Joe Scarborough Throws Childlike Tantrum On Air And Rips Bill Clinton For ‘Horrific Acts’

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On Wednesday’s edition of Morning Joe, co-hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough discussed Monica Lewinsky’s new Vanity Fair piece, which will be released online Thursday and hit newsstands on May 13th. The discussion revolved around female opinion columnists criticizing Lewinsky for telling her story now. Brzezinski took offense to some of these columnists bullying and shaming Lewinsky. Brzezinski also used that opportunity to give her opinion that President Bill Clinton took advantage of Lewinsky at the time of their affair, feeding into the narrative that Sen. Rand Paul had started a few months ago when he started accusing the ex-President of being a ‘sexual predator.’

This provide Scarborough with the opportunity to go off on one of his now patented on-air tantrums, where he tossed around newspapers and sucked the air out of the room as he displayed tons of outrage at the actions of Bill Clinton in the ’90s. What began as a discussion around female columnists telling Lewinsky to shut up and go away turned into a Scarborough rant about Clinton that would have made Rand Paul proud.

Below is video of the segment:



As you can see, Scarborough just goes on and on about Clinton. While at times it seems as if he is trying to defend Lewinsky and ask other women stop slut-shaming her and allow her to say her piece now as she’s been quiet all of these years, it becomes apparent that he is really only using it as an excuse to frame Bill Clinton as a dirty old man who abused Lewinsky. The mock outrage at the treatment of Monica Lewinsky is only a way to bring up Bill Clinton and shame anyone, especially women, who think of the ex-President in a positive manner.

The narrative Scarborough pushed throughout his diatribe is that Clinton is being protected at the cost of an innocent woman, and that female opinion columnists are at the forefront of it, doing more harm than good. However, the panel only pointed to one column. That column, from the New York Post’s Andrea Peyser, is a particularly nasty, tabloidish piece of trash, as one would expect from the Post. However, one would be hard pressed to see that column as being pro-Clinton, as she calls the former President a “scoundrel.”

Therefore, one hit piece, written by a columnist for a paper that specializes in tawdry gossip and yellow journalism, is enough to make a blanket judgment on all female writers, per Morning Joe. It allows Scarborough the opportunity to mansplain to his audience that it is a shame that women have to go after a fellow woman and attempt to silence her all to support a man who performed “horrific acts.”


“Please, you all are sick. You ‘women’s rights’ ladies, you were sick in the ’90s. You all went around, you defended the wrong person time and time again. Whether it was Juanita Broaddrick, whether it was Monica Lewinsky, you defended [Clinton]. And you’re doing it 18 years later. You’re pathetic…all these years later, there are females going out and protecting Bill Clinton from his horrific acts.”


The funny thing about Scarborough’s rant on Wednesday morning is that he tried to make it seem like he didn’t want to talk about Clinton and the Lewinsky scandal. He said that he had left it in the ’90s, where it belonged. He even tried to make it seem like he and Bill Clinton are pals and friendly now. Of course, that was really just a way to show his audience that he is on the same level as the ex-President in terms of importance. Basically, Scarborough’s attempt at making himself seem like a big-time power player who chats with heads of state all the time.

While Scarborough may have said that he hasn’t talked about this in years, the record says otherwise. In fact, just about 3 months ago on Morning Joe, Scarborough came to Rand Paul’s defense and said that the Lewinsky scandal should be used against Hillary Clinton if she runs in 2016.

“If Hillary Clinton attacks the Republican Party’s handling of women, and treatment of women and disrespect for women, and suggests they’re misogynists et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, it does seem to be a fair question to ask right now, a few years out, does the media have a responsibility to say, ‘Well, let’s see what happened when you were in the White House, and how women were treated when you were in the governor’s mansion and the White House?’ Is that fair?”

In the end, these on-air temper tantrums are becoming more and more common for Scarborough. It is now his shtick. We saw it just last week when he went crazy and lost his mind when talking about Benghazi. He now feels like he needs to come across as unhinged and crazed on a regular basis. Perhaps it is because the show’s ratings are plummeting. Or, maybe it is because he is contemplating a Presidential run in 2016 and thinks he needs to show he is ‘passionate.’ Whatever the reason, it is a sad, sad display when it occurs and makes the show unwatchable.

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  1. Give me a break. She was not an innocent in this. She has made money off of the event. I would bet she is getting money from SOMEONE now. She loved the attention and if she really wanted to remain quiet she would have. She even says she was a willing participant!

  2. Someone should bring up the dead woman found in Scarborough’s office, that wasn’t completely resolved, was it? Lewinsky had “been around” before she met Clinton. He was wrong, yes, but she is no shrinking violet. Word was, she stalked married men before going to DC. Unfortunately, the gop has no candidate who is capable of beating Hillary, so they are resorting to long ago scandals.

