Nancy Pelosi Slams Republicans For Their Endless Exploitation of Benghazi


Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi has joined the list of Democrats who aren’t about to sit back and let Republicans float their bogus Benghazi conspiracies unchallenged.


Rep. Pelosi was asked by Up host Steve Kornacki if Boehner had talked to her about the select committee on Benghazi that he was forming. Pelosi said, “That would be news to me. I have not been informed by the Speaker of his plans to establish such a commission is it? Benghazi is such a very sad event, more than an event — a tragedy. Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, we carry their names in our hearts, pray for their families. And for the exploitation of it to just be never-ending by the Republicans is really hard to understand.”

Later, Pelosi explained why Republicans are exploiting Benghazi, “I think people are tired of that. What are your ideas about job creation. They have none…They have no plans. They don’t govern. They have no initiatives for the future, so they have to make personal attacks. I think most people want to know. What do you have to offer?…I consider them to be stuck in a poverty of ideas. They have none, and that’s where they have to go.”

Video of Pelosi saying Republicans have no ideas:

Rep. Pelosi (D-CA) was correct. Republicans are going down the Benghazi path because they have nothing else that they can talk about. They can’t talk about their jobs record. They can’t talk about the ACA, because it is working, and they don’t have a replacement option. Republicans have done nothing in Congress, so it is logical that they have nothing to run on.

For the next six months, the nation will likely be subjected to more Republican fishing expeditions on the IRS and Benghazi. These bogus scandals are all that they have. Their political exploitation of the deaths of four Americans has been extremely cynical and callous. It is clear that they don’t care about the people who died. Republicans are just out to get President Obama.

The Republican poverty of ideas has become a cycle that they are trapped in. It’s an endless loop of treading over the same ground with the same results. This is why this intellectually bankrupt party needs to be defeated in November.

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  1. Remember, for conservative commentators and House Republicans, it all about JOBS, JOBS, JOBS for the American people … and killing the ACA … and banning abortion … and minimizing gay rights … and shunning mosques on American soil … and bringing the Bible into the public school classroom … and now Benghazi.

    And of course, these same righteous, objective, apolitical legislators and journalists will also be investigating the circumstances behind the far-more deadly American embassy attacks that occurred during the Reagan and Bush administrations.
    What? No?

  2. Hey, yeah…. What ever happened to the Republican JOBS, JOBS, JOBS plan?

    Were they talking about Steve Jobs?!

  3. Obviously Boehner’s weekly standing at a podium with a hashtag about jobs doesn’t magically bring jobs.

    The GOP, party of obstruction, party of “Compromise is a sign of weekness” is only interested in tax cuts for the wealthy, deregulation of the EPA & other agencies that protect the health of Americans (we know how well that’s going in NC with all of their coal ash spills) & promoting the Keystone XL.

    I know people are basically idiots, but at some point doesn’t anyone feel a bit crazy for saying the same things over & over again (tax cuts for the wealthy, Benghazi & the IRS non scandals to name a few) expecting different outcomes; I do. At the very least, isn’t the country tired of the GOP’s constant negativity? Surely, if you put anything under microscope you’ll find fault with it. The sheer immaturity & lack of empathy demonstrated by the GOP is astounding.

  4. yo kids. bencrazy wont matter at all. the kochs need to keep that 23% of their base pissed off at anything. without it, they low info, vote against yourselfs might have a moment of clarity…

    remember that same base, always though bushy was a heck of a job….

    dog and pony shows, thats all fox and the kochs have…

  5. According to some of my Teapublican friends ” Now the truth will come out.” The truth has already been proven time and again. The problem is that it isn’t the “truth” that they want to hear or believe. If they couldn’t get it right the first time we’ll try try, again and again. What a waste of taxpayer money.

  6. 4 Americans died in an attack in Benghazi.
    While tragic, we need to move on.
    Americans, even those on the Right have
    to be getting to the point where we start
    asking Issa and his ‘committee’ How ’bout
    US? the millions of us who are alive? What
    are you doing for US? They are wasting
    Millions of our tax dollars because
    “I want seven hearings a week, times 40 weeks,” Issa said.

    Read more:

    This is out of hand and MUST STOP!

  7. As I said before, they want to hit the same pay dirt that they did with Bill Clinton. They kept at the Whitewater thing for years before they used Monica Lewinsky to try and steal Bill Clinton’s presidency. President Obama has a blameless private life, so they are going Full Nazi Propaganda: “if you repeat a lie often enough people will believe it.”

    However, it can backfire: repeat something often enough, people begin to think you’re a cuckoo clock.

  8. It’s ironic that these regressive Republicans keep harping on Benghazi when the last Republican president sold a war to Congress based on lies. Those lies led to a war that cost more than 4,000 American lives and over 100,000 Iraqi ones. The selling of the Iraq war was aided and abetted by none other than Condoleeza Rice, who just recently backed out of an invitation to speak to the graduating class of Rutgers University in New Jersey. She bowed to the pressure of faculty members and students who protested her presence because of her role in both the war and in approving torture. That makes the GOP obsession with Benghazi as a selling point in discrediting Hillary Clinton all the more disgusting. While she also voted for the war, she did so based on the same disinformation campaign by the Bush administration. They are a bunch of sick puppies who are obsessed with winning elections but not governing. They have no ideas to run on.

  9. Question to all Rethuglicans & Wingnuts WRT your obsession with BENGHAZI!:

    Geezzz… How’s that horse? Still dead?

  10. Until liberals hold liberal politicians accountable and conservatives hold conservative politicians accountable for their repeated actions against ALL of us were all screwed. Its divide and conquer by the Elites using their puppets in Congress while the rest of us bitch and moan about the Koch brothers and George Soros. The worst nightmare of these elites is for the Liberals and Tea Party Americans to come together and take back our country from them.

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