Obama Slays Fox News and the Koch Brothers With One Joke at White House Correspondents Dinner



President Obama managed to take down both Fox News and the Koch brothers by highlighting the connection between the two with a single joke at the White House Correspondents Dinner.



Obama started off with a joke about having such a bad year that the 47% called Mitt Romney to apologize. He delivered several jokes about the Obamacare website launch. Obama joked that he had to go to Malaysia to get CNN coverage, and cracked, “I think they’re still searching for their table.” He joked that MSNBC was overwhelmed at the dinner because they had never seen an audience that big before.

Obama joked about the Olympic snowboarders, “I haven’t seen a 180 that fast since Rand Paul disinvited that Nevada rancher from this dinner. He offered that tip that things aren’t going to well when the sentence starts, “Let me tell you something about the negro.” The president said the Koch brothers bought a table at the dinner but as usual they used a shadowy right wing organization as a front, “Hello, Fox News.” Obama told Fox that will miss him when he is gone because it is going to be a lot harder to convince people that Hillary is from Kenya.

The president joked about his own low poll numbers.

My favorite Obama joke of the night was that these days the House Republicans give John Boehner a harder time than they give me, which means that orange really is the new black. The president mocked the Republican claims that he is an imperial president. The president took a jab at the right for their crush on Putin, and called out Huckabee and Hannity for talking about Putin’s bare chest all of the time.

The president’s deadpan delivery was spot on as usual. This year’s jokes were a bit more gentle than the past few years. The president’s digs at Fox News were on the money, and it was fun to hear him not let the right off the hook for championing Cliven Bundy.

A winning performance from President Obama, where he got to display his sense of humor, with a guest appearance from HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius at tonight’s dinner.

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  1. I wish newsblogs would stop saying someone slays, or destroys people. They really don’t. But he did amuse and entertain, and you just know he’ll have shocked and angered the Right. I love the part about not being the first person between potted plants, the “orange is the new black” joke, and reeeeally couldn’t believe he asked who “pissed off” Chris Christie. Just know they’re going to go nuts that he used those words. You just do.

  2. Joel McHale please take over the Colbert Report. Thanks for stepping up and taking chances. He reads a room as well as Stephen.

  3. In my opinion, the best joke by far of the evening belonged to president Obama…. ‘Orange is truly the new Black’.

  4. Joel McHale will go down in history as the first one at one of these dinners to say both words, penis, and pussy. And he gave Christie the biggest slam on live television that I think anybody has EVER endured. Sweet!

  5. More Lies. To bad the four dead Americans could not have seen the show. Thanks again Mr. President for all of the lies and not willing to act to save those life’s.

  6. Perhaps BHO is looking ahead ad positioning himself to be a late night TV host. Now that Leno is retiring, next year, there will be openings all along the line.

    If he can keep the same writers he has now, he could be a big hit.

  7. Your proof of that is? Or is it simply your hatred of Obama talking?

    Perhaps it is your obsession with showing your abysmal ignorance in a public forum? It’s called “mental masochism” and is very common, so don’t feel alone with it.

  8. Now THOSE jokes were funny. Remember W’s bit about looking for WMD in the Oval Office? Not funny at all, insulting to the families who lost loved ones in that useless war. It did go over well with the right, who were making money hand over fist for that fiasco.

  9. You are a dumbass. I guess over 4000 American soldiers who were Killed in Iraq over a lie don’t count. Oh I forgot you are a dumbass

  10. Remember the time President Obama promised I could keep my health plan and and also save $2500 a year but then my health plan was cancelled and the new one had an 80% increase in cost? That was funny.

  11. Like your corporate kochsuckers. Like I said you are a dumbass now get off mommy computer before you get in trouble

  12. So you went from paying nothing to paying something for insurance right? So now you mad cause you got decent coverage?

  13. Reply to Ruth

    So you went from paying nothing to paying something for insurance right?

    No…I’ve paid for my own health insurance policy for years and it wasn’t cheap because it was good coverage. Then when the insurance mandates were added on and I was forced to pay for additional coverage that I didn’t want or would never use…the monthly premium almost doubled.

    President Obama got me good that time.
    I laughed and laughed.

  14. Charlie I am guessing you had one of those garbage plans that covered nothing and would have left you as a nonpayer or needing government help if you even had a serious illness or injury. I have excellent coverage and since it no longer has to help hospitals supplement people like you my premiums have declined for 3 years in a row.

