Another Big Win For Obama as Unemployment Rate Hits Lowest Level Since September 2008


A day after the final ACA numbers for the year showed massive participation by the American people, President Obama got another big win when the unemployment rate fell to its lowest level since September 2008.

According to the Department Of Labor:

Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 288,000, and the unemployment rate fell by 0.4 percentage point to 6.3 percent in April, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Employment gains were widespread, led by job growth in professional and business services, retail trade, food services and drinking places, and construction.

In April, the unemployment rate fell from 6.7 percent to 6.3 percent, and the number of unemployed persons, at 9.8 million, decreased by 733,000. Both measures had shown little movement over the prior 4 months. Over the year, the
unemployment rate and the number of unemployed persons declined by 1.2 percentage points and 1.9 million, respectively.

Analysts also suggested that the data revealed that the Republican refusal to extend unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed is causing those people to leave the labor market. This report is a double whammy for Republicans. Despite their best efforts people are still finding jobs, and their ideological belief that taking away unemployment benefits forces people to find jobs is being proven false.

President Obama’s economic agenda is working, and here is the graph that proves it:


With the unemployment rate at its lowest level since September 2008, Democrats are focusing on an agenda that both helps the long term unemployed find new jobs, and the economy as whole grow. According to the White House, “The employment data can fluctuate from month-to-month, and while this month’s report happens to be above expectations, it is still broadly consistent with the recent trends we have been seeing in the labor market. The President continues to emphasize that more can and should be done to support the recovery, including acting on his own executive authority to expand economic opportunity, as well as pushing Congress for additional investments in infrastructure, education and research, an increase in the minimum wage, and a reinstatement of extended unemployment insurance benefits.”

Republicans thought the political environment was working in their favor, but the one-two punch of huge Obamacare participation and a rapidly declining unemployment rate could be setting a better than expected landscape for Democrats. Unlike the Republicans, Democrats have something to campaign on, and every Democratic voter has a reason to get out and vote.

It’s been a good week to be President Obama, and an even better week for the American people.

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  1. if the unemployment rate keeps dropping, the Prez will be accused of cooking the books.

    Remember folks, you saw it here.

  2. When the ACA numbers came out, the Republicans started screaming BENGHAZI again, they effectively shifted the focus from the ACA numbers.

    Now, with this new jobs report, they are screaming Benghazi and are saying the numbers are bogus.

    It must really suck to be a Republican these days.

  3. Oh snap!!!
    Today I announced a subpoena requiring Secretary Kerry to testify at a public @GOPoversight hearing on May 21. #Benghazi
    — @DarrellIssa

    The only reason for this farce is the American Taliban does not want to talk about jobs but Benghazi is still there for their stupid base.

  4. If anyone think this is great news, it’s not. Considering over the same amount of people who are working are receiving Welfare and those who have long been forgotten about including those who lost aren’t counted.

    If you believe these number then every woman should believe they never will get muffin top, even after throwing 100 percent cotton jeans in the dryer on high heat.

  5. Yeah we failed summer school. How about no
    I’m a paramedic and my GPA school was 3.8. In certain areas of the US there is less of a need for jobs. Even in healthcare.

  6. Twitter: #RenewUI

    There are still plenty of unemployed individuals actively seeking full time, permanent positions. Many have either stopped filing or been dropped at the state level. “Out of sight out of mind” for the 2014 election year.

  7. I’m still trying to find a job unemployment went down I don’t think so. Next election I will be voting republican.

  8. Then not only youR low info behind wont have a job you wont even be able to get SNAP but I guess that’s freeDUMB

  9. This is the same way the numbers have been counted since forever, even when Reps are in office.

    Please stop being so obtuse, and please stop cheering for the downfall of America just because a Democrat is President.

    Right-wingers are so anti-America.

    Patriots my arse!

  10. I just started a temporary job, it helps but it’s not the answer to my problem. I wonder if they are counting people who are accepting temporary work. This is a, Band-Aid until I can get the employment that I really need…

  11. I was laid off in June 2013.I’m still currently unemployed and no longer receiving any unemployment benefits.Getting further in debt is what is happening to many others including myself.The unemployed rate is maybe lower,but maybe it’s due to people not claiming anymore or because they have to start all over again at a lower pay rate….Were suppose to be going up in life not down.Our Government is suppose to be there to get us to the top or so I thought…

  12. I read an article the other day and a Rep claimed that 108 million people were on some kind of welfare. What you RW puppets always fail to do is question anything that promotes your agenda.

