One Thing GOPer Tom Tancredo Knows about the Negro – They Shouldn’t Be President

tom_tancredoTom Tancredo, Republican member of the House of Representatives from 1999-2009 and now a candidate for Governor of Colorado, told a Republican group – the Jefferson County Republican Men’s Club – that President Barack Obama, whom he has previously called a “street hustler,” was the “dictator-in-chief,” that he has “methodically shredded the Constitution,” and that he is “the most dangerous thing – he’s more dangerous than any other threat we face as a nation.”

I think I hear a “Whites Only” America in there, do you?

We have a guy in the White House that I believe, and have seen it on many occasions, is the most dangerous thing — he’s more dangerous than any other threat we face as a nation,” Tancredo said. “Barack Obama, I believe, is dedicated to destroying the America that I love.

Except, one would assume, the Supreme Court. I mean, they’re the ones flushing the U.S. Constitution and First Amendment down the toilet an turning our democracy into an oligarchy. But somehow, President Obama, who has actually upheld the Constitution, is the threat. Well, that’s true in a way. He is definitely a threat to traitors like Tancredo.

The Colorado Statesman reports Tancredo as having said that “Barack Obama, I believe, is dedicated to destroying the America that I love.”

Except the America Tancredo loves isn’t an America that actually exists, or was even ever intended to exist. In fact, the one Tancredo and other Republicans want is specifically BANNED by the U.S. Constitution.

“He should have been impeached many times,” Tancredo says, without ever explaining why, beyond Tancredo’s obvious racism. See what I mean:

(From The Colorado Statesman)
Tancredo said that members of the House of Representatives ought to introduce Bills of Impeachment, even if it wasn’t probable that the Senate would convict the president, because, he said, it’s important to list the complaints against Obama. Tancredo ticked off several potential charges, including the so-called Fast and Furious scandal, the White House’s reaction to an attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, and Obama’s use of executive orders to enact policy. He called it “dangerous” to avoid initiating impeachment because that might give the next president “carte blanche” to run wild.

Fast and Furious is no scandal. The Benghazi scandal is a scandal only in how the Republicans reacted to what is a decades-old history of attacks on US Consulates…


And in fact, embassy attacks have decreased dramatically under Obama:


…and ALL presidents are allowed to issue executive orders, not only Republican presidents. As Media Matters pointed out in February, in response to Fox News’ hysteria over Obama’s executive orders that,

Obama has issued fewer executive orders per year on average than any president in the last 117 years. In his first 5 years in office, Obama has issued 168 executive orders. To put that in context, at this same point in his presidency, Reagan had issued 256. George W. Bush had issued 197.


Obvious, you ask? Tancredo loves himself some Cliven Bundy. Yessir he does.

From The Colorado Statesman:

The standoff in Nevada between the Bureau of Land Management and cattle rancher Cliven Bundy — the feds charge he owes years of unpaid grazing fees — is “a flashpoint” in the debate over state sovereignty, Tancredo said.

Racism? What racism? This is a Tenth Amendment issue and Cliven Bundy is some modern day white’s only gen-u-ine patriot hero! Just like Tancredo’s other hero, Ted Nugent!

But the fly in the buttermilk is that the country he claims to love has NO state sovereignty beyond the Tenth Amendment’s “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” The U.S. Constitution trumps state constitutions and federal law trumps state law when they come into conflict. Tancredo might want to familiarize himself with the Fourteenth Amendment. You know, the Amendment that resulted from the last time yokels like Tancredo raised arms against the legitimate government of this country.

To say Tancredo wants to take a rather broad interpretation of that sentence is to understate the case.

American States are not the independent nations they were in Tancredo’s ideal world of the pre-U.S. Constitution Articles of Confederation.

We are going to have to establish the whole idea of state’s rights, of the 10th Amendment, The fight is going to have to start somewhere. Let it be here, I firmly believe, because I am willing to do it. Not only willing, I am looking forward to it.

Tancredo assured the manly men’s sewing circle that should the feds try to bully some poor racist Negro-expert welfare-queen rancher in Colorado while he’s governor, “We will have one hell of a battle about that and I will use every single lever at my disposal to stop that.”