  15. My dear Charlie, lighten up, it’s much too early to be such a crank & we all know you aren’t telling the truth anyhow. Did you just come home from Sunday mass after getting a loving dose of hate for Obama?

    I love President Obama’s sense of humor; orange is the new black, lol. On a serious note, I’m so thankful Obama is president right now during these 21st century dark ages thanks to the religious fanatics trying to undue all the civil rights progress the country has made to date.

  16. I don’t know why he didn’t mention that coup that the EU/US set up in Kiev. Victoria Newland(Nudleman) would have been a laugh riot. Taped by Vlad, as she was setting up the coup and choosing the government after the fall. Standing in front of a Chevron sign boasting about pumping 5 billion into prepping the coup in Ukraine. The media would have howled letting that pent up pressure go.

  17. Charlie I am guessing you had one of those garbage plans that covered nothing
    Then you’re lousy at guessing.

    I have excellent coverage and since it no longer has to help hospitals supplement people like you my premiums have declined for 3 years in a row.

    Great for you but almost twice as many people have been hurt by the law than have been helped by it.
    There are ALOT more people like me that were impacted negatively.

    And there’s nothing like watching a room full of one-percenters stand around and yuk it up while they inflict yet another hardship on millions of middle class Americans.

    Yeah, they’re real funny.

  18. Tatiana
    Sun, May 4th, at 10:13 am

    we all know you aren’t telling the truth anyhow.
    And you know this how exactly?

    Because there really isn’t anyone who is being hurt by Obamacare?
    It’s beyond your realm of possibility?
    Premiums aren’t going up in large double -digit percentages for anyone?

    Good grief.

  19. Poor delusional Charlie. While I am always interested in diverse opinions, which create interesting discussion, you are like a broken record. Perhaps you’d be more comfortable at breitbart or redstate?

    Go away – you’re not contributing!

  20. I so agree! Our president was on the mark… and funny, too!

    My favorite was not the orange/black line, but the Koch/Fox stuff. That was super! And the potted plants/Fox photo… hahaha! So true!

  21. You might be more believable if you posted some numbers, and said what coverage you didn’t want, but have to pay for anyway. You know, like all the stuff that would have been covered before the ACA, whether you ever actually used them or not.

  22. Dear Clay – the word is LIVES. If you cannot master your own language, what makes you qualified to do foreign policy? Nothing, that’s what.

    One of those four was a colleague of mine. Using him as a political football is despicable. It’s people such as you who demean them all.

    Let’s all turn our attention to the fact that the GOP cut huge amounts of funding for embassy security shall we? The left very few people to defend the outpost. Thanks for nothing, GOP. Now you want to pretend there was no response? The FACTS show that it was handled as well as an emergency can be and that the terrorists – yes the President called them that – took advantage of the general unrest over the RW Islamophobic tape. Everything the administration has said is true. What the GOP says is a lie – totally, completely, despicably.

    Turn your own attention to your illiteracy. And then, when you master English, try logic, reasoning, policy analysis and get back to us.

  23. I don’t mean to minimize the tragedy at Benghazi, but Obama’s record with regard to embassy “incidents” is far better than that of his predecessor. Just a sample: July 9, 2008: Six killed at US consulate in Turkey. December 6, 2004: Al Qaeda terrorists kill nine people at US consulate in Saudi Arabia. May 12, 2003: Al Qaeda terrorists kill 36 people, including 9 Americans, at diplomatic compound in Saudi Arabia. The Republicans did not investigate these incidents at all, let alone for two years and counting, and Fox News was stunningly silent. Care to explain the discrepancy? You can start with the obvious, if you’d like.

  24. President Obama is one of the best President’s we have ever had, and certainly one of the smartest, which he has proven over and over again. He really nailed it last night, I only wish he was harder on some of these people, especially Faux.
    These idiots have stood in the way of any and all progress all these years, and shouldn’t have even been invited last night. But, they think we are all so stupid and don’t know history and the role republicans have played in it. We all know democrats are the only ones to grow our economy, and are always the ones that step in to save their messes. If all these idiots that think they are republicans would just wake up and learn something, we would once again have the greatest country in the world.

