From Boehner to Rush: Republicans Are Crushed as Obamacare Enrollment Hits 17.8 Million



Republicans are so crushed by the news that total ACA enrollment has reached 17.8 million that they are immediately trying to forget Obamacare, and are changing the subject to Benghazi.

The numbers via an HHS press release:



mportantly, 2.2 million (28 percent) of those who selected a Marketplace plan were young adults ages 18 to 34 — a number that grows to 2.7 million when counting ages 0 to 34, the report found. The report also shows, for the first time, the race and ethnicity of the 69 percent of enrollees in the Federally-facilitated Marketplaces who voluntarily reported this information.

HHS also announced today that more than 4.8 million additional individuals enrolled in Medicaid and CHIP through the end of March 2014, compared to enrollment before the Marketplace opened last October.

“More than eight million Americans signed up through the Marketplace, exceeding expectations and demonstrating brisk demand for quality, affordable coverage,” said HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. “In addition, over 4.8 million more people have been covered by states through Medicaid and CHIP programs, around 3 million more Americans under 26 are covered under their parents’ plans, and recent estimates show that an additional 5 million people have purchased coverage outside of the Marketplace in Affordable Care Act-compliant plans. Together we are ensuring that health coverage is more accessible than ever before, which is important for families, for businesses and for the nation’s health and wellbeing.”

If we exempt the three million kids who stayed on their parents’ plan, because they didn’t enroll, the total number of people who now have coverage thanks to the ACA is 17.8 million. The majority of ACA enrollees are white (62.3%) and female (54%). Thirty-four percent of those who enrolled are under age 35, and 28% are age 18-34.

Republicans have reacted to the fact that they were completely wrong about the ACA, by changing the subject to Benghazi.

All Speaker Boehner wants to talk about is Benghazi emails, “Someone needs to answer why this administration hid these documents – and tell the American people what else is being concealed. The House used its subpoena power to obtain documents, including emails, last year, but these emails didn’t show up until now, after a court ordered their release to an outside watchdog group. This defiance of the House’s subpoena power is the most flagrant example yet of the administration’s contempt for the American people’s right to know the truth about what happened when four Americans died in a fiery terrorist attack. If the White House won’t explain it, Secretary Kerry should come to the Capitol to explain why he defied an official congressional subpoena. And the White House needs to understand that this investigation will not end until the entire truth is revealed and justice and accountability are served.”

It isn’t just John Boehner and the Republican Party. From Fox News to Rush Limbaugh, nobody is talking about their crushing defeat on the ACA. The word is Benghazi. The news is so bad that Republicans aren’t even trying to spin it. They have resorted to pretending that it doesn’t exist.

Reality can’t be allowed to touch the Republican masses. They must be distracted with another bogus scandal before they realize that the Republican Party has completely failed to destroy Obamacare.

The Republican Party looks like they are in the middle of a full blown nervous breakdown, as they are incapable of handling the success of the ACA.

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  1. I read a transcript of the emails earlier today, and as usual, the Republicans are taking things out of context.

    The right wing is so far out there that I just don’t see how they can win anymore.

    Their base may buy their bull, but the actual solid Republican base is that 28-32% we read about who back anything the Republican elite does.

    The RW is on a losing trajectory and they seem to be getting more desperate every day.

  2. The number is growing and that’s
    bad news for Republicans.
    Because as more & more Americans
    see that THEY are benefiting from
    the ACA, the more will ask what
    the President asked,
    The president asked the key political question, “Why it is my friends in the other party have made it their mission to prevent these people from getting healthcare?” He said that killing Obamacare has become the Republican holy grail. He called repealing Obamacare the one thing Republicans can agree on. Obama said, “That’s hard to understand as an agenda to strengthen the middle class…They used to say we’re going to replace it with something else. There’s not even a pretext of that now.” Obama called the Republican obsession with repealing Obamacare an ideological fixation. The president said the law will need to be changed and tweaked as time goes on, but that is fine with him, because his goal to deliver affordable healthcare for all Americans.
    They will see who is on their side &a…

  3. “If we exempt the three million kids who stayed on their parents’ plan, because they didn’t enroll, the total number of people who now have coverage thanks to the ACA is 17.8 million.”
    Well, if we talking about the number of people who have enrolled, we could exempt those young people from the numbers, but if we are looking at “the total number of people who now have coverage thanks to the ACA/Obamacare”, that number should include those young people, because many of them would not be covered if they could not stay on their parents’ plans. They now have coverage because the age 26 provision is part of the ACA/Obamacare.

