Another Right Wing Sheriff Threatens America With Armed Rebellion

Clarke Mack

Directly after the terror attacks on American soil on September 11, 2001, it became a mortal sin to question, let alone criticize, the United States government that immediately earned one the unflattering and dangerous label of “un-American” and “enemy of the state.” All that abruptly ended on January 20, 2009 with the inauguration of Barack Obama as President when it became a source of conservative pride to condemn the American government as overbearing and tyrannical on the one hand, and a source or patriotic necessity to make threats against, not only the new African American President, but the United States government as well.

Americans just witnessed an incident in Nevada where a racist rancher summoned armed militias, including fellow Mormon, John Bircher, and Posse Comitatus acolyte Richard Mack, to wage war against the federal government. Now, another member of Mack’s extremist organization, the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA), implied “the second coming of an American Revolution” is on the horizon. The latest sheriff to threaten America with armed rebellion is Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr who addressed the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting last week and drew praise from right-wing media including patriotic gun cheerleaders at Fox News.

Conservative pundits were beside themselves with adulation for Clarke where he gave a speech to gun-fanatics at the NRA and proposed appending the 2nd Amendment with the words “keep your hands off our guns dammit” to wild applause from the patriot crowd. Clarke’s speech was succor to conservative pundits and advocates for revolution alike, leading Fox and Friends co-host Steve Doocey to assert “He is one law enforcement officer doing more than protecting you on the streets, he’s standing up for all of our constitutional rights as well.” That is just not true; militias and rebellion-minded so-called patriots affiliated with Posse Comitatus, the John Birch Society, and Oath Keepers do not support and defend the 14th or 1st Amendment, but they do champion the 2nd and 10th Amendments as the entirety of the U.S. Constitution.

What Fox failed to mention during their love-fest for Posse Comitatus acolyte Clarke was his warning that, “If you’re going to stand with me, you have to be willing to resist any attempt by government to disarm law-abiding people by fighting with the ferociousness of a junkyard dog. It says in the Declaration of Independence that it is our duty to throw off such government and to provide new guards for our future security.” What Clarke, and every NRA gun-fanatic in America, fails to acknowledge is that Jefferson’s words were aimed at a foreign government declaring the American colonies’ independence from English rule. Gun-fanatics and rebellion-minded conservatives cannot comprehend that the U.S. government is not a foreign power, or that the Declaration of Independence was American colonists’ official separation notice from Great Britain.

Clarke and revolution-minded NRA traitors also fail to acknowledge is there have been no attempts whatsoever to disarm people; law-abiding or otherwise. In fact, there have been no new gun safety measures in America since 1994’s Assault Weapons Ban passed by a Republican Congress during the Clinton Administration. Clarke knew he was inciting NRA anti-government gun-zealots to rebellion against the government that the NRA has advertised for five years while a Black man has been in the Oval Office.

The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association that Clarke, like Richard Mack, belongs to is a right-wing extremist group that adheres closely to Posse Comitatus philosophy dating to the post-Reconstruction era to aide former Confederate states reject federal government oversight and laws. The central tenet of Posse Comitatus is the belief that the county sheriff is the ultimate legal authority in the United States, and it is why Richard Mack, like Cliven Bundy, does not recognize federal or Supreme Court authority over “sovereign citizens” and why Mack persists in claiming “nullification” is a legitimate solution to federal laws.

Besides inciting NRA fanatics to rebellion against “government disarming” Americans, he made similar comments last year during an appearance on Alex Jones conspiracy theory radio show addressing “the Obama Marxist types who want to start a civil war in this country by confiscating guns. I believe that if somebody tried to enforce something of that magnitude you would see the second coming of an American Revolution, the likes of which would make the first revolution pale by comparison.” It is not the first, or likely the last, time Clarke references the American Revolution when discussing today. At the CSPOA convention, Clarke called attendees “the modern founders” and alluded to revolutionary times saying, “What’s happening today is what was happening then and a courageous group of grassroots individuals, that’s what they Founding Fathers were, they were grassroots people, who said enough and started to push back. And that’s what I started to do and that’s why I started to become more outspoken” against “the common enemy of the people; the government.”

It is becoming a regular occurrence to learn that some teabagger, Republican, gun fanatic, or disgruntled conservative is calling for civil war, race war, rebellion, or 2nd revolutionary war against the government and more often than not it is about government confiscating guns or disarming citizens. On conservative and liberal websites it is not uncommon to see banner ads asking “should Republicans fight Obama’s gun laws.” Exactly where does the preponderance of claims Obama, Democrats, or government tyranny to confiscate Americans precious guns originate? It comes from the NRA, Republicans, Fox News, and every disaffected Oath Keeper and CSPOA member hoping to incite other conservatives to rebel against the government, and after five years they have idiot yokels and so-called patriots ready to rebel against the government and not one gun has been confiscated.



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  1. “…he’s standing up for all of our constitutional rights as well.”

    Then it might be helpful for him to understand the Constitution.

  2. “Those that sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.”

    This guys who think they can stir up all these primal, angry lizard brain forces and not have it turn into the Second American Dust Bowl are fooling themselves.

    What they are going to do is invite drone strikes on American soil. They are going to cause our military to be recalled from all the bases scattered in the globe to come and put then down. They are going to invite the CIA to infiltrate their ranks and kill the whole thing before the first shot is fired,

    These guys are screaming fleas against the Worlds’s largest military. If they are truly this stupid then the shit storm that was the Civil War is going to look like a bloody backyard frat boy fisticuff.

    They are talking like Al Qaeda terrorists. And we all know their survivability.

