy,” as Michael Smerconish put it, without asking their viewers.

Liberal and nerdy has been an absolute debacle. It turns out that the only liberal nerd that viewers want to watch on MSNBC is Rachel Maddow. Chris Hayes’ show is drawing a laughable 500,000+ viewers a night. Often, the non-nerd shows that air before Hayes are drawing more viewers. The Ed Show, Politcs Nation, and Hardball all do better than All In.

The powers in charge of MSNBC have gone out of their way to alienate viewers. Many viewers have not forgiven the way that Phil Griffin treated Keith Olbermann. Those bad feelings towards MSNBC management were revived when Ed Schultz was banished to weekends, and the network caved to Sarah Palin while quietly getting rid of Martin Bashir.

It was a colossally dumb move to go liberal nerd, when the average of an MSNBC viewer is 55. MSNBC is also the highest rated cable news network among African Americans. The MSNBC audience was never liberal nerd, and by demoting or dropping the favorite hosts of the audience, the network pushed away the loyal viewers that had helped MSNBC grow. The cumulative impact of these decisions has been a lot of viewer resentment and ill will. Viewer unhappiness is manifesting itself in the ratings.

The network is losing money, and without some radical programming changes, we could be witnessing the slow demise of MSNBC.

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  1. You forgot to mention Ronan Farrow. Ugh. MSNBC’s Morning Joe is the root problem. If they would dump Scarborough it would solve many problems. The show itself seems scripted and produced by Jesse Watters of FOX News. When Cliven Bundy went racist, the show hosts danced around calling out Sean HANNITY by name for his support. Corporate media is more in control of MSNBC than people realize.

  2. Count me in as completely turned off by recent events in programming at MSNBC.

    In addition to Chuck Todd pandering to Rs even when he was asked to contribute on other hosts’ hour segments, there is Andrea Mitchell — Mrs. Alan Greenspan — pretending to be the female Tim Russert but failing miserably most of the time to ask the hard questions of her guests. Oh, and speaking of a Russert, Luke is lacking in investigative depth. There is the lighter-than-air foursome of The Cycle, only infinitesimally better since S.E. Cupp left and Abby Huntsman came on.

    Ed Schultz, Al Sharpton and Chris Matthews may all be more popular than Chris Hayes, but they all have their faults: Ed advised us to stay away from the ballot box in November 2010, remember? I don’t have any complaints about the Rev, except he gets a bit shrill at times. But Chris Matthews! He spits!

    I’m suffering from too-few-MSNBC-hosts-do-good-interviews-of-politicians fatigue.

  3. I see no proof of causality, that it is the “nerd” factor that’s lowering their viewership. I stopped watching because: 1) Foreign affairs coverage is non-existent, 2) The focus on a do-nothing congress is like watching paint dry, 3) Coverage centered on (a) not annoying your corporate war and fossil fuel profiteer advertisers too much and (b) promoting the corporate Democratic Party gets predictable,ineffectual and dull, and 4) We have options online, which is why the 6 corporate media owners want to end net neutrality. When Snowden revealed the most egregious government spying on its own citizens ever since Cointelpro – revelations which back then resulted in regulations that reduced it, at least – MSNBC chose the executive branch because it is Dem and black, its largest viewership. It was so blatant and virulent against Glenn Greenwald, it banned Jeremy Scahill, and only covers protests approved by the Dem Party like Moral Mondays, rarely greens, immigrants, poor communities.

  4. What turned me off was when Griffin made every show have an appearance of balance with a RW Pundit (Michael Steele, et al) giving their side of issue (when there is not always 2 sides) or that almost every show throughout the day ran the same clips of RWNJs spouting off, or that Griffin had every show develop a gimmick and/or format that was same every day. I imagine he did that based on the success of Countdown with Keith Olbermann, but that was name of show that Keith developed, not everybody can do without seeming boring, but also Keith did news stories of the day.

  5. They began to go downhill when they dropped Olbermann. He helped make them what they were in the first place.

  6. MSNBC has been acting like a sly little FOX. They thumbed their nose at viewers several times now and we just cant forget it. I wonder who is really running them anyhow….

  7. The problem is that the network can’t decide what it’s going to be and what we’ve ended up with is a network with multiple personality disorder.

