The NRA Escalates Their Campaign of Murder Behind the Disguise of Self Defense

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A reason is a statement presented in justification or explanation of a belief or action, and often depends on who is attempting to justify an action or belief. When the Founding Fathers included the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights that one right of the people was to keep and bear arms, they wisely included the reason to avoid any misinterpretation then or in the future; “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State.” However, for gun fanatics, anti-American extremists, and the National Rifle Association, the reason for the 2nd Amendment is everything from overthrowing the United States government to intimidating other citizens or to stalk and kill young African American males. There is a troubling new justification for the right to keep and bear arms the NRA supports and it is entrapping suspected burglars and gunning them down in cold blood with impunity as part of the NRA-written and ALEC proposed “stand your ground” or “Castle Doctrine” laws.

Last week in Montana, a German exchange student was gunned down and killed after a man set a trap for intruders by deliberately leaving his garage door open with a purse in plain sight. The man-hunter, Markus Kaarma, set up motion detectors in the garage and upon after they detected someone in the garage, Kaarma calmly grabbed a shotgun and walked to the front of the garage and fired four times in a sweeping motion hitting 17-year old Dirin Dedes twice killing him instantly. The man was rightly charged with first degree murder and he immediately invoked a new NRA-backed Montana Stand Your Ground defense However, Kaarma may not succeed in convincing a jury that firing indiscriminately into his garage was defending himself especially with no clear idea there was anyone inside, or if they presented a clear and present danger. The idea of vigilantes setting traps for human beings is an increasing use of the NRA’s so-called self-defense laws meant to make gun fanatics into judge, jury, and executioner.

The Montana vigilante is not the first, and certainly will not be the last, to claim he was justified in murdering a human being after setting a trap. Last week a Minnesota jury rejected another man’s assertion he was “standing his ground” when he  went to great lengths to make it appear his home was unoccupied and waited in what the prosecutor likened to “deer hunting from a tree stand” in his basement with a supply of food and water until two unarmed teenagers descended the stairs where he executed them. The “hunter” made an audio recording of the killings that depicted him toying with the dying victims after he shot them. Prosecutors asserted that the man appeared to take pleasure in murdering the two teens, and the 15-minute clip of the shooting included the sounds of the 17-year old boy and 18-year old girl getting gunned down and the man firing into the wounded teens saying “you’re dead” before dragging their bodies in a tarp to prevent his carpet from getting blood-stained. The man did not tell his neighbors he murdered the teens until a day passed; likely reveling in the human trophies before turning the bodies over to the coroner.

The Montana vigilante’s entrapment and subsequent murder of the German teenager provoked state Representative Ellie Hill to propose legislation to repeal parts of the NRA’s Defense of an Occupied Structure statute that was added in 2009. The NRA championed House Bill 228 because it “expanded the circumstances under which anyone can use a firearm for deadly force and call it “self-defense;” code for indiscriminate murder. Hill said “What the castle doctrine has done in this country is it has created a culture of gun violence and vigilante justice, and it’s created a culture that it’s OK to shoot first and ask questions later.” Montana’s NRA law granted the use of lethal force to anyone who believes shooting will stop an intruder from entering an occupied structure, even if it is an unoccupied garage with the door open.

Before the expanded stand your ground defense was enacted, a person could only use lethal force against an intruder if the assailant acted in a “violent, riotous, or tumultuous manner” that the man writing stand your ground laws claims was too confusing, and gun owners needed a simpler justification for killing. The new law allows an individual to use deadly force if they “reasonably believe” force is necessary to prevent assault or a forcible felony, and automatically presumes the shooter is innocent and shifts the burden on the dead victim to prove they were not intending to assault the shooter or commit a felony. It is an NRA license to kill.