    The writer considered welfare as Medicare, Medicaid, SS, actual welfare, food stamps, veterans benefits, etc., etc..

    You people are just unbelievably dishonest and clueless.

  13. still dont understand… my wife has been unemployed since july 2013. we are a 2 income family. that is great about the news but the fact still remains that no one will get off their ass to fix this unemployment extension… great news for us… she finally got a job… making half of what she used to make. starts 5/20… but what about our crashed credit since no money was coming in. what about my retirement i had a cash in to make the bills… what about the check into cash loan i have… what about the money i owe family and friends just to survive… Boehner needs to pony up some dough and help me make my may rent… or get the dam bill passed… who’s with me…

  14. I hate to rain on your parade, but it won’t be “a better week” for me until they expand Social Security benefits. Too old to supplement them with the work I have done since the age of 12, I end each month broke for a week. All this crap about an improving economy does not apply in my case or in millions of other who live on the edge of homelessness.

  15. And the people who were unemployed few years back are still not working . I know 5, including myself. Two took early social security, one is now in college (Army veteran), one is freeking out because he can’t find anything in his field. (PhD in science makes him overqualified ). These four people are not counted as unemployed. I am, but will most like take early SS. So the good news is not good for those who gave up.

  16. I so agree Lloyd..i got laid off july 2013, and i still can not find a job either..and waiting for this extension, is making more and more people in this same position are loosing housing, shut off can we even pay for our health insurance if we don’t have money to even pay it, but then could get penalized for it!!! We grant so many organizations millions of dollars, but can not support the ones whom actually look for a job daily, and who really need this to be passed!!! Just wish they would pass it already and give a lot of people relief!!!

  17. The number of unemployed did NOT go down. If anything, it’s going up. What went down is the number of people WHO ARE ON UNEMPLOYMENT.

    They shoved 3 million off the lifeline, and another 72,000 every single week that Boehner continues to obstruct a vote on EUC.

    Nobody cares at all about us. This is like taking away a man’s canteen while he’s still in the middle of the desert, miles from water.

    Thanks. I’ll remember that.

    For those too slow to keep up, we STILL don’t have jobs. If we’re over 45, you don’t want us. Shoved out to pasture 20 years before retirement age. Thanks. If we’ve been job-hunting more than three months, you don’t want us–thereby insuring we STAY unemployed. Thanks.

    Nobody cares about us. At all.

  18. The ONLY way the government tracks jobless is by how many are on unemployment. The actual number of unemployed is almost three times the number that shows up on these reports. They’re not calling people, emailing them, sending up smoke signals, or anything else. They count how many are on unemployment. Okay, they’ve shoved 3 million Americans WHO ARE STILL UNEMPLOYED off of EUC. That would make the numbers dive, right?

    And counts even less jobless than it counted before. The numbers do NOT include those shoved off EUC, nor do they count those who are jobless and didn’t qualify for unemployment benefits to begin with. Keep celebrating. Your neighbors are starving, including 300,000 US veterans, of which I am one. Thanks a lot for your apathy and lack of compassion. Without money, we also now can no longer look for work. You need a home and a vehicle, lights, heat, and at least the occasional meal in order to do that. But then again, that is PRECISELY what EUC was for.

  19. The ONLY way the government tracks jobless is by how many are on unemployment. The actual number of unemployed is almost three times the number that shows up on these reports. They’re not calling people, emailing them, sending up smoke signals, or anything else. They count how many are on unemployment. Okay, they’ve shoved 3 million Americans WHO ARE STILL UNEMPLOYED off of EUC. That would make the numbers dive, right?