Tancredo isn’t running for governor. He is running for banana Republican strongman of Colorado. He isn’t promising to uphold the Constitution but to violate it at every opportunity. The Constitution is not just the Tenth Amendment, or just the Second and the Tenth. The Constitution is much more than that, and it is not an excuse for bad behavior. It certainly does not justify armed rebellion against the legally established federal government.

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  1. Tom…you are a dangerous ,moronic, imebecile and a disgrace to humankind. You don’t deserve to be dog catcher.

  2. Well it’s a new day and once again you have some loud mouth GOP/Teabagger saying something stupid. He’s the type of guy that even if he looked at the facts as far as “How many US Embassy attacks happened under which president, He would say it was fixed. These guys don’t realize that the American people are getting smarter and will not fly with something of the things they are saying. These are definitely a danger to America and don’t even know what’s in the Constitution. They don’t advertise facts, only things that they think certain groups want to hear. Who are they going to blame when the President leaves. Hillary I suppose. Everybody is wrong except them.

  3. I don’t know what offends me more: that he’s such a moron or that he thinks I am a moron

  4. Tancredo is just the type of insane clown posse that the tea thugs are looking for. Saying anything to get in good. The tea thugs never notice that their elected thug representatives vote for lower taxes on the rich, meaning less income for the country to stave off oligarchy. That used to be one of the things the bags were against, that being the rich running everything. Now they embrace it. Tancredo is owned just like the tea party representatives

  5. Tancredo really think he can beat Hickenlooper, a Governor who currently owns more than 50% approval rating, third highest in America? A man who turns Colorado into highest earning tax revenue in the nation, thanks to his famous signature of legalization of marijuana. After Hickenlooper beats Tancredo, the latter will be laughingstock of the country.

  6. I think Tancredo already is. He was laughed off the presidential debates when he ran for being incapable of solid thought

  7. Thats ok, Tom. (you scum-sucking pr*K) Luckily, America didn’t agree with your stupid , loud mouth ass.


  8. Politically, Barack Obama is a Democratic version of Eisenhower.

    When it comes to culture, he is fulfilling his Mom’s dreams, which is upsetting Tancredo.

    All those other so-called scandals are nothing more than a way to get fast money…..

  9. Hate to say this Citizen, but haven’t we heard these talking points before? I mean is there an issue here? Is it just another whining old white man crying for the nostalgic blues of yesteryear that never was.

    These politicians are acting more like stupid clowns. I mean they are simply selling something, anything to be heard.

  10. Tom Tancredo is who people in other countries refer to as the ulgy American. Or as people in England say Mitt the Twit!!! No one should vote for this man, not even to sweep the streets.

  11. It’s too late for most of them, my own mother shifted far right as soon as a black man was elected president. This weekend she was on a rant about Obama shredding the Constitution and I mentioned how the far right is turning us into a combination of an oligarchy and a theocracy in defiance of what the Founders wanted. She informed me that we liberals have altered all the history books because our Founders wanted America to be ruled by devout Christian corporations, it was never meant to be for the people or by the people. Even worse she has started following those groups calling for the killing of all liberals, most of which are minorities and people like me that she calls “traitorous whites” when she never once showed a racist stripe as I grew up.

  12. I begin to realize that these old white guys are truly unconscious of their racism. They literally don’t know why Obama pushes their buttons–they think they are being objective and rational, when in fact any outside observer can plainly see that they fear and loath anyone who threatens their privilege, which they will deny that they even have. It’s positively Freudian! Because he doesn’t consciously hate all black people, he is sure he’s not a racist, while failing to see how seeing a black man in a position not just of equality, but in authority over him, is driving him mad!

  13. Well of course he’d saddle up old Hyperbole for a ride. The old nag knows every foot of the trail, and isn’t spooked by the sudden sting of an inconvenient fact. But don’t expect to win any races.

    Perhaps he should wait a few years to run, after the state splits into two, so he doesn’t have to governate filthy hippies, just those hard-working Bundy-queens.