    They should take their cue from Chris Hayes’ show title and go “all in” on the liberal nerd angle and stop trying to be something its viewers don’t want it to be.

    And gimmick hiring (i.e. Ronan Farrow) does NOT help, nor does firing (i.e. Martin Bashir) based on the complaints of an idiot.

  8. I used to be a die hard fan of MSNBC. Stopped watching when all MSNBC hosts clearly towed the party line during the initial Ed Snowden’s revelations. Showed me they were no better than FOX News. I was very, very disappointed.

  9. There is another alternative explanation. The network has the problem of actually being centrist at best, but selling the notion that they are progressive. Then, when their “base” of progressives tunes in, they see it isn’t that liberal and they tune back out. That’s why Fox works. It sells solidly conservative content to its conservative viewers. MSNBC does not sell truly progressive content to the 25% of Americans who identify as truly liberal.

  10. I stopped watching MSNBC when they decided they must always have representation of GOP lies all day long. Getting rid of Keith Olberman and Martin Bashir were definite mistakes. I like the format of Morning Joe but I can’t stand it being run by Joe Scarborough while Mika is way too weak as a partner. It became the GOP talking machine. Chris Hayes was better on the weekends with MHP. Joy Reid is a good addition but she seems hidden in obscurity. Ed Burke, Chris Matthews, Al Sharpten, Rachel Maddow and Lawrence ODonnell should all be back to back. I like Chris Hayes but he should change slots or go back to weekends. Ronan should be weekends only. Chuck Todd, Joe Scarborough, and Andrea Mitchell should go to Fox or CNN. Morning Joe format should stay with new hosts. Meet the Press of NBC should definitely get rid of Gregory asap! He literally destroyed the credibility and integrity of that show! I used to watch MSNBC all day every day. Now I rarely watch.

  11. Totally agree, MSNBC saw something that wasn’t there. Probably a play for younger viewers but 19 year olds that vote Dem are not sitting and watching political talk for an hour straight. Changes are needed to morning and 8 o’clock show.

  12. I am very unclear as to the meaning of “liberal nerd”. I am a progressive or liberal, I only recently discovered MSNBC. Husband stopped watching when I was gone on a trip, it depressed him too much. I enjoy the evening lineup mostly. Chris Hayes is okay but at times I feel he is beating a dead horse. I do think, in contrast to some of the comments, that we do need to have some of the hosts talking to the Neocon opposition so we can “know our enemy”. I never happened to see Keith Olbermann or Martin Bashir, so I cannot venture an opinion on their value. I hope the channel does not sell out COMPLETELY to the Right Wing Moneybags.

  13. I agree that MSNBC has a problem when it comes to touting Progressive issues. Just the other day, they had Santorum pushing his book. Whomever booked him must have been on drugs because the last person I want to hear from is him. Periodically Joe has Nicole Wallace on who argues if you don’t agree…another Rightie..Steele started out telling the truth about his party but now in this election year he is pushing back in his comments about the Democrats. I almost fell off my chair when Chuck Todd agreed with Bill Kristol on my president being weak. How do you define weak?..in their world what it means to be strong is you have to be more war-like. Having a pragmatic and cautious POTUS is keeping us safe. Supporters of the MIC hate him before they know their well is drying up. If you send Joe, Andrea and Todd to CNN and rehire Ratigan, Bashir and Olbermann, then it would put MSNBC’s ratings on the upswing and bring back the progressive viewers..otherwise keep everybody else.

  14. Ship Scumborough, Chuck Toad, and old hag Andrea Mitchell to Fox and re-hire Martin Bashir, Keith Olbermann, Dylan Ratigan, and Cenk Uygur.

    And for f*ck sake, get rid of the stupid prison show.

  15. I’m one of them. I fled from MSNBC after learning their true nature which is favoring the fringe base of right wingers. I can’t stand their hypocritical attitude and trying to be Fox News 3.0. CNN is FN 2.0 to me.

  16. i was pissed when olberman went missing. But caving to that crab infested gutterslut Palin. That was the Last Straw.i sometimes watch Maddow but not often. If you throw your best employees under the bus the 1st second the enemies start crying unfair. Why do you deserve to continue. we were with you. But ya know sara pailin cried unfair. who gives a fuck? MSN obviously did. Lesson to earn. Don’t abandon your cause at the 1st sign of trouble.