The father of the 17-year-old German exchange student shot dead departed America on Thursday after criticizing the nation’s gun culture saying, “America cannot continue to play cowboy.” The distraught father, Celal Dede, told the German news agency dpa he never imagined his son could be shot and killed for simply entering somebody’s property. Dede said he hoped Kaarma would receive a fair punishment and that he would not have allowed his son to participate in the exchange at Big Sky High School if he had known “that everyone here can kill somebody just because that person entered his backyard.” His son was due to leave for home in a few weeks after the school year was finished. Obviously, Mr. Dede has not kept abreast of American gun culture or the preponderance of gun fanatics looking for any reason to open fire; even in an darkened and open garage without even knowing if someone was inside or if they were threatening someone’s life. The attorney for the murderer said his client was afraid for his life even though he admitted not knowing if the teenagers was armed, his intentions, or if anyone was inside.

There is no end to the myriad justifications gun fanatics find for using firearms to kill other unarmed citizens, at least according to the National Rifle Association. They claim vehemently that gunning down other Americans, whether they are posing a threat, unarmed, or entrapped into  entering a wide-open garage is precisely the reason the Founders wrote the 2nd Amendment; or for waging war against the government, or for stalking and killing unarmed African American boys. Doubtless, the NRA will marshal support from other gun zealots for the Montana man who set a trap for Dirin Dede, and pressure Montana legislators to oppose rolling back any part of the expanded stand your ground statutes. Because no matter the circumstances, including vigilante justice, the NRA will never run out of justifications for gun-wielding Americans to shoot unarmed citizens and they have their handy copy of the 2nd Amendment to prove it.



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  1. I have a 3 yr old grandson and it scares me to think of him going off to school or even walking past someones house late at night when he’s older. This insane merry-go-round has got to stop

  2. The NRA (Murder Inc.) needs to be utterly destroyed! In days past it was an entity that was for safe firearm ownership and usage. But ever since the days of Ronnie Ray-Gun and the rise of the insane Christian Reich Wing it has become the club for White supremacists and gun powder addicted cowardly anti government paranoid knuckle draggers. Only when the N(ot) R(esponsible) for A(nything) is gone then we will be safe. Guns do not promote safety! Guns DESTROY safety. I feel perfectly safe without a gun! I guess that’s because I’m a REAL! man..not some COWARD who thinks he is. Real Men do not need firearms.

  3. Joe, its more then that. These people have been convinced they are the good man with the gun, when in fact all they are is willing shills for the arms corporations. And this makes Insane Wayne rich

  4. Guns kill. The result is final and you cannot take it back.

    I am quite worried about the fact that we seem to have a lot of people who don’t think about the consequences of pulling the trigger on a gun. It’s a death culture we’ve created; life means nothing. People use guns capriciously, they don’t think about it, they just pull the trigger.

    If you were actually defending yourself or hunting game, that would be one thing, but people like this guy hunt for human beings and they don’t care if they kill them and if they have to make up a reason to do it, then so be it. It’s all just a video game.

    It is quite unsettling that guns have taken the place of reason.

    And this nonsense they spew about the 2nd amendment…if they would only think about what the Founding Fathers meant, they’d see how wrong they are. But they don’t think – they just shoot and then point to the Constitution to justify it.

  5. Actually, this is the arming and preparation of Brown Shi(r)ts for use against the rest of us for a day I fear is drawing all to near.

  6. Your correct Shiva, it’s more about the money than anything. But your average gun nut is not the sharpest pencil in the box so they are ignorant to the real reasons. Also Hollywood has not helped at all, they glorify firearms to make money too. As far as the “good guy with a gun” excuse I say the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is to pre-empt them from having a gun in the first place by proper legislation that the Democrats AND the American people want but the Reich Wing refuse to even consider. Still we need to destroy the NRA and very possibly repeal the second amendment. The 2nd Amendment is a dinosaur and is NOT indicative of todays societal needs.

  7. A couple of weeks ago here in Oklahoma I went to McDonalds to get some breakfast for my kids , yeah I know that’s a crime itself but there were about 10 overweight white people carrying firearms and no one said WTF. I looked them in the eye and shook my head and started to say something then I remembered stand your ground. Something is wrong here

  8. Thank God for the NRA protecting our rights. I know many of you want to disarm the law-abiding citizens of the country… but why not grow some balls and go into the ghettos of our big cities and disarm the thugs. I’ll never give up my weapons as long as one thug has a weapon.

