Disgusted Democrat Slams Republicans for Running the House Like a Political Circus

John Boehner

What a day. It started with Republican water carrier Chuck Todd calling the Republican IRS witch hunt what it is on MSNBC: A partisan stunt. So things aren’t going as planned for Republicans.

And then, as Republicans geared up to pass a resolution calling for a Special Counsel to investigate the IRS — because there’s never too many ways to waste taxpayer money for “small government” Republicans when it comes to their campaign sound bites — a disgusted and fed up Sandy Levin (Ways and Means Committee Ranking Member Sander Levin (D-MI)) called them out on turning the House into a circus.

Rep. Levin (who’s been ON FIRE lately) started off his floor statement by calling out that Republicans were turning the Institution into a political arm of the GOP.

“This Institution must not be turned into an arm of either political party. That’s what House Republicans are doing here. It’s been a year since multiple committee investigations began into the IRS handling of 501 c 4 organizations – and Republicans are no closer to finding evidence to back up their baseless allegations of a ‘White House enemies list’ or a ‘White House culture of cover-up,’ as Republicans said on Day 1.”

In February, it was determined that the Republicans’ IRS witch hunt had already cost taxpayers at least $14 million. In early May, Speaker John Boehner also announced that he was appointing a select committee to investigate Benghazi, so that’s more money being wasted trying to drum up some Republican campaign ad sound bites. Meanwhile, Republicans have already been busted trying to use their fake, ginned up IRS scandal in order to protect their dark money sources like Karl Rove’s Crosssroads.

Levin laid it out:

· More than 250 employees at the IRS have worked more than 100,000 hours and sent nearly 700,000 pages of documents to Ways and Means in response to Republican requests.

· More than 60 interviews have been conducted.

· $14 million in taxpayer money has been spent by the IRS responding to the Congressional Investigations.

“And here is what we know:

· Documents show that the IRS used inappropriate criteria to treat progressive groups as they did for Conservative Groups.

· There was never any evidence of White House involvement. Nada.

· There was never any evidence of political motivation. In fact, before the flawed audit was published last May, the IG’s head of investigations reviewed 5,500 pages of documents and determined that there was ‘no indication that pulling these selected applications was politically motivated.’ Instead, the head of investigations said the cases were consolidated due to ‘unclear processing directions.’

“So the Republicans say they want an independent investigation – but they really want to do is to interrupt the investigation going on and pre-empt it with their own political theatre.

And finally…. Levin slammed Republicans for running the House like a political circus, “This is the House of Representatives, not a political circus.”

This was no doubt a deliberate slam against Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) who swore that this investigation would not be a circus, in the middle of his impeachment wind up games, “This is all about getting to the truth. This is not going to be a sideshow. This is not going to be a circus. This is a serious investigation. Our system of government depends on transparency and accountability.”

That’s accountability for Obama, but none for House Republicans, in case anyone is keeping track. The media isn’t too interested in how House Republicans are abusing their power, wasting taxpayer money, working less days and achieving record lows, while failing to legislate in order to do what Republicans do when they lose power – go McCarthy.

The IRS doesn’t need this crap, especially not for doing their jobs, and especially after Republicans defunded them to the extent that they can barely function. The IRS needs funding, not phony partisan witch hunts. Republicans need to pack up their desperate circus act and take it on the road with their tent revival meetings, where it belongs.

The House is supposed to be a place of legislating the people’s business, not conducting investigations for the sole purpose of providing easily cherry picked sound bites for Republican 2014 campaigns. Republicans lost Chuck Todd, and that should be Clue Number 1 that it’s time to give up on their fake IRS scandal fantasies.

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  1. It never ends with these folks. If they would look outside their bubble long enough, they might realize how much of joke they are becoming, albeit a dangerous joke.

    I guess they truly believe it when they say a majority of Americans are with them, but they are just afraid to say so for fear of being labeled as politically incorrect.

    We need to send them a serious wake-up call on election day. One they cannot deny, or spin away.

  2. Will the investigation include Issa’s actions on both Benghazi and in particular the IRS? Issa would have to be removed from congress if they investigate what he has done.

    All frauds all the time

  3. …that’s just it: the repube cult are running a horror clown show since 2010, accomplishing nothing, wasting taxpayer money, attacking the poor when they think WeThePeople aren’t paying attention, taking too much time off, slashing money meant for securing our outposts abroad (especially anywhere in the m.e.!) after documents clearly show numerous state dept requests for money, scheduling 50+ votes to try to repeal The Patient Protections & Affordable Care Act and basically demonstrating their general unfitness to do their jobs as legislators ALL while on the taxpayer dime…

  4. Great Comments:

    Will the investigation include Issa’s actions on both Benghazi and in particular the IRS? Issa would have to be removed from congress if they investigate what he has done.

    All frauds all the time

  5. GOP/Teabaggers run the House like a circus because they are a bunch of clowns. So it’s up to us, the voters to send them all over to the Ding-a-ling Real Circus of FOX news. They would fit right in.
    Better yet maybe they could hired by the NUT Case Circus of Rum Limbaugh.

  6. More Democrats and even Independents need to speak out about the House circus.

    This crap has gone on too long and see what it costs the American people besides racking up the debt on our account. Their ineffective ploys trickle down to the TGOP states and are weakening our economy, America and tiring Americans.

    BTW, just look at the insanity they passed for the USPS in 2006. And they’re looking to privatize it, even though a Post Office is stated in our Constitution.

    We need to continue to speak out until we finally get rid of the TGOPs, the lobbyists and big bucks that keep feeding their agenda with their money to these pseudo-representatives.

    Check out: stampstampede.org, a website by Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s.

  7. With what is coming out of the Supreme Court lately, it’s only going to get worse with these Republicans. I keep saying it, get back to work and quit wasting taxpayers money and not getting anything done worth while. If it wasn’t for the rich supporting these clowns, they would all be out of office.

  8. I think there are plenty of people who see Congress for what it is: a bunch of people who have done nothing for 5 1/2 years except to have hearing after hearing about Benghazi, the IRS, and 52 votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act. We must look pretty stupid to other countries who believe Global Warming causes climate change, Jesus did not ride dinosaurs and yes, the world is round and it circles the sun. They have done nothing to help people, including Veterans, to get jobs, nothing to fix this country’s aging infrastructure and they belittle poor people. We can fix this by voting. I know they have made it harder to vote, but we have to take a giant step and vote. Nothing will change if we don’t get people who represent us with the dignity all American deserve.

  9. They ARE donkeys and elephants. They aren’t respectable like donkeys and elephants. That’s the shame of it. But politics now is a three ring circus. The unfortunate thing is that circus tickets are infinitely cheaper. We are being gouged by the Republicans who are trying to show whose manhood is bigger. They would be laughed at if it wasnt’t costing us so much money. There is no money for welfare, programs, social security, infrastructure, our soldiers who have fought in numerous wars (declared and nondeclared), malnourished children. We are a laughingstock in several other countries. I am beginning to view the Republicans as Koch bought traitors. There can’t be another word to describe them. This could be a great country again. But not with Republican obstructionism and Democratic head in the sand. God help America and the American way.

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