    And counts even less jobless than it counted before. The numbers do NOT include those shoved off EUC, nor do they count those who are jobless and didn’t qualify for unemployment benefits to begin with. Keep celebrating. Your neighbors are starving, including 300,000 US veterans, of which I am one. Thanks a lot for your apathy and lack of compassion. Without money, we also now can no longer look for work. You need a home and a vehicle, lights, heat, and at least the occasional meal in order to do that. But then again, that is PRECISELY what EUC was for…

  20. This is true Joe.. if they count ALL of the people who have been dropped from the record keeping; the estimated number is riding at 10M able bodied Americans that are not working/nor collecting UC or EUC…

  21. Dave, these numbers do not reflect the millions of workers that have dropped off the accounting system… once a person’s UC/EUC ends, they are no longer counted as unemployed.. The actual number of unemployed is staggering.

  22. I’m 57 and this is the first I have ever collected unemployment. It ran our in December, and I still can’t find a job.
    Obama’s unemployment count can’t be including people that are unemployed but not collecting. If the extension goes through, I’d like to see the numbers then.

  23. Then stop voting republican because of the blah. Elections has consequences and you cant even have vaseline

  24. You’re right–it doesn’t include those numbers. The only way any American registers as having or not having a job is when/if they apply for unemployment.

    Of all the unemployed in the country, the only ones they can count are the only ones they track, and that would be the ones on unemployment.

    People who got shoved off or who lost their jobs but didn’t qualify for unemployment to begin with are not counted. This is why the actual number of jobless is nearly three times what is being reported.

  25. After voting Republican for 32 years, I DID stop. Better late than never.

    And I’m not the only one. The GOP and TP are hemorrhaging voters because of this. One site reported a shift of 6% from Republican to Democrat or other non-Republican parties. Each percent represents hundreds of thousands of voters.

    They screwed themselves.

  26. and who’s fault is that? The republicans who don’t care if old people or the disabled or children end up living on the street or starving through NO FAULT of their own. Disgusting that anyone would stand with these idiots and declare it’s a great thing when people loose their benefits, that they worked for and paid into. How very hateful the right has become.

  27. You should call your representatives and tell them to extent the UEI. You deserve it and this POTUS is fighting every day to get those republican millionaires to stop obstructing the renewal of the extension.

  28. Carol, have you called and screamed at the republicans who refuse to extend the UIE benefits? They think you’re not trying hard enough to find a job even though that’s YOUR money that you put into the system. The republicans have shot down the extension at least 3 times in the last several weeks. this POTUS has been pleading with them to extend and they just refuse.

  29. If you don’t want to continue to see benefits that you EARNED and paid into decrease and disappear then you must back this POTUS. He is the man up there begging them to be human, to be for the American people and not for their billionaire friends. republicans HATE you and what they voice as your laziness of not being willing to look for work. They have blocked or refused to even bring to a vote the extension of the unemployment benefits.

  30. Carmen, why would you vote for a repub. when first they hate you because you are female and 2nd they are the ones who have blocked every single bill that would help those that are unemployed. Either by extending U.E. Benefits, or NOT cutting food stamps/welfare, not voting on a jobs bill etc…repubs. HATE you and your “lazy ways” They believe it’s all your fault for not finding a job. This POTUS and the Dems. in congress and the house are trying to help but are being blocked by the Orange one and his peeps.
    Where do you think America would be if Romney/Ryan had won? We would be on our way to a two class system : Wealthy vs. penniless workers, with no health insurance, no food stamps or section 8

  31. Amici, they have never been counted since the counting began.

    Please get over you’re disappointment and be happy for America for once.

  32. The government unemployment numbers are a a fraud…only those who qualify for unemployment are counted as unemployed…the actual rate is at least 20%.

  33. John Bohener needs to be kicked out of office and all his republican cronies. What gives them the right to take food out of the mouths of the American people. American people and their families are experiencing homelessness, loss of credit, cars being repossessed all because of politics. Food Pantries are over extended, the local public assistance offices are flooded. I have been unemployed since April 2013, and was just notified by the court today, that I will be officially evicted from my home May 15,2014. After working for 30 years. Being a tax paying productive citizen. We the long term unemployed are only asking for what we have earned. Bohener must be voted out of any and all public offices. He does not speak for all the american people. But what does he care, he has a home to return to after May 15. All americans should remember this time in our history and act accordingly on election day.