  9. Des that invoke the right for homeowner to set a fricking trap and intent to kill? Try to think clear, for once, just think.

  10. Of course you wont give up your weapons. You are brainwashed into thinking you are a hero when you are really just a shill for the arms manufacturers.

    What are you going to tell your god when you die and you never got your first kill?

  11. I thought the Bible, that book these right wingers seem to love, says “Thou shall not kill”. What happened to that.

  12. Byron Smith looks like one of life’s losers. He is obviously a rage filled hateful man who wanted to make himself be somebody by snuffing the life out of young people.

    What he made was an audio snuff film. I heard it, I would have sent him away for the rest of his unnatural life too.

    The US is sliding into anarchy and civil war. 10 years from now it will be a free for all with street shootouts being a daily occurrence if this is NOT stopped now.

    On twitter the most hateful trolling comes from the gun nuts. They are at stroke level with rage. I wish I knew why.

  13. the reason the NRA gets away with murder is because murder hasn’t happened to any member’s family. Let one of their little girls kill another child, or someone in their family get charged with stand your ground murder….the membership would change. If you want to raise money really quick to help the economy and stop the purchase of guns, tax the bullets $100.

  14. Progressives have already disarmed the law abidding in the cities controled by Democrats, unless you are a elected offical. Most of the 150 Liberal Gun Free Zones where three of more people were murdered are in the same areas.

  15. Oh please, get a grip.

    No one is taking away your right to shoot your own ass off. For heaven’s sake, you’re just buying the fear the NRA is selling.

    Sensible gun legislation will never make sense to people like you who are scared of their own shadows because the NRA and the fright wing has told them there is a bogeyman around every corner.

    One of these days you’re going to see a shadow on the wall and start shooting – only to find, as statistics point out, that you’ve shot and killed a member of your own family.

  16. I see, is that like Texas has far more murders per population then Illinois?

    Gun Free zones are meaningless. They are used as brainwashing for idiots who are shills for the arms manufactures and Insane Waynes Wallet

  17. Unlimited access to guns & immoral gun laws does strange & terrible things to the minds of some people.

    With guns everywhere & lax gun laws, anyone who’s ever wondered what it would feel like to kill a person can now make their dreams of being an assassin come true. Thanks to the GOP & NRA, we no longer live in a civilized society, so everyday is now open season for the sport of hunting. Just seek your favorite enemy, tempt & entrap & fire away; no need to worry about consequences. One only needs to interpret & untangle the many loop holes in the flagrant gun laws like Stand your Ground to justify.

    I feel like I’m writing an ad. This is sick.

  18. Punk ass I was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago. I gangbanged in my teenage years so STFU I know and lived that life, you on the other hand is a joke.

  19. Guns are bad? For Dims in Detroit, an efective city wide Gun Free Zone?

    A 50-year-old Detroit resident was advised by her brother to get a concealed carry permit and to buy a gun for her protection, as he advised all of his nine sisters to do. She was reluctant, because she didn’t ever want to have to use it to hurt or kill someone, but she took her brother’s advise. That was about a year ago……m


  20. Accidential gun deaths have dropped to a 115 year low. While we added over 200 million people to the
    USA, and about 175 million new guns during the period.

  21. Well post your link.

    Lets remember that only around 35% of the people in the US own guns. And that 32% own 50% of the worlds guns. You can stop masturbating now

  22. Wait until you come up against someone that has the ability to take your life just because they maybe having a bad day, or lost their job. Also you may or may not have your family with you at that chance meeting.
    What are you going to say to those that you love, get behind me because as a real man I don’t need anything
    but my fists to protect us. But honey/dad he has a gun, please honey/dad protect us with your manhood.
    Get real dude, you are gambling with you and your families lives.As a firearms/USCCA Instructor, I feel sorry for your family, because you haven’t the guts to protect them.
    You had better actually talk to real people not these weenie liberals that have not got a clue as to what is out there.

  23. You are the type that needs to be disarmed. Your imaginary scenarios that are given to you by Insane Wayne are hilarious.