  3. She did remain quiet all these years. She never spoke up until Rand paul the cookie monster started running his trap. She stayed away from the attention. Are you sure you are all there?

  4. Let’s see. He doesn’t want to talk about it, but does for nearly nine minutes. All he wants to do is attack his “friend” Bill Clinton, but what is so transparently behind his rant is a need to find something to hit Hilary with. He claims Bill skated, “got a pass” but has he forgotten the articles of impeachment? Furthermore, as he refers to Clinton’s “horrific acts” toward an (adult) woman of 22, he ignores the fact that the editorial piece has to do with Monica’s new book in which she clearly states that the relationship with Clinton was two-sided and consensual. (I don’t know if any of you remember, but there was information at the time that Monica’s mother also had dalliances with powerful men. A learned thing?) BTW, has anyone ever heard before of a relationship between a 22 year old and a 50 something powerful man? Unheard of? Horrific? Really?

  5. The cons are pissed. This article comes out just in time to blunt their attack on Hillary for 2016. They wanted to use this and benghazi benghazi benghazi and neither seems to be working out so well for them. Imagine if Joe were Jan Brady… Monica Monica Monica! Childlike tantrum is spot on.

  6. Leave he past in the past at least Clinton had a normal affair,not like that GOP senator who had a wide stance in the mensroom…pervert

  7. This is the reason I can not watch the show.He has people on it that will not bring that up.they just occupy a seat. Why doesn’t Mika bring it up?

  8. Exactly Scarsdale, someone on that show needs to bring up and press the issue about the deceased intern in his office. But you know he will just kick them off the show for being real. Mika did however give Trey Gowdy some hell about his vendetta against Obama and Hillary concerning the Non-Issue of Benghazi but he continued to claim that the GOP has the right to stack the deck in the hearings with 7 Repubs. and only 5 Democrats.

  9. I call BS on you and everyone who thinks like you do, especially women! I am no Scarborough supporter but I completely support his comments this a.m. Kudos to he and Mika. So called liberal women and that includes you Taylor Marsh, need to be called out for this. Monica has been the one that took 99% of the heat on this and Bill Clinton sailed away hardly blemished. Also, and I AM a supporter of Hillary, but I don’t support her blame on the woman or women here. Yes it was consensual, and also yes B. Clinton had all the power in the relationship, and abused his power with a young, impressionable twenty something intern. Monica more than paid for her poor judgement, and she is hardly using the incident for fame and fortune. I expect this crap out of many men, and your misogyny was so on display when Hillary ran for President and already is this time around. But women, you really need to get a break here, and like Joe said picture if this was your daughter, how would you feel?????

  10. Morning Joe called himself an analyst recently. He is a prime example of how low our political dialogue has come.

  11. Monica was no naive shy wall flower. Maybe she should have kept her mouth off a married mans penis! Sure Clinton was very wrong, but so was she. And Monica hardly kept her mouth shut, she was only ever single talk show possible at the time. Now she is only looking to make money from a book.

  12. Horrific acts, huh Joe? I guess so, what do you say about Repulicans who cheat on their wives? You know the wife, that’s around the same age as her husband, and he leaves her for someone their daughters age? Yes Bill was wrong just like the rest of them.

  13. Good one BillF, If Joey is an “analyst” then I’m Ella Fitzgerald! And when I shaved this morning there was a thin white guy with grey hair looking back not a portly black woman with a fantastic voice.

  14. Monica was a GROWN WOMAN. She WALKED ON HER OWN TWO FEET into that office more than once. No one kidnapped her, no one hand cuffed her, no one held her down. She got on her own knees and did what she did. She had her sights on Clinton and it just blew up in her face. She was old enough to know better and she was already a sexually active grown woman. I do not feel sorry for her and she KNEW the man had a wife.

  15. If you’ll think back, she somehow convinced the BBC to give her a show, devoted to her talking about her behavior with Clinton. That is not remaining silent. Happily the show died because nobody but Clinton found her interesting.

  16. Yep. And all the while he was impeaching Bill, good ol boy Joe was having an affair with his Congressional travel secretary who used to be his personal secretary at his Pensacola law office and whom he brought with him to Washington. He eventually left his wife and married the secretary. Of course, he cheated on her too and that marriage recently ended in divorce. He and Newt should form a club for hypocrites…oh wait, they already belong to one; its called the GOP.

  17. Oh Joe, whatever Clinton did with Lewinsky was consensual and a matter of morality.

    If you want to talk about horrific acts, please refer to the lies that your buddies Bush and Cheney told about WMD’s that led to thousands of deaths. Their horrific acts were a matter of mortality.

    Huge difference.

  18. I have a 32 yro daughter and she is too smart to have thought the President of the United States of America would leave his wife of many years and wreck everything they had built together for ‘a chick’. Bill is not the first nor last scoundrel with a young chick and Monica was NOT some ignorant child. She thought she could take Bill away from Hillary.