  34. So you think that the Democrats are trying to help the unemployed by blocking any amendments to the EUC bill? Neither party Democrats or the GOP know how this country should be governed, all everyone in Washington are concerned about are what the lobbyist are wanting and how much the want to pay to have it their way.

  35. Its always interesting to see how these post discussions go. First of all I am an independent who votes based which candidates policies and job experience most qualifies them for the job. Secondly I have a healthy level of distrust and skepticism concerning the government and politicians both republican and Democrat. They are different sides of the same dirty coin. Anyone who thinks things are improving from a job standpoint is only seeing things through their own ideological rose colored glasses. Tell that to the families struggling to keep food on the table and are 1 paycheck away from being on the street. Tell that to the African American citizens that fight every day for survival in destroyed cities like Detroit. Tell that to the college graduates with no place to apply their talents and instead live with their parents as adults. We love to muddy the water with mindless biases about Republicans hating woman and minorities or how all Democrats are tax and spend maniacs but in the en…

  36. end everyone ends up looking like a bunch of chickens pecking at each other. This economy is smoke and mirrors and our doom is guaranteed as a nation when half of you hide in the smoke and the other half spends all their time looking in mirrors or making others look at themselves in mirrors. Wake up people and

  37. Stop trying to sound like you know what you are talking about when in reality you are full of shit

  38. “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” –M. L. King “

  39. You are obviously unable to debate based in reality as you make personal attacks on others based on your inability to understand. Ignorance is alive and well as evident by your attack and profanity. Way to go djchefron!!!

  40. The reality is the policies you advocate has failed, Name one conservative policy that has worked in the past 40 years. I can care less what you or the rest of the AMERICAN Taliban THINK ABOUT ME BUT EVERYTIME I ASK THAT BASIC QUESTION ALL I GET IS CRICKETS.

  41. I do hope things improve for you and yours. I live on a fixed income of less than $1,200a month. Not to long ago I faced homelessness myself. I am so grateful for all I have, my needs are small.
    It may sound trite, given all the trials you are facing, but somehow, volunteering in your local community will not only take help distract from the issues, but will attract good things to you.
    If you are not already helping out at the food shelter, or any local giving organization, I hope you will think about doing so.
    You will meet people that can possibly help you along your journey, just as you will be helping others.

  42. Absolutely untrue. The counting of who is or is not unemployed has NOTHING TO DO with whether somebody is or is not getting unemployment insurance. We have 9 million + unemployed, and only about 2.8 million getting any kind of unemployment insurance. This is the biggest unemployment myth out there… that people who no longer get UI benefits are not counted as unemployed. I’d love to know who spreads this lie.. and why do people believe this without checking it for themselves?

  43. I’m not sure what your comment means, but, as long as someone is looking for work, they are counted as unemployed. It has nothing to do with who is or who is not getting UI benefits. Never has. You can be looking for work for YEARS and you will still be counted as unemployed, as long as you make one effort to find work a month.

  44. There is still some guy on the right who is claiming that one Census worker who was fired for falsifying data back in 2011, over a year before the election, is proof that the unemployment numbers are cooked. Not much you can do about such idiocy.

  45. Not surprising.. As soon as I saw the headline, I knew they’d find something wrong with the report.

  46. Not true. I swear I will repeat this until every last person knows it: If you are actively looking for work, at least one effort during a month, you are counted as unemployed.. It has NOTHING to do with whether you are or you are not getting UI benefits. We have over 9 million people unemployed and only about 2.8 million are getting benefits.

  47. I’ll repeat this to you, but I think I wrote the same thing above: Joe’s comment is ABSOLUTELY UNTRUE. If you are actively looking for work, at least one effort during a month, you are counted as unemployed.. It has NOTHING to do with whether you are or you are not getting UI benefits. We have over 9 million people unemployed and only about 2.8 million are getting benefits.

  48. I’m not sure what you mean by this comment “those who have long been forgotten about including those who lost aren’t counted.”, but I’ll hazard a guess: If you are looking for work, you haven’t been forgotten; you are counted among the unemployed. Even if you have been looking for work for YEARS.

  49. If they are still looking for work, they are counted as unemployed. As long as you make ONE effort a month to find a job, you are considered unemployed. You are not dropped from the official BLS count whether or not you are receiving UI.

