206 House Republicans Scramble for 7 Spots on Benghazi Committee

John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Trey Gowdy


Nearly 90 percent of the House Republican caucus members want a spot on the House Benghazi select committee. Congressman Lynn Westmoreland reportedly told journalist David Drucker that 206 of the House’s 233 Republican members have requested consideration for being placed on the select committee. The committee, once it is chosen, will consist of seven Republican and five Democratic members of Congress.

As Republican members of Congress pursue their mad dash to join Fox News in pursuing an unproductive partisan witch hunt that has been rehashed over and over for months, it becomes crystal clear that the GOP lacks a substantive legislative agenda.

Suddenly, the very same House Republicans who have not made any effort to pass significant legislation in months, are highly motivated to take part on a committee whose sole purpose is to try to score partisan political points by exploiting a terrorist attack that killed four Americans in Libya. Based on the numbers, it appears that nearly every House Republican is eager to jump on the Benghazi exploitation bandwagon.

While, in an election year, there is little doubt that reviving the Benghazi dead horse and beating it time and again may rally the hardcore GOP base, there is also little question that the investigation is not likely to lead to anything more substantial than the facts that have already been uncovered. Those facts, while not exactly flattering for U.S. officials, hardly reveal any pattern of criminal behavior, or any ethical breaches worthy of the effort being expended to habitually restate what we already know.

The fact that a majority of GOP Representatives can think of no better use of their time than to revisit a string of Benghazi conspiracy theories, yet one more time, is more an indictment on the House Republican caucus than it is a blemish for the Obama administration. While the Benghazi incident could certainly have been handled better by the White House and the State Department their conduct is not nearly as disturbing as the behavior of the GOP lawmakers who continue to try to exploit the four murders for cheap partisan political theater.

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  1. Of course they all want to be part of that as it will fill the coffers for their future political agendas. Will keep them in the spotlight for the foreseeable future.

  2. Everyone who is concerned about what is going on in in our country should read The Contract On The Government. It is the book the politicians and bureaucrats DO NOT want you to read. Find out more here: http://www.thecontract.us/

  3. Who really cares who’s on this “kangaroo court”. They just want to con the American people that they are earning the money. It’s time for the decent American people to do “performance appraisals on them, and finally show them the door. Especially the “good for nothing” Boehner and useless” Cantor. They talk cheap about cutting the deficit but waste millions on bull crap like this. Come on American make them pay out of their own pockets and they will stop this foolishness.

  4. Democrats should use their time on any committee the republicans form, to remind voters that this is nothing more that a quest for campaign donations, evidenced by the refusal of the committee chair (whomever is chosen doesn’t matter, as they will all be working from the same playbook) to grant the witness immunity for her testimony. Keep hammering that point, over and over. Republicans want money, not facts.

  5. This is in the same vein as Bush’s hunt for Bin Laden, they did not want to find him because he was their whipping horse. They needed him to keep the right stirred up.

    It is the same with Lois Lerner, if she testifies the whole charade is over and their “investigation” will be exposed as the sham that it is.

  6. It truly is quite amusing to watch the geopigs and their faux cult members to self destruct. The 99% of us living in the real world know what pathetic ignorant scum they all are.

  7. I say we employ that favorite Xtian saying when selecting the committee members…”He who is without sin may cast the first stone”.

  8. Fixing our roads? Not important to GOP.
    Feeding hungry children? Not important to GOP.
    Deteriorating energy grids? Not important to GOP
    Vet suicides? Not important to GOP.
    Good paying jobs continuing to disappear? Not important to GOP.
    Inequality gap approaching rated not seen since 1880? Not important to GOP.
    Ground water poisoned in nearly every state in the US? Not important to GOP.
    GDP still wasted paying for two futile wars? not important to GOP.
    Prison population larger than it’s ever been in existence in US? Not important to GOP.

    Benghazi?? Critical importance to GOP.

    If you can’t see what’s wrong with this picture, you’re part of the problem not the solution.

  9. KUDOS to the GOP for pursuing the murders of four brave Americans, the families deserve justice!

    I’m amazed at the lack of humanity by the Dems & Progressives, when this happens again, I pray they are the victims then it can be said “What difference does it make!”

  10. Great cliches.
    50+ people died under Bush in embassy attacks. 200+ under ragan the traitor.

    BTW, “What difference does it make!”, something you are not supposed to know, meant “What difference does it make HOW they died, the fact is they did die.

    By ignoring the Bush and Rwagan deaths you expose yourself as a complete fraud. We deserve justice from uneducated people like you

  11. Also, you know NOTHING about what happened. The ambassador refused extra security as well as many other facts about the case. Please destroy your keyboard

  12. Where were you at when 3000 Americans died after bush said you covered your ass now watch this golf shot? You are a babbling idiot

  13. Shouldnt you be out restricting peoples right to vote? Maybe beating women who are not dressed the way you want them to be?

    Now answer the questions. Where were you when 4000, men died for nothing in Iraq, over 40 under Bush in Embassy attacks and over 200 under the great traitor Reagan?

    You have nothing. You know nothing

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