  17. For me, Rachel is the only one who covers different issues, or, at least, the same issues differently. I imagine that no one other than Rachel has either the imagination and brilliance, or the freedom, at MSNBC, to present information in an informative rather than repetitive way. If I were the Queen of the World at MSNBC, I’d be making certain that each program had a very specific area of coverage (ie. economics, equal rights, world and foreign policy news, medicine, technology, etc.) Also that each host had the innate ability to tell the stories of the day from within their specific area of expertise. I currently save my MSNBC watching for Rachel simply because I don’t need to hear the same thing over and over all day long. She’s able to tell a story much more thoroughly than any one else on MSNBC. She’s a fabulous teacher with depth and imagination.

  18. I watch MSNBC everyday, I like Ed (thank goodness he’s back daily), Rachel and Lawrence. However, I still sorely miss Keith O, and I am extremely disappointed Martin Bashir was let go. Miss him immensely.Trying to hold on MSNBC…

  19. I completely agree the ball was thoroughly kicked when Keith went bye bye. Once he left I slowly lost interest. Now I don’t even watch Rachel and I saw her very first show. I’m so saddened by it all. When they caved to the whiny snot from Alaska, I lost it all for MSNBC. Joe Idiot Scarborough and Todd are just more than a person can bear backed by spineless Mika. They should get rid of those two and put in Willie. He’s a far better interviewer than either Mika or Joe. MSNBC was my go to channel! Now it’s my go away channel :-(( The kids they’ve hired just don’t cut it. They’re far too boring with the frenetic pace they keep up, as though attempting to one up each other with current knowledge. It reminds me of college – knowledge with no real depth. We need some adults on that network, and not Republican shill adults. Please please please, if he will have you, please bring back Keith… I beg you.

  20. At one time MSNBC had a chance to grab Stephanie Miller for the morning slot. She even did a week when Imus got canned. Instead we got Scarborough for whatever reason. I think Miller would have really stirred the pot.

    MSNBC forgot that before Olbermann came along, they were so obscure, nobody knew they existed. It was Olbermann who finally gave them name recognition and an audience when he did his first commentary on GWB.

    Since he left, it’s been a downhill slide.

  21. I’m confused. I’ve been bounced around this site today trying to find what is “ENRAGING” MSNBC viewers so suddenly today — only to find there is no ‘there’ there. Are people just reacting to their ratings? I genuinely don’t understand. No one is going to want to watch every show, every host. That’s why there are clearly delineated blocks rather than just a continuing stream of blather going monotonously forward on a 24 hour basis. If you don’t like the news, change the channel. You always have that ability. Your viewership is something they should compete for, it’s not all or nothing. You’re not an MSNBC viewer or a FOX viewer or a CNN viewer 100% of the time. Even if you love someone with all of your heart, they can’t be all you’ll ever need for the rest of your life. Now that many of us DVR the shows we watch, or go online for news, we have even greater freedom to pick and choose how we get our news. We decry republicans for listening only to Fox. We could all use a mor…

  22. It went down hill after Olberman left. I only watch now for Rachel. NBC doesn’t do enough to reach out to young people. Young People are watching TYT online. They want to hear what other young people have to say about social and political issues. Also, NBC has been pretending to be progressive and they barely are. That is why most of us only tune in to shows that matter to progressives. Then we tune out after Rachel is done. And since Conservatives aren’t tuning into NBC, NBC is left with a small percentage of remote surfers.

  23. I am equally disappointed in the remaining choices. I don’t think that any of them are doing their jobs as representatives of a free press. They are simply car dealerships selling different versions of the same thing, with nobody daring to do anything that would separate them from the pack.

  24. I watch MSNBC starting with News Nation, change station when Andrea Mitchell comes on (boring and labored speaking). Watch Reid Report she is finding her way (hopefully), TV off until Alex reports ( keeps my attention). Time for Big Ed Shultz have very few issues with his reporting as well as with the Rev. Sharpton.However Chris Hayes is way over his head when he get the ‘snakes’ to come on his show (which they know is easy pickings) he loses control and they run ram shod over him..painful to watch. Time for the big guns Rachel and Lawrence (adult viewing). Chris Matthews yell too much and talks over people which is hard to follow what is said.