  14. Another radical conservative who is lacking empathy, compassion and morals with an inability to question & determine right from wrong within his beliefs.

  15. I think you all are ignorant..this current white house posse or the last one are both sadly mistaken in many ways ..what we have is A VERY VERY LONG LINE AND HISTORY OF INCOMPETANCE,MISMANAGEMENT AND A SEVERE LACK OF ACCOUNTABILITY ON BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE..BUSH,OBAMA..THE DEMS OR THE REPUB’S TWO DIFFERENT PILES OF GARBAGE STARING AT EACH OTHER IN A MORROR..and what is the result?we we THE PEOPLE ..the hard working people of this country -white or whatever are being taken to the cleaners with taxes,overregultion in some areas and under regulation in many people have gone to jail for the economic collapse in this administration?ZERO….BUSH..OBAMA IT IS ALL THE SAME ..until we get serious about this great democratic process and hold people accountable ,it is just going to keep getting worse..ask Ms Pelosi how many trade union people work in her businesses..ask Mr. Bush how much haliburton took us to the cleaners for.

  16. This once more PROVES that Republicans and Conservatives ALL are mentally unstable. I have people who yell obscenities at me for the small placards in all of my vehicles rear window(s)<Good Movie) that say.."Conservatism is a Mental Disorder"

  17. Today’s GOP makes Goldwater look like a Liberal, and Eisenhower a Communist.

    Yes, I know about Robert Welch of the John Birch Society. He called Ike a tool of the Communist conspiracy.

  18. Wow Keith, I am sorry to hear of such struggles you are having with your mom. I know a lot of folks that never made racial comments in their lives either, but now with a black guy in the white house, the ugliness comes out. You can only wonder what they secretly hid all those years in their heart…how sad for them. When she says she wants all liberals dead, did you ask her if that includes you? Wow, what a sad thing that I personally blame mostly on folks like FOX News, the Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck, Sean Hannity and of course Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmans of the world. The hatred and vitriol about scandals they manufacture is their feeble attempt at finding a “real” reason to hate him other than their hatred for the brown skin he happens to have been born with. This thinner than plastic shield over his body that is the only difference between him and the white folks that hate him. It is quite stupid if you think about it..pigmentation divides this whole country!

  19. The biggest threat to this country are people like this who disrespect a duly elected President. Democrats knew W was a very dim bulb, but nobody openly insulted him, apart from the Dixie Chicks who almost destroyed their careers by saying they were ashamed he was from Texas. Never have I seen a President disrespected the way President Obama is. People overseas read the articles, and KNOW it is because he is black, believe me, they KNOW. My relatives in the UK are shocked at the commentary on Fox. Disgusted too. The gop are afraid of INTELLIGENT opposition, when the person is also of color, that is TERRIFYING to them. Continue with the waste of taxpayer money on Benghazi, fools.

  20. Did we all read the same opinion piece? Which of the Tancredo quotes contain racist comments??? I understand not agreeing with his political views but just because he doesn’t line up with your ideology it doesn’t make him a racist.

    It seems to me jumping to the conclusion that because he’s white and Obama is black his opposition to Obama is racially motivated is more racist than anything I see in the actual quotes presented.

  21. I detest the lying Tancredo and his obvious racism. However, like most political attacks, his contains a grain of truth.

    Obama has indeed shredded the Constitution with his obsessive prosecution of whistle-blowers and harassment of journalists, his scrapping of privacy rights to spy on us, and establishing the right to murder American citizens without habeas corpus. He has lied constantly.

  22. The rights to spy on you were given under Bush
    Thanks for telling us you support terrorists who planned possibly your death.However he had the right to do what he did under the war powers act.
    You are the liar

  23. Tancredo has been running for something forever. He has no intention of winning, just keeping his name in the papers, raising money off the rubes and throwing as many flames as he can.

    The Republican party has an outlier group who exist solely to get rich off the Tea Party.

    But, it’s good to highlight Tom’s statements to hopefully enlighten the rest of America about his and their crazy.

    The civil war never ended, the racists just became more “sophisticated” with their hate.