    Get over it and then ask Joe about the DEAD INTERN in his office in Florida, why he quit Congress and what happened that he is such a great guy he has been DIVORCED TWICE?

  19. She has NOT made money off this and kept silent refusing all offers to sell her story. The issue of ‘innocence’ is ridiculous anyway. It’s two adults engaged in what she affirms is a consensual affair, so all it EVER was about is between Bill and Hillary, not us. She came forward because of Rand and now people such as Joe. She takes responsibility for her role in this. Move on.

  20. Churchlady, As far as I am concerned now, as I was then, that was between two consenting adults, but you are completely wrong when you say she made no money, she made a lot of money on this.

  21. ROTFLMAO. I agree 110%, but did you have to say it blew up in her face. That is the greatest line I have saw.

  22. I tried to e-mail Chris Hayes. Last night he had Larry Pratt of the Gun Owners of America on. Pratt, like Fox and the rest sat there and lied his ass off. During the break, his staff used google to debunk his biggest lie. I wanted him ot google live on his show all the GOP idiots that were involved in the impeachment proceedings. And show America how many went to jail for child molestation, drugs and male hookers, got caught in affairs (many while they were investigating) and under age page boys. They should start doing this on every show.

  23. What is going to be priceless is when Jeb Bush runs and Morning Joke will have to have him on his show…REPEATEDLY…he OWES Jeb for the phony autopsy report.. and it will only serve to remind everyone of this phony autopsy and unsolved MURDER case of Morning Joke’s mistress found dead in his office ….Jeb Bush was the Gov of Florida…who handpicked the coroner to investigate the death of then congressman, Joe’s mistress/intern found in his office. He HAD to hand pick him because he had lost his license in previous states before coming to Florida….then was on probation IN FLORIDA when Jeb put him in charge…this coroner said she fell and hit her head on Joe’s desk…no one else was there…end of story…BUT …she had TWO huge head trauma’s….and that coroner turned out to be….the infamous Michael Berkland……/dr-michael-berkland-former…/

  24. Mourning Joke needs to go on over to fake news where the world’s greatest pretenders thrive off of bullS#!T. I don’t even watch MSNBC until he & Chuckie Toddle are gone…

  25. MSNBC will continue to lose viewers unless they start purging idiots from the channel. There are plenty of progressives like Cenk Uygur, Stephanie Miller, Ari Rabin-Havt and others who can turn this network into a true progressive channel. Michael Fugelsang can start the night ahead of Maddow, Uygur can take over the midday from The Cycle, Stephanie Miller can add one of her regular guests and run a true morning show with comedy and intelligence.
    INstead we have gotten Alec Baldwin, S.E Cupp, Rhonan Farrow and ofcourse Scarborough. Joe has never been keen about being on MSNBC and if there is a memory he would like to share in the future it would be his murder of the network. The worse part of all this is that it’s now impossible to watch any news channel for actual news and fair opinions. Instead we get the same recycled crap on Morning Joe as on The Ed Show. C’mon MSNBC, it can’t be that difficult to see you need a true change

  26. I was watching this. Mika is an absolute twit. But Joe – I got so angry at his rant, I turned the show off, as I have more and more of late. Sick of that blustering buffoon. I don’t watch Morning Joe much anymore because of him and the obvious right turn the show has made. What infuriated me the most, though, was that this odious little toad was having affairs when he was in Congress and since. Even a rumored affair with Mika!! And of course, there is the dead intern and his hasty resignation from Congress. What a hypocritical SOB this man is. Detestable.

  27. What would I do if she were my daughter? Tell her to learn from the lesson and move on. How in the world can her coming out now with this going to make her life better? She’s just opening up wounds for herself and (gasp) the Clintons. Wonder why that may be?

  28. Has anybody thought that she may have been the predator in this case? Woman throw themselves at powerful men all the time. Why is it always the man’s fault that they respond to the overtures? It wasn’t rape, it was consensual.

  29. Yes I am outraged that Bill Clinton got a blowjob— terrible thing. I believe Monica was 23 years old at the time of the incident. Where o where is Scarboro’s outrage over
    the 30 day sentences handed done for raping 14 year olds?
    Joe— a BJ is not the worse thing in the world– maybe ou shoud get one.

  30. How come Joe and Mika is not talking about that dirty low down Newt Gingrich? While he was trying to impeach Clinton he was cheating on his dying wife. Why don’t they talk about that?

  31. I agree Barbara , Mika has become a follower of Joe’s, instead of standing on her own . I used to enjoy her comments and now I don’t even watch the show. I got tired of Joe’s rants and lopsided opinions, as a host he should have a more unbiased position. Mika seems to be afraid to disagree with him on the air ! As they say if you don’t like what you see, turn the channel-I did !

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