  50. I’m so, so sorry for your situation. Even though the number of unemployed people is going down, we still have over 3 million long term unemployed, and that’s a LOT of people. We were in bad shape a few years ago and we lucked out in several ways, so I have a lot of sympathy for those who are struggling. I completely blame the Republicans for their refusal to support jobs programs and extended UI benefits.

  51. Lorna, if you are still looking for work, at least one effort a month, you are still counted as unemployed. The BLS unemployment numbers have NOTHING to do with who does or does not get UI. Right now we have 9 million unemployed and only 2.8 million collecting benefits. 9 million is a LOT of people.

    Good luck to you. The economy is still difficult, and many people are still struggling.

  52. Not true. Where do you get your information?

    If you are still looking for work, at least one effort a month, you are still counted as unemployed. The BLS unemployment numbers have NOTHING to do with who does or does not get UI. Right now we have 9 million unemployed and only 2.8 million collecting benefits, which should make it completely apparent that you don’t need to collect benefits to be counted among the unemployed. 9 million is a LOT of people.

  53. No, the methodology has changed over the decades. If we use the same methodology as was used in 1980, the unemployment number looks a lot worse, probably more than double.

    Same is true of the inflation rate. Probably north of 10%, using 1980 methods.

    Manipulating statistics is an age-old art, and every administration has done it. I don’t think Obama has necessarily done anything any other recent President hasn’t done.

    The manipulation of the unemployment rate is transparent: the unemployment rate goes down when people find jobs or when people stop looking. The number who stopped looking was three times greater than the number that found jobs. So the rate went down.

    Whose fault? Repubs and Dems. They have created a business climate more like a casino than a market, and they have spent our capital on wars and military boondoggles.

    If something isn’t done about entitlements, there will be none for anybody. Demographics is destiny.

  54. Count your lucky stars that Repubs AND Dems defeated that bill. According to the CBO, the “Jobs Bill” would have cost 500,000 jobs due to a rise in the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour, making some jobs in some industries no longer profitable to offer.

    I’m all for a “Jobs Bill”, but let’s talk about what really gets people back to work instead of what makes a good sound bite.

  55. It’s a double edged sword people! Yes unemployment is down but that’s because over 800,000 people have given up looking all together. In reality less people working and holding jobs. Read “ALL” the facts, not just what you want to hear. It’s good and bad news which I hope spurs the republicans to act before matters get worse! The government period is not to be trusted. It’s about power and not the people.

  56. and what will they scream when, once again, the benghazo investigation fizzles because there’s nothing there?

  57. those policies have worked very well for what they were intended to do. the problem was that they were never intended to ensure prosperity for all of us. those they were intended to benefit have benefitted handsomely while the rest of us are still waiting for the trickle down.

  58. If that’s a cheap shot please tell us what conservative policies have benefited the majority of the people?

  59. I made my point. They cant answer so they down vote. I don’t care it just shows the shallowness of your stupid thinking. LMBAO

  60. The theory says that when taxes get to a certain point, they become counter productive. By taking too much capital away from the private market, the politicians make future growth impossible. The theory is solid, but knowing when we have gotten to that ‘point’ is more difficult, and in real life there are other unrelated factors that come into play.

    The real answer is not just to cut taxes (so private individuals and companies can spend and create demand for things they really want) but you also need to cut government spending so it matches tax receipts. Why? Because a government that spends more than it takes in, via the printing press, competes in the marketplace for the same resources as private companies and individuals, effectively negating the benefits of the tax cut.

    After WWII, taxes were slashed and the budget was slashed even more, and the post-WWII boom was born, increasing tax receipts and balancing the budget.

  61. BULLSHIT!!! The highest tax rates during the Eisenhower era was well over 90% and we saw the greatest growth of the middle class. Please you can spout that shit to people who failed summer school but don’t bring it here

  62. DJCHEFRON: was there an argument in there somewhere, or are you unable to do anything except smear?

  63. After WWII, taxes were slashed and the budget was slashed even more, and the post-WWII boom was born, increasing tax receipts and balancing the budget.
    When you post bullshit you will be called out on it. That is all

  64. How do they count people as unemployed if the people have to stop reporting as unemployed if they can no longer collect? Even if they can count how many people stopped being able to collect and are now employed, they can’t determine how many are extremely underemployed or working temporary or part-time jobs. These people and their families are still suffering from losing their main job and need more money to live. Not to mention the college graduates who have not been able to get a living wage job.

