Polls Show Republicans Have Enthusiasm Edge but Nobody Agrees with Them

Bundy_MilitiaAn NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released Wednesday reveals that Republican voters going into the midterms are more enthusiastic than Democrats. As CNN describes it,

Seventy percent of registered Republican voters questioned in a CBS News poll conducted late last month said they are very or somewhat excited about voting in November, compared to 58% of Democrats. Only 47% of independent voters said they’re very or somewhat excited to cast ballots in the midterms. And 81% of registered Republicans said they’ll definitely vote in November, compared to 68% of registered Democrats.

This is hardly surprise, given that the GOP has become a party of extremists: religious extremists, ideological extremists, ethnic nationalist extremists, and so forth. Extremists by definition, are more “enthusiastic,” shall we say, than the run of the mill person on the street. This is why “enthusiastic” minorities have been able time and again to triumph over what we commonly think of as the silent majority (i.e. the rest of us).

The poll shows the electorate evenly split between those who want a Republican-controlled or a Democratic-controlled Congress, as does an ABC News/Washington Post poll released Tuesday. The latter poll shows a close to even split as well when asked if they think most Democrats or Republicans in Congress deserve to be re-elected, or not, with 30 yes/60 no for Democrats and, more ominously, 25 yes/65 no for Republicans.

Now keep in mind that the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll talked to 100 people, 73 of them white. But the United States is not 73 percent white. Sure, the 2010 Census showed whites constitute 72.4 percent of the population but when you take away Hispanics who describe themselves as white, that percentage drops to 63.7 percent, and you really do have to take the lower number, since you don’t find many Republicans today who think Hispanics are white, and Latinos know it and vote accordingly (Obama got 71 percent of the Hispanic vote).

Only 12 of the 100 polled were black, and Obama got 93 percent of the black vote. You can bet your bottom dollar that Republicans have done nothing to tear blacks from the Democratic Party, given the reent outburst of two rich whites, Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling, and the vehement defense mounted on their behalf by many on the right. Just four of those polled were Asian, but Obama got 73 percent of the Asian vote as well. Creepy old white people are enthusiastically Republican because being Republican these days means you can own a gun and wave it around scaring people, as happened recently in Georgia, and marry your sister or your neighbor’s 15-year-old daughter.

The NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows lukewarm receptivity toward the Republican Party and Tea Party, with just 7 people admitting “very positive” feelings toward the Tea Party movement, and just 6 with the same feelings toward the Republican Party. On the other hand, 13 people have very positive feelings toward the Democratic Party. In total, the GOP got 25 positives and the Tea Party 22, but the Democratic Party got 36. It doesn’t matter how intense you are at the polling place if you vote.

And if Obama’s poll numbers are way down (the ABC News/Washington Post poll shows Obama’s approval at 41, while 52 percent disapprove), it isn’t Obama Republicans will be running against in 2016, but probably Hilary Clinton, who repeatedly trounces every Republican you care to name, and the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll Hilary gets 23 very positives and 25 somewhat positives. That’s 48 positives, while only 32 people out of 100 had negative feelings toward Hilary (Rand Paul gets only 23 total positives).

More telling yet, the ABC News/Washington Post poll shows that regardless of how people feel about individuals, 40 percent of people feel Democrats do a “better job in coping with the main problems the nation faces over the next few years” while only 34 percent can say the same of the Republicans. This edge extends, unsurprisingly, to healthcare, with the Democrats leading 43-35, immigration (40-34), and Democrats still have the edge where the economy is concerned as well (41-38). For some reason Republican propaganda has triumphed where the deficit is concerned, despite all their wasteful hearings and repeal attempts (Republican edge 44-35) but those polled overwhelmingly trusted the Democrats to do right by the middle class (52-32).

Being Republican is an excuse to behave badly (look at the armed “Bundy” militias harassing residents near his ranch). And every year were have fewer creepy old white people and more millennials who are seen to be “post-race,” “post-gender” and post all those other culture war artifacts Republicans talk so much about. As Race Forward points out, “The “Millennial Generation” (born post-1980, ages 18-30) is the largest, most racially and ethnically diverse generation the US has ever known.”

Alarmingly, the ABC News/Washington Post poll shows the Democrats lead in views toward abortion (43-35) and gay marriage (45-31) and minimum wage (49-33) and global warming (47-29). The Republican Party has made all these areas key issues in past elections and the upcoming elections promise to be more of the same as the Republicans, rather than broadening their tent, insist on doubling down on their extremism.

The Republicans may have an edge in enthusiasm. As I said, they’re fanatics. We expect that. Democrats don’t run around with guns harassing people. But where the issues are concerned, the Republicans have issued themselves out of the running.

And that’s bad news for the GOP this year and in 2016.

