Republicans Try To Silence House Democrats By Kicking Them Out of a Taxpayer Funded Room


Top House Democrats, including Leader Nancy Pelosi were supposed to be holding a Steering and Policy Committee hearing on the Republican refusal to extend unemployment benefits, but Republicans kicked Democrats out of their scheduled room.

House Democrats had to abruptly turn their hearing into a press conference, when Republicans refused to let them have a room to hold the hearing in.

According to a statement from Rep. Pelosi’s office, “House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and Members of the House Democratic Caucus will hold a press conference today in the wake of House Republicans’ refusal to allow the stories of Americans severely affected by the loss of this vital lifeline to be heard. Leader Pelosi and House Democrats will call on Speaker Boehner and the House Republican leadership to end their callous indifference to the nearly 3 million individuals who have lost UI since the program expired on December 28 and to #RenewUI this critical lifeline.”

What happened was that Democrats had a hearing room scheduled, and at the last minute, Republicans told them that they couldn’t use it.

There is no limit to how low House Republicans will go to prevent the message that they are hurting 3 million Americans by refusing to extend emergency unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed. Boehner and company will grant endless hours of time and as many rooms as needed for Benghazi, IRS, or any other number of conspiracy based hearings, but Democrats can’t even get a room for a couple of hours to talk about the plight of 3 million Americans who have been pushed into dire poverty because Republicans refuse to extend unemployment benefits.

House Republicans may hold the majority, but they don’t own the building. Those hearing rooms belong to the taxpayers. Republicans have the right as the majority to control the scheduling, but their behavior is a slap in the face to the democratic process.

The American people want unemployment benefits extended. Every poll taken since before the benefits expired has shown that large majorities support extending the benefits. House Republicans are not only trying to silence Democrats. They are also trying to silence the American people.

John Boehner likes to refer to the House as “The People’s House,” but today the people were denied a voice, and the needs are being ignored by a Republican majority that cares more about the Koch brothers than the millions of American lives they are destroying.

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  1. Republicans continue to send this comparable message daily; we are listening to all of American people and we are working diligently to keep their trust in us.

    They’re fooling their own bloc of illiterate voters. Even Europeans and Chinese knows more about American politics than deep red state voters. Embarrassing.

  2. Things won’t get any better until the republicans are voted out of office. If I were the Democrats, I’d file criminal charges against the ones involved in this matter because the Democrats had the room scheduled. I’d also go as a group and visit The President and have him to give an executive order to stop this kind of behavior in The House of Representatives.

  3. Cowards. Vote them out America. Silence those who choose not to listen to us. Remove those who choose to silence us.

  4. This is BULLSHIT!! The American public needs to know this. But you know that the Reich Wing will call on Fox to lie about this. What really pisses me off is the possibility that these criminals will have total power after the midterms. This nation won’t be worth living in.

  5. 1868 all over again. Radical republicans are alive and well in the house. Next we’ll see members toss out of the party for not towing the line, sorry that is already happened, hasn’t it.

  6. How Petty can they be????? What am I saying, the Repugs have no shame, if you can’t beat them cheat them is their motto.

  7. Tim, that’s an idea, but Republicans hate Obama and wouldn’t care what he said. Unfortunately they hate him because he’s a Democratic, but more important that he is Black. Republicans seem to be very racial lately since Obama came into office. Unfortunate state of affairs.

    I like what Pelosi did, going to the press, that probably upset the Republicans more than going to the President.

  8. This is why there a record number of ex pat Americans and a record number of Americans renouncing their citizenship.

  9. Unfortunately the President can not issues executive orders to the House or Senate on these sorts of internal disputes, more to the point either the House or the Senate would never comply should such an order be issued.

  10. The people are going to have to stand up to these republicans and march on the rooms that they are in and have them removed. They will completely pilfer and destroy our country if they get much more power. They are that dangerous to our democracy.

  11. Why are you shocked? This is nothing new the American Taliban did this back in 2005. Don’t get mad vote and take someone with you too vote

  12. So repugs cannot even manage the schedule for conference rooms? Why am I not surprised. Incompetence at it’s finest.

  13. Nancy Pelosi’s is right. Republican’s are evil people, only think of their self and putting money in their pockets.

  14. I just hope the press reports it as it unfolded. The so call mainstream press is repub corporate owned and repub corporate board run. The biggest lie they got over on the American people is to keep repeating that the press is liberal. Some days I am so disgusted that I really don’t know which way to turn.

  15. OH please!!! who can believe or pay serious attention to the Koch brothers? these individuals want and believe that they can control the country because they have lots of money.

    They do not know the meaning of need, struggle for have a better life, among other thing for normal Americans.

  16. “I really don’t know which way to turn”

    Turn “off.” You’re being lied to by people who have no respect for you or the truth.

  17. Republicans are like evil little snakes hiding in the grass, waiting for any little opportunity to jump and bite at the american people. Their venomous rhetoric and inhumane actions have ruined this country.

  18. I am for the extension. I think the Republicans are doing every thing in their power to stop it. That being said, maybe the majority of you should research a little. Some ability to think critical would help also. I am not defending the Republicans but, you need to understand that the Democrats are playing a game with this extension also. If both sides would quit acting like children at the playground, this would have been passed. For one, the Democrats requested the room for a “members meeting” with the box for the allowance of the media checked “NO”. When the Republicans initially heard the media was going to be there, a discussion started about how they were using the room contrary to the permit. At that time the Republicans told them to go ahead with the meeting but declare the meeting as it was. Your golden party(Democrats) decided to storm off and take their gathering to the Capitol steps. If you would open your eyes, you would see that you are being used by both parties as p…

  19. …just one more case of stupidity in government. While I fault both sides of the aisle for all the foot dragging over the last four months as well as the President for talking big during the SOTU but doing nothing to put an end to this three ring circus that has been allowed to continue (while millions of once hard working Americans are pushed off the cliff into financial oblivion), this latest action by Boehner and his House cronies takes the cake.

