GOP Senate Candidate Uses Campaign Ad To Aim At President Obama With A Gun

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Iowa State Sen. Joni Ernst, who is trying to grab the GOP nomination for Iowa’s open US Senate seat, released a new TV ad this week in the hopes of grabbing some mainstream attention. Ernst’s previous ad went viral due to her stating that she used to castrate hogs and that she’d “make ’em squeal” in Washington when elected. Since then, Ernst has become a Tea Party darling in this race and received an endorsement from none other than one Sarah Palin. Her new ad is an attempt to up the ante by showing her shoot a pistol at a target while a narrator says she is taking aim at Obamacare and that she never misses.

First, let’s take a look at her first ad from late March:



Now, let’s go ahead and show how’s she’s grown into a ‘serious and mature’ candidate with her latest ad:



Ugh. This ad comes across more like a SNL skit than an actual campaign ad. It doesn’t border on self-parody; it crosses all the way over. The over-the-top narration, Ernst riding up to a shooting range on a motorcycle, the slow-motion walking, the pulling out of the pistol, the overemphasis on the word ‘Obamacare,’ the shooting of the gun, the focus on the target while saying that Ernst doesn’t miss…all of this is just red meat for the far-right. She wants them to see that she is the most extreme candidate and that she hates Obama way more than all of the other GOP candidates.

Ernst is going to get attention for this ad, just like she did for the previous one. It is quite possible that she’ll even be able to carry that over to winning the GOP nomination and facing of against Democratic Rep. Bruce Braley. A poll from mid-April showed her in the lead among a crowded GOP field, but just barely and with only 23% of the vote. This ad may not hurt her with the conservative base of the GOP, and will likely help her, but it can be used against her (along with the castration one) if she finds herself in the general election. Moderates and independents will be hard-pressed to take her seriously after these two ads.

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  1. Have the Secret Service showed up yet? They should. If this RWNJ wins the GOP nomination, the Dem should show her aiming that gun. The pro gun rights nuts are pushing a “use a gun/wild west” mentality throughout the country. Then when someone gets shot they use the “but the gun was not legally owned”. The message they are pushing has nothing to do with legally owning a gun. The go for the gun, shoot first & then ask questions is not good for the country no matter what they say.

  2. This woman shows that stupidity is dangerous! Reich Wing Gun Nuts are dangerous to themselves and the rest of this nation. She needs to go to Washington allright! In a FBI car straight to the main office and be questioned until she pisses like a puppy.

  3. She has missed the majority of the votes in her session, lied about having to miss because of her service in the National Guard. Is she the “second coming of Palin”? I wonder if she is a better shot than $carah, who missed a tethered animal with her first 4 shots, then someone put the poor animal out of its’ misery. This woman is a proven liar, but hey, if that is what her constituents want what can we do?

  4. She’s been blessed to be endorsed by Sarah herself, which some consider a kiss of (political) death. Here’s to the Palin effect working like a charm.

  5. This ad is offensive on so many levels and, as a woman, I fail to understand why other women feel the need to emasculate men in order to compete with them on the political playing field. As a rule, most of us like our men intact.

  6. What a creepy person. But then, she thinks Sarah Palin is a living breathing heroine instead of a fake, whining piece of garbage. If this is what the GOP thinks wins elections, and it works, I really fear for our democracy. Between her and the Bundyites, we are in trouble.
    Oh, and by the way, Joni, just how do you plan to eliminate a law that the GOP House has been unable to touch for three years and 50+ votes now? A law that has given uninsured people hope and prescriptions and access to care? Is that wise? Or is that just a bunch of crap to get you some votes from idiots? Think about that, before your next ad gets you arrested for sedition.

  7. I hope she is investigated by the SS, and I hope it makes headlines as well. The GOPT have pushed the envelope way to far. Can you imagine if a Dem did this? She is totally disgusting and apparently has never learned to act like a decent human being. How long are we going to stand for this hatred? Surely, there must be something that can be done. I wonder if any viewers of this commercial are voicing disdain, or simply looking the other way.

  8. “Or is that just a bunch of crap to get you some votes from idiots?”

    That is the correct answer. As usual with Repubs.

  9. This is a direct threat to the President of the United States and she should be arrested for the threat.

  10. Guess what Joni Goebbels, I grew up on a pig farm too in Indiana. But I actually have a brain that is bigger than a walnut and want to appeal to people who aren’t apt to shoot themselves in the face while cleaning their guns.

    It takes no effort at all to appeal to the lizard brains of the low wattage. But this move towards extreme anti intellectualism and shooting first, asking questions later has one dismal conclusion: drift into civil war. Like the first civil war, people were primed for it for 15 years beforehand. The rhetoric became more heated, inflamed and people were finally begging, begging, begging for secession and civil war. “Gentlemen can always fight better than rabble” was the cry of Icharus. These gun nuts think that the government is there for the overthrowing.

    This woman is an idiot. The fact that she got a nod from another idiot should surprise absolutely nobody.

    My advice: get out while you can or stay and fight. It’s going to get nasty.

  11. I am a staunch Liberal, and as much as I despise these types of ads, and the morons who think that they will draw in the independents, I have problems with the headline “GOP Senate Candidate Uses Campaign Ad To Aim At President Obama With A Gun”. Nowhere in the ad is she doing so. Aiming at “Obamacare” but not Obama.
    It does the progressive movement absolutely no good to sensationalize with false headlines. It just gives the right wing nut jobs more fodder to criticize the left!

  12. Another idiotic Republican/Tea bagger clown with empty rhetoric!!!!!! They make me LM(_!_)O!!!!!!!!!!

  13. This is some of the most ridiculous thinking. I got free medical care the entire time I was in the Military and so did my family, but when I get to congress I am going to ensure you can’t get health insurance for yourself or your family. What a nitwit.

  14. Shes a Sarah Palin wet dream … wonder if commercial # 3 will be some old lady on old lady action with Palin ? Fits their agenda … lol

  15. One of our state congressional candidates for Montana “shoots down a drone” with his rifle in his “get government off my back” ad.

    Matt Rosendale, minion of Rand Paul and Tea-Publican party. No doubt against Monsanto GMO disclosure, disposing fertilizer on your own property, ear tagging cattle and numerous other government regulations.

    Oh yes, must get rid of that FAA rule about shooting drones is illegal.

  16. She has crossed way over the line. Threatening to shoot the President, isn’t that grounds for immediate arrest? Can you say Treason?

  17. There may be 2-3 moderates in the Republican party but the Democrats are pretty liberal, overall. We brought you Obama, Clinton, Gore, Kerry, Carter, etc.

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