Gov. Rick Scott Gets Schooled by Seniors While Trying To Hawk Obamacare Horror Stories

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As Governor Rick Scott (R-FLA) ducked and dodged his way around Florida in an effort to avoid the final week of actual legislative work, he was hawking Obamacare Horror Stories on Tuesday at Volen Center, a senior care center. But what he got in return was a bunch of seniors schooling him on reality.

They like Obamacare, they think it’s important, and they think everyone should have coverage. In other words, they do not hate their neighbor so the Republican con to hate and fear Obamacare is doomed from the get go.

Scott wanted horror stories to add to his book, but instead he was met with a “satisfied” group with “few complaints”, according to Anthony Man at the Sun Sentinel.

Here’s a few delicious quotes from the group, including schooling him on how even if they lose parts of Medicare because of Obamacare, this is America and we should spread it around, because everyone should have coverage:

“I’m completely satisfied,” Harvey Eisen, 92, a West Boca resident, told Scott.

Eisen told the governor he wasn’t sure “if, as you say,” there are Obamacare-inspired cuts to Medicare. But even if there are, that would be OK. “I can’t expect that me as a senior citizen are going to get preferential treatment when other programs are also being cut.”

Ruthlyn Rubin, 66, of Boca Raton, told the governor that people who are too young for Medicare need the health coverage they get from Obamacare. If young people don’t have insurance, she said, everyone else ends up paying for their care when they get sick or injured and end up in the hospital.

Eventually, Rubin said, Obamacare will become more popular. “People were appalled at Social Security. They were appalled at Medicare when it came out. I think these major changes take some people aback. But I think we have to be careful not to just rely on the fact that we’re seniors and have an entitlement to certain things,” she said.

“We’re all just sitting here taking it for granted that because we have Medicare we don’t want to lose one part of it. That’s wrong to me. I think we have to spread it around. This is the United States of America. It’s not the United States of senior citizens,” Rubin said from her spot two seats away from the governor.

Of course, Rick Soctt’s lies about Obamacare stealing from Medicare were trotted out by Mitt Romney in 2012 and they were lies then, and they are lies now. Romney’s claim got a rating of Mostly False from Politifact.

Neither Obama nor his health care law literally cut a dollar amount from the Medicare program’s budget.

Rather, the health care law instituted a number of changes to try to bring down future health care costs in the program. At the time the law was passed, those reductions amounted to $500 billion over the next 10 years.

What kind of spending reductions are we talking about? They were mainly aimed at insurance companies and hospitals, not beneficiaries. The law makes significant reductions to Medicare Advantage, a subset of Medicare plans run by private insurers. Medicare Advantage was started under President George W. Bush, and the idea was that competition among the private insurers would reduce costs. But in recent years the plans have actually cost more than traditional Medicare. So the health care law scales back the payments to private insurers.

Oh, oopsie, Obamacare is actually saving money by cutting waste — and this waste is courtesy of George W. Bush.

Predictably, it is actually the Republican Party that took aim at actual services of Medicare in the Ryan plan, and seek to turn it into a “voucher” program, which is tantamount to stripping it of the social safety net aspect of it, which is….

Fundamentally changing it so as to destroy it. But we are all to pretend that we don’t know that voucher programs don’t keep up with the rising costs. It’s not fair to say Republicans are killing Medicare. Republicans just want to change the meaning of Medicare so that it doesn’t mean the essential part of what it means right now. Don’t you feel better?

With 14 felonies of Medicare fraud under his belt as head of Columbia/HCA Healthcare, Rick Scott knows Mediscare. But when he tried to pull his horror story games on seniors, they weren’t buying it. Chalk this group of seniors up as yet another group that aren’t buying the GOP Horror Show con.

Republicans are supposed to run away with 2014, but it sure doesn’t look like a done deal to me. After all, ObamaScare was their only platform, and yet even when people don’t know the facts, they aren’t buying into the fear behind the lies, and that spells trouble for Republicans.

14 Replies to “Gov. Rick Scott Gets Schooled by Seniors While Trying To Hawk Obamacare Horror Stories”

  1. Governor Skeletor is a dead man walking – he’s already lost the November election, he just can’t acknowledge it yet.

  2. The comments to the article at the Sun-Sentinal are interesting, more favoring ObamaCares than in the past. People who drag out the old Republican talking points are generally rebutted quickly. Here’s a favorite:

    “Dems are dreaming if they think Obamacare is going to help them win elections. If the President and his fellow democrats had been even slightly honest about what the ACA was really about when it was being debated, there is no chance it would have passed. It was sold as a cure all for all of the healthcare woes. …It was going to reduce the deficit. It was going to increase the number of Insured. … It was going to drive down premiums. You can keep your doctor. And for those of you who thought that re-shaping 1/6 of our economy, …perhaps it’s time for you folks to bone up on economics.”

    The reply: “we should have implemented the Heritage Foundation’s and Repub Sen Bob Dole’s plan from 1994, the one with individual mandates and subsidies for those who can’t …

  3. Now, if just the Villages, in Sumter County, would understand what other seniors do…BUT…they worship the ground he walks do a number of seniors who live in Citrus County in the upper end ‘Villages of Citrus Hills’.. They are also the ones with high end Medicare Advantage plans, who bitch about the taxes being so high (excuse me, 1200 dollars on a 300,000 dollar house)yet they came from areas where they normally paid taxes around 6-12,000 a year.
    I am 75, and am a firm believer in the ACA! I have seen people here be able to see a doctor, get basic BP meds, get a physical, and actually not have to have the county pay for a broken bone treated at the ER..

  4. Big surprise for Florida Governor Voldemort.

    The TRUTH finally caught up to all the LIES that
    were told about the ACA.

  5. He and all his teaparty politicans in Tallahassee have healthcare that probably the taxpayers pay for and the clown car with skeletor driving, decides you can’t have healthcare, well I think they’ll find out in November who gets what, and I for one who has always voted Democrat in FL will be hoping for the best for everyone (who do you hold responsible for the deaths of all the uninsured).
    We get healthcare and all the ex kiss ass repugs get a free ride home in the clown car from ex-gov skeletor.

  6. The GOP’s continuing assertion that the ACA has been a complete disaster is another baseless conclusion desperately in search of an evidence-based rationalization.

  7. A 92 year old man has lived through the Depression and that WWII and remembers it. He’s going to remember when rationing was a patriotic necessity. He’s going to remember real hunger. Rick Scott is a moron.

  8. Rick Scott should just avoid going out in public. Whenever he ventures out of a strictly controlled venue and actually “put’s himself out there”, he stumbles and looks a little like the deer caught in the headlight.

  9. Oh, wait, I thought EVERYONE would have coverage? Apparently, unemployed seniors individuals don’t qualify. From a rejection Obamacare letter:

    “Based on the information you provided, the new federal health care law provides that you could be eligible for free or low cost health care through Medicaid. However, the state of PA has chosen not to offer you this new health care coverage at this time.

    You are not required to pay a penalty for not having health insurance because of your income and because the state of PA declined to expand Medicaid to cover individuals in your situation.”

    If the person “could be eligible” and PA “chose not to offer” the coverage, how is this different than what Americans had before? NOT. So this unemployed senior can’t get ANY health insurance coverage. Great job!

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