Republicans React to Climate Change Report With Denial and Hatred

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Empiricism emphasizes evidence in the formation of ideas as discovered in experiments over the absurd notion of innate ideas or religious traditions. Empiricism is a fundamental part of the scientific method that all hypotheses and theories must be tested against observations of the natural world rather than resting solely on a priori reasoning, intuition, religious superstition, or revelations from god. Empiricism is the polar opposite of tradition, superstition, or something a person wants to believe is true, or is told is true by interests attempting to mitigate empirical data for profit, power, and control. Republicans, the dirty energy industry, and evangelical Christians detest empiricism like it was Satan or bubonic plague because it eviscerates their strongly held “beliefs” whether they are borne of religion, economic fallacy, or greed. It is why Republicans, evangelical extremists, and dirty energy hates science and spends an inordinate amount of time and money portraying science and scientific research as inherently evil.

One area religious sycophants, the dirty energy industry, and Republicans are in complete agreement and denial over is global climate change, and why America as a global leader in science and technology should continue discouraging clean and renewable energy sources and oppose actions to reduce emissions responsible for climate change. When the White House released a regularly-scheduled scientific report awash in empirical data that climate change is a real and present man-made danger, it was little surprise that the Republican and Koch brothers’ media outlet Fox News disparaged the report as a distraction from Fox and Republicans’ debunked Benghazi distraction. It is not the first, or the last, time Fox dutifully dismissed climate change as part of its contractual commitment to perpetuate whatever GOP and Koch lies will scam their audience. One thing is clear though; they may have difficulty convincing some Americans who experienced the very real consequences of climate change that the scientific report detailed and warned will get much, much worse is a hoax.

What the White House report revealed that other scientific research only predicted was the effects all Americans experienced from extreme weather events whether it is extreme droughts, extreme flooding, extreme rains, and intense heat devastating major areas of America. The report also detailed rising sea levels, melting glaciers and Arctic sea ice, and increased ocean acidity, but those Earth shattering effects are outside the cognitive abilities of the people most likely to claim global climate change is a hoax. What is not a hoax are the economic consequences Americans have already felt from extreme weather events like more powerful tornados and hurricanes, extreme heat, and devastating droughts that are predicted to drive food and drinking water costs out of reach of many Americans.

One of the purposes of The National Climate Assessment compiled by the US Global Change Research Program is revealing the economic as well as environmental threats to America now and in the future; White House special advisor John Podesta hoped the latest assessment would convince Republicans to take the climate change threat seriously. Podesta’s hope is altruistic, but he confuses Republicans with politicians that care about the economic, environmental, and health concerns of the people because Republicans will not change. Republicans are conservatives that are innately resistant to change; particularly when their evangelical voting bloc and dirty energy funding machine demands they continue thwarting efforts to reduce global climate change’s effects on Americans.

Obviously, the dirty energy industry could not care less about the effects of global climate change and in fact, go to extreme lengths to oppose measures to reduce carbon and methane emissions responsible for the warming oceans. At the behest of the Koch brothers and ALEC, House Republicans passed a bill that strictly forbade the Environmental Protection Agency from inspecting or regulating dirty energy polluters in the states. The Kochs have spent tens-of-millions of dollars, and ALEC has written hundreds of pieces of model legislation, to eliminate clean and renewable energy standards in the states and provided funding for ballot initiatives in California to eviscerate the state’s environmental protections and clean air standards. It is not that the Kochs, or any dirty energy interest, cannot afford to meet clean air standards, they just want unimpeded profits; destroying the climate and environment is a consequence they are happy to live with. For the religious right, reducing the effects of climate change has nothing to do with money and everything to do with god.

The religious right fully understands that man-made climate change is a serious threat to the economy, environment, and well-being of Americans; especially those in the bible-belt that have felt climate change’s full effects the scientific study reported were already happening. However, one faction is convinced that either god controls the climate and climate scientists are apostates to claim extreme weather is man-made, or that god will destroy the Earth on his own terms during end times just over the horizon. In fact in a study last May entitled “End-Times Theology, the Shadow of the Future, and Public Resistance to Addressing Global Climate Change,” researchers found that support for governmental action on climate change is woefully lacking because “believers in Christian end-times theology are unlikely to support policies designed to curb global warming than are other Americans.” The study’s authors provided empirical evidence that evangelical fanatics resist policies trading short-term costs for hypothetical long-term benefits because god is destroying the Earth shortly so why bother.

Overall, Americans are less inclined to care about global climate change than residents of the top 13 richest developed nations in the world according to a Pew Research Study finding the majority of Americans (60%) are skeptical that climate change is a dire issue or a threat to the nation. This is in spite of the effects of human-induced climate change being felt in every corner of America with severe droughts and water scarcity, torrential rains in wet regions, severe heat and longer summers becoming commonplace, increasingly worse wildfires, and entire forests dying from drought and heat loving insects. Only 40% of Americans think climate change is an issue worth addressing and it certainly is a result of the dirty energy industry, Republican, and religious right’s perpetual harping that climate change is an atheistic  America-hating hoax perpetrated by godless scientists and socialists panting to destroy the dirty energy industry and by extension the United States of America.