  25. TNBlueDot at 10:39 am

    Poor delusional Charlie.
    While I am always interested in diverse opinions, which create interesting discussion, you are like a broken record.
    I can assure you that millions of Americans aren’t delusional as I’m quite certain that their checkbook keeps them grounded in reality when they need to pay their new higher premiums every month.

    And there really isn’t going to be alot of diversity of discussion about Obamacare as there’s only three sides to it. Those that have not YET been affected by the law, those that have been hurt by it and those that have been helped.

    Right now I want to hear from the all the Obamacare guinea pigs… and I’m hearing more people say this law is hurting them when it was not supposed to do any such thing to ANYONE.
    Should those that have been harmed by the ACA just shut-up and go away? I don’t think so and the broken record should play all day, every day, until something is done about it.

  26. You’re funny. Everyone of the stories have been debunked but with your ODS you cant see shit. Carry on. Because you do make us laugh

  27. So four people perished because of a lack of funding by Congress, but 2900 souls and countless soldiers and civilians died in Iraq, and no big deal? You sound like a #Benghazi troll. When this investigation is completed, many will have egg on their faces. AKA, the GOP.

  28. And of course, it’s all about YOU. Out of the entire population, your indignation is prime, and should direct policy for all.

  29. I’m so thankful for the ACA (Obamacare). I hadn’t had insurance in years and had some physical issues that I just ignored as I couldn’t afford insurance. I am now fully covered, have been to the doctor to get some vaccinations/boosters and am going to see a GI specialist soon due to an issue I’ve been dealing with for years. I also was able to see a dentist, get a cleaning, a cavity filled, and a composite put in for a broken tooth. ACA has been wonderful, life saving measure that is definitely increasing my quality of life. Too bad your life is so sorry and filled with such misery, Charlie. For every one of you who complain and bemoan the ACA (without actually providing proof and numbers to back up your idiotic claims) there are hundreds of people thankful to be able to partake in some of this elite healthcare.

  30. Hey Clay, do you give credit when it is due? How about the budget cuts the Repugs demanded? The lack of manpower is what killed those innocent people. Now, I would like to follow suit and call you a dumbass!

  31. Here’s what the great George Carlin had to say about that:

    Comics are supposed to worry about dying, ya know?
    “I don’t want to die out there, man. Jeez, I was dying. It was Death out there. Like a morgue.”

    On the other hand, if he succeeds, if he makes you laugh he can say,
    “I killed ’em. Knocked them dead.”

    Why is there so much violence mixed up with comedy, you know, which should be so much fun. It’s all dying and bombing. He Bombed! Or else he was a riot!
    A real scream, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
    “I cracked up laughing and he broke me up too!! I busted a gut laughing!! My friend was in stitches!! He fractures me with his punchlines and his gags!! [Gag] Slapstick!! Knee-slappin’, side-splittin’, Rib-splittin’, Gut-bustin’……Laugh? I thought I’d die”

  32. 2,996 died during the 9-11 attack on USA soil, BECAUSE of the republiCAN’Ts and POS Bush & Cheney! 98 died under their watch, also, during 13 embassy attacks. One of o YOU remember him? WHY NOT? Because POS Bush & Cheney COVERED IT UP! That’s 3,094 that didn’t get to see the 2014 White House Correspondence Dinner! Thanks to YOU right-winged CONServatives! Republican Logic:
    They don’t care that there were 98 people that were killed @ US Consulates and 64 people were wounded
    during George W. Bush’s Presidency. Including U.S. Diplomat David Foy, @ the US Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan, March 2, 2006! Three others, were also killed, during this attack! Remember?
    These 162 people don’t mean SHIT, to republican’ts! Nor did U.S. Diplomat David Foy!
    BUT, the deaths of four Americans @ the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, somehow, calls for the impeachment of President Barack Obama, and condemnation, of Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton!
    What a hypocrite! And LIAR!

  33. Boehner (the Oompa Loompa) is getting the same treatment from Tea partiers that President Obama (and Eric Holder) have received.

  34. It was funny but there was an underlining seriousness to the whole thing. He shredded EVERYONE and it was great.

  35. Ah, ha! I have just learned that only Liberal comments are welcome on this site. Everyone has free speech except those who don’t speak Liberalese.

  36. You have to prove you are intelligent. You failed

    BTW, you dont know what free speech is. You never have free speech on someone elses property. The owner has the right to listen to you or delete you.

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