    One man has this kind of power to not only prohibit a basic function of our government by refusing to allow the EUC bill to come to a vote, but now usurps the rights of fellow “co-workers” to meet within the capitol to hear public testimony on the issue he so vehemently opposes.

    These are not actions becoming of a representative of the people, they are the actions of an irresponsible and heartless dictator only interested in his own well being.

  20. Stop being so pessimistic. Just make sure all of your Democrat friends make it to the polls and vote. By all I mean everyone of them.

  21. Let me get this straight: Sollberger said the Republ staff director was willing to let it (meeting misnomer) slide in a phone call withthe Dem counterpart this morning and Krahe, a spokeswoman for committee Dems, confirmed Republs made that offer, but, “By the time we got that information, it was too late to move the hearing back to the committee room.” Really?? Easier to move AV equip & power to & from the front steps than it was to move back to the room? Locations are adjacent, not miles away! Remember in 2009 when Democratic staff for the House oversight committee changed the locks on the committee’s hearing room to force Repubs to request access – apparently over a website video (Countrywide scandal) Repubs refused to take down. Not to dismiss the unemploy topic, but equally important to me now in dysfunctional DC is not swallowing whole trumped up sensationalism (I call it intentionally misleading)from the apparent children in both sides of Congress.Get to work dam…

  22. Not always. We leave for many reasons, me because I have a special needs daughter and am married to a Canadian and we went for it, but the tax laws are draconian for ex pats. The IRS originally wanted to seize 25% of a person’s property & impose a $10k penalty for every year not filed, even against Americans who moved abroad as kids and have never filed. This is a very annoying problem for our daughter. They promised “amnesty” but this is only one reason why people are renouncing. Many ex pats I talk to are renouncing because they will never move back to the US, Heath care, cost of living, social safety net are much better, and people think that the US is going too extremist.

  23. Sure George. First the room belongs to the United States Government and not the chicken crap GOP. Second why should the GOP care if the press is there or not? By raising the press as an issue they proved they were trying to supress what the Democrats were doing. Anyone that believes that the GOP and the Dems are equivalent in this fight is delusional.

  24. Why do you fault both sides? The Senate Democrats tried in December to extend the insurance but it was filibustered by the republicans. The only party that should be blamed for a lack of action is the GOP.

  25. It’s time someone or some group started organizing the registered indapendents and the republicans who are fed up with these old life time corrupt politicians lining their pockets with corporate and Koch at the expense of the people who elected them. This behavior is not going to change until we get or address this strangle hold the two party system has evolved into. Along with term limits to discourage this type of behavior. I know this is a tall order. Here is a thought what if. What (if) Bernie Sanders along with Michael Bloomburg and Warren Buffet and some of the other financial able who still care about their country came together. Something like the Tea Party Republicans. I am a registered Independent and am fed up with these old frauds becoming millionaires after getting elected.


    The participation rate is pitiful and since millions stopped looking for work the unemployment rate dropped. This is NOT a good sign. When the long-term unemployed do not have funds to pursue employment they stop looking. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see this is a problem.

    Contact John Boehner and have him move the extended unemployment bill forward.

    John Boehner:
    Phone: (202) 225-0600
    (#1 to leave a message #2 to speak with his assistant)

  27. Democrats already warned Republicans that they would locked them out. This time, Republicans didn’t warned Democrats.

  28. what? no “what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander”? they’re both guilty of this petty behavior over rooms.

  29. Yes the UI should be re-upped. At this point what difference does it make when the country is already broke.

  30. Thank you Mr. Easly for citing the correct number of 3 million awaiting benefits, not 2 million. The last number I heard was 2.7 million. I expected the republicans to kick us around for a month or two but at this point it feels like they’re waiting for a full 6 mos to tick off the clock as a way of denying retroactive benefits. Thank god I had a little savings and just got a small tax return, but I’m about 3 mos away from losing my home of 15 years. The first $700 of my back unemployment will go to fixing the 17 year old car as the other 3 wheels are ready to fall off the axle too, and I owe over $500 toward this winter’s heating bill. No,I haven’t eaten today. I’m supporting my son who is finishing college so he didn’t have to pay back loans. No food stamps for anybody in college so I never applied. We got Obamacare! but it’s another bill to pay. This rollercoaster ride with unemployment is too much to bear. I’m just grateful there was even a meeting scheduled today.

  31. BC Shelby…maybe just maybe the Dems & the President could get something done for the American People if we didn’t have the racist party of he//no aka the TeaThugliKKKan Taliban obstructing and venting their hate on the American People because they lost the election. As the song goes,what a wonderful world this would be,if we didn’t have these homegrown terrorists in our gov’t that they sooo hate.
    DUMP THE TGOP!! or we,are doomed. p.s. so please don’t equate the Democratic Party with these aliens who are out to destroy the 98%.

  32. Everyone..I spoke yesterday. If we all stood up and raised our voices..we would be heard. Ask your Congress person to speak..send your story to your local station…sign the petitions that are going around..

    Get to it..dont complain, if you dont want to stand up and speak out, write, call and join in..we all want to here your voice..all of you..#RenewUI,,, Unemployment rising on FB.. just involve yourself.

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