  25. Rachel is the best. As someone said previously, she is a great teacher. She lays out the facts, shows the documentation, and proves her point.

    Chris Hayes is too wonky. Ed Schultz and Al Sharpton yell too much. I’ve never been able to forgive Schultz for telling Dems to stay home in 2010, or Sharpton for his role in the Tawana Brawley scandal, for which he’s never apologized. Ronan Farrow may be brilliant, but he’s a huge disappointment. Chuck Todd is a Republican. It’s gotten to the point where I can only watch Rachel and Lawrence, and Steve Kornacki, when he’s on at an hour later than 8:00 am (I can’t get up that early on the weekend).

    I realize that Keith Olbermann has a giant ego, but he built the network with his wonderful show. Phil Griffin has bent over backward to placate the Republicans who whine about being offended, when they NEVER apologize for making things up out of thin air.

    MSNBC has lost its rudder. Griffin needs to go.

  26. MSNBC is leaning farther right on some programs. Also there is no weekend news. to many lockup programs on the weekend

  27. It only took a quick scan of the articles listed in the ”You may also be interested in…” section above the comments to realize how absurd articles like this are. ”Fox News Could Be Facing Extinction as 29% of Their Younger…”……”MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow and Lawrence… MSNBC’s coverage of the Chris Christie scandal has powered Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell all to wins over Fox News with younger viewers age 25-54.”….”As Rachel Maddow Grows, Fox News Loses 34% of Their Young… ”Fox News lost 34% of their young primetime viewers during the first quarter of 2013, but over at MSNBC, Rachel Maddow’s young viewership continues to grow.”……You may as well just add this article to that list and start writing the next one. Time changes things and absurdist predictions of the demise of networks are like polls….snapshots of nano seconds in the 24 hour eternity of politics, public habits, trends and behaviors.

  28. I am also one of the ones who quit watching Morning Joe as it started to become difficult to take them seriously. But Bill Kristol killed it for me. He makes me want to vomit.

  29. I watch MSNBC religiously due to the lying propaganda from the local, state and national networks. The best thing about being retired. Your able to research the news. Either the media out lies to the people or tell half truths. I watch MSNBC due to their honesty. As for “Morning Joe”. I force myself to watch hoping Mika knocks Joe off his stool with a left hook with the lies he tells.

  30. Rachel Maddow should run for office. Her Resume is impeccable.
    She holds a Doctorate in Politics from Oxford University and she’s a Rhodes Scholar.
    What a terrific Leader she could be!

  31. At one time, I watched MSNBC on TV but then quit watching much TV and began using my computer more. So my home page was MSNBC and I read and viewed a lot of videos there. Then they completely revamped their website and lost me there, as well. I really liked their old web format, which was clean and it was easy to find things of interest. Now it is messy and difficult. So now I go to the CBS news website. Not as nice as as the old MSNBC site but a lot better than the new one. I really liked Keith Olbermann but they axed him — I could just barely tolerate that. I like Chris Matthews and Rachael Maddow. Most of the rest of them sort of bore me. I like most of them OK but not as a steady diet, just once in a while.

  32. I started really paying attention to politics and world events in 2007 due in large part to my brother and Keith Olbermann. At first I just tuned in for his “Worst Person In The Woooooooooooorrrrrrrllllldddd” segment during the last half of his show, but soon was watching the entire hour every chance I got. I liked that his facts were checked and if he ever erred, he made an honest and open correction and apology if needed. I hated to see him go, in many ways I credit him with making me a much more informed and interested human being. KO wasn’t perfect and had the occasional bout of verbal hyperbolitis, but he was honest and smart and I miss him (yes I know he’s still on TV, but I’m not a sports fan). MSNBC should get him back, if they can, which they probably can’t.

  33. Hum. No where else do I find exposure to people impacted by the threat of eminent domain and pollution from the leaks of KXL, views from an active civil rights activist, the background story about the Posse Comitatus group providing high cover for Bundy the Fraud, nor an alarm about voter suppression efforts, nor a firm statement of the urgency of a large turnout of Democratic voters in 2014. I record from 4-11pm (can’t possibly watch every moment of every evening) and look not so much to be entertained, but informed and hopeful that there is a media platform to get the information out.

