Bernie Sanders Speaks Truth They Don’t Want You To Hear: The GOP Is an Extremist Party


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is ripping the mask of the Republican Party, and speaking the truth. On MSNBC today, Sanders said, ‘The Republican Party has become a right wing extremist party.’


On MSNBC this morning, Sen. Sanders (I-VT) explained the game that Republicans are playing in 2014:

This is what I do know. The Republicans are playing a very calculated political game. They understand that among other things, in off presidential year elections, sixty percent of the American people don’t vote. They understand that most low income working people don’t vote. So their attitude is, ok, we’re going to take money from billionaires like the Koch brothers and everybody else.

We can ignore whole segments of the American population. Doesn’t matter. We can push them down. We don’t have to respond to their needs. We can cut Medicaid. We can end Medicare as we know it. It doesn’t matter, because the big money interests will be supporting us. So I think they’ve made a political dynamic, I think it’s very clear. The Republican Party has become a right wing extremist party, and I think the American people have got to become aware of that, have got to fight back, and create an economy that works for the middle class, not the billionaires.

Very few politicians will say it. Even fewer people in the media will say it. Bernie Sanders said it. The truth is that there aren’t two equal parties fighting for votes from the people in the middle of the political spectrum. The Republican Party is a right wing extremist party. Senate Republicans proved this again yesterday by blocking the bill to raise the minimum wage.

Republicans don’t want the American people to know the truth. They still like to wrap themselves in the flag and pretend that they are the party of fiscal conservative and traditional American values. The Republican Party isn’t being guided by conservatism anymore. The motivating force in the GOP is an oligarchic right-wing economic agenda.

People who vote Republican today are voting for billionaires like the Koch brothers to have more at their expense. Bernie Sanders told the brutal truth, and if people understood who the Republican Party really is, I suspect Republican candidates would lose more elections.

If you’re not rich, you don’t exist. That’s the Republican motto. Until the American people realize this, and fight for the middle class based economy that they need, the march of the oligarchs will continue on. Sen. Sanders is speaking the truth, and saying things that Republicans don’t want you to hear.

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  1. Any Democrat who does not vote in 2014 has no reason to complain of the GOP gain control of the Senate.

    After all the crap they have done to ruin most of the population in this country, if DEMs don’t vote, that is just plain apathetic.

  2. It’s going to be a Republican Congress for Obama’s last two years. I think he’ll eventually learn how to compromise and work with the Republicans.

  3. I am always amused by the dog whistle term of the 80s “traditional family values”

    Reagan’s cohorts threw that term around a lot to mean:

    “Back to the 50s when men were men, women knew their place and minorities were seen and not heard.”

    Does anybody think that Steven Spielberg would have made the movie “Back To The Future” a Rose coloured, fake look at the 50s if he didn’t think that there was a ready market for it? I always thought that the huge uptick in drug arrests in the 80s was a concerted effort to clear the streets of black people.

    FFS Reagan started his campaign in Philadelphia MS where the Civil Rights workers were killed. It was a time that was the beginning of Republican reckless indifference to the needs of nearly everybody and that mindset has become bolder, more entrenched and more reckless with a heaping dose of insanity on top of it.

    The US is one day going to resemble Road Warrior if we don’t put a stop to this. If we don’t vote and clean u…

  4. Haha, you’re so funny. Even if you’re a right-winger you know the level of BS in your comment is astronomically high.

    “Working” with right-wingers is code for, my way or the highway. No, I think I like the idea of opposing RWs agenda.

    You folks are just about to reap the benefits of your extremism, you are going to become pariahs in the US.

    We do not negotiate with extremists, we vote them out of office.

    This country is headed for change, and it ain’t goin’ in a rightward direction.

  5. You are joking right??

    Republicans who got together shortly after his election to say they would block anything he tried to do in an effort to make him a one term president.

    Republicans who time and again denounced and opposed their own ideas and policies simply because he supported them.

    Republicans who torpedo their own candidates for cabinet positions because he deigned to accept them.

    I could go on but, really, do you really, believe that the president being unwilling to compromise with the republicans is the problem??

  6. Every Democrat that doesn’t get out and vote in November is casting a vote for Republicans. Get off your butt and go to the polls lest we let the GOP turn America into a 3rd world nation.

  7. The undereducated bible-addicted whites are so brainwashed they enable the GOP all day long. They have been trained and conned to begrudge anyone a step down the ladder from themselves and don’t even realize they are mere pawns in a manipulated class-war.

  8. The republicans get dumb people to vote republican over social issues like gay marriage instead of issues that will actually affect their life!

  9. Thank you for the link. I read this article with quite a lot of interest and it parallels my view about who “won” the Cold War. It was a fallacy to think that the US won the Cold War. The Soviets spent 75% of their GNP on military and let the infrastructure fail. To the point where it took 15 years for a person to get a new phone. Now the US in in this precarious position of letting our infrastructure fail as our military gets more and more bloated. We cannot be great again on serfdom. We cannot starve our way into prosperity.

  10. Not rich
    Not stupid
    Not republican
    All american
    I believe that there is a social contract that,as a civilized society,we all must embrace.
    I embrace and endorse Bernie Sanders for President of the United States in 2016.

  11. Carefull! Elect only progressive taxers, if you can find any in the Democrat Party, as most have also become minions of the wealth oligarchy.

  12. How sad that a once vibrant and useful Party is now relegated to the past as they hide in their extremist costumes and are put out to pasture to feast on their insignificance and impotence!

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