  65. The rich hoard most of the money. They have many of the working and middle class people believing the myth that they are rich from working hard and no one would be poor if they worked hard. While some people are wealthy from hard work, most would not be where they are without their connections and family wealth. There’s a lot of people who work very hard and still end up jobless or in poverty.

  66. Not to mention the people whose former boss is trying to ruin their life by making it impossible for them to get another job. Potential employers can’t tell that a boss is lazy and incompetent and would rather fire someone than do her job.

  67. AH,ah,ah. You say start over at a lower rate, but they also voted not to raise minimum wage, so so if you would still be getting minimum wage that is all you need. If you doubt me me just ask any Teapublican and they will tell you. The only jobs worth more are their own.

  68. Listen carefully….especially you out there who attack other people who are hurting. You are actually hurting yourself because hurt people have a tendancy to hurt other people.You may not be directly affected by job loss but at one point or another in your life something or someone did hurt you an you never overcame. Because if you did you would express more compassion instead of attack. We know the Dems & Reps are back and forth while people still continue to hope, wait, & yet suffer. What we need to do is Pray for them in Power and Position who are holding people captive like Slaves. Prayer is the most Powerful tool and weapon anyone can use when they have nothing left to fight with. So lets Pray & encourage one another and lets Pray that God changes the hearts of those who have the Power to end this suffering & extend this benefit ASAP! There are so many Children, Babies, Parents & Animals Starving & feel Helpless. So Please Mr President & Mr Boehner Ope…

  69. Djchefron: the marginal tax rate on the highest earners during the Eisenhower administration is not relevant here.

    After WWII, the country seemed to be headed back into a recession. There was a call to continue government spending at War levels in order to assure continued employment. However, in 1947 Congress cut the Federal budget from 54% of GDP to 21% of GDP, Corporate taxes were cut from 15% of GDP to 10%, and the personal income tax was cut from 10% of GDP to 5%.

    The post-war boom began at that point.

  70. dichefron: My point to Andy was that saying Republicans “hate women” is no better than when Republican say Democrats “hate America.”

    Neither comment is fair. Both comments are stupid and serve only to demonize people who think about the world differently.

    As to your comment about post-WWII taxes, see my response below.

  71. How would the government know that a person is applying for a job once a month, if its not done on the UIA site? There is no way they would even know if a person mails their resume for a job. Im just sayin

  72. Yeah Carol I agree with you about the age thing. I am only 43, and look about 35,but can’t seem to find a job. I lost my job after working for a company for 12 years, because they went out of business. I am college educated and have many skills. Wow, it’s amazing, I can remember when I was in my 20’s looking for work, nobody wanted to hire me because of lack of work experience. Now employers would rather hire eye candy with no skills and no work history. Wtf has this world come to?

  73. Seems to be a bit of misunderstanding and confusion about how the unemployment numbers are obtained.

    If you haven’t bothered to look into it yourself, you might want to – especially if you’re unemployed and think you aren’t being counted because you’re not getting an unemployment check, or because you’ve dropped out of the workforce.

    You ARE being counted.

    Also, just because the number of unemployed decreased, it does not mean that everything is rosy out there in the workforce. There are too many who are still out of work and too many who no longer get unemployment checks. Call your Representatives and tell them to stop the Benghazi nonsense, stop trying to repeal the ACA, and stop trying to cut benefits at a time when they are needed the most. In other words, tell them to get back to the real work of governing and tell them to start with a CLEAN jobs bill that will help put people back to work.

  74. Nonsense, and I will repeat this every time you repeat your misinformation. An employer does not report who applies for work. An employer does, however, report to the state government the employers who ARE working. A laid off employee can apply for unemployment benefits, which is counted as a total of unemployed. A person who’s benefits are ended and does not have a job is no longer counted after they are taken off the unemployment rolls, and are disenfranchised.