According to the climate change report, empirical data proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that “Climate change, once considered an issue for a distant future, has moved firmly into the present,” and there are no Americans who have not experienced, firsthand, the effects the research reported is already affecting the country economically and environmentally.  It hardly matters whether it is evangelical freaks waiting for god to smite Earth, dirty energy sycophants demanding an end to environmental protections, or inherently stupid Americans unable to reconcile what they experience with empirical data proving climate change is the culprit, this country will do nothing to reduce climate change.

Despite the religious right or profit-driven dirty energy industry climate change deniers culpability in obstructing attempts to reduce the effects of climate change, it is Americans’ arrogance that because America is exceptional, it has no accountability or responsibility to reduce the damage this country is responsible for. If nothing else, the simple fact that the devastating report was issued from the White House with a Black man in residence will automatically incite the entire conservative movement to dismiss it out of hand and redouble their efforts to thwart any attempt to save this country from environmental devastation that man made and god cannot rectify.

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  1. I know a lot of evangelicals. I used to have to attend an evangelical Baptist church for years as a youth living under my stepfathers roof.

    I left just as soon as I was old enough to go. Evangelicals don’t care if climate change is man-made or not.

    Evangelicals believe that there is no use worrying about it because when Jesus returns, he will repair all the damage and they will then live in a perfect world.

    They forget about the biblical edict that humans were required to be good stewards of the Earth.

    Now, just for the sake of conversation, I would say that when God returns, they will be found lacking in the stewardship area.

    Evangelicals today seem to treat Jesus the same way they treat President Obama, if he was for it, they’re against it.

  2. Republican legislators and bombastic pundits are fond of indignantly declaring that “man-made climate change is a hoax!”

    And how are they so certain of this assertion?
    Well, their public scientifically-illiterate comments on the topic suggest that it’s not the result of examining the science. No, it’s far more likely that their opinions are derived from conversations with their lobbyist friends from the fossil fuel industries.

  3. I am a Democrat, but a curious one. Science is full of debate and it always has and always will. So when I hear that the science is already settled, no further questions, it sounds like dogma, not science. My questions are easy, and yet dont get answered. Why do the computers rely on crude cloud modeling, when clouds, water vapor, both heat and cool the planet. Thats a difficult job, and yet we still dont even know what makes the clouds form around that one frozen molecule. Why do they use Icecore for CO2 extrapolation when Leaf Stomata is far more accurate and has seen over 400/mil CO2 twice in the last 3 millenia? CO2 as a part of the atmosphere is now 0.002% of the atmosphere. As it was 10,20,50,100,1000 years ago. Why are the CO2 #’s as stated by science mag 10/98 fewer on the east coast than they are on the west? Why was the Glacier Girl found in Greenland in 1988 after crashing 46 years earlier, found 270 feet under solid ice? There are genuine scientific questions out there

  4. Democrat? Right.

    It appears to me you dont research very hard. Wonder why the east coast isnt the same as the west? Good grief

  5. Oh I’ve got more too. The NOAA, which was started by the IPCC has stated in 2011 that nearly 70% of US temp stations were misplaced against their guidlines and could make measurements off by + 3.7°f. Then there is the Empirical evidence of from 2005-2011 not a single Cat 3 hurricane or higher crossed the US coastline. Hasnt happened since 1910-14. Since 1970 Tornadoes f3-f5 have declined. Greenland was hotter from 1930-40 than from 1990-2010. There is a lot more science that the IPCC would like to keep covered, but I hope that human curiosity to discover will also begin to ask these questions. Since you are so convinced of your position it would only help to answer these as well. Since they are not partisan ,and are Empirical.

  6. I am not stating a position, simply asking for links to all these items and what difference they make. But its your conspiracy theorys

  7. I dont understand your question/comment. Are you saying that since wind currents go from west to east that there should be lower % of carbon coming from the most industrialised country in the world, or are you saying that they should be higher? The study shows pretty clearly and empirically that it is lower. So why is that?
    This is a scientific study peer reviewed and published in Sciencce magazine vol 282 oct 1998 no3588 pgs 442-446. So this is not my work and it would be great if you could not scoff at science like those you seem to hold in such contempt.

  8. What do we expect? These are the same people who said nothing when GWB signed the bill phasing out incandescent light-bulbs over time. But, as soon as Bachmann, who voted for the bill, began to make an issue of it and say that Pres. Obama was responsible for signing it into law, these tools stopped buying CFLs as a sign of protest, even while knowing the CFLs would save them money on their energy bills. This is just how misguided, gullible, easily-led, and hateful they are against anything having to do with this president. After I replaced all of my incandescent bulbs with CFLs and all of my old appliances with Energy Star appliances, my electric bill decreased quite a bit, which makes me very happy. These are also the same critters who say America is an “exceptional nation” but forget that there’s nothing exceptional about being ignorant and denying reality. It’s no wonder to me why some GOPTPers have made the U.S. the laughingstock of the world. Dumb*sses.

