Rush Limbaugh’s Ratings Are In a State Of Complete Collapse

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Bad ratings news is rolling in for Rush Limbaugh as his show has fallen to 22nd in New York and 37th in Los Angeles. Limbaugh’s ratings are in a state of major decline.

Rush Limbaugh’s claim to radio fame has always been that he is a right wing talker who brings big ratings to major markets in blue states, but this isn’t the case anymore. Since he moved to Clear Channel his ratings in the nation’s two largest markets have nosedived. Rush Limbaugh went from having the number one talk show in Los Angeles to falling down to 37th place in the ratings. In New York, Limbaugh has dropped from fifth in the city to 22nd. His audience is now so small in both markets that he is being outdrawn by Spanish language stations and NPR.

It’s amazing that radio stations are paying this man who can’t draw an audience any more millions of dollars to carry his program. Limbaugh’s ratings collapse has been building for a long time. His comments about Sandra Fluke tarnished him within the radio industry, but the real problem has been a lingering boycott that has caused Fortune 500 advertisers to avoid Rush like the plague.

The signs have been visible for a couple of years. Conservative talk radio is a dying genre. The audience is old, and getting older by the day. More and more stations are switching from political talk radio to sports talk radio.

As Jerry Del Colliano, publisher of the radio-centric Inside Music Media put it, “We’re watching the end of right-wing conservative talk radio. The genre is dying among ratings and dying among advertisers … Rush is at the end of his career. His constituency is all wearing Depends. And he’s getting himself into trouble he doesn’t need. So can you put Humpty Dumpty back together again? They have been able to improve their advertising picture, but they have not been able to come back.”

The answer for why Limbaugh’s show is dying can be found in demographics. Rush’s average listener is 66 years old. Younger people aren’t turning on their radios to listen to Hannity, Beck, Limbaugh, and Savage. Their audience mirrors that of the Republican Party. It’s white, conservative, and male.

What’s happening is that Limbaugh’s listenership is starting to directly mirror the Republican Party. Limbaugh remains strong in conservative areas, but his days of dominating major markets in blue states look like they are coming to an end.

The end is finally near for Limbaugh. He is on the downside of a career that will be coming to an end sooner rather than later.

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  1. It’s also due to it being an incredibly crowded field. There are just too many crazies out there spouting wharb garble brain glob, many of them for free on the carnival stage that is called YouRube, er, YouTube, that the two headed calf that is right wing talk radio just doesn’t draw the crowd it used to.

    Rush also has to contend with drool ass derp from the likes of Ted Cruz, Louie Gohmert, Larry KKKlayman, Michelle Bachmann, Greg Abbott, Ted Nugent and the rapidly fading darling Craven Bundy, who is probably now going to witness a shoot out in his backyard….between the Oathkeepers and Militia Men.

    This is the trouble with extremism. It’s like the Spanish Flu. It had better mutate into something more benign really fast or it’s going to kill its host.

  2. Don’t count out Limpballs out just yet. Remember there will always be that wing nut welfare provided by the kochs and adelsond of the world to prop this hateful speech up

  3. Words has it that his radio show is on life support from donations by tea party. Question is that what will happen to Justices Scalia and Thomas, will they be able to stay sanity after Rush shut down his 24-karat gold microphone?

  4. I work around elderly people and for those who are conservative, his continual sexual references and preferences aren’t palatable for that particular age group. Granted, his racism is often eaten whole along with meals on wheels, but it’s gotten old, even with them. The clown is deflating right in front of our eyes.

  5. Alzheimer’s will be his end. One day soon, his listeners won’t be able to remember their last bowel movement, much less Rush’s newest enemy-of-the week.

  6. Once when I was changing radio stations on my device, I was listening to someone who was babbling weird things and I couldn’t even stand to listen 5 minutes without getting upset. I researched the guy and it was Limbaugh. This guy is plain crazy. Even I, who wasn’t very politically active during that time, knew that he was saying dumb stuff every time.

  7. As much as I’d like to see him gone from the airways, I fear there will be a fight to keep him and his ignorance loud and clear. He is too valuable a right wing tool to let go of easily.

  8. Rush limp dic Limbaugh…..aka the unofficial Viagra queen..sounds like that old dude in the the toilet paper commercial, for Charmin toilet paper. ”
    Please don’t squeeze the Charmin!!”, said Mr. Whipple. lol

  9. I like that one Limpballs, and at his age and weight, I can see that being the case!You just made my Friday morning!! Have a good weekend!

  10. Well I wouldn’t wish death. But with him always up in arms about something, I am surprised that he hasn’t had a heart attack or a stroke because you can clearly see, that he does like to EAT!

  11. Some nasty remarks about senior citizens in that article.
    To the authors, just wait, if you don’t die unexpectedly, you’ll get old too.

  12. WTF are you talking about? His audience is old. When you get old you tend to die. How is that nasty its the truth. The stupid is starting early.

  13. Then just say his audience is old, instead of nasty remarks like:

    “His constituency is all wearing Depends.”

    There was no need to say that. I wonder if the author still has a living parent. Bet they wouldn’t feel too good about the way that was written.

  14. By the way, the article that is linked to is a year old. Really should be a little more updated in articles you’re going to quote.

  15. Time for him to do what he promised if President Obama was re-elected. Move out of the USA. Unfortunately, he’ll probably get a radio show in another country and slander the entire USA

  16. I’m not surprised that Limbaugh’s ratings are down… Limbaugh’s comments are built on the sand of lies, not on solid ground of truth.

  17. I started tuning out when i felt like he was alienating/bashing atheists. That’s not a smart move since it’s a fast growing segment. Secular conservatives are out there.

  18. Because of all the hate that he has spewed, his incineration (in a place called hell) upon death (barring some miraculous turnaround, which is as likely as a July blizzard).

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