  24. Why is it men like you never see the whole picture? Millions of women and enlightened men know very well that there is a big difference between the Dems and the Repubs.

    When are men like you going to wake up?

  25. Wow. I have one brother like your mom. We no longer can do politics. It almost destroyed our family. My parents are revoling in their graves.

  26. You are right. This “Intelligence” is coming from the group who preach “Intelligent Design” LOL

  27. It “appears” to me now that the “truly-evil” and “Extremely-Dangerous” Republican-Party and all it’s political hacks plus their far-right “Christian” religion leaders and partners are now all “openly” promoting “armed-violence” against the Govt. of the U.S.A. and all of its citizens and residents (you and me). In order to promote and fulfill their “master’s” agendas. Also the GOP are now “openly” restricting our Country’s (THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA) Citizen’s voters-rights. The “Evil” Republican Party and the “EVIL” far-right “Christian” religion “leaders” and their “corporate slave-masters” (the elite 1%) must “all” now be “considered” too be (by us) merely “soulless” human beings. Working “only” for the “ANTICHRIST” himself (if he truly does exist) to enslave us. In my opinion. How else can you explain their “EVIL” actions? THE GATES OF HELL HAVE BEEN OPENED. THE “CHOSEN” HAVE BEEN MISLEAD. THEY CANT BE SAVED. I wonder do they say that

  28. To Scarsdale;

    I am an american educated senegalese scientist and I support what you wrote. Everybody knows about GOP’s hatred and racism. Why don’t they try to love the half genetic part of BHO coming from her mother Ann Dunhamm !

  29. As well as djchefron’s helpfully provided link, did you miss the part where he supports Cliven Bundy and Ted Nugent? Did you miss the part where he blamed Obama but not Bush. Maybe you don’t remember when Tancredo suggested Obama won in 2008 because he was elected by “people who could not even spell the word ‘vote’ or say it in English.'” Nothing like good old fashioned Jim Crow literacy laws!

  30. So much noise and hotair.

    These guys are angry, because with President Obama they can’t make money off of the American people. The President stands between them and the money they know they’ve lost. Two things these people fight like hell for and they are an orgasm and a buck.

  31. He’s a bitter old man. He’s not going to win Colorado. He’s too far right. The country is not where he does politics.

  32. Sounds like you need to get your Mom to watch the documentary on how the one guy’s Dad was brainwashed by Fox. I bet the same happened to her, because my brother is the same way, and we are half Cherokee, and wasn’t raised by racist parents.

  33. Senkou, The GOP try to destroy every Dem President we have, not just the color!

    And their PROPAGANDA Machine is too powerful.

  34. “…Tancredo said. “Barack Obama, I believe, is dedicated to destroying the America that I love…”

    Yes, we all know “the America” you love. By your previous actions and what you just told us!

    Remember, Tancredo, we are the United States of America NOT the united states of “Tancredo.”

  35. Great post!

    You hit the nail on the head with these words: “…while failing to see how seeing a black man in a position not just of equality, but in authority over him, is driving him mad!”

    My exact thoughts from the beginning about the TGOPs.


  36. I do not mean to be disrespectful to your MOM, but seriously it sounds like she is sitting in front of the tv all day and listening to faux news, I’m retired and find if I listen to too much news I get angry and frustrated…..who doesn’t. I hope she can get out more and maybe take away her cable. If she raised you with a different set of values than she is showing now…..well, there is a problem. Oh and don’t forget the chocolates and flowers on Mother’s Day. :)

  37. Presidents have the power to give executive orders. Lincoln gave many executive orders, one of which was the Emancipation Proclamation. (It later became the 13th amendment.)

    Tom Tancredo is a racist slug. He’s against any form of immegration reform….and if it will give anyone comfort, he has received the lowest amount of contributions for his bid of running for governor.

  38. It is the republicans that have destroyed the country I know and love, every registered republican should be arrested, tried, and convicted for treason and deported, never to return to this country. That includes this lying racist republican twerp from Colorado.

  39. Tom — hang in there. All of these deniers won’t even show up on voting day. Godspeed, Tom Tancredo.

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