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  1. Look at these clowns ‘guarding’ Clive Bundy, they’re really embarrassing themselves. I had to ask, is it true that ranch are showing the Red Dawn movie every nights? Which one? The original one or the remake one? I’ll believe if they are watching the remake one. That movie is really horrendous suck to watch.

  2. I remember in 1998 a group of 13 Texas separatists got into a gun battle with Feds. The weirdest fact about these guys were most were not from Texas. One of the guys who was killed was from Ohio. He had baffled all of his friends with his enthusiasm for supporting separation of a state he wasn’t from.

    Apparently he confused some of the separatists too. One of the last things he said was : “I don’t know what were fighting for, but dammit I’m with them all the way.”

    This, my friends, describes to a tea what modern support of the GOP is all about.

  3. This makes me want to scream. So, folks will sit out 2014 which means more pure hell for the rest of PBO’s term? So much wasted time. It drives me crazy.

  4. I did not paste the link, but if you go to SPLC’s site,
    the lead story this morning is about the in-fighting amongst the Bundy cult. You gotta read it!

    The guy in charge of security for the Bundy Ranch
    (Oh Al)is jumping up and down like “Yosemite Sam” claiming he’s ready to shoot the Oath Keepers for being traitors and cowards!

    It seems the phoney drone attack rumor emanated from the Oath-loafs and turned out to be “mis-information”; Their leadership ordered his folks to evacuate the area. The head of Bundy’s security, “Booda Bob” (I’m not making this up) is fired up because he thinks the Oath Keepers have an FBI mole who is agitating so their mission falls apart!

    In familial conversation last evening, I said,’Bundy and company will begin turning on each other any day not because the government is basically “ignoring” their testosterone machismo….’

    Booda Bob swears on his “white skin” to “shoot” Oath Keepers…it’s rich. You gotta read this one f…

  5. Correction: Booda Bear, not Bob.

    …”the nominal “head of security” for the Bundy family, a man nicknamed “Booda Bear”,rants angrily:

    My guys sleep in the dirt out here, we’re on shifts for 14 hours a day and trying to make sure that this family stays safe and secure … and just so everybody knows, as Booda, head of security for the Bundy Family I can swear on the white skin that covers my ass there will not be an Oath Keeper — there WILL NOT BE AN OATH KEEPER allowed to set foot on the internal ranch property.

    Alias responded to these slurs by suggesting that “Booda” and pals were actually FBI plants:

    Some of the purported “leaders” of the militia at the ranch are doing exactly what any agent provocateur would do after having infiltrated the militia and claimed a role in leadership. Did you notice the massive ego about who is going to command who? Did you notice the drama in the tendency to speak of Oath Keepers as if we were a militia, which we are n…

  6. That’s why Republicans keep cheating, then again, they can always con a few dunces to keep voting for them by stoking their fears of the “others”…

  7. Oh repubs will be breating come November due to safe gerrymandered districts. All part of the plan to continue to make the next 2 years pure hell. The damage they will continue to inflict on us will be more of the same.

  8. What upsets me is that many just don’t plan to vote in the midterms as they don’t see it as important as the presidential election. I’ve had to convince many democratic voters why it is important to vote this November. Many are disillusioned, but if we truly want change, then let us give President Obama a working congress. The republicans have been blocking every single bill that has been presented, which shows that they only represent the rich and the bigots. I’m glad that some democratic congressman have been calling the republican party for who they are, but somehow convince our base to come out. There are still many months for the November election, lots of work to do, and there is still the hope to capture the house and keep the senate. GOTV 2014.

  9. You got that right. Repubs have been conditioned to vote in all elections. They know that controlling the presidency is not the only thing that matters. Control of the House, Senate and the Courts is where a lot of the power is.
    When are Dem voters going to get it?

  10. Reminds you of somebody else, too, doesn’t it? Look at any photo of Hitler in his early days, with his brownshirt thugs surrounding him.

  11. I have been doing the samething especially to the younger generation. They don’t understand that this is important for them as well and it is their future as well as their children.We have always stress the importance of voting for president but not the inbetween and this has lead to people to believe the president can do more than he can but we all know that it is not true. So we just have to keep encouraging them to register to vote and to vote wisely.

  12. Let me get straight, for the last few weeks polls been coming out in favor for Dems., ACA & midterm election..

    NBC, ABC, & CNN come out with a polls saying people prefer Repubs… All I got to say, BS..

    CA — Drought, FL — explosion, bridge caved, WA — mudslide, VA – rail derailed dump toxic in the river. Denied UI Benefits, Immigration ref., Min. Wage Incr., infrastructure, Jobs Bill, nothing.

    What we get, clowns with their toy monkeys talk about polls, derange ACA stories, & the old tried & blue Benghazi..

    GOTV and put these clowns out of their misery..
    GOTV 2014

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