  3. He should have contacted an attorney just like everybody else. But he took the cowards way out and went and got a gun.

  4. Gosh, where were these goons during 8 years of Bush?

    Oh, yeah, I remember – congratulating themselves that they were in power. As if. But now that the President is near, and Democratic, it’s Amateur Hour with the goons acting out their ugly fantasies.

    A Law Unto Themselves

    There’s going to more of this until they finally get a GOP government — Republican presidents always make a point of attacking whatever liberals like, or whatever they think we like; that calms the self-appointed revolutionaries down, quenching the revanchist thirst. Until they get that, though, they’re going to keep doing things like this.

  5. I will never understand this level of stupidity. Their so-called “revolution” would be over in less than a day. I don’t care how many AR15’s they have, competing with a 30MM gatling gun on that Apache helicopter isn’t just stupid, it’s suicide. The idea of state rights was settled in the 1860’s. The county sheriff as the constitutional judge? Give me a break.

  6. Amazing [to me at least] how many people of any political leaning think that the Declaration is a legal document of our government, instead of a letter of intent. The Magna Carte has more legal standing than the D of I.

  7. As I have said many times, guns cannot protect against military might. These people and their made up stories about gun confiscation, etc., are but a very, very small minority whose rants would not even be known except that the media gives them a stage from which to speak. There are 317 million of us in this country, and no, we are not going to allow this tiny, foolish but vocal “grassroots” minority to dictate what is to happen next. I will stand with our government all day long against these fools who advocate insurrection in this country.

  8. There have been guns confiscated, and this guy is the one who confiscated them. He formed a GUN REDUCTION TASK FORCE in Milwaukee, obtained 5 guns and made 80 arrests while stopping people for minor infractions. Milwaukee is heavily Democratic, so he pretends to be a democrat, yet won’t join the state party. He’s just another opportunist, and this time he is the one doing the using. Those crazies don’t vet their people well at all. Oh, his heroes are Dubbya, powell, and justices Scalia and Thomas. Like Thomas, he thinks he’s better than blah people.

  9. What!!! Are we living in Zombie land now. I just hope my grandchildren, ad infinitum, don’t have to fear for their lives.

  10. It is time for the Governor to take back control of his state. You cannot allow armed checkpoints. What is this some third world country with warlords running around? If they resist, well its time to cull the herd

  11. Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr is exceedingly Stupid, since almost all of his fellow Right-wingers are also Fierce Racists, he would be their first Target.

  12. These militia groups who’s “wet-dreams” are derived from their idea that one day they will have to “physically” fight the U.S. Govt. coming for their guns (and them) is “now” about to be played out across our entire country (U.S.A.) in “real-life” (blood and guts) action scenes. In many random locations (possibly near you). This is about too become a militia members wet-dream come true. In my opinion. How much more romantic can this ugly plot actually get?

  13. Agreed. They are assuming that people on the left are all sitting ducks. We are not. I won’t let them run roughshod over us either.

  14. I say let it happen, if they want to play army against the US National Guard, the REAL Militia in accordance to Article 1, Section 8, Clause 16 of the US Constitution, they’ll treat those para military gun fetishists like the anti-American insurrectionists they are, per Clause 15.

  15. Let slip the dogs of war!! I’m Tired of the tyrannical views of the GoP and Gov alike. They don’t listen to the citizens, all they care about are the green backs and agenda’s they can implement. They think themselves kings and nobles. I believe it’s time for the Patriarchal government system to be stopped it has had it’s run, time for something for the newer generations. If not by peace, then by war.

  16. They’re wanting to become the next Waco, and quite honestly, they wish to go against the might of the US National Guard, well, they’re the TRUE 2nd Amendment Militia, not those paramilitary gun fetishists that like to drink and play army with all their redneck buddies out in the woods, they’re the insurrectionists as per the US Constitution Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15, and the National Guard is described as per Clause 16.

  17. Acttually, the National Guard is the true militia as per Article 1, Section 8, Clause 16 of the US Constitution, not those gun fetishists, those nut cases are the insurrectionists as described in Clause 15.

  18. I’ve taken the oath to protect the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic. I will not hesitate to do that. There are millions just like me.
    Hopefully you won’t learn that the hard way.

  19. Look at the last gun bill signed in 1994, the GOP congress passed it. The main reason it passed then was that they got letters from every law enforcement agency in America because assault weapons were being used on their officers, who, at the time had service revolvers and shotguns.

    Now, it is the police you have to worry about shooting you when you call them. A teenage girl, unarmed, just driving away from a kegger was shot and killed because the trigger happy cop jumped on her hood and fired 4 rounds into her.

    The kid did noting wrong. That is just one story that was local in Ky, this is happening all over America since the NRA got control of the GOP. Now law enforcement want everybody armed because they ARE them now.

  20. Funny thing…..I feel the same way about Clarke, the NRA and other rightwing racist organization, as Clarke supposedly does about the federal government. Yes, I….WE…..will fight like a wounded grizzly against these rightwing criminal entities an put them back into the cages they have escaped from. I hope they, the right know that, because there are more of us, than them and WE are getting awfully tired of their sophomoric nonsense.

  21. What a stupid person; typical tea partier thinking ,voting and working against their own best interest; or maybe this mook wants him some of that free flowing right wing billions;Kochs #1 charity the buying of all of America from local to federal.

  22. The author here should do some fact checking before putting his article before the public eye. But I suppose from a liberal perspective that is not required.

  23. It is precisely this growing stupidity here that makes me want to move to another country.
    I really can’t take much more redneck idiocy.

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