  4. Where is Ted Cruze? Are they going to shut down the government so as to deny the 8 million Americans of their right to affordable care? So sad, so mean, so cruel. We live to see.

  5. Gonna be awfully hard for the GOP to justify taking away health insurance from nearly 18 million people.

  6. How much money will be spent on these endless hearings on Benghazi? The Republicans seem to be hell bent on finding something to discredit the President with. Imagine if they spent as much time trying to help the country? We need to vote these morons out of office so the country can move forward. Vote!

  7. Careful, folks. Don’t get too enthusiastic with the numbers. The Dems are spinning just as furiously as the Repubs.

    Usually it takes a few days to sort out the hype from the reality. If it’s good news, great. But if it’s spin, you’ll look like fools.

    The numbers seem very fishy to me because it does not distinguish between those who would have had health insurance before and those who are getting health insurance that they otherwise wouldn’t have.

  8. Jason, fantastic article as always.

    Off-topic: IMO, the GOP is building a conversation(not evidence) to justify destroying our democracy by initiating Article of Impeachment against President Obama, if they keep the House and take control of the Senate in midterm elections.

    Their constant use of phrases/terms like PBO is lawless, he’s violated the constitution, he’s acting like a dictator, etc is part of their strategy to normalize these charges.

    Thus, when they issue Article of Impeachment against President Obama, citizens will accept their action as par-for-the-course.

    Dems/Libs/Prog who do not believe the Repub/Teabgrs are going to issue Article of Impeachment against PBO is dangerously naïve.

    Please speak to this, even if you disagree. Thanks in advance for your consideration>>

  9. OMG! You aren’t as smart as you think you are. It states that they received health insurance through the marketplace. This means they wouldn’t had had insurance, if they did they would be on a private plan. It’s still way more than they expected. Be happy people can get well and healthy.

    I swear you teabaggers are quick to find dirt when there isn’t any. Funny how you turn a blind eye on all the dirt they are doing now.

  10. Not so fast. How many of those lost their insurance because it wasn’t grandfathered? How many had insurance but decided to switch? Were they counted as ‘new’?

    It took 5 months for Obamacare to hit 8 million, and there was a nationwide ballyhoo. It turns out large numbers of those 8 million started the process but did not actually buy insurance. Now, one month later, the number has more than doubled…

    Something is fishy.

    Don’t believe everything you read because you WANT it to be true…be sure they’re not blowing sunshine up your skirt.

    BTW- I do not align with the Tea Party. They are more than willing to spend money willy-nilly on wars and the military. They are also judgmental about people’s personal lives. I find their tunnel vision to be repulsive.

  11. Its wrong that we inflate numbers to make our programs sound good. 17.8 million? Come on we need to do things cleaner, better and more honestly than Repubs.

    Its sad when we have to grasp at straws to fake numbers like that. You should be ashamed of yourselves for adding in all the BS and “estimated” unverifiable participants.

    To boast 16.8 million makes you no better than the Republicans that lie to their constituents.

  12. learn to understand what the number is. 8 million for the exchanges 5 million the sign up with insurance company and the balance is Medicaid/chip program.

  13. Kind of interesting how the GOPers are reduced to disputing the number and not the merits. Starting to look like Obamacare is full of merit.

  14. Naw, they don’t even want to THINK about Obamacare. They think bringing up Benghazi will pull the wool over their sheeps’ eyes…again. Boner calls for a new committee to investigate Benghazi…again. All they’ll do is rant..lie..rave..lie..all over again. Oh, right, and spend many more millions of taxpayer dollars doing it..again. Jackasses, all of them.

  15. The TGOPs have been wasting taxpayer money with their wasteful antics of “repealing the ACA” at the cost to us of $1.45Million each, “faux investigations – at what cost, government shutdown at what cost? They need to be voted out and made to pay what they cost us these years.

  16. This president knew going in that he would have to dot all his”i’s” and cross all his “t’s” because in their hatred and denial, it was clear that the republican party would be trying to destroy him . So for him (president Obama) to condon or be a party to any underhandedness would be crazy. Any rational thinking person would understand this unless of course you happened to be a republican with “Obama derange syndrome”.

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