  9. Just make sure that when you go to sell your house, you replace all of those CFL bulbs with regular incandescent bulbs again. Real Estate Agents tell me that prospective buyers don’t like to see CFLs in a house, they worry about mercury contamination, this can reduce the selling price of your home significantly (tens of thousands of dollars).

    So you might save $50 a year on your power bills but it might cost you $50,000.

    Just a heads up.


  10. An excellent post – and true!

    A very wise move to leave the evangelicals. What these folks tend to deny is that Jesus is already here. To say they rely on his return to “fix” the situation, is a copout from their responsibilities of caring for our planet!

    You may know that the idea of “the second coming of Jesus”, comes from misinterpretation of the letter of Revelation as prophecy. This is not prophecy. The letter is apocalyptic just as Daniel is — communications that are written to encourage a community who is in fear of becoming extinct and there is no hope for earthly rescue so they look for a solution beyond history.

    I also learned in seminary, that we have always lived in the “end times.”


  11. nonsense. Unless you are selling your house to the woman that thinks fluoride in drinking water causes brain tumors or that shampoo is a mind control device.

  12. No, you are NOT a Democrat.

    You are a right-wing, climate change Denier troll who is trying to get some credibility by SAYING you’re a Democrat.

    You’re repetitive and tiresome, and not worth anyone’s time to continue to rebut your lies.

  13. Right, name them or it is BS. By the way, the rapid decrease in the cost of highly efficient LEDs will make CFLs a thing of the past. They last longer, are brighter, and come in some neat shapes and all sizes. Your advice is stupid.

  14. I am a progressive Republican. I am also a former Christian minister (retired now as I am a very old man). I can say this with true conviction. The Republican party has been taken over by the Neo Nazi Republiscams who are adept at killing Millions while stealing Trillions from the American Middle Class. Not all Republicans are Republiscams. There are a few honest people in the Republican party but they are not in Washington as they are generally in local politics on the state and city level. They are generally somewhat progressive like me. Not flaming Liberals but people convinced that government has the responsibility to help the public, not the Uber Reich. We need to get rid of Republiscams.

  15. Now that’s more like it. How could one fail to be swayed by such an eloquent, well reasoned argument?

  16. OH LOOK REPUBLICANS THINKING THEY’RE SMARTER THAN SCIENTISTS! Denial, doesn’t make climate change NOT real, Republicans, it only makes you, Republicans, look really stupid!

  17. Anecdotal data cherry picking based on a a newspaper article from 1951 is not very scientific Bill.

    The evidence from a multitude of different measurement techniques suggests that not only is Greenland losing ice but that these ice losses are accelerating at a rapid pace (Velicogna 2009). Further evidence suggests that although ice losses have up to this point primarily occurred in the South and Southwest portions of Greenland, these losses are now spreading to the Northwest sector of the ice sheet (Khan et al 2010).

    In conclusion Greenland is losing ice extensively along its margins where fast flowing ice streams are pushing more ice into the ocean than is gained in the center of the ice sheet. For more information on how ice sheets lose mass.

  18. What is this passionate love affair the Republicans have with an industry that produces water and air pollution without any regard to the severe illnesses it causes to the people? And why do they insist on handing my tax money over to these destroyers of humanity?

  19. my dad (in his late 80’s, a former Marine, Republican and cop) and I had some rip-roaring arguments. I am a 66 year old Democrat. We fought all during Viet Nam and through most presidential elections, including and especially Bush the Younger. My dad now says the Republican party is a bunch of backwoods idiots. He cannot figure out what happened to them. Dad is Catholic but is well aware this is not a Christian nation. He thinks the party has gone WAY off the deep end and doesn’t believe it will be around much longer. He believes the R’s are trying to turn this country into a theocracy only for the rich. He relies on his SS, hell! he paid into it all his life. He said the R’s waste his tax dollars on Clinton/Monica, Benghazi and really don’t care about running the country anymore, they just want to dredge up scandals, and don’t really love this country. He calls them Manchurian Candidates. Scary, huh?

  20. P.S. I also agree with you regarding the Nazi comment. Dad also agreed. I went out with friends the other night and we discussed it. The similarities were astounding and frightening. Remember, the Germans had taken over the press. Then they started killing the gays first, then advanced to the Jews. One politician of ours suggested putting all the gays in one area. History seems to be repeating itself. I am afraid, very afraid of what is happening to this country. When I grew up the Republican party was the party of the intelligentsia, the Democrats the party of the working man. But it appears that the Republicans are no longer thinking, just reacting, and it all seems to stem from the election of our first bla bla bla dare I say it? black President.

  21. I think you will find who is being discussed here are the fundamentalists. The ones adamantly opposed to climate change.

    There are many branches of evangelicals however, can you cover all of them? While I am happy to see the 200 from Universities that sent the letter to the congress they do not represent all Evangelicals

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