    Everyone recognizes that a gun could be helpful in certain situations. But if someone has a gun on you, It will also get you killed much quicker
    Real people dont need a penis extender. Weenies like you do.

  24. Sallky, The NRA gets the vast majority of their funding from gun and ammo manufacturers, they no longer have to listen to their membership, or Congress or the public.

  25. The NRA is NOT protecting our rights, they are protecting gun and ammo sales. THAT is where they make their money, and they don’t give a good God-D*mn about our rights.

  26. Gallup: 47% of households report having a gun, highest ever. Population
    Accidential deaths consumer Product Safety Commission
    Total guns

    Self-Reported Gun Ownership in U.S. Is Highest Since 1993 – Gallup…/self-reported-gun-ownership-highest-1993.aspx
    Oct 26, 2011 – The percentage of women who report household gun ownership is … On this basis, Gallup finds that 34% of all Americans personally own a …
    Men, Married, Southerners Most Likely to Be Gun Owners – Gallup…/men-married-southerners-likely-gun-owners.aspx
    Feb 1, 2013 – Another 14% did not personally own a gun but live in a household with someone who does. The results presented here focus mainly on …
    Gun Ownership and Use in America – Gallup
    Nov 22, 2005 – The poll, conducted Oct. 13-16, finds that 4 in 10 Americans report they have a gun in their homes, including 30% who say they …

  27. sad story though this person shouldn’t be on private property regardless of the circumstances. this is similar to the bait car police tactic. they set a trap and arrest anybody who falls for it. monkey see, monkey do.

    also, im not sure the author of this article understands the historical definition of a ‘well regulated militia’. they were made up of volunteer citizens who kept (at an armory) or were bearing arms.

  28. in the 17-1800s well-regulated was a common term referring to being in proper working order or functioning as expected. it had nothing to do with a structured military hierarchy.

    any able bodied man of 16 or so through age maybe 45 could join the militia.

  29. You can buiy into that if you want, and even if true its meaningless today. Totally meaningless. People running around today with penis extenders are no wheres near the well regulated militia of old

    In any case, well regulated militia was a structured item. Look at the miltia’s that put themselves under the militarys control in both the revolutionary and Civil wars.

    Do try to not let Insane Waynes wallet own you

  30. for some reason the reply button didn’t appear on your comment box, so ill just use the old one.

    it’s not that im buying into it, its a fact. i do agree, today it may be meaningless, but still holds its meaning, and rightly so, in the bill of rights.

    im not really a fan of the nra, i have no plans to join or anything of that sort, though i am going through the process we have here to purchase a firearm for self defense.

    i can’t reply to djchefron either, so if you see this, know i don’t conversate with peoples whos intelligence only allows for name calling and page linking. just to humor you i will say you are only partially correct. it goes back further to the history of bearing arms in england and standing armies. slavery is not the reason it was put in the constitution, though at 1 point it was partially the reason it was ratified.

  31. The thread only goes 5 deep I think, so what you are doing is ok.

    Nothing holds m,eaning in the bill of rights except how it is interpreted today. Regulated Militia Does mean regulated, not just functioning. The militias of the old days were regulated as in meetings, contact with the base military and in some areas WERE the base military. That has nothing to do with today. The closest thing to a regulated Militia today is the National Guard. The SCOTUS is just too afraid of the people with no penii in this country to define it as such

    I am a gun owner. A hunting rifle. I dont need an assault rifle, I think the 2nd amendment is far behind other rights in the importance scheme of things.

  32. Well Regulated means well trained. It was conducted on the town square every Sunday. Look up the context of the term as used in the 1700s. I’m all for being well regulated. All freemen should be well versed in the usage of arms. But for you folks may your chains rest lightly upon you. I’ve already forgotten you were my countrymen.

  33. Excellent. then we can disarm you.

    Regulated means much more then well trained. It was a group that was under the arm of the military and could be called up for action. It didnt mean trained with a penis extender. Insane Wayne has lied to you. Conducted on the village square every sunday? LOL. You have got to be the most gullible conspiracy theorist in the country.

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