  34. I don’t believe any of this. I think this low viewership is because people are watching the shows online, like myself. The Koch Brothers are not funding MSNBC, but are funding the seed to get rid of MSNBC and funding conservative media. It is well known that the Kochs are keeping Rush Limbaugh alive and paying off Fox news and other talk radio. If we get rid of this network, there will be no more liberal news left…which is exactly what the Koch Brothers want. And unfortunately, MSNBC is the only news outlet left that actually states facts. It makes me sick to think that millions of Americans are stupidly taking in propaganda from the most worthless political party of our nations demise. Soon it will be the United States of Koch. God help us.

  35. I dvr and watch “Politics Nation” everyday. It is fast paced, informative, motivating, inspiring, endearing, and injects sanity to any conversation that the right-wing is trying to steer. I give a lot of credit for this to the Reverend Sharpton himself who brilliantly anchors the show. I also en”joy” Joy Reid. I think she is an excellent addition to the line-up. Of course Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’donnell are wonderful and my second favorite program “Disrupt” with Karen Finney which only airs on the weekends would be a welcome addition to the daily schedule. I really hope MSNBC starts shaking up the network. Dump Chris Hayes, Ronan Farrow, Chuck Todd, and Joe Scarborough and get some talent that will attract a younger, hipper, more progressive audience. FOX is making the fatal mistake of catering to “the knocking on death’s door” demo, leaving the field wide open for MSNBC to capitalize on a sustainable audience of younger americans that are only growing more liberal.

  36. Rachel is the absolute BEST! I never miss her and usually watch Lawrence too. Chris Matthews is ok if you can get past his talking over everybody. I think Thomas Roberts is underrated…they took his show and now he has to suffer through on the Joe Blow show. Chuck and Joe are shills…like Gregory. If I wanted to hear Republican BS talking points, I’d just watch Fox. Joy’s show is getting better all the time. And Kornacki is coming along great…recognize your talent and get rid of the right wing gang…this is MSNBC!! You’re soon gonna be MSNBGone if you don’t make better decisions!!

  37. The problem is that the folks on MSNBC aren’t allowed criticize Obama. America desperately needs a lefty critique of the President, as opposed to the Right’s ersatz scandals. But all we get are corporate Democrats talking about Republicans–and nobody wants to see that.

  38. if we wanted to tune into networks disrespecting the President, I’d watch Fox or CNN.

    it amazes me how much they will not admit the Hayes WAS A MISTAKE.

  39. This is why we can’t have nice things. So being smart is bad for ratings? Awesome. Let’s just turn MSNBC into the left wing Fox News people already think it is and lose all the valuable informative programs like MHP, Up, All IN and the Rachel Maddow show that give you liberal politics with nuance and a healthy dose of food for thought.

    Are we that stupid a country that we value loud talking heads “sticking it” over intelligent smart voices?

    PBS won’t give us shows like MHP because they are too liberal. CNN won’t touch shows like this because they’re too smart and too liberal. So what? Now we just have a cable news spectrum of a wimpy middle, a loud bombastic right and a loud bombastic left? Fuck this.

    I think if more “nerds” became aware that MSNBC was not the left wing Fox News..but the channel for smart, in depth discussions of issues progressive people care about, the ratings could turn around.

  40. This is a stupid article. Liberals have lives. The ratings will go up for the presidential and during the mid terms. But right now..political news is pretty slow. Republicans are assholes, Democrats can’t do nothing. Same story everyday.

    Once something intersting happens in the political world that you can’t get from your Facebook feed then you’ll see ratings go up.

  41. Yes, and Rachel Maddow was introduced to MSNBC when she was Keith Olbermann’s guest.

    I could always depend on Olbermann to give honest information and discourses and not the same old, same old. I feel the same with Martin Bashir.

    However, I refuse to view MSNBC since these two are gone! They don’t deserve my loyalty as a viewer.

