Fox News Unequivocally Declares That Benghazi Is The Only News Story Worth Covering

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Ever since it happened, Fox News has tried to turn the tragic events that occurred at Benghazi in September 2012 into a massive scandal that will destroy the Obama presidency. The ‘news’ channel has gone out of its way to display tins of fake outrage over the supposed cover up by the White House when it comes to talking points given by then-UN Ambassador Susan Rice on the Sunday talk shows after the protests that happened in the Middle East and the attack that occurred at Benghazi. Fox News has also done its best to push the idea that the White House and State Department are perhaps directly responsible for the deaths of four Americans by shouting from the rooftops that Hillary Clinton and/or President Obama gave a ‘stand-down’ order. Of course, nothing like that remotely happened.

Anyway, Fox News just cannot let this story go. Despite four investigations completed by Congress and numerous hearings that have revealed no actual scandal but have provided Republicans ample opportunity to grandstand incessantly, the ‘Fair and Balanced’ network has insisted on pushing the narrative that there was some foul and dastardly dealings going on within the White House when it comes to Benghazi. With the recent release of more emails from the White House, the network, along with other conservatives, feel they have a ‘smoking gun’ that finally reveals the White House did…uhhh, something, I guess. Whatever it is, this is a VERY IMPORTANT STORY. It MUST be covered!

It is with that mindset where we now see Fox News anchors pull away from press conferences from the White House and tell the audience that they will not go back unless somebody mentions Benghazi. This happened last week when German Chancellor Angela Merkel was visiting with President Obama and they held a joint press conference. It didn’t seem to matter that both world leaders may touch on many pressing and important matters. Fox News was only concerned with this press conference if POTUS brought up Benghazi or a reporter asked him a question about it.

On Monday, we saw this happen again, with the addition of snark from Fox News anchor Jon Scott.  During the White House press briefing, White House counselor John Podesta stepped up to the podium to discuss energy policy. Scott, showing his complete lack of knowledge on who Podesta is, acted as if Podesta is one of White House Spokesman Jay Carney’s “understudies.” Podesta was a Chief of Staff under President Bill Clinton and has joined the current White House staff as a special counselor. He is not one of Carney’s helpers.

Below is video of Scott courtesy of Talking Points Memo:



Did you catch how dismissive Scott was on the point of that part of the press briefing? He basically turned his nose up at the idea that the White House would use their time today to talk about energy policy.

“Talking about energy efficiency, of all things, right now. But if they get to some questions about this House select committee, how it will work, we will take you back there live.”

Yeah, how dare the White House think about discussing actual policy matters when the only thing that should be talked about right now, and forever more, is Benghazi? Who cares if taxpayers have spent $14 million on the numerous investigations on this matter and the attack happened 20 months ago? Fox News, and desperate Republicans, have moved all in on Benghazi and they’ve decided that they don’t want to talk about anything else. They are only interested in finding some way to get this story to stick with average Americans, despite not even really knowing what the outrage is supposed to be about anymore.

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  2. Your broadcast news schedule for the foreseeable future:

    FOX > Benghazi 24/7
    CNN > Malaysia Airlines flight 370 24/7
    CBS > Too busy covering up their own Benghazi faux pas to worry about REAL news.
    MSNBC > Too busy alienating their viewers to care.
    PBS > Real news that nobody watches.
    ABC, NBC and the rest > Bowing to their corporate owners.

    So much for the information age…

  3. Benghazi!!! The reason Fox is covering it is there is absolutely nothing newsworthy about this over investigated found nothing story. It is the quality of showing that their viewers desire and dream of. Something they can pretend in their little minds exists, but falls apart in reality.

  4. FOX News should tell all of their staff to stay home and simply play a Benghazi-inspired version of the “Llama Song” nonstop during each of their broadcasts.

  5. You just explained why I watch BBC America and Deutsche Welle instead of American news. US led news media is all hype, propaganda and advertising, no REAL news in years.

  6. I requested two areas at a hospital today to please turn off the Fox channel as they ranted about Benghazi. My husband and others are too ill and stressed to have to hear this, Enough, please. It’s done “let he without sin cast the stones”

  7. They counted on the economy.
    No way Obama could turn it around.
    They counted on unemployment numbers
    to bring Obama down.
    They counted on Republican obstruction
    to pull them thru.
    They had no idea what this man could do.
    Nothing worked according to plan.
    Nothing they did could being down this man.
    Now Fox has nowhere to go.
    But they still need to do a show.
    So Benghazi it must be,
    and nothing else will do.
    The network has now jumped the shark,
    their viewers cry Boo Hoo….

  8. If they cared about the people who died, that would be one thing. But they don’t care about them. They want a scandal, they want some impeachable offense – they want anything that will take down the President.

    They’re despicable.

  9. At this point, wouldn’t this be nothing more then beating a dead horse and then probably doing unmentionable things to said dead horse?

    I mean, there’s no ‘smoking gun’ they can use. So, why don’t they drop it?

  10. Love your poem – so perfectly put into perspective the reasoning behind Fox and the rest of the GOP idiots!!

  11. For all of the news, I listen to Serius/XM and Politicus RADIO and as for the television screen. Well….I like Mr. Ed Shultz, Rachel Maddow and sometimes RT, when they aren’t hyping their propaganda. The best for the last, is Al Jazeera television. Those folks make it seem so right and that all is well in the world, even through the chaos.

    As for Fox Comedy Entertainment…..yeah, sure, I’ll tune right in.

  12. The “Ben Gazzi” Story is REALLY Important !!!

    The Village Idiots that watch the Fox Noise Channel
    have a VERY SHORT attention span.

    If they don’t hear “Ben Gazzi” every 15 Seconds, they might Start THINKING for Themselves.

    (Yes, I Know, the probability of that last part
    actually happening is extremely small. Call Me Silly. I still believe in Miracles.)

  13. Yes the weather, it’s raining lies in the Whitehouse. That last email, finally released, might break this mental logjam the demos have.

    Sad that one news station torments the leftists so bad. Funny too. But as Noam Chumpsky would say, “Yaba daba doodle to yoodles”.

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