  75. Reply to Amici
    Fri, May 2nd, 2014 at 3:26 pm

    The actual number of unemployed is staggering.

    Jobless workers are only counted as unemployed if they are actively seeking work, so there are “missing workers” who are not bring reflected in the unemployment rate.

    The Economic Policy Institute ( a bunch of left-leaning policy wonks) decided to try to measure (or at least estimate) how many people have fallen through the cracks.
    As of April, 2014…they have the unemployment rate at 9.9% – if these “missing” workers were actually seeking employment.
    That’s 6,220,000 people not being counted.

  76. Haven’t you been paying attention? You really think these republicans will get you back to work? Are you filthy rich and able to buy a representative? If not, you need to do some research and find out what’s been going on. Seriously.

  77. Since there is a lot of confusion about how unemployment is calculated I thought I would look this up from

    “Because unemployment insurance records relate only to persons who have applied for such benefits, and since it is impractical to actually count every unemployed person each month, the Government conducts a monthly sample survey called the Current Population Survey (CPS) to measure the extent of unemployment in the country…There are about 60,000 households in the sample for this survey. This translates into approximately 110,000 individuals…Each month, 2,200 highly trained and experienced Census Bureau employees interview persons in the 60,000 sample households for information on the labor force activities (jobholding and jobseeking)”

    There is a lot more info on the website so it os worthwhile to go there for more details.

  78. Abortion, gays, immigration, welfare, governmental oppression of ranchers, Christians and gun owners, evil (take your pick..muslims, atheists, socialists, communists, fascists, Nazis, ect.) taking over the country. No freedom because you can’t do anything you want and you have to obey laws and OF COURSE the persecution of the 1%

    Lots of material there…and after a few weeks or months…BENGHAZI!!!

    Like a dog chasing his tail…

  79. Only 4% of the population are on Welfare. And by the way they have work or school requirements and they cannot be on it for more than FIVE YEARS FOR A LIFETIME. Look it up on the government website.

    As someone else pointed out the Repubs are dishonest with the numbers and count anyone who is getting ANYTHING from the government, including seniors and the disabled (who paid into the system)Children too.

    The majority of the people getting some kind of aid are actually THE WORKING POOR. Remember that because everytime the Repubs vote against raising the minimum wage they are VOTING FOR continued foodstamps, medicaid,housing assistance, utlity assistance,ect.

    Walmart alone costs the taxpayers $1.5 BILLION a YEAR. Raising the minimum wage to keep up with inflation IS NOT A HANDOUT.

  80. …another big loss for the long term unemployed as this will be seen as less reason to renew the EUC measure. The U3 rate is a very poor indicator of the true unemployment picture as it only takes into account those who have an active claim and are receiving benefits.

    For the over three million long term unemployed who lost benefits in the end of December due to expiration of the EUC programme, we are considered to have dropped out of the workforce and are no longer counted even though we are still looking for work.

    The “official” U3 unemployment rate is a total sham that only benefits politicians’ careers and those on Wall Street at the expense of hard working people who lost their livelihoods in the “great recession” and are experiencing difficulty in finding new jobs thanks to a still sluggish economy.

    members of both parties are to blame as all they care about is which of them comes out smelling like a rose.

  81. So very sad….What is wrong with some of the people who call AMERICA their home. How dare you…
    I am a 58 yr old single grandmother raising 2 disabled grandchildren and assumed the responsibility of raising them because their mother is incarcerated 2000 miles away and a dead- beat father to boot. My apologies, but I love them. I am desperately trying to keep them out of the foster care system. I have been unemployed since Sep.of 2013 and have been looking for a job. Granted I only have an Associates Degree obtained at age 50. Does anyone care about the personal atrocities happening to many AMERICANS? I had to go on welfare, go ahead guess why? Because I could not find a job that would pay for the $850.00 a month daycare bill. So why did I have to go on welfare?????? Because that is the only way I can receive CCIS (government help for daycare expenses) immediately, otherwise I am on a 6 month waiting list. Should I go sell my ass on the street….HEY PEOPLE….nobody’s buying.

  82. Can’t wait to hear all the grandmother bashing comments…..bring it on…..

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