  42. Here’s the way I see it. I watch CBS Morning because I cannot stomach Joe Scarborough–he belongs on Faux.
    I turn off Andrea Mitchell (God knows I have tried to like her but listening to her boring voice is more than I can take.) The Cycle stinks big time, can’t watch too often (better without SE Cupp.) The one’s who made MSNBC got fired over stupid stuff–you idiots who make the decisions cut off your nose to spite your faces. Bring back Martin and Keith even if you have to pay them way more money–your network is a mess. And yes, all you do all day long is repeat the same stuff program after program. I liked Melissa when she appeared occasionally as a guest, but she is too wrapped up in being black and it’s a turn-off. Good Luck–you will either change or go bye-bye.

  43. I stopped watching Morning Joe about a year ago. Joe is rude and Mika is weak. They need to go as does Todd. Apologizing to Palin and getting rid of Bashir was a big mistake. Griffin needs to go.

    I find the day shows don’t call out Republican lies. And that’s a big turn off for liberal watchers. ALL lies should be stopped in their tracks. Sometimes I wonder if these hosts even know the subject well enough to see the lies.

    Rachel is the best MSNBC has. She’s thorough and informative. If she makes a mistake, she owns up to it. Lawrence comes in 2nd. Chris is too hyper for me to watch too often. He needs to go back to weekends.

    The yelling from Ed and Rev can be a turnoff so I don’t watch them often. I just don’t find them as professional as should be expected from a top network. They need only 30 minutes and not an hour.

    And for goodness sakes get rid of that prison mess. That’s the biggest turn off of all.

  44. I try to catch Joy Reid and sometimes Tamron after that I wait until 5 pm because the rest is boring and not informed. MJ is terrible and Joe terrible everyone is afraid to talk back to him and agreed with him even when they know he is wrong except Rev Al and those who comes on in the evening. Poor Sam Stein he is like a little child afraid to come out the closets when Joe start screaming. Mika afraid as well also when they need to really discuss important issues they glance over it but if it is a scandal they go deep and run it in the ground. They never report nothing good for long deep discussion but a quick once over and move on to a so called scandal.

  45. MSNBC is the Air America of Cable news and is a dinosaur in its current format. MSNBC need to fire all its hosts, stop leaning forward and stop taking the lefts side. It needs to attack the Dems and Reps BS with facts and let the truth shine in.

  46. Morning Joke and Todd are republican schils!! Feel sorry for Mikia. Andrea Mitchell is just as bad. Bashir needs to come back!! Ohlberman, was good but burned MSNBC. Chris Hayes is good if he stays focused but, tends to try to be fair with the sharks on his show and gets blasted because of their attack agendas. I love Joy Reid!! She could be dynamite if left to her own devices!! She asks tough questions and does NOT back off when her guests are assholes!! She sticks to the facts and makes others defend their stupidity!! Alex and Ed are excellent. I love Rachel. Her show on botched execution last night was “sobering!” Rev. is awesome and keeps civil rights in the fore front. They have some good talent on wknds that is ready for prime time; except for MHP who is a college prof. Just wish Chris Matthews would let people finish a sentence!! I’ve watched other networks but love MSNBC. I’m a far-left liberal who is more nerdy than I let on.

  47. MSNBC : I do not want to “understand” republicans..I already understand them all too well and I despise them.
    Send Joe over the FOX where he belongs, get rid of Chuck Todd and everyone on The Circle. Andrea Mitchell is a closet republican, too and I’m not even happy with Melissa Harris- Perry, either.

    Joy Reid. Rachel Maddow, Ed Shultz and Rev Sharpton are actually very good, and I still like Chris Mathews…bring back KO and Martin Bashir, and do something interesting on weekend evenings…I do not care about prisoners at all.

    We Liberals are ignored by our own party-we ought to at least get some consideration from “our” TV channel…

  48. I started watching Keith O. When he left I stopped for a long time. Then went back to watch Al and Ed. Then I watched Hardball. He is in the middle and sometimes swings to the right but I would still watch. I love Last Word and Rachel M. I agree with others; it is the same news over and over just from a different host. I would like to see them specialize in something. Maybe one can be Civil Rights. One can be Congress or government. One can be foreign affairs. One can be current affairs or news. One can do entertainment etc. When a big news story comes out they can always do the special reporting if they all want to cover it. That way they all bring something new to viewers each night and it isn’t rushed. Plus I would probably watch if I knew they might say something different. I stopped watching regular when they moved Ed to weekends. I agree getting rid of M.B turned me off and made me not want to watch at all. I rarely do anymore.

  49. I don’t watch MSNBC because I don’t watch TV. I get all my content online. I do read their new feed as well as NBC, CBS, ABC and AlJazeera.

    Of the list of hosts they offer, at this time Maddow is absolutely the hardest hitting with Hayes not too far behind. I really enjoyed Olberman and miss his wit. Bashir was as well a real journalist, perhaps not yet in the league of the “old time” masters of the art but then, who is today?

    What I would really like to see from these hosts, assuming that they attempt to present the opposing view, is to make the GOP mouthpieces actually answer the question. No obfuscating, no do-si-do, no dancing a little side step. Either demand they give a cogent and direct answer or leave the stage.

    I would watch that.

  50. Fire Phil, bring back Keith and Martin. The morning format with morning asshole is good but morning asshole and chucky have to go then I will start watching again oh by the way hire Cenk

  51. You know you’re in trouble as a network when you put a “not ready for prime time” person in front of the camera in the form of Rowan Feral Cat.

    This is an obvious pander to the X er’s and the Millennial’s except they are NOT going to be watching at that time of day.

    MSNBC’s problem is BRANDING. Having Moring Joe as your lead in is not build a BRAND it is confusing the audience as is having Mr. Todd & Mrs. Greenspan delivering an hour of dry uninspiring “news of the day”.

    The audience has learned not to TRUST MSNBC’s treatment of their brand with the fight with Olbermann and their treatment of Bashir.

    This is not rocket science it is simple brand building and the MSNBC Executives should ALL resign immediately and a new team be brought in dedicated to building a truly progressive source for news and political commentary.

    Blaming the hosts for the formats is also not fair as the producers determine the format. hold them accountable for the delivery bu…

  52. Thanks to a large extent to the soporific Ronan Farrow. Can you imagine? He is worse than Chris Hayes. Larry O’Donnell is temporarily sidelined. Reid, Shultz, Sharpton….disappointing all three. They keep rehashing the same stories. Watch and listen how Maddow introduces and unfolds a story. At 9 p.m. I think of the whole country, or a large part, rushing to Maddow “auditorium.” One doesn’t have to agree with her, one may even dislike her, but, my God, one cannot deny she is a great mind…so articulate.

  53. Did you know President Obama traveled throughout Asia last week. Well if you watched MSNBC probably not – maybe a blip here and there. MSNBC has become infotainment. Did you know President Obama has an infrastructure bill. Not if you don’t read, but rely on MSNBC. They spend more time bashing President Obama for either not being a “libertarian” or accusing him of being a “corporatist” – in their opinions. MSNBC was front and center when the ACA had computer problems with the roll-out. Oh, it was disastrous, a monstrosity, ACA is a failure. They were as bad as FOX. Every time some rumor is started about what the President is going to do, they set their on fire. But they never admit they were wrong. Actually, I’m pretty sick of the lot of them. Rachel will cover a decent story now and then, but she is famous or infamous for telling President Obama what he should do. These pundits are actors – some a little better than others. They all have to kowtow to their corporate masters.

  54. There are other choices to watch other than MSNBC. I’ve limited my viewing time of MSNBC, just has gotten to painful to watch the dribble that is now MSNBC ( with a few exceptions) I have however found some other news stations that give the viewer excellent information on current events of the day,documentaries, and more worthwhile information.

    Free Speech TV
    Al Jazeera America

  55. confusion = a TED CRUZ anti-ACA ad during the RMS…..MSNBC only cares about the $’s…..i can no longer watch: MORNING JOE, it is painful, TODD has become a republican, the afternoon line up is of no interest to me…..ED needs to turn it down a bit, REV. AL’s is also too loud, maybe turn up the BASS on his voice mic, CHRIS M, let your guests speak for GOD’S sake, i record both CHRIS HAYES and RMS…..i’m about to give up on HAYES and watch cartoons instead…..i have been a big FAN of RACHEL since KO had her as a guest, she does it right, just get rid of the CRUZ ads…..THERE IS NEWS ON WEEKENDS, loose LOCKUP, are you kiddin’ me what a waste of time!

  56. I’m disappointed you ruined a decent critique by referring to Andrea Mitchell as an “old hag.” Very uncool!!

  57. MSNBC is ultra liberal. They think all conservatives are bad and wrong. I like Morning Joe, but do not like other shows. Al Sharpton and Chris Matthews are terrible. How about some fairness in your coverage?

  58. If they would get rid of the Republicans and go totally liberal/progressive, get rid of the prison garbage, and give us lefties what we need, a 24/7 hour FOX like station that doesn’t cave to Joe, Sarah, Billy and the rest of the clowns, then you would have a network worth watching. Hayes needs to be moved to weekends. Sometimes listening to his high pitched voice is like listening to finger nails across a chalk board. There is no shortage of liberal personalities. Hire Stephanie Miller, Rhodes and throw in Media Matters and you’d have an exciting network again….just do it.

  59. You have your FOX which only has righties, why should we have any of those clowns on our network?

  60. Gee, I can’t even begin to imagine why their ratings are falling (sarcasm font used)…

    But here’s an idea: Bring back Keith Olbermann and Martin Bashir!!! Duhhh!!!

    Also, when people like Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews roll their eyes at and demean 9-11 Truthers (the people who’ve actually done genuine research on 9-11 and know what the evidence is and that it was an inside job), then they can’t help but to lose viewers. If I want to hear lies and propaganda, I can watch Fox News. If I want to hear the truth and genuine debate, I can watch Free Speech TV, Democracy Now!, and RT. But I DO NOT HAVE TO watch MSNBC as it is not the only liberal source of news, and particularly if they purposefully choose to stick their heads in the sand on 9-11 and act like 9-11 Truthers don’t know what they’re talking about.

    MSNBC seriously needs to decide where they want to be in this spectrum, and hopefully they’ll choose to be on the side of the liberals and truth.

  61. I love Rachel and I loved Keith. I feel they are the best, most intelligent, most honest, best researched political journalist on any media outlet. I like Melissa and Alex and Ed too, and Lawrence. I don’t watch nearly as much as I used to because I have to take a break from politics when I get too angry with it all. But I won’t watch anyone else or any other station when it comes to politics. I like the Rev and both Chrises too, but I can’t take Joe. Like Mika though and would keep her. Joe is typical Republican and just talks over her and I find it offensive.

  62. My fav used to be Keith O. Why was he let go? He panned the phrase Bill O the clown….then Martin B….what’s going on there? I loved watching him….I now watch Brian Williams instead of any day news. If I catch the news at night it’s going to be Rachel or Lawrence ( hopefully he’ll have a speedy recovery and be back soon )

  63. They totally screwed up ditching Olbermann and letting Scarborough turn the morning into FOXLITE,the Obama bashing is BS and their self promotion is nauseating, they ought to trade the entire first 3 hr crew to ESPN maybe they’d bother to show up there!

  64. I totally agree! She has depth, she’s witty, she’s sharp and she is very thorough. I learn a lot from her!

  65. I’ll be 59 soon and liberal nerd is just fine. I don’t know exactly what that means or what the alternative is. But for a while, Chris Hayes started doing good stuff. As soon as he had that fat cow from Norquist’s band of domestic enemies on, or that other jerk who is a conservative shit head, I wondered WTF? He was getting good, the someone told him to go old broadcast network and have balance. Fuck that. I have no use for that. I won’t even watch Bill Maher any more because I’m sick of his flip flopping and conservative ass kissing. Darryl Issa? Really Bill? What is entertaining about that criminal?

  66. PS: I’m not enraged. I just wish they go Liberal and stop shoving Michael Steel and those schmucks on Harball from the right down out throats. It makes you wonder if the network is under new influence from the right. MSNBC should never do news. I think they were riding high on Chris Christie and then wasted hours on the lost plane. Hey, the freaking thing is lost.

  67. Ed Schultz. Edmund Burke (1729-97) is considered the great-great-grandfather of modern conservative thought.

  68. Hello Paws,

    The problem with MSNBC and Fox is that they feed the left and right base, what does that accomplish? We need more solutions from the middle and less watching host that confirm your world view… And we wonder why there is deadlock in DC, because we all think we are right and that